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5 oy oldin

The legendary Vince Carter joins Matt and Stephen for the 38th episode of All The Smoke. The Atlanta Hawks shooting guard looks back on his long and special NBA career including his infamous dunk contest win, playing with Jason Kidd and the Nets, and giving his 2003 All-Star game starting spot to MJ. He also tells stories of battling Allen Iverson, winning an olympics gold medal, and picks his top 5 favorite career dunks.
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SHOWTIME Basketball
SHOWTIME Basketball 5 oy oldin
6:30 - Retirement, Plan for NBA to restart 10:15 - Kobe stories 27:25 -MJ, Ranking GOATs, Difference in Eras 43:50 - Playing at UNC, Draft Night 57:16 - Run with Raptors 1:01:50 - Dunk Contest Win 1:11:50 - Winning Olympics Gold Medal, Battling Ray Allen for spot 1:18:54 - Playing with TMac, Iverson battles, end of Raptors career 1:35: 13 - Playing with JKidd, Nets 1:41:30 - Alonzo Mourning Dunk in 2005, top 5 dunks of career 2:08:00 - Starting the game vs. Finishing the game 2:21:30 - Giving All-Star Starting spot to MJ in 2003
Tisha Elliott - David Suzuki SS (2662)
Tisha Elliott - David Suzuki SS (2662) 9 kun oldin
JAY 9160
JAY 9160 21 kun oldin
Valentine Rogers o
25mfermin 4 oy oldin
They didn't include in the topic. The 2000 Olympics when he dunked on the 7'2" guy from france.
Alvin gadar
Alvin gadar 4 oy oldin
By the way Vince is the GOAT in dunking, check out the UZpost video on what Kobe said about the best dunker is.
Kham Burton
Kham Burton 5 oy oldin
Live Your Dreams
Live Your Dreams 3 soat oldin
Hearing Vince saying he cant do a regular 360 makes me feel better. I practice that reverse 360 so much that it feel awkward to go a regular 360.
Umar Mukhtar
Umar Mukhtar Kun oldin
Vinsanity is one of the greatest NBA player evert to play. Well known across many eras.
Suzanne Elise
Suzanne Elise 3 kun oldin
"EWing"....Stack is ctfu 😂😂😂 Thanks Matt 👏🏾🤣🤣 Yo, I never saw a interview with Vince Carter talking like this 👌🏾
B Plus Recaps
B Plus Recaps 5 kun oldin
2:14:20 - Stax said the Miami Heat were going to surprise the EAST!
Blaq Josh
Blaq Josh 5 kun oldin
Man this podcast is legit
coolguy 123
coolguy 123 6 kun oldin
If TMAC was there with you in 2001 you could've beat the shit out of Iverson
Rocket Boy
Rocket Boy 7 kun oldin
Damn nba players be playing basketball from 18-19 to like 35-42. It’s literally all they know. The competition, the practice, the chemistry with teammates. All that goes away
FUT Frankenstien
FUT Frankenstien 7 kun oldin
Matt Barnes was an extremely good NBA Player and defender. Matt Barnes is one the best sports media people on the planet. Matt's gonna end up being at the top of this game without a doubt. Same with Jackson btw, that dudes awesome.
Uba Okereke
Uba Okereke 8 kun oldin
RIP Clifford Robinson
My Star
My Star 10 kun oldin
Vince Carter was the first player I ever saw play and left me thinking, "nah he ain't human. What planet he from?" lmao
Sadab Kamal
Sadab Kamal 10 kun oldin
God Smite me for laughing at Mike Dickenson having a groin injury.
Zhou 10 kun oldin
BOIIIIIIIIIIII. Listen to this dude. LISTEN. Vince Carter as real as they come.
O 14 kun oldin
shoutout Sprewell and Pippen defense!
O 14 kun oldin dunk over Hakeem!!
Think Out loud
Think Out loud 14 kun oldin
V The Geek
V The Geek 16 kun oldin
I love hearing Vince Carters passion for the game, he definitely loves it.
Matinino 95
Matinino 95 17 kun oldin
This is the guy who makes me love the game, my favorite player since 2000
RJ 17 kun oldin
Ye you also didn't say "I don't wanna dunk anymore" stfu
DEBONAIR M 20 kun oldin
I really like that Matt Barnes called out Skip Bayless for his useless commentary on NBA.
Que Beezy
Que Beezy 20 kun oldin
these guys must really dislike ray allen or sum lol
Russell MacKenzie
Russell MacKenzie 21 kun oldin
So glad I found this channel. Love it!! Great job Matt and Stak5!
Shelbe Mitchell
Shelbe Mitchell 22 kun oldin
We know 6 chips with 1 team is great but 4 with 3 teams and 10 finals and ect Jordan 1 five years was what?
Manny Ta Fuerte
Manny Ta Fuerte 22 kun oldin
You know vince is old because he has wired over-the-ear headphones 😂
jay scott
jay scott 24 kun oldin
Vince look like that adrenaline was comin back talkin bout that dunk contest
jay scott
jay scott 24 kun oldin
A big thing that go unnoticed wit Vince for him To last so long is his humility, he had to be okay taking the back seat from being a superstar.
jay scott
jay scott 24 kun oldin
I’m tired of old heads saying we ain’t never see them play like they did, like it ain’t no film. We can see everything you saw it ain’t that the ones it hard to speak on greatness is wilt or a dr j in the aba
Allahmein Crews
Allahmein Crews 24 kun oldin
Great interview guys. You both never disappoint with your interviews. Vince Carter was my favorite player after MJ! That's right, I'm a UNC fan.
Georgie Castro
Georgie Castro 25 kun oldin
Felizidades keep it up boys saludos
Mike Gee
Mike Gee 25 kun oldin
I was 4 when VC got drafted I’m 27 now I remember I had two VC jerseys the 15 Raptors Away Jersey and the NJ NEts Home Jersey ...VC always been one of my favorite players much respect OG
TATman Shawty
TATman Shawty 28 kun oldin
Nah Vince that's an awesome way to go out. There's an awesome story to your ending . You got something to tell the grand babies. Then to top ot off with 2020. Man that's something to talk about.
Kin Hawkins
Kin Hawkins 28 kun oldin
Leon _
Leon _ 29 kun oldin
He wearing that Bucs jersey, Tampa Stand up!
Leon _
Leon _ 29 kun oldin
Correction: Bucs shirt
MrTeeRedd Oy oldin
Great interview! Vince was arguably best in game dunker of all time. He don't get credit for being a good scorer or bringing back the dunk contest. I remember that dunk contest him, T-Mac and people forget Steve Francis went crazy too
Ryan Mclarney
Ryan Mclarney Oy oldin
Looking forward to vince's son to reach the NBA one day.
yoe91 Oy oldin
J. Novoa
J. Novoa Oy oldin
Matt lookin high asf in this one 😂💨
Arnab Sinhababu
Arnab Sinhababu 2 oy oldin
In order to stand with MJ, LeBron needs to do a 3 peat with Lakers...
Ever Matts
Ever Matts 2 oy oldin
Bron played from day on until date but Kobe didn't, so mind you about that Kobe literally miss 3 to 4 years of in His carrier of playing so please recorgize that and plus remember he showed up 7 in finals and won 5 also remember he faced KG, (Young Rondo), Ray Allen, Paul Pierce aka the (truth) and the rest. Lebron has not done it guys please give MAMBA Some credit
Milk Man
Milk Man 2 oy oldin
Andre Miller... haven't heard that name in 10 years.
Nidal khan
Nidal khan 2 oy oldin
As a Toronto fan Carter was one of my favorites growing up has a kid remember at one point one season he was better then Kobe and everyone was saying who's the next MJ Kobe or Carter thinking Carter was better. But Kobe was better... Carter didn't wunna seem like he wanted to improve Kobe worked on he's craft relentlessly never gave up mentally and work ethic was next level killer mamba extinct drove him to better then carter. If carter had that same work ethic and killer mentally gym rat which am not saying he didn't but more like loves mentally with he's skill he would of gone much farther chips mvps.
Troy Reynolds
Troy Reynolds 3 oy oldin
Get some baseball players and football players on the show💪🏼
James Ber
James Ber 3 oy oldin
These guys' egos are so inflated. How does the narrative go from competing against Kobe, Tmac, and then to Stack?????
James Ber
James Ber 3 oy oldin
How is VC vs Matt Barnes or VC vs Stack considered competition? That's like racing using a Bugatti vs a Honda Accord.
Too Sikk
Too Sikk 3 oy oldin
Vinsanity!!! A icon living he changed tha game like iverson wit tha elbow dunk and him saying it’s over that moment is forever sketched in my brain 🧠
LP Sportscards
LP Sportscards 3 oy oldin
One of the most humble and talents players to never win a ship. He deserved one so much.
Joe Sams
Joe Sams 3 oy oldin
Get Brandon Roy...
Kay Dee
Kay Dee 3 oy oldin
Dope show, but my problem with the whole comparing old and new eras in basketball, and saying the new guys couldn't survive in the old era is that people will always adapt, if the newer guys were born in the old era the would have found a way to survive. A player's gameplay is based on the current structure of the NBA they find themselves in. For example some players made up for their lack of skills by hitting other players. Even MJ had to build himself up to break through that pistons wall, he had to adapt to the occasion, that wasn't his natural form. The same would happen with some of the new players. Ofcourse some wouldnt survive, and others from the old era wouldnt survive in this era either. The new play means different aspects of the game would ultimately jump to the forefront.
Gashi 07
Gashi 07 3 oy oldin
I saw Vince carter play and start in a game when I was 10 and when I was 24 I saw him start and play against the Knicks last season it blew my mind
SGTSayz 3 oy oldin
I’ll never forget when Vince Carter put his arm through the rim. Niggas were running outside screaming 😂😂👀
Randall Jordan
Randall Jordan 3 oy oldin
No Begging Session?
Amin As'shaari
Amin As'shaari 3 oy oldin
Sprewell and Stromile mentioned?! This is the best basketball podcast around!
Tamara Elvin
Tamara Elvin 3 oy oldin
I wanted to move to Toronto when I was 16 because of VC. He is one of the GREATS!
D Woods
D Woods 3 oy oldin
When you’re genuine it shows and it draws people to you. Stack and Matt are those dudes!
Draco The Puggg
Draco The Puggg 3 oy oldin
Not gon lie 2 hours plus was worth it watched every minute 💪🏽 my boy Vince
Jiggy 9
Jiggy 9 3 oy oldin
If yall started showing the highlights the players are talking about>>>>
Fluffy Pockets
Fluffy Pockets 3 oy oldin
I think matt undermines Vince Carter by calling him just a athlete.
A M 3 oy oldin
Just watched a halfcourt game winner from Barnes with Memphis. We need a mister bigshot series.
MercuryUniverse 3 oy oldin
One of the best shows yet!
R Blu
R Blu 3 oy oldin
Man I'm 53 so I remember all this stuff and all these players mentioned. Congrats Vince. You are a quality brother and a great representative for the league and black manhood. But hey, man I enjoyed this so one much, lol I'm laughing and clapping my hands like I'm right there with you cats lol We ain't had much to laugh about.. RIPower Geo Floyd I'm from Dallas, right up 45 from Htown and was supposed to start a driving job in MINNESOTA THAT WEEKEND. But it wasn't until I saw Stack5 speak on his twin that it hit home. I respect and appreciate all you cats man. Real talk, thank you for this. And holla at Rickey Davis, Spree, Nick the Quick and Stromile Swift lol
Darren Brand
Darren Brand 3 oy oldin
Great Show!!!
Justin Davis
Justin Davis 3 oy oldin
Vince was one of my favorite players of all time. This was a great interview didnt seem like an interview seemed a regular conversation. Vince looked like he was at home. Another great episode
John Kennedy
John Kennedy 3 oy oldin
This show not official till I see Bubba Chuk on here period
Ernest The Vegas Boy
Ernest The Vegas Boy 3 oy oldin
Gonzagafragrance206 3 oy oldin
Them showing love to Michael Dickerson made me smile.
Sun Real
Sun Real 4 oy oldin
Toronto loves you forever man
Sun Real
Sun Real 4 oy oldin
Vince my brother for life
Moe Boutari
Moe Boutari 4 oy oldin
theres a name for that ring you have matt the one you did nothing to earn and dont wann wear, they call it the jermey lynn ring lmao
Moe Boutari
Moe Boutari 4 oy oldin
bro matt i know you dont like dissing your guest and all, but you know vince shouldnt have gone to his graduation in a different city before a game 7. You got an obligation to your organization and to your teammates, and i get that vince was fulfilling an obligation he had to his family which is very important, but you already graduated, you wouldve got your diploma regardless. You chose to go to a ceremony when your the best player on that team and your teamates are counting on you. You say it came down to a shot if he made it the whole narrative wouldve changed, well maybe it wouldnt have came down to that last shot if he hadnt just flown in a few hours before the game. Thats what drove the narrative even more, because when inches was the difference between going to the next round and not, maybe a good night sleep, or a good breakfast or not attending your ceremony wouldve made the few inches of difference, and by doing that you let your team down, the organization which is paying for your undivided attention barring any physical or even mental illness or a death in the family or something of that nature. Im not saying because your making good money that you aint human and dont deserve to be treated like a man, but that wasnt your average game, it was a game 7 in the second round, not even like a game 1 or 2 or whatever. So of course the media was gonna push that narrative and rightly so. At the end of the day Vince did what he thought was best for him, and thats fine i get that, but sometimes when you think of your own interest, you hurt the interest of so many others and that could be considered selfish actually. By doing that vince let down the fanchise who had faith in him and drafted him, he let down his teammates and he let down an entire city which only felt whole after kawhis game 7 buzzer beater against philly last year. So i get that matt Barnes doesnt wanna disrespect vince and wants to be understanding but the truth is there was more to that decision than barely missing a shot and saying its not a big deal and all that. no to many it was a big deal, and the fact that it came down to inches made it that much worse cause it just proved that a little thing here or there could've made a difference and who knows maybe if the raps had got past philly they'd be 2 time champs, i mean if nothing else vince decision caused alot of negative media attention and had a psychological effect if not a physical one so yeah it mattered thats just the fact of the situation.
Moe Boutari
Moe Boutari 4 oy oldin
The disrespect for kareem abdul jabbar is ridiculous. It goes MJ, kareem abdul jabbar, then in no [articular order take your pick of kobe, Tim duncan, magic johnson, wilt chamberlain, bill russel all of which are ahead of lebron. I have lebron on the border of the top 10, but i cant believe these 3 dudes put lebron 3rd when they didnt mention Kareem abdul jabbar who is the only guy that anyone can make a case for as the goat over jordan, and a damn good case at that.
CDuBya Plato
CDuBya Plato 4 oy oldin
ShionShinigami 4 oy oldin
VINCE!!! \(^o^)/
Sour_Milk_Tho 4 oy oldin
there is nothing about VC thats not inspirational
TakingFlight Sports
TakingFlight Sports 4 oy oldin
charlieums 4 oy oldin
I love these episodes. I'm still going through them. It seems they are on hiatus? Is there a timeline on when Matt and Stephen will return with new episodes? I know Stephen is busy right now though.
Carl Wilburn
Carl Wilburn 4 oy oldin
To watch your favorite players entire career and feel proud is an amazing feeling, Watched Vince from UNC to now. Legend! Thank you for havin him on and letting him share so many stories we needed to hear!
_franchised_ 4 oy oldin
Listening to this show and playing live 04
Shawn Griffin
Shawn Griffin 4 oy oldin
Ronald Mack
Ronald Mack 4 oy oldin
The nba not hiring black coaches
Bobby Sandhu
Bobby Sandhu 4 oy oldin
Barnes and Jackson awesome chemistry. Both class acts
Gavin Williams
Gavin Williams 4 oy oldin
The nba should make a crown for this man he’s the dunk king fr
xXBobbyXx86 4 oy oldin
all i want to know if vince carter is gonna finish the season.
Giedrius Grudzinskas
Giedrius Grudzinskas 4 oy oldin
2020 ,we will be gd ,All love from Uk and LT ,be strong SJ
Matthew Tobar
Matthew Tobar 4 oy oldin
This is one of the best interviews ever
Simon Sez
Simon Sez 4 oy oldin
I just love hearing dudes unfiltered. Just being themselves and talking how they naturally talk. Shows you a different side of these athletes when they usually have to be all proper and whatnot throughout their careers
Yushan Chen
Yushan Chen 4 oy oldin
I wanted to see him as an all-star soooo bad this year!
BlackBoy Bright
BlackBoy Bright 4 oy oldin
Wanna let y'all know China is using George Flloyds Murder to cover up their own racism against Blacks in China :
boosie 4l
boosie 4l 4 oy oldin
My favorite podcast show
Zacck Hawkins
Zacck Hawkins 4 oy oldin
Man.. Took me a week to finish this episode
R J 4 oy oldin
The remix @2:12 🤣🤣🤣
WiN SELLS 4 oy oldin
Matt Barnes guy since UCLA Stack Guy since Indiana 💯💯
Paris Carter
Paris Carter 4 oy oldin
Best episode so far! VC really came through with a great interview. Smiled for two hours💯
Tyree Walker
Tyree Walker 4 oy oldin
Can y’all please get AI on here lol 🙏💯
Alexander Lumford
Alexander Lumford 4 oy oldin
It’s crazy to love dudes that you never met. I’m so proud of y’all. And shouts to Vince: I’m a Damn near lifelong UNC fan and as a Jersey boy, I’m a Nets fan, and...random fact, he dated my sis back in college lmao, so shouts to NC Central too
From Rookie 2 Pro
From Rookie 2 Pro 4 oy oldin
Jamal Crawford interview
Koko Peds
Koko Peds 4 oy oldin
vinsanity. legend!
wtlcw1oo8 4 oy oldin
Vince forgot Larry Hughes
Walter Parker
Walter Parker 4 oy oldin
Stephen jackson can hate on LeBron in any situation lmao no one gets more hate than GOAT James
Doe Doe Bird
Doe Doe Bird 4 oy oldin
Greatest in game dunker in history. Got more bodies than Any!
STFU! 4 oy oldin
Angelo Fajioli
Angelo Fajioli 4 oy oldin
Man him and T-Mac could have done something special. I’m glad that the beef was actually made up
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