Vince Carter Ranks His Top 3 NBA Goats of MJ, Kobe, & Lebron | ALL THE SMOKE

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5 oy oldin

Vince Carter gives his NBA goat rankings between Michael Jordan, Lebron, and Kobe. He also talks with Matt and Stak about what is left for Lebron to accomplish in his career.
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Timothy Ross
Timothy Ross 5 soat oldin
Man they when in on
Yusuf Ali
Yusuf Ali 11 soat oldin
Have y’all noticed bron never did it with out atleast two legit super stars or sharp shooters?
Brian Robles
Brian Robles 8 kun oldin
Stack why you screaming dayummmmm
Q 8 kun oldin
What beat is that in the inro that ish is hard asf!!??
Derek Chapman
Derek Chapman 10 kun oldin
Great interview
Kyna Moten-Christopher
Kyna Moten-Christopher 17 kun oldin
Imagine if Kobe tried to go from team to team building superteams Kobe woulda been n the finals 10times as well
Benjamin An
Benjamin An 19 kun oldin
Top 3 BOATs: Hakeem, MJ, LeBron Top 3 GOATs: MJ, LeBron, Duncan
Seng Oseng
Seng Oseng 21 kun oldin
Matt Barnes just gave the biggest hit to sports analysts who never played the game about giving opinions to players... straight up savage... hahaha... Thats a good one.
Curve God
Curve God 24 kun oldin
If he gets 2 rings for the Lakers and equals kobes 5 then maybe he has a chance
legendary soldier
legendary soldier Oy oldin
Keep it real.lebron and kobe had a 4yr headstart,theres a asterisk by their names.combine kareem college numbers and c what his actual total is.ppl discount true greatness for generic results
Lucy Aklar
Lucy Aklar Oy oldin
"I don't get 5 championships here without him" -. Kobe's comment about Michael Jordan 🐐 in the Last Dance Documentary
tapilaha Oy oldin
this is how nba/sports tv should be, not that espn garbage
B K Oy oldin
NBA players: If you've never played in the NBA, you shouldn't criticize. Also NBA players: Those cops shouldn't have shot that dude who raped his girlfriend, stole her shit, fought the cops and tried to grab a knife to stab them.
Giri Dharan
Giri Dharan Oy oldin
You just can't compare between generation, it's not going to happen to test it Greatest of 80s - Magic and Bird Greatest of 90s - Jordan and Dream Greatest of 00s - Kobe and Tim Greatest of 10s - Bron and KD
James Ball
James Ball 2 oy oldin
Stop disrespecting BIRD
Mr King
Mr King 2 oy oldin
My only thing is lebron James was jumping from team to team. MJ &KB were on the same team through there whole career. But LB is a really good player, hands down. I'll give him that. He's is top 3 w/MJ &KB.
S&M kegaming
S&M kegaming 2 oy oldin
MJ, Kobe, LeBron
Fear less
Fear less 3 oy oldin
Imagine your goat get his ass whoop by Jason Terry in NBA final, thats sad 😂, go to ur Lespn bronsexual
Ivar Lövgren
Ivar Lövgren 3 oy oldin
You guys act like MJ was the only one getting hand checked and like he or anyone on that Bulls team couldn’t hand check themselves. So they could use that rule to their advantage as well
Sheikh Abu Talib
Sheikh Abu Talib 3 oy oldin
Off topic but I had to go rewatch them Roberson airball free-throws
Reymart Santillan
Reymart Santillan 3 oy oldin
Matt Barnes should’ve called out Nick Wrong too
Master Of The Craft
Master Of The Craft 4 oy oldin
Kobe is the 🐐 period
ReeTheGodly 24
ReeTheGodly 24 4 oy oldin
Skip Bayless did play ball average only 1.4 ppg 😭😭😭
terrious hill
terrious hill 4 oy oldin
All the podcast should talk about GOATS at their position,it makes more since
ognjen bogdanovic
ognjen bogdanovic 4 oy oldin
6:00 what about Kawhi Leonard? Already brought 2 teams to the finals and won championships, about to do it with a 3rd team and with all of that, he is 7 years younger than LBJ....
imahelpfulperson 4 oy oldin
VC: When you go that many times, you're gonna lose! Bill Russell: *Am I a joke to you???*
ryan gee
ryan gee 4 oy oldin
Jackson said not much, just win 2 championships in LA lol.
Mike Campbell
Mike Campbell 4 oy oldin
Someone correct me if I'm vince the last player to play against MJ?
Alexander Lumford
Alexander Lumford 4 oy oldin
Pip was the first Grant Hill if you will and if they had a baby, it would be Lebron (but OBVIOUSLY Lebron is a greater player)...but Pip...could do...EVERYTHING
Alexander Lumford
Alexander Lumford 4 oy oldin
Kobe would’ve been JUST fine in the old school era. Unequivocally
Josue Ramirez
Josue Ramirez 4 oy oldin
This and joe rogan are da best podcast I’ve ever seen Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson are da realist people too these guys are fuckin amazing
Mackynal Jabememej
Mackynal Jabememej 4 oy oldin
MJ is the goat period i like Vince's argument..
Mister Ji's Motivational Messages
Mister Ji's Motivational Messages 4 oy oldin
1. MJ 2. Kareem 3. Wilt 4. Lebron 5. Hakeem 6. Oscar 7. Kobe 8. Magic 9. Larry 10. Bill 12. Duncan 13. Shaq 14. Karl Malone 15. Moses Malone 16. John Havlicek 17. Elgin Baylor 18. Jerry West 19. John Stockton 20. David Robinson 21. Charles Barkley 22. Steve Nash 23. Kevin Garnet 24. Dr. J 25. Dirk Nowitzki Gets hard from there.......
Derrick Wade
Derrick Wade 4 oy oldin
funny how all the morons on espn and fox leave Kobe out of the debate when almost unanimously all the players who have played against kobe and lebron, that they say Kobe is ahead of Lebron
Patrick John
Patrick John 4 oy oldin
I'm agree to vince carter top 3 nba rank mj, kobe, lebron for now. Because they are really talented and sensation skills .
Artur Rofi
Artur Rofi 4 oy oldin
Yeah, Carter was one of the best that I got the pleasure to watch. I even bought his Jersey with the Nets. Yeah, Michael would average over 45 per game in today's age and game.
firpofutbol 4 oy oldin
Nah bruh, LBJ will never be betta than MJ or Kobe no matter how many more chips he gets. LBJ ain't got the killa mentality and needs his teammates to bail him out way more than MJ and Kobe.
DERIK IRIE 4 oy oldin
So lebron has to play 20 seasons to catch mj who played 15 seasons 🤔
PrintF 4 oy oldin
can someone tell me what kind of earbuds is Matt wearing?
Clark Engelbert
Clark Engelbert 4 oy oldin
Lebron > Jordan > Kobe
Tykie Fitzgerald
Tykie Fitzgerald 4 oy oldin
Go bucs Vince you a real one
Alex Monreal
Alex Monreal 4 oy oldin
These guys really understand basketball.. it has evolved soo much!
Coach Quis
Coach Quis 4 oy oldin
“He shoots air balls at the free throw line WHO DOES THAT”😂😂😂
Sicnesses23 5 oy oldin
Hell yea you gonna lose in the finals if you go to the finals 9 times. But 6 losses? Come on
Brandon Walker
Brandon Walker 5 oy oldin
Let me get that shirt Matt
gb1style 5 oy oldin
Why those kinds of props for LBJ and not much for Hakeem?
Peter Putnam
Peter Putnam 5 oy oldin
Man, thank you guys, thank you so much, I'm so sick of listening to these clowns like Bayless, and even though I like some of them,...sometimes, Like Stephen A makes me laugh, etc, but please, sometimes it's just enough is enough...!! Such a pleasure to listen three articulate men who also were great players, your opinions carry so much more weight. Yeah
Zeus 0886
Zeus 0886 5 oy oldin
MJ was giving VC the business when he was playing with the Wizards
Damon Dickey
Damon Dickey 5 oy oldin
Javier Meléndez
Javier Meléndez 5 oy oldin
There's something you can't compete with MJ, he changed the game of Basketball forever, in terms of contarct$, shoe deals, be an icon, brings the NBA to the world; that's Greatness, and NO ONE can have it now, and nobody will.
D B 5 oy oldin
Mj Kobe Lebron
Michael Mejorada
Michael Mejorada 5 oy oldin
Barnes: from your opinion where do you put Mike, Kobe and Mj? Barnes low key left out LeChoke 😂😂😂
SeanDaNerd 5 oy oldin
Sure, MJ would still dominate today. But some of the players back then would struggle in today’s game. Guards like Stockton who relied on physicality and scrappiness (dirty play) would get beaten by the more athletic guards of today because he can’t control them. He’d be like Kyle Lowry at best, which is good, but not the same level as he was in the 90s. Not to mention relatively poor shooters like Rod Strickland would have a harder time playing against the better developed zone defenses of today. Sure he could handle the ball like Kyrie, but Kyrie is a sharpshooter and more athletic than Rod. That isn’t to say these guys wouldn’t be good, they just wouldn’t be quite as good.
Mother's Milk
Mother's Milk 5 oy oldin
Jordan ran a 4.3, had a 48” vertical, and hands that could palm a bowling ball. You can’t even take the “athletic ability” off his mantel.
Scoring Machine
Scoring Machine 5 oy oldin
Bron Mj then Kobe
noel med
noel med 5 oy oldin
hahaha well guess what.. lebron shot airballs from freethrows...
Lenny Beason
Lenny Beason 5 oy oldin
The 3 Championships with 3 different teams doesn't matter to me because the other players..MJ and Kobe never ran from their teams to basically ring chase and continue to put themselves in easier positions to be successful. Durant and Kahwi showed how much easier it was to do. If Kahwi has a chance to do the same as Lebron by winning 3 Championships with 3 different teams as well. In my opinion Lebron has to win back2back to pass Kobe and 3peat to have a real Goat discussion vs MJ!
George Lista
George Lista 5 oy oldin
Scoring records and championships don’t measure greatness in it’s entirety. Dominance. Competitiveness. Character... not matter what someone wins, greatness is a different metric... I like to call it the Xceptional Factor.
MR GOODHEART 5 oy oldin
LeBron James is not the third greatest player of all time, 1 Michael Jordan 2 Magic Johnson 3 Kareem Abdul 4 Hakeem Olajuwon 5 Shaquille O'Neal 6 Larry Bird 7 Kobe Bryant 8 Tim Duncan 9 Bill Russell 10 LeBron James, in my opinion doesn't matter if you get to the final if you're not winning doesn't mean shit almost doesn't count 9 trip to the final only three championship I don't think so, everybody won against LeBron James Dirk Nowitzki you name it, I'm actually being very generous, he's definitely not in the mountain wash more
The God
The God 5 oy oldin
I'm a LeBron fan and never was a Jordan and Kobe fan but I'd have to agree with their rankings by saying Jordan is one, Kobe two and LeBron 3... But LeBron is the best all around player on and off the court... LeBron is a true leader!! 👍🏽
Jamal S.
Jamal S. 5 oy oldin
NBA players always want to downplay the opinions of people that haven’t played, but some of the greatest basketball minds ever never played in the league... so we don’t count those opinions? Cmon.
joe chrow
joe chrow 5 oy oldin
How can a player like Lebron who LOST "6" times in 9 Finals and also SWEPT TWICE in Finals and also VANISH and SHIT THE BED at the END of EVERY single CLOSE Finals games of career even be considered as a possible GOAT?...Sports Media and Fans also labeled him with disrespectful HUMILIATING Nicknames like Lechoke and Leflop and Lebrick...This Generation has ZERO PRIDE and "WINNING" is totally IRRELEVANT to them...This generation Praises and celebrates "Participation" awards more than "WINNING"...Pathetic
Sam Barnes
Sam Barnes 5 oy oldin
These dudes are more athletic they took hand checking out because Vince Carters generation couldn't shoot and scoring was down. The league could change the rules but they don't want to. It's ot today's players fault
Noriel Padiernos
Noriel Padiernos 5 oy oldin
goat ship long gone... sorry... anyway love the convo! so natural... keep it up!
J.di Eason
J.di Eason 5 oy oldin
Again ppl talk of athleticism in regards to lebron and mike. But please mike was more athletic imo. It takes a whole lot of athletic ability to move in the air the way mike did. Still to this day I haven’t seen anyone do what mike has in the air.
Cash Inn
Cash Inn 5 oy oldin
Dat bih said "mike kobe and Mj" lmao
Dallas Adams
Dallas Adams 5 oy oldin
He clearly said he not gone put bron on top of kobe and mike cuz he still playing. Most players wont say bron #1 cuz they have to play him.
Timothy Smith
Timothy Smith 5 oy oldin
He will never be MJ!! MJ will forever be the GOAT!!!
Chad B
Chad B 5 oy oldin
This is the correct answer
Purple Goldie
Purple Goldie 5 oy oldin
Jordan: The Greatest Kobe: The Most Skilled Lebron: The Most Talented
playablue Oy oldin
Corey Charles u and the other guy are corr3ct Team kobe all facts
playablue Oy oldin
Shane Mondry earl Spence broke that down as well to Shaw port the difference between talent and skill
Shane Mondry
Shane Mondry Oy oldin
@Corey Charles no...skill is earned, talent is something you are born with
Corey Charles
Corey Charles 3 oy oldin
If your the most skilled your the most talented
JordanStuff 4 oy oldin
Daryl Mooney nah bro lebron was a freak of nature since he was like 15
Brooklyn_P_718 5 oy oldin
Pip was a condor and a Ferociously Great defender. He was built for basketball 🏀 6-8, wirey, long arms, good foot work, shot the ball pretty well, and had good court visión. On ball off ball defender. Most importantly no ego, was content with his role and knew his limitations. He did display some weak mental attributes but as soon as mike yelled at him, he snapped out of it. Imagine bron at the 1, MJ at the 2 and pip at the 3 sheeessh
Dre 3000
Dre 3000 5 oy oldin
Former players know EXACTLY how scary Kobe was in his prime. Five championships in a loaded Western Conference. Of course he should be right behind MJ.
I see Fake ppl
I see Fake ppl 5 oy oldin
Simple different era / Jordan played vs men & giants the game has changed Closing argument if there was no MJ there isn’t no Kobe(RIP) on Lebron and same goes for mj and the ones b4 him
Jerome Yudiet
Jerome Yudiet 5 oy oldin
So if LeBron wins 2 more in LA he's the greatest?.. so that means if he wins 2 more the 2011 and 2017 finals choke didn't happen? And the 2007 and 2018 sweep also didn't happen? It was just a dream?😂😂😂😂 That's cute..
Kevin P.
Kevin P. 5 oy oldin
2 chips? He'd have to win at least 4 more to even be in the conversation to make up for all the losses. Losing doesn't make you great. 3-6. Weakest east era of all-time is what got him there. 27-26 in the west without AD. Laughable.
K. S.
K. S. 5 oy oldin
Mike the goat but let's be honest, NBA players been teaming up to beat Lebron his entire career.
ElijahHead0526 5 oy oldin
so bron ain’t team up with two all nba players and promise 7 straight rings??? 😂
Evan B
Evan B 5 oy oldin
I can’t speak on lebron, I’m biased I never truly liked him until he came to the Lakers so I’ll leave him out of this. But, as for mj vs Kobe I think it was Bradley Beal who said after his death “he was our mj”. I don’t care if mj played in a harder era, I don’t care if mj won 6 titles, I don’t care if everyone thinks mj is better. My generation grew up watching Kobe Bean Bryant dominate the nba. He was so different than everyone else every time he stepped on the court and it was evident to everyone. No one can take away the emotional connection that millions had with him, but if you ask nba players now who they grew up watching they’re going to say Kobe. So regardless of what anyone says, Kobe will always > Mike for me.
kandyman23 5 oy oldin
The moment you realize Patrick McCaw has more rings than these three combined
mouloudo 5 oy oldin
Why do you always fail to point out that Lebron had more years in the nba than MJ and his competition in the goat list, so of course he's going to pass them on the list for most points and assists
Forrealforreal 5 oy oldin
3 rings 3 places means you left at the right time
Fillatron 5 oy oldin
lebrons last 6 finals appearances compared to Jordans 6 total finals appearances: 40+points games: LBJ 7 /MJ 6 10+ assists: LBJ 10 / MJ 6 10+ rebounds: LBJ 23 / MJ 3 60% FG or higher: LBJ 5 / MJ 2 3+ steals: LBJ 10 / MJ 9 3+ blocks: LBJ 5 / MJ 0 Triple Doubles*: LBJ 8 / MJ 0 u can decide for yourself who u think is the goat but these are the numbers from just the last 6 of brons finals.
* WillHall229
* WillHall229 5 oy oldin
Your argument is just an opinion as well Vince. You are assuming players couldn't play physical ball and fouling it's not a skill. It's a lot easier to play defense by fouling and hand checking vs being required to use footwork and timing.
Turn Tavern
Turn Tavern 5 oy oldin
“It’s hard for me to pick current players and put them against the past because I’m still playing and I’m not going to give them the advantage. That’s just what it is”. Old heads always giving emotional opinions on this and no objectivity.
The Legend
The Legend 5 oy oldin
No. Lebron will never be the goat. Not even with 2 LA chips
Ugly Nigga
Ugly Nigga 5 oy oldin
Defensive Player Of The Year.
Tuan Vo
Tuan Vo 5 oy oldin
Until Lebron wins more titles then he can surpass MJ and Kobe. All 3 are unbelievable and skills players in their era so you have to measure their success to see who is greatest. Im only talking about these 3 players. Yes Bill Russell has won more but I don't think he is on the same level as these guys so he is out.
El Chaval
El Chaval 5 oy oldin
It’s funny how the media overlooks Kobe and 95% of players/HOF put him top 3 of all time
Nath Anter
Nath Anter 5 oy oldin
Top 10 SHOULD BE... 1. JORDAN 2. Lebron 3. Kobe 4. Wilt 5. Bird 6. Duncan 7. Magic 8. Russell 9. Kareem 10. Shaq
TieOnRadish 5 oy oldin
MJ dominated the league when rules favored big men. It's logical to think he'd be even better when rules favor perimeter players. Also, the reason finals record is important is, when you get to the finals, it's proven your team is good enough to compete. So it's Good Team vs Good Team, where first round could be Good Team vs Bad Team. When you have Good Team that can compete, that's where your worth is really shown.
Nothing But Net
Nothing But Net 5 oy oldin
Why does L36ron get credit for winning a chip with 3 different teams if it happens? So he gets credit for ring chasing? Other goats get penalized for staying with 1 team or 2 at most? Stupid.. Whatever it takes to lower the bar for Bron.
magahead2020 5 oy oldin
Any great can go to 9 straight finals in this era stacking his team, jumping around joining his toughest competition, and run through a diluted East!
Jose Delgado
Jose Delgado 5 oy oldin
Good shit.
3rdEye 5 oy oldin
Somehow these guys seeing a title with a 3rd team as a massive accomplishent. Jumping ship for better crew gets props?
3rdEye 5 oy oldin
Yeah I get it there isnt a GOAT, but.... there is and its MJ.
TJ Sullivan
TJ Sullivan 5 oy oldin
Lmao stopppp
Nunya Business
Nunya Business 5 oy oldin
Kobe doesn't make my top 5, but those guys played in the NBA and I have to trust their judgment.
Brian James
Brian James 5 oy oldin
Lebron, MJ, Kobe.
Jerome Simpson
Jerome Simpson 5 oy oldin
Vince the only guy that will break your ankles then shoot a 3 or wutever in your face or dunk on or over you lol or catch a 360 windmill alley lol And he got that jelly lol plus I don't think he ever missed a season to injury. Bruh No one his size has the 2k VC paccage lol Vince cares about chips but not to the point where fucc the world like other guys and is why he and hakeem would be my two guys to build a dynasty around. Fucc kobe and jordan lol Vince and Hakeem. Humble, ferocious, explosive, true gentlemen and competitors.
Manuel Gasse
Manuel Gasse 5 oy oldin
Man, strange arguments for goat. Number of teams ? So what ? Also total number of points means nothing. Lebron playing more years doesn’t make him a better player. Also winning another chip by bringing Anthony Davis is like Kevin Durant winning with the Warriors.
Lee Jones
Lee Jones 5 oy oldin
Matt Jordan played really only 13 years. 17 games in 85-86, didn't play in 93-94, and only 17 in 94-95.
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