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SHOWTIME Basketball

5 oy oldin

All The Smoke is back for episode 33 with Atlanta Hawks star point guard Trae Young joining Matt and Stephen. Young describes his college experience at Oklahoma, the draft night swap with Luka Doncic, and talks about being compared to Steph Curry. He also tells his story of meeting Kobe and looks back at some other greats, including teammate Vince Carter.
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SHOWTIME Basketball
SHOWTIME Basketball 5 oy oldin
Rundown: 01:33 - Quarantine Life/Horse Competition/Fan Engagement 07:35 - Oklahoma Career 12:30 - Draft Night, Luka Swap 14:58 - Steph Comparison 17:00 - Being All-star/2nd season 18:20 - Jimmy Butler Game/Calling it too early 21:35 - Ariza Nutmeg 23:30 - Meeting Kobe 27:10 - Playing with Vince Carter 31:05 - Music Taste, Quavo
Princess Baltazar
Princess Baltazar 5 oy oldin
thank you so so much 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Darell Overton
Darell Overton 5 oy oldin
That's that jon B
Eric Sigersmith
Eric Sigersmith 5 oy oldin
Have stephon Marbury on the show if possible or nate Robinson
garrett miller
garrett miller 5 oy oldin
Please get Phil Jackson on the show
Sai Narayan
Sai Narayan 5 oy oldin
Random Dinosaur
Random Dinosaur 15 kun oldin
straight up d lister hosts
Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill 18 kun oldin
I can’t for players like him, booker, and Lavine to get a chance in the playoffs lol
Big Trapcash
Big Trapcash 26 kun oldin
Trae got that monopoly man mustache
Patrick Hoey
Patrick Hoey Oy oldin
Jet Pesebre
Jet Pesebre 2 oy oldin
boi lookin like Trae Old out here
Bikewreck Boss
Bikewreck Boss 2 oy oldin
This child is a point guard and didn’t even have Stockton as a top 5 PG 🤦🏻‍♂️ embarrassing
Dong Montemar
Dong Montemar 3 oy oldin
Trae sounds like Walter White Jr.
anon 1
anon 1 3 oy oldin
this kids crazy if he thinks he'll be better than steph within a year
astras30 3 oy oldin
bring in Luka Doncic ;)
Capinyuh 4 oy oldin
you know it was getting emotional when jack said let’s pivot from kobe too vince! You can see and feel the emotions from all 3! RIP Kobe ❤️
Gail Opitz
Gail Opitz 4 oy oldin
11:08 07:52 21:12
ASAP Pain 4 oy oldin
11:07 🤣🤣🤣🤣trae struggling
Taylor Sprouse
Taylor Sprouse 5 oy oldin
Trae was a great guest
Kendall Jackson
Kendall Jackson 5 oy oldin
Can we get melo
Luther Mack drop III
Luther Mack drop III 5 oy oldin
Get me boy Jason William up in this bitch But white chocolate jay Will
Peter Hoang
Peter Hoang 5 oy oldin
Can someone tell me why Trae Young gets more love the Steph Curry?
Marcelo83 5 oy oldin
Unreal player and talent doing what he's doing but all I can think of when he speaks is officer doofy from scary movie!
shoaib ahmed
shoaib ahmed 5 oy oldin
I can't wait for them to have A.I on here
shoaib ahmed
shoaib ahmed 5 oy oldin
I can't wait for them to have A.I on here
Lennart Held
Lennart Held 5 oy oldin
pls get embiid in that box!!!!
James Lemon
James Lemon 5 oy oldin
I truly hope we never gotta pay for this show
OHiWONder Gaming
OHiWONder Gaming 5 oy oldin
Steve Nash over Jason Kidd and GP? Damn this younger generation is crazy lmao
Adryan Gray
Adryan Gray 3 oy oldin
Hell naw I like all 3 of them point guards they all has different skills to their game.....
God of Disco
God of Disco 5 oy oldin
Jordan and Lebron not in the same conversation outta here with that
kaii231 5 oy oldin
Jordan ain't never done squat without Pippen. Lebron been dragging bums to the finals.
KeithZilla 5 oy oldin
Can we get a round table with the Knuckleheads and Gilbert Arenas. Would love to hear old stories from all of y’all’s careers
KeithZilla 5 oy oldin
We need a Dirk interview please
Brandon 5 oy oldin
Get Shaq on as a guest
Benjamin Cunningham
Benjamin Cunningham 5 oy oldin
The next Kyrie is here
MoneyChasers5000 5 oy oldin
We need a DBOOK interview
kosmique 5 oy oldin
stack gotta be down with UGK coming from P.A.
Marcus Selassie
Marcus Selassie 5 oy oldin
Get Pat Bev
Manny Cortes
Manny Cortes 5 oy oldin
Get frank ocean on the show
Chauncey Payne Jr
Chauncey Payne Jr 5 oy oldin
Jamaal Crawford we need
Kevonte Jones
Kevonte Jones 5 oy oldin
Jrue holiday really respected outchea
delon t
delon t 5 oy oldin
"FOR ME" every other sentence. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
Lazy Maile
Lazy Maile 5 oy oldin
trae be looking like the bowler hat guy from meet the robinsons
So Icey ENT
So Icey ENT 5 oy oldin
Nobody: Trae Young: yeah naw yeah🤣
bdwilson32 5 oy oldin
Fun fact: Trae Young is afraid of birds.
DEE DUBZ 5 oy oldin
This boy's a problem out there on the court. When he goes off...damn!! But he's a good Point Guard too, knows when to release the ball.
DEE DUBZ 5 oy oldin
Just wanna say my top 5 episodes are in particular order; Al Harrington, The Glove, JR Rider, Big Ticket, Lethal Libran KD.
Anthony Hicks
Anthony Hicks 5 oy oldin
Big shot is that guy....he’s another real one
Anthony Hicks
Anthony Hicks 5 oy oldin
Dope intro guys
Les 5 oy oldin
Nuredean Kelebu
Nuredean Kelebu 5 oy oldin
stacks letting the light skin niggas talk lol
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams 5 oy oldin
Jack it’s for sure the backwoods I’m having that problem I’m only 20 OG
Paul Liao
Paul Liao 5 oy oldin
Trae is not a very good story teller.... compare to other ppl that's been on the show, maybe because he's a little young....
Jodeon Rouser
Jodeon Rouser 5 oy oldin
Get Phil Jackson on here
bam on fire
bam on fire 5 oy oldin
Why Matt & Trey look alike in that thumbnail lol
Lorenzo Player
Lorenzo Player 5 oy oldin
What up Fellaz, if he’s willing to do it Kenny Lofton could be a good guest. MLB Hall of famer but also known as a Hooper.
Tremaine Reed
Tremaine Reed 5 oy oldin
Steph be fawking screaming in his mic! Like calm downn big guyy lol damn
Johnie Weathers
Johnie Weathers 5 oy oldin
Get big diesel O'Neil on the show. I think Matt and stak can get the thuggish ruggish story's out of him. J r rider told a baddass little story about him, Imagine shaq being more open with the real shit, those would be premium story's
A. R. TV
A. R. TV 5 oy oldin
Next Guest should be Redman
Gary Bush
Gary Bush 5 oy oldin
Get Adrian Dantley, Dominique Wilkins, Vince Carter, Shawn Kemp,
Og Kil
Og Kil 5 oy oldin
Can we please get Isaiah Thomas on here
Sports Coat Junior
Sports Coat Junior 5 oy oldin
Matt and Stack smoked before this podcast started
Kwame Hameha
Kwame Hameha 5 oy oldin
NCAA is done.
john gillians
john gillians 5 oy oldin
The G League? NCAA didn't see this one coming. If what Matt says is true , kids will def take the G route.
Garrett Schaefer
Garrett Schaefer 5 oy oldin
why stack always yelling
Makaveli X
Makaveli X 5 oy oldin
Best sports show! Drip and shay shay don’t know wth they be talkin about half the time.
Tae Jones
Tae Jones 5 oy oldin
Repping the Chi with Deon Cole and DeeRay!
Fortnite is the best
Fortnite is the best 5 oy oldin
Need to get melo, shai, Ben Wallace, iverson! 🔥
Escobar Rich
Escobar Rich 5 oy oldin
Matt could be trae young’s dad
BERNARD Frank 5 oy oldin
Please Do lonzo ball so lonzo can talk about BBB
Ronald Derr
Ronald Derr 5 oy oldin
Gotta get Marshawn Lynch on here !!!!
Sejiro Agosa
Sejiro Agosa 5 oy oldin
Damn Son, I Always Knew Jrue Holiday Was A Problem But To Consistently Hear Elite League Guys Really Say It Is So Dope. Jrue Is Really Like That!!!
Active Shadow
Active Shadow 5 oy oldin
If ya get Kawhi on this that would be GOATED 🙏🏽🐐
Sir Nice
Sir Nice 5 oy oldin
Trae look like a old TT Boy and young Popeye The Sailor man...
Imaxwell17 5 oy oldin
Please get RicHard Sherman!!!
M Little III
M Little III 5 oy oldin
Yaw need to get AI on here
Joel Ishman
Joel Ishman 5 oy oldin
You can tell that dude is a student of the game. He gone be around for a long time. #salute
Abdullahi Alibarre
Abdullahi Alibarre 5 oy oldin
Get westbrook!!
William Morris
William Morris 5 oy oldin
Nash Kobe Bron KD Shaq Would be tough to beat
J R23
J R23 5 oy oldin
We need Westbrook
Michael Copeland
Michael Copeland 5 oy oldin
40drinker 5 oy oldin
Can you guys have Klay on the show and also a must have Grant Hill and please tell him he retired to dam early!!! He still had a good 2 years left when he retired.
Number Four
Number Four 5 oy oldin
Its a empty gym... It could be somewat like practice fr 🤷🏿‍♂
George Bailey
George Bailey 5 oy oldin
We need the Bubba Chuck episode
william tran
william tran 5 oy oldin
Gotta see a full sit down interview with marshawn lynch ( beast mode yeeeeeeeeeee!), dame dolla, klay Thompson , the whole we believe crew, shaq and Barkley
Agustin V
Agustin V 5 oy oldin
Trae Oklahoma City Hornets Young
DEMARBIEUX ME 5 oy oldin
You are not ah dog homie u ah knock off Steph ah great value Steph
Vishaal Venugopal
Vishaal Venugopal 5 oy oldin
It irks him and u can tell cuz Luka almost never gets any questions about literally none....but trae has to answer about him every interview....Guess he shouldn’t have been talking all that during they rookie year
Drew Sims
Drew Sims 5 oy oldin
Trea young don't know shit he isn't that smart not to be rude but his opinion on the NBA and the shut down and about the commissioner
Big Mike RealTalkTV
Big Mike RealTalkTV 5 oy oldin
Get Iron Mike Tyson on the show!
Dreads_Mcgee 5 oy oldin
jrue holiday another shout
Teoifolis 5 oy oldin
Please get Nate Robinson, DRose, or Joakim Noah
Tyree Costa
Tyree Costa 5 oy oldin
Can y'all start asking who everybody their IG crush or Celebrity Crush.....
Isaiah Harris
Isaiah Harris 5 oy oldin
Get Derrick Rose up here asap
Collin Harrington
Collin Harrington 5 oy oldin
Y’all need to do one with Von Miller
Solo K
Solo K 5 oy oldin
Hell yes bring Joel
Jaquentin Fudge
Jaquentin Fudge 5 oy oldin
They need Westbrook on a episode
Destiny 100
Destiny 100 5 oy oldin
Why ask him about luka game when he said that is what ppl talk about. Let the dude be both luka and Trae good.
Jordan Slaughter
Jordan Slaughter 5 oy oldin
16:55 " 29-9...23....29-9-9 "
Luer Lorenzo
Luer Lorenzo 5 oy oldin
trae looks like the mask in money heist
Zach Falbe
Zach Falbe 5 oy oldin
We need unfiltered Russ 100%
Steezy A. Smith
Steezy A. Smith 5 oy oldin
Steezy A. Smith in the building, just dropped a video reacting to the possibility of Joel Embiid being moved to the MIAMI HEAT. Link right here, subscribe, and let me know what you guys think!
lucas mosarca
lucas mosarca 5 oy oldin
Yall shood support black mma fighters like jon jones daniel cormier and jordan burroughs the wrestler
Gage Storer
Gage Storer 5 oy oldin
Imagine getting MJ on here
Rashun Brown
Rashun Brown 5 oy oldin
Hate hearing young talk lol. Shit annoys me. I’m out.
garrett miller
garrett miller 5 oy oldin
Please if y’all can find a way to get the zen master on a show!
Sai Narayan
Sai Narayan 5 oy oldin
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