Tracy McGrady on 2020 Hall of Fame Class: 'It Is Arguably The Greatest Of All-Time' | ALL THE SMOKE

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Tracy McGrady discusses the 2020 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame class that includes Kobe, Kevin Garnett, & Tim Duncan. T-Mac talks about why it is one of the greatest classes of all-time and tells stories of playing against some of the soon-to-be members.
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aldrin de jesus
aldrin de jesus 4 oy oldin
Tmac is the best scorer for me. I didnt see michael btw
Hamilton Massey II
Hamilton Massey II 4 oy oldin
I had a pair of "T-Mac" Adidas.
Mllr Hr
Mllr Hr 4 oy oldin
Paul Pierce is the GOAT.
Arash Awesomeness
Arash Awesomeness 4 oy oldin
glenn yarzagaray
glenn yarzagaray 5 oy oldin
congrats Tracy, all the best from Aruba always a fan
Nstrumentalist1986 5 oy oldin
Giving him the hall of fame #giving has giving hall of fame no value anymore. Has accomplished nothing (granted had injuries), no playoffs at all and is a hall of fame. Wow.
David Armstrong
David Armstrong 5 oy oldin
C'mon now Tmac was a very good player but a HOF, smh but Stephen Jackson isn't and he won?.
Arash Awesomeness
Arash Awesomeness 4 oy oldin
Tmac definetly deserves to be in the hall of fame
Andrew J
Andrew J 5 oy oldin
Back in the early 2000s, TMac vs Kobe it could’ve gone either way
1motorcitychop 5 oy oldin
Dam kobe couldn't wait for your hall.of fame speech ☹☹😔😔😔 rest up king you were special very blessed to grow with you and watch you all the way back home on joy road and fielding in Detroit ,MI much love bro you got me thru lot knowing what you went thru but always kept it professional great role model life will not be all sunny and you have to respect and accept the rain to.appreciate the sunshine like really appreciate it when you wake up thats your million dollar suitcase see your loved ones and 1 question, how will you be great today miss you kobe
CJKB247 5 oy oldin
You can hear the pain still when Mac talks about Kobe. Still unreal. 2020 gotta go!
Rubentastique 5 oy oldin
Tmac or/vs Kobe was a legit topic of discussion back in the day. I picked tmac because his game was silky smooth like MJ. He made the game look easy. It's a shame that injuries robbed him of a better career. Imagine injury free tmac vs kobe. That would have been a spectacle.
Pedro Antunes
Pedro Antunes 5 oy oldin
He said he was only a contender with Orlando? You can argue Houston had better teams than his Orlando days. I do understand west was thougher those days but still tho
no comment
no comment 5 oy oldin
Tim Duncan almost signed says Doc Rivers, but they actually only had enough money for 2 of the three players and would have taken Hill and Duncan if choosing
Joshua Maula
Joshua Maula 5 oy oldin
2:49 Me nutting with headphones on since I get conscious of how loud I sound lol
Joshua Maula
Joshua Maula 5 oy oldin
I remember that Rockets team with Ron Artest. If that team were healthy, they could have been champions that year. Imagine a healthy T-Mac and Yao with elbow king Ron Artest, Scola and Battier.
Rob Lepper
Rob Lepper 5 oy oldin
The year he averaged 32 a game was insane. T-Mac was a scoring machine.
Judah Mourneth
Judah Mourneth 5 oy oldin
How is he HOF, a first ballot one at that. He never even got out the first round.
Nonne B
Nonne B 5 oy oldin
TMac was on the Spurs too.
Happy Gilmore
Happy Gilmore 5 oy oldin
Congrats T-Mac!
Donavan Mcdabb
Donavan Mcdabb 5 oy oldin
“Never been on a championship team” bruh you did play for the spurs 🤦🏾‍♂️
Fusionn 4 oy oldin
He only played a total of about 30 minutes from six games for them and it was in the playoffs. He also didn't even score any points at all lol.
BIG PAIN 5 oy oldin
Donavan McDabb he was old ass hell😂
marquise hamilton
marquise hamilton 5 oy oldin
Tracy nice asf but he not an HoF you have no playoff moments in a league half of teams make it
thePaperDinosaur 5 oy oldin
Hey T Mac, the hof is your reward plus the millions of nba t Mac fans for whom you are their MJ their Kobe their lebron. Always loved your game
Andre Burrow
Andre Burrow 5 oy oldin
One of my 5 favorite player, for me. Loved everything about T-Mac's game. Beast in every sense
JV 5 oy oldin
I like how the stream connection is on point. None of that lag like ESPN streams lol
Red King
Red King 5 oy oldin
Tmac could of won on the rockets
Korey Johnson
Korey Johnson 5 oy oldin
In 2001 if grant was healthy it would have been Lakers and magic
Arash Awesomeness
Arash Awesomeness 4 oy oldin
I would have loved to see tmac vs kobe in the finals.
Chris L
Chris L 5 oy oldin
Man tmac said he has a connection with Kobe that nobody else has... I think he did
This is "Exhibit A" of what's wrong with the basketball Hall of Fame..While I like T-Mac, he is not a Hall Of Famer! There had been many great scorers in the NBA/College who are not in the Hall. Where is : 1) Dale Ellis 2) Dale Curry 3) Vinny Johnson 4) Roland Blackmon, 5) Mark Aguirre 6) Robert Horry... 8) Otis Thorpe 9) Bill Laimbeer `10) Chauncey Billups 11) Rip Hamilton 12) Rasheed Wallace 13) Ben Wallace.. The Ball Hall of fame has become a TV marketing show..Nothing..
Alberto Acevedo
Alberto Acevedo 5 oy oldin
By far the most underrated goat in NBA history
Dj Hussel
Dj Hussel 5 oy oldin
@Average Mo You right. I didn't meant to say 38. I meant at 34 he was leading the league at 29 pts a game and finished at 27.3.
Michael A
Michael A 5 oy oldin
Kabir Bariana ya I feel like some people don’t know what goat means lol
Average Mo
Average Mo 5 oy oldin
@Dj Hussel kobe did not play until 38. He was retired by then and had a terrible last 2 seasons in the NBA. As a diehard kobe fan it was hard to watch him play in his last few seasons.
Dj Hussel
Dj Hussel 5 oy oldin
@richard dean i understand that. A.I was my fav player until i got hipped on Kobe mind frame n how he approached the game. But Tmac was definitely on par with Iverson. It comes down to playoff matchups. Which is why Lebron stayed on the East n which I dnt blame him because ppl dnt see the uphill battles. In 02 McGrady lost to the hornets averaging 31 while Baron Davis averaging 25. The hornets players averaged (without BD n Tmac pts) 76pts to Magic 63 pts plus out rebound them every game. Tmac wouldve had to avg. at least 45 pts just to barely win. In 03 The Magic was face to face with the Detroit champs who played swarming defense on Tmac because he was the only scorer who still took them to 7 games putting up 43 n 46 in 2 games while avg. 32. He had one team mate who only had 14 pg. and everbody else under 10pts a game. Thats a lot to ask for out of a player giving their all
richard dean
richard dean 5 oy oldin
@Dj Hussel i cnt lie i cnt put him ahead of A.I i mean i looked up to A.I too much and he took his team to the finals. He was like 6'0 nothing but heart
-DarkCloud- 5407
-DarkCloud- 5407 5 oy oldin
I like how Tmac says KG was from another planet with how he was playing...Kg's prime was insane just didn't have a solid number 2 option like the other top tier teams had.
-DarkCloud- 5407
-DarkCloud- 5407 5 oy oldin
@mansoor p Well they probably would of won in 04 had Sam Cassell not gotten injured...You cant think Kobe (since he was 2nd fiddle to Shaq) is on par with a 33 year old Latrell and the Spurs had alot of solid role players and the Piston were basically a 5 team unit of all bubble allstars...Dirk always had alot of teammates if Dirk and KG switched spots we wouldn't be even talking about Dirk right now...You seem to not take into account that KG's offense he could of scored more points no question but he was averaging 5 or more assist during his prime that's insane for a PF he even averaged 6 for an entire season. His MVP season was better than Dirk or Duncans as well...24/14/5/2/2 with great defense
mansoor p
mansoor p 5 oy oldin
Early 2000s basketball was different. There never really was a duo tandem of superstars with the exception of the Lakers (shaq and kobe). 00-02 Lakers were champs, 03 Spurs (Duncan was #1 and rest talented bunch), 04 Pistons (no superstars), 05 Spurs (Duncan #1), 06 Heat (Shaq...wade lit up the finals but wasn't a superstar up to that point), 07 (best spurs team legit stacked), 08 Celtics (big 3) Timberwolves had one legit chance of winning the championship and that was in 04. KG timmberwolves had the #1 seed and KG was the MVP. His wolves were pretty good. Last great year by sprewell and Cassel. A team with enough talent to win it but never got it done. Sometimes I think KG was extremely overrated. I never saw him in Duncans class or Nowitski and not even Prime Amare. He was a hell of a defender but his offensive game had much to be desired. I never understood the hype. Duncan had unstoppable moves (posting and hitting the glass on a turnaround), Nowitski could shoot it anywhere, and so forth. T-Mac had a 3 year window of being the best basketball player on the planet. As soon as he gets to the rockets like a year later he got injured and then it kept happening.
Milky TV
Milky TV 5 oy oldin
Birthday bro's!!
DJVlad Troll
DJVlad Troll 5 oy oldin
Crazy how Matt Barnes & Steven Jackson both good players but not on T-Mac level and got a ring.
Jeremy Headen
Jeremy Headen 5 oy oldin
They just had opportunities as role players. Its saids like cheating but role players may not get the checks that all stars get but they will be able to get rings that some all stars will never get. Even though their skill sets deserve rings their teams can be under matched against these big 3 teams or squads that have a deep bench
Korey Johnson
Korey Johnson 5 oy oldin
All about the other 11
Pre Law
Pre Law 5 oy oldin
There's nothing crazy about that at all.
ten 2twelve
ten 2twelve 5 oy oldin
If TMac played with Shaq 😯
Remember-ReadABook KnowYourHistoryHotep
Remember-ReadABook KnowYourHistoryHotep 5 oy oldin
U had Vc
Pre Law
Pre Law 5 oy oldin
He was a teenager
Shion Francois
Shion Francois 5 oy oldin
Ticket & T-Mac together would have been amazing to see. T-Mac’s game was elite. Love hearing him talk about the game and watching old footage of his time in the NBA
2 Legit
2 Legit 5 oy oldin
T mac is speaking the truth go ask former players how hard it was to beat the big ticket kevin Garnett the big fundamental tim Duncan's may he rest in peace the black mamba kobe bryant.
Shawn Turner
Shawn Turner 5 oy oldin
T Mac just said what I’ve said for years: Michael is the greatest SG of all time but Kobe is the most skilled. His package was just different
Shawn Turner
Shawn Turner 4 oy oldin
rock davis lol. I’m a fan of the game. LeBron is my favorite player. Jordan is a better player than Kobe. I’m not arguing that point. I’m simply talking about skill. When we talking about skill, we not talking about efficiency or stats. We’re talking about your moves. What you do to create space, your footwork, how you play angles, etc. In that area, Kobe was better because (as someone noted above), Jordan was more athletic (in comparison to his peers) so he didn’t have to rely on skill as much. The same way that most of LeBron career, he’s played bully ball with precision passing, his scoring hasn’t been super skillful (not until later in his career). Kobe’s footwork is better than Mike’s. He scored from more areas of the floor. He had the ability to learn from greats that played with Micheal and incorporate them into his game. Subtle hooks, spins, and different dribble moves, it’s a total package. I’m not arguing who’s better. If you’ve been thinking that for days, you haven’t actually paid attention to a single word, just posting because you’re emotionally
rock davis
rock davis 5 oy oldin
@Shawn Turner Kobe copy Every move Jordan did. knock it off you another Kobe fanboy who just speaking with your emotions than speaking the truth
Shawn Turner
Shawn Turner 5 oy oldin
Happy Gilmore you also can’t come on a post and say “a lot of people would say different” and not have any facts of that. Like where are all these people saying what you claim to be true?
Shawn Turner
Shawn Turner 5 oy oldin
Happy Gilmore other people brought up how many people agreed with the comment. My original post said that TMac said what I’ve said for years. I didn’t need anyone to agree with me for me to believe what I believe. Michael was great but Kobe had more tools in his bag.
Dylen Worthington
Dylen Worthington 5 oy oldin
@Shawn Turner these people using shooting percentages even though Kobe played in probably the least efficient era in basketball
Husaam Maawia
Husaam Maawia 5 oy oldin
T mac cannot let the grant hill thing go 😂
Calvin Zhang
Calvin Zhang 5 oy oldin
i dont blame him. he spent years of his prime on a sorry ass team
The Conqueror
The Conqueror 5 oy oldin
Tmac was so underrated. He and Iverson are my two 🐐's
David Brown
David Brown 5 oy oldin
Iverson was my idol as a kid
David Brown
David Brown 5 oy oldin
Das facts
エリジャスティン 5 oy oldin
If kevin garnett was in the spurs rather than timmy. KG would have 5. Timmy had a great career because of the spurs.
BorneGamer Z
BorneGamer Z 4 oy oldin
Hero of Justice the admiral got his ass destroyed by hakeem. He’s a fraud
BorneGamer Z
BorneGamer Z 4 oy oldin
Spurs are nothing without Duncan. Look at the spurs now since kawhi left...
Harem Route
Harem Route 5 oy oldin
What are you guys talking about, the spurs weren’t bums before TD, hell, the admiral lead them to the conference finals two seasons before TD got there. They were a constant playoff team before TD and the only reason they got him was cause the admiral got hurt and they made it into the lottery. KG had to develop under a sub par Flip Saunders (good but not great) and mentored by an underwhelming Sam Mitchell, imagine KG being mentored by David Robinson and Pop, no disrespect to TD but saying Spurs wouldn’t win if they had KG instead is straight blasphemous.
daindigokid 5 oy oldin
Pre Law, great input.
Pre Law
Pre Law 5 oy oldin
@daindigokid I agree with everything you said except Duncan came in the league ready. He was an MVP candidate his first year in the league and won a ring in his second. KG averaged 10ppg in his rookie year, Tim Duncan was flat out a better from jump. Pop may not even have lasted as a coach for the Spurs if they don't acquire Duncan.
エリジャスティン 5 oy oldin
Timmy would just be like Kevin garnett if he didnt play for the spurs.
yon gui
yon gui 5 oy oldin
@S.A.O Tim duncan never play against shaq in the finals .
Harem Route
Harem Route 5 oy oldin
Pre Law Not a fair comparison, TD played four years in college and came into the NBA with exp and made a starter, KG came straight out of high school and came off the bench.
Pre Law
Pre Law 5 oy oldin
@S.A.O He was 2 blocks shy
Pre Law
Pre Law 5 oy oldin
Timmy was a MVP candidate his first year in the league, KG averaged 10ppg his first year. Stop it learn basketball
S.A.O 5 oy oldin
champagne kevin oh my bad he only had a quadruple double in the last game of the finals but aberagin 27 14 and 2 is nothin right
mansoor p
mansoor p 5 oy oldin
He was legit the best player of the early 2000s. His Magics were awful tho
TrueKnicksFan25 5 oy oldin
To my opinion..I think Duncan is overrated. I still respect his contributions to the game and especially to the spurs organization but in my eyes he’s not touching Barkley, Malone, or McHale(arguable). I see Duncan being a top 3 or 4 all time. I’m not factoring in when talking about the greatest PLAYERS of all time. Not who has the most rings. Etc
TrueKnicksFan25 5 oy oldin
Russell Green I know that. This was just my opinion. I never said he was a bum or he had no competition All I said was I’d take those guys ahead of him. From my perspective the only one I would take Duncan over is McHale. Of course Duncan is a hall of famer and the face of the Spurs organization even over Gervin but Barkley and Malone were beasts in their own right. Malone is the 2nd all time in scoring. All 4 are great regardless. Again, this is just my opinion. I sincerely would love to hear yours
Russell Green
Russell Green 5 oy oldin
It’s not just chips bro did y’all watch this man compete against Shaw Yao kg dirk amari any bug you name Duncan then put buckets on dog then hit clutch playofff shots. People just be talking and don’t know shit
TrueKnicksFan25 5 oy oldin
champagne kevin I’m not talking about chips. If that’s the case then Robert Horry is the best pf ever. I’m talking about PLAYER. Secondly this is my opinion if you don’t like it then go kick rocks. If you read what I put I said I respect him for what he did for the Spurs insinuating that the Spurs wouldn’t be the Spurs without him. Period.
TrueKnicksFan25 5 oy oldin
Tremayne Williams winning chips doesn’t make you the best of all time. If that’s the case then Horry is the best PF of all time. I’m talking about player...not chips.
TrueKnicksFan25 5 oy oldin
LEZ not really. McHale wasn’t flashy either. Some other people might say that Malone was just a pick and roller. I respect Duncan because without him the Spurs wouldn’t have won multiple chips and he’s a winner no question. I just think he’s not better as a player than the 3 guys I mentioned. The only one I could probably replace with is McHale
Tony Muñoz
Tony Muñoz 5 oy oldin
TMac was better than Kobe in a couple seasons. Change my mind
P Low
P Low 5 oy oldin
Shawn Turner 100% agree. Gotta mention Penny on there too!
Ronin 10
Ronin 10 5 oy oldin
@Pre Law if we're only taking into account offense and completely forget defense then yes. But when you remember that basketball is a two way sport then no.
Shawn Turner
Shawn Turner 5 oy oldin
Jay Money I would agree that Kobe was the better defender but I’d argue, look at what they were playing for. Like TMac said, Kobe was playing for championships and he was playing for scoring titles. Had Tracy been in a better situation where competing for titles was the goal, he may have been a better defender than we had seen. Not an excuse, just a deeper look
Jay Money
Jay Money 5 oy oldin
It was kind of close in 2003 and 2004 but Kobe was the better defender.To me, during that timeframe, is what gave the separation.
Belak 5 oy oldin
Tony Muñoz 02-03 kobe had nine straight 40 point games and kept the lakers afloat when Shaq got hurt. I’m not giving you that one.
Jay wavvy
Jay wavvy 5 oy oldin
Kobe baby Kobe maybe Tracy McGrady!
Ra Mi
Ra Mi 5 oy oldin
Tracy McGrady deserves hall of fame. A lethal scorer
Arash Awesomeness
Arash Awesomeness 4 oy oldin
He is already in the hall of fame.
Christian Acosta
Christian Acosta 5 oy oldin
@Fuck You cap
Fuck You
Fuck You 5 oy oldin
And passer. Tracy would have been better than Kobe without injuries.
Kabir Bariana
Kabir Bariana 5 oy oldin
Aubhrey Pender imo Webber and McGrady are the same tier of player.
Aubhrey Pender
Aubhrey Pender 5 oy oldin
JustWhisky he was definitely better than Chris Webber, but I agree Webber should be in
Justin Time
Justin Time 5 oy oldin
💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾😭😭😭😭💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾😭😭😭 he deserve it the only player to not win a ring but deserve to be handed one Kobe#Goat Tmac one the greatest scores ever
New Era
New Era 5 oy oldin
Mannnnnnn I'm trying to hold back tears, even though I am an A.I. fan... this man right here, was fucking AMAZING!!
yonathon isreal
yonathon isreal 5 oy oldin
Tmac was the truth
The real MVP
The real MVP 5 oy oldin
@Jay_Are he never smelled the thruths shorts
Jay_Are 5 oy oldin
yea he was a bucket too bad he never smelled the second round
Anthony Concepcion
Anthony Concepcion 5 oy oldin
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