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The one and only T-Mac joins Matt and Stephen for Episode 39 of All The Smoke. Tracy McGrady opens up about his Hall of Fame career including playing against MJ as a rookie and having an impactful relationship with Kobe. He also discusses his time with the Rockets, his pairing with Yao Ming, and the impact Kevin Garnett had on the league.
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SHOWTIME Basketball
SHOWTIME Basketball 5 oy oldin
2:00 - Quarantine life, NBA Handling Crisis 6:00 - 2017 hall of fame enshrinement, Kobe, 2020 HOF class 16:30 - Kevin Garnett Impact 23:45 - Being drafted, rookie season struggles 28:15 - Cousins with VC 32:18 - Playing against MJ during rookie seasons 34:40 - New era of wings after MJ 44:50 - Traded to Rockets, playing with Yao 52:30 - Injury issues 1:01:55 - Playing in China, Signing with Spurs/not playing in playoffs 1:12:55 - Tough guys to guard 1:19:20 - Getting own shoe
Louie Khay Karamihan
Louie Khay Karamihan Oy oldin
Doc rivers not allowing Tim Duncan’s spouse on the team plane should be the indicator that he does not have a very good decision making
JesseJames613 4 oy oldin
@Alex Carrion Who knows, bro
Alex Carrion
Alex Carrion 4 oy oldin
Crazy is raptors got Vince Carter and Tracy McCready what could happen if they keep both
Guts 4 oy oldin
spidermonkey304 right cus you can knock out and just go back to the topic you left off
JesseJames613 5 oy oldin
bless you, time stamp guy
Raymello Alexander
Raymello Alexander 15 soat oldin
Lmao at that pop story
Elan Wilson
Elan Wilson 2 kun oldin
Boris Diaw guarded Lebron super well
JR Bantigue
JR Bantigue 2 kun oldin
Ya'll need to get No Chill Gil on here
Myles Steward
Myles Steward 2 kun oldin
26:51 The Florida came out in tmac.
J 3 kun oldin
Shoutout doug christie favorite announcer in the league gooooood ass player need him on here
armin38822 3 kun oldin
Feel like T-Mac is the most talented player of his era.
Mr. Park
Mr. Park 3 kun oldin
He went to the finals with the Spurs, just didn't use him. I don't know why because I wasn't a Spurs fan but c'mon atleast he could have been in to score.
409er 4 kun oldin
Glad yall asked about Vince. That's what people want hear. About them relationships
Rob G's Gaming
Rob G's Gaming 6 kun oldin
44:05 that's so true. People condemn all start for teaming up. Man that shit is so hard to overcome by yourself.
Deez Vlogs
Deez Vlogs 7 kun oldin
We need Vince Carter!!
100DCA 8 kun oldin
Stephen Jackson be yelling😂😂😂😂
gary corr
gary corr 8 kun oldin
T Mac was smooth with it, kinda like water‼️
Algre Tatum
Algre Tatum 8 kun oldin
Get Gilbert Arenas on here bro mr. hibachi
Najic 8 kun oldin
59:02 "went from tmac to tracy " 😂
Jerod Lyons
Jerod Lyons 9 kun oldin
I still hate t-mac never won a ring in Houston till this day
gary corr
gary corr 8 kun oldin
They weren't good enough to win a ring 🤔
K Swish
K Swish 10 kun oldin
Watching T-Mac in the early 2000’s is still Nostalgic. 🥺
Isaac Barrow
Isaac Barrow 11 kun oldin
Take a shot every time T-Mac says "bro"
Kenneth Wisdom
Kenneth Wisdom 11 kun oldin
Be grateful for the experience. He shouldn’t even be sad about it. He had something billions of people will never have so to be sad it got taken away. He shouldn’t because he had a great run regardless of circumstances. Give God the glory. In the lord Jesus’s name. Amen
allansomething 12 kun oldin
Can't believe you guys, as tired as the topic was, didn't talk about the 33-second 13 point explosion he did to the Spurs. Haha. Thank you for this interview, All the Smoke!
My Star
My Star 13 kun oldin
Didn't AI say when he first saw MJ, that MJ was glowing lmao. These guys all seeing the same thing.
Mike Wood
Mike Wood 14 kun oldin
Yo the part about the ring I agree with all 3 perspectives. I definitely see where Stack is coming from because there are whole franchises that don't have a Championship and there is no championship team that didn't have players who didn't play much that happen to be on that team. Even competing its still situational to win. God's showing me that's the whole point we're here we're automatically on the journey. He said great nor small its all the same. He said if you do well will you not be accepted if you don't do well sin lies at the door. On this side of life we're a ripple for who we're connected to. If I could leave any kind of memory or memorabilia behind about something well. It'll be there for the family shinning lookin' real good baby.
tthreat23 16 kun oldin
That story right there is why Doc should be considered one of the worst coaches in NBA history. He's gonna get even more exposed when he can't do anything with this Philly team.
patrick ittleman
patrick ittleman 16 kun oldin
I request Jason Williams "White Chocolate" please
Last 1neHere
Last 1neHere 16 kun oldin
Watching this with the Lakers up 3-1 in finals🤣🤣 but you right Tmac you won't get to see Lakers clipps they get rolled out 2nd round🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Roddy Reed
Roddy Reed 17 kun oldin
Chiko was here
Chiko was here 18 kun oldin
Didn't T-Mac play baseball after he retired?
Richard Song
Richard Song 18 kun oldin
I am a Lakers fan but TMAC was my favorite player growing up. I believed he was better than Kobe for a good year or two. BUT one thing about TMAC and other stars who have missed out on capitalizing on their generational talent was a lack of generational foresight. that entrepreneurial, business like- mindset where they put themselves in a position to succeed all the time, year in and year out, not letting organizations screw you over and cheap out on the team. I thought when he was in Toronto he was too young to realize that him and VC together could've been a start to something great. Him leaving for Orlando, to put your prime years in an organization that let SHAQ go. You just don't do that and go there. He wanted to pad his stats or in other words be the "man". He should've constantly pressured his organization to get better and make changes. And when he realized he needed to make a change himself, like he said, he was gassed and his prime left him earlier because he gave up so much of his body in Orlando to that trash ass organization. Putting oneself to succeed all year is what Lebron did best and mastered. That's why I was always so frustrated to watch great players like AI, TMAC, KG for awhile or players in the NFL like Andrew Luck and Aaron Rodgers not capitalize on their talent early and pressure their organization for better. You guys have all the power! Use it! But anyways, love you TMAC! I will always remember boasting to my friends about how great you were and trading Kobe for you and trading shaq for KG on my 2k2. LOL
Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill 18 kun oldin
He should have never signed that deal he would have got that same deal plus way more money if he waited
Kyle Conway
Kyle Conway 18 kun oldin
Damn this was a good one
Kyle Conway
Kyle Conway 18 kun oldin
old man David Robinson was on the wrong end of his 30, don't knock on Duncans success
A J 18 kun oldin
Now we need Oak in this show!
Listen here boy,
Listen here boy, 19 kun oldin
Wack how barnes and stax have rings but tmac dont
Sirr JJay
Sirr JJay 19 kun oldin
Ben Wallace
Terry Brown
Terry Brown 21 kun oldin
Moe Lee
Moe Lee 26 kun oldin
Gotta get D-Rose on here.
TheBigBang 99
TheBigBang 99 26 kun oldin
We need Reggie Miller on the show
King iBeezey
King iBeezey 27 kun oldin
Tmac is so low ego it’s insane
King iBeezey
King iBeezey 27 kun oldin
That’s a real one he’s so right we finally got time to take things back and see what we really wanna do with life
Jamarius McKinney
Jamarius McKinney 29 kun oldin
nobody can fuck with tmac as far as a all around athlete
Jamarius McKinney
Jamarius McKinney 29 kun oldin
Paidprada 29 kun oldin
We need lamar Odom man
Bryan Farrow
Bryan Farrow Oy oldin
Bring d.rose or c.web
Remedy of the Day
Remedy of the Day Oy oldin
He is the King of the 👑 Hezi Dribbling
MegaSoreArse Oy oldin
22:43 ONE CENT!
Abdul Abdullahi
Abdul Abdullahi Oy oldin
Only OG's have that ear piece.
Horace Dover
Horace Dover Oy oldin
All tha smoke is tha shit💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
Frank Benson
Frank Benson Oy oldin
Tracy”BRO DAWG”Macgrady
Anthony Hernandez
Anthony Hernandez Oy oldin
Why would you take SIMMONS out of philly how about EMBIID T MAC and SIMMONS that is where 2 wings can D up and simmons playmaking ability would be crazy.
NbAshaolin Sly
NbAshaolin Sly Oy oldin
He said bitch I'm opening up the weather app ..lmaoo
Crook Brown
Crook Brown Oy oldin
If you’re from the south you can tell T Mac from Florida!!
J boogy
J boogy Oy oldin
Staks they called you what in san antonio? Never heard of that but ok...🤣😂😂🤣
Jason Reyes
Jason Reyes Oy oldin
mac my fav all time
- Kandy Soufax -
- Kandy Soufax - Oy oldin
Thank you guys. Hoop fans need this.
Ken Glo
Ken Glo Oy oldin
My favorite player of all time info injury’s he was better than Kobe jus my opinion and Kobe still the 🐐. He was KD before KD
94ジョン でエブ
94ジョン でエブ Oy oldin
They must have latrell spreewell on the show HAHAHAHA
Mehdi Dif
Mehdi Dif Oy oldin
One of the greatest players with no ring
yoe91 Oy oldin
31:55 "we would've faced the Lakers" (had he stayed in Toronto with VC). I could agree with that. The VC led Raptors took the eventual Eastern champs to 7 games, so you'd think with an extra star they would've knocked them and then the Bucks out to reach the Finals.
yoe91 Oy oldin
wow the guy's wearing a "Tracy Mcgrady" t shirt....
Gerson Lemus
Gerson Lemus Oy oldin
We need jimmy butler
mjmayes1 Oy oldin
I love Stephen Jackson, but he adds absolutely nothing. 👇🏾
Whoohefner 11-5
Whoohefner 11-5 Oy oldin
Mannnn tmac speaks highly of kobe man smfh 😢🥺
Leo Oy oldin
stephen is on something else
Dave Furbush
Dave Furbush 2 oy oldin
Do they do in Springfield like they do in Cleveland? Does someone at a player’s request induct them? Cuz I’ll tell ya... if MJ inducts Kobe? I’m already crying at the thought.
JOHN 2 oy oldin
I never knew t mac was so funny
Mr. Yusu
Mr. Yusu 2 oy oldin
43:55 yeah! he said it , Kobe the Greatest in his era.
Its Showtime
Its Showtime 2 oy oldin
Tmac with the spurs post to got his chip against the heat that yr
ZillaVisuals 367
ZillaVisuals 367 2 oy oldin
Stack we need Tim Duncan on meng
Magic Mushroom
Magic Mushroom 2 oy oldin
FBA country boy Tracy McGrady and Dwane wade the best sg dunkers plus speed Wade better than D Rose too
imomosadonne 2 oy oldin
four kids ? WELL DAMN
addisen cameron
addisen cameron 3 oy oldin
T-Mac is cool af
Patriotic Lion
Patriotic Lion 3 oy oldin
T MAC was a monster!
Bored N Pandemic
Bored N Pandemic 3 oy oldin
Hearing T-mac talk about how it ended for him in San Antonio is some real insight of what goes thru the mind of a great player when they don't get that story book ending. I respect his game and wonder if healthy his entire career, would his game be considered the original prototype for KD?
DJVlad Troll
DJVlad Troll 3 oy oldin
Appreciate the present... 🤚stop with the suggestions... damn, they know what they doin
Leroy Rodgers
Leroy Rodgers 3 oy oldin
T-Mac has had the unluckiest career in NBA history I swear.
Oscar Ssali
Oscar Ssali 3 oy oldin
would anyone like to tell me how this podcast recorded and what equipment is needed me and my co host have MacBooks and blue yeti mics what else would we need ?
Jomar Año
Jomar Año 3 oy oldin
T-MAC!! forever!
acd 3 oy oldin
So proud of the young NBA brothers
Jason Moore
Jason Moore 3 oy oldin
Derrick Rose next please
Jeremiah Morris
Jeremiah Morris 3 oy oldin
Aye man I love y’all shit. I’m from Texas though, lifelong Mavs fan. I’d love to see Dirk on here.
TreThePhenom 3 oy oldin
Brandie Redd
Brandie Redd 3 oy oldin
Penny is a hall of Famer
Brandie Redd
Brandie Redd 3 oy oldin
T-mac iz one of da best...
Safet Mashkulli
Safet Mashkulli 3 oy oldin
Please get Jason “White Chocolate” Williams
Jok Marel
Jok Marel 3 oy oldin
Tmac top 50 or 60 with injury imagine if he had no injury
astras30 3 oy oldin
Bring in Luka Doncic ;)
suupahype 3 oy oldin
I wanna know how tf Stephen Jackson teeth so white
Justin Davis
Justin Davis 4 oy oldin
One of the most unstoppable players in the league at. A real problem in the NBA. A Bonifide Legend
James Scott
James Scott 4 oy oldin
These interviews are legendary...i am here for it...💯
Geoff Harris
Geoff Harris 4 oy oldin
shout out tmac. this is a beautiful podcast. not just a sports thing. showing real people that have these beautiful black stories. cant find it anywhere else
Jeremy Oakley
Jeremy Oakley 4 oy oldin
Need Ben Wallace on the show
Eric meng
Eric meng 4 oy oldin
T mac 💯🔥
James Jamaica
James Jamaica 4 oy oldin
Tim Ducan
Okc Thunder 0
Okc Thunder 0 4 oy oldin
Get mike Conley on here
JMAC 4 oy oldin
Got my nickname from tmac lol
Hidden Secrets
Hidden Secrets 4 oy oldin
Tmac stop being bitter about the Spurs. Pop didn't play you cause you were done. You were slow, you couldn't do anything. Tmac played 31 minutes in the playoffs, aka a full game worth spread out over garbage time. So in garbage time, against the opponents bench players, tmac was 0-7 field goals. That's 0-3 from three 0-4 from 2. If you could have played, you would have showed Pop something in practice, in garbage time, something, somewhere. Stop blaming pop, you were just done, it happens.Manu average 12ppg 5 assists and 4 rebounds a game in the playoffs that year. As mediocre as that was, I doubt Tmac could have done any better.
eatcheesekobe 4 oy oldin
Tmac, master of the #spacehesi
fonz112 Goss
fonz112 Goss 4 oy oldin
I guess my competitor edge is all gone because I would have accepted the ring and said I was the best cheerleader ever!!!! I would love to be like Mike, and all of you guys but life let's us enjoy things differently and we have to enjoy the pine ride and I have to say I don't have the best seat but thank God I can see you guys.
Alex 1996
Alex 1996 4 oy oldin
37:45 taking parts of others game is the ultimate compliment really
michael stallworth
michael stallworth 4 oy oldin
Greetings brothas words cannot express how enjoyable your show is. Easily my favorite show. No tv needed, no cable, just real brothas reminiscing golden nuggets. Keep it going brothas...peace
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