Tracy McGrady Describes Battling MJ During His Rookie Season in 1997-98 | ALL THE SMOKE

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Tracy McGrady talks with Matt and Stephen about facing off against Michael Jordan during his rookie season. T-Mac also opens up about playing against the new era of wing players that came after MJ, including Kobe.
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Hidden Secrets
Hidden Secrets 4 oy oldin
"I almost had a triple double" lmao Tracy, 8 points, 6 assists and 1 rebound isn't almost a triple double.
Peter Griffin • 100 years ago
Peter Griffin • 100 years ago 4 oy oldin
T-Mac you could've been better than Mike and Kobe
jtremaine23 3 oy oldin
He was great but he wasn't going to out-do MJ. He wasn't a quick or as athletic or as efficient and not the defender MJ was either.
Alexander Lumford
Alexander Lumford 4 oy oldin
That “new era”, people forget about Stackhouse! Number 1 or 2 scorers in the league a couple of years
Alexander Lumford
Alexander Lumford 4 oy oldin
T-Mac saying MJ had that Last Dragon glow lol
T RuFF's Home
T RuFF's Home 4 oy oldin
Captain Jack once said the only difference between me and kobe is kobe got Ring's. He then that next game against Kobe dropped 31 on his head and hit 6 3s.😂😂. That was when he played for the bobcats.
Philip Harrison
Philip Harrison 5 oy oldin
That was the fight for it all Era
mrkymrk19 5 oy oldin
one thing i noticed when players met MJ for the first time. from Tmac to KG, Lebron, AI. the way they described it was like they saw Jesus or something because they all said he had that aura, glow or something. that was interesting
Cj 5 oy oldin
Had to tease lol
Job Kazenga
Job Kazenga 5 oy oldin
And you got a jimmy!😂😂
Zaraiz Khan
Zaraiz Khan 5 oy oldin
one of your best guests, def get him again
JazzyG 5 oy oldin
Brotha's be saying, "Black Jesus," but Jesus really is Black; that's a fact. MJ doesn't have anything on Jesus though, fellas. Aight!? Peace! :)
42brownbomber 4 oy oldin
True. Jesus walked on water - Jordan only walked on air.
Shontelle Cole
Shontelle Cole 5 oy oldin
You have nice lips stak😊
Fred Dukeduong
Fred Dukeduong 5 oy oldin
Having T-Mac on reminded me how stacked the SG position was after MJ retired in 98. T Mac, Kobe, Ray, Vince, the Truth, my goddddd 90s b ball was awesome but 2000s b ball was no joke as well.
My Nig
My Nig 5 oy oldin
D. Wade and AI too
Branden Brooks
Branden Brooks 5 oy oldin
That glow is vasoline and baby oil
Anthony Newell
Anthony Newell 5 oy oldin
Compete on the court, love off the court. These OG's showing how its done.
辣椒叔叔Uncle Pepper
辣椒叔叔Uncle Pepper 5 oy oldin
Question...Will the price of any Jordan Nikes lower?
H Grewal
H Grewal 5 oy oldin
Tmac wasn’t in the league when bulls were 72-10
B C 4 oy oldin
H Grewal
H Grewal 5 oy oldin
@Drew Jones his first season was 97-98
Drew Jones
Drew Jones 5 oy oldin
He was wit the raptors
Covfefe Dotard BLM
Covfefe Dotard BLM 5 oy oldin
He probably got confused over 20 years ago
Daniel Tayong
Daniel Tayong 5 oy oldin
Man time flies
salla diallo
salla diallo 5 oy oldin
Tracy McGrady was the first Kevin Durant
Amadden mind
Amadden mind 5 oy oldin
No he was not why you just bold face lie like that ....tmac on his best day couldn't tie kd shoes
Mango Pedicure
Mango Pedicure 5 oy oldin
Magic was the first kd
Prol!fic 5 oy oldin
nah dirk was the 1st kd
si lewis
si lewis 5 oy oldin
@Chiggsy Nah, not THAT much. Not to take anything away from Durant but I'll still take a 6'6" MJ, a 6'8" Bird because of their skill, IQ and competitive drive that can more than make up for a few inches.
Chiggsy 5 oy oldin
@si lewis 7 feet vs 6'9"? In the hands of an elite scorer? Hell yeah those inches matter!
דרסי אסף
דרסי אסף 5 oy oldin
72-10 was in 1995/6 lol 😆
Chiggsy 5 oy oldin
I remember us beating the Bulls during that season, you can't take that away just because TMac was too busy nailing NBA hoes to check the calendar.
Daddy Yank
Daddy Yank 5 oy oldin
all the wings that didn't play D got no rings
Rodrigo Gonçalves
Rodrigo Gonçalves 22 kun oldin
T-mac was a great defender lol, not as good as Kobe, but definitely tier 1
Beatsro Broly 23
Beatsro Broly 23 5 oy oldin
xxcodwawxx100 don’t disrespect pau gasol like that he at least made the playoffs being a first option and was big in those playoffs runs
xxcodwawxx100 5 oy oldin
spiidey1 Kobe won without Shaq. Pau was 0-12 in the play offs before playing with Kobe. He made 3 straight finals without Shaq. Won back to back. Tmac played with Yao Ming. A beast center, hall of famer. Kobe is definitely better than Tmac.
spiidey1 5 oy oldin
@young city Nah. Kobe was lucky to play with prime Shaq. Meanwhile Tmac played with prime Andrew Declerq.
young city
young city 5 oy oldin
That’s why even as a little kid I knew kobe was better just because of defense playing both sides
Carl Tompkins
Carl Tompkins 5 oy oldin
U crazy n your head
Nardo Harold
Nardo Harold 5 oy oldin
Lives in Orlando, saying kid, definitely a Haitian or Haitian neighbors 1804 we outchea
The Bearded Dragon
The Bearded Dragon 5 oy oldin
Seems like many players say MJ had an aura when they first saw him in person lol "black Jesus"
mrkymrk19 5 oy oldin
i noticed that too. from all the interviews i saw. they all described him that way. iverson, kg, lebron and now Tmac. it was always like he had that glow/aura they keep mentioning.
Don Don
Don Don 5 oy oldin
If tmac think mj has aura wait till he sees lavar ball...smh😤😤😅😭😭lol
Eric Zamudio
Eric Zamudio 5 oy oldin
That's MJ dawg I bet thats everyone's reaction lol
Sunday Morzeno
Sunday Morzeno 5 oy oldin
The way Jack is laughing when T-Mac says “MJ has a glow...that shiz is real”. 😂😂😂
Austin Roccaro
Austin Roccaro 5 oy oldin
Shannon said he was levatating
Brave Fart
Brave Fart 5 oy oldin
AI also said he saw his glow. Hahaha!
si lewis
si lewis 5 oy oldin
He had already started laughing right when Mac said I ain't gonna lie.. with his high ass 😂
Rasul Daniels
Rasul Daniels 5 oy oldin
People need to stop with black Jesus shit smh first he never existed and secondly he couldn't have been anything other than black
Munoken 23
Munoken 23 5 oy oldin
Funny how he says he had to get him back when Jordan was older because he couldn't in his prime as Jordan came back 3 years after retiring with the Bulls. Lol keep fooling yourself T-mac.
jtremaine23 3 oy oldin
​@SanAntoBalla MJ could still give it back too though. In 1 game, he outscored TMac as he had 32/6/8 and 1 turnover while TMac had 31/6/5 with 4 turnovers. >>>
jtremaine23 3 oy oldin
@Jhustine Provido That's because MJ got injured. He was the leading MVP candidate at the All star break before the injuries came. And that's after sitting out 3 full years.
SanAntoBalla 5 oy oldin
Mike did get a good portion of the 40+ TMac dropped on those Wizards.
Bout my scrilla
Bout my scrilla 5 oy oldin
Tmac got busy on MJ. It happens. We all get old one day.
Mackin Shizzaveli420
Mackin Shizzaveli420 5 oy oldin
Justin Provido Jordan was balling while out of shape, with bad knees and smoking cigars all day long after his prime. Wizards Jordan confirmed it for me.
Rush Chax
Rush Chax 5 oy oldin
The way Tmac delivers the story was amazing. Great joy to see "one of the best yet" gives salute to "the best ever". Young kids just dont understand...
Chiggsy 5 oy oldin
Nostalgia is a lie. This is what young kids don't understand. You can't say hoops was great back then because you watch a doc on the best team of the 90's. Pathetic.
Rob Bassett
Rob Bassett 5 oy oldin
“Just let your Sooouuuul Gloooowwww!!” Soul Glow....
John Giang
John Giang 5 oy oldin
The hang dribble was a T-Mac signature.
Devan Goreham
Devan Goreham 5 oy oldin
T mac was such a beast. It's a shame he got injured. Some say he would've been better then Kobe.
Lenny Coco
Lenny Coco 5 oy oldin
T MAC is a certified loser. Great scorer in 2002 thou!
Dee Person
Dee Person 5 oy oldin
Stan Wogg he had a weak ass team name the second best player on those teams ?
Stan Wogg
Stan Wogg 5 oy oldin
Man never made it to the second round in a “weak” eastern conference 😂😂
blackcasper0 5 oy oldin
U niggas trippin T-Mac was one of the next up his body just gave out on em.
Bout my scrilla
Bout my scrilla 5 oy oldin
Rasul Daniels Precisely my sentiment
si lewis
si lewis 5 oy oldin
@Lenny Coco Who was the 2nd best on his Orlando team?
JeSko S2
JeSko S2 5 oy oldin
NBA Vets: Mike had this aura! Meanwhile LBJ wearing purses.
- Swoosh -
- Swoosh - 9 kun oldin
Bron WITH that purse had an aura man.
mrkymrk19 5 oy oldin
lebron said it too. in one of his interviews. iverson, tmac, KG. this was a common thing they keep mentioning. that MJ had that aura/glow or something like looking at God or whatever haha
Edward Hillery
Edward Hillery 5 oy oldin
Today's my Birthday love yall show
Jack Her
Jack Her 5 oy oldin
Based on The Last Dance doc, Jerry Krause brought TMac to visit Chicago wanting to trade Pippen to draft T-Mac
Jack Her
Jack Her 5 oy oldin
T-Mac was better than Kobe. Tracy was not.
Trap Dave
Trap Dave 5 oy oldin
T Mac was better than Kobe before the injuries can't change my mind
T RuFF's Home
T RuFF's Home 4 oy oldin
They were even before the injuries. Everything Kobe could do t-mac could do his turn around jumper was just as beautiful as kobes. He was the more willing passer.
Navshawn Guron
Navshawn Guron 4 oy oldin
This is absurd, McGrady was taking a 1,000 shots like kobe was in 2006. Kobe was luckier for playing for the lakers being coached by jackson playing with shaq. Kobe is the alpha though, he had more heart. If they were a duo kobe would've been the leader lol. Kobe was damn near running the team when they had shaq, I think jackson just wouldn't allow him to completely be the leader.
Swin 7
Swin 7 4 oy oldin
Trap Dave so Tmac can score 82 points and win 6 championships.. if he had no injuries.
Jhustine Provido
Jhustine Provido 5 oy oldin
@David Brown I bought those shoes back in High School
LG3 5 oy oldin
81 points
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