Steve Nash Remembers His Days With The Suns & Talks About Missed Opportunities | ALL THE SMOKE

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5 oy oldin

Steve Nash remembers his 2nd run with the Suns and looks back on how close the team got to winning a championship. He also talks about winning back-to-back MVP awards during that time.
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Eddie Hilbert
Eddie Hilbert Kun oldin
Smoking joe was nasty had a killer 3 ball
Big Tubes
Big Tubes 9 kun oldin
Matt “talk to us a little about” Barnes
Brandon Webb
Brandon Webb 4 oy oldin
Kobe was fucking fantastic in that 2010 series. Fucking. Fantastic.
Maxi kohner
Maxi kohner 4 oy oldin
what is the brand of hoddie?
Joy 4 oy oldin
Please guys invite Derrick Rose and Brandon Roy
ggarcia 97
ggarcia 97 4 oy oldin
Boris Diaw was great
Lawrence Reid
Lawrence Reid 5 oy oldin
He took Kobe and Allen Iverson' s mvps
BD2DK 5 oy oldin
And you got Leandro Barbosa coming off the bench for 15min scoring 17pts. That Suns squad was just fun to watch! Breaks my heart they never got a chip!
J T 5 oy oldin
Jason Richardson with the behind the back assist to get Nash’s ex wife pregnant 🤰🏽
Abe-Le-Don 5 oy oldin
This is painful to watch. The NBA has ruined so much history it boggles the mind
Im Awesome
Im Awesome 5 oy oldin
Damn bigshot Bob If only that cheap shot didn't happened , Steve could had won
dennies barsolaso
dennies barsolaso 5 oy oldin
So iso joe played for phoenix but why hes not in 2k classic phoenix suns.amare nash marion are there and some of the guys.why not replace those generic with real players
Ralph Gutierrez
Ralph Gutierrez 5 oy oldin
He retired so they lost his rights. They need to get these guys because without them they are pointless of being on the game.
Jessy James
Jessy James 5 oy oldin
Who’s better John Stockton or Steve Nash ?
sux gaming
sux gaming 5 oy oldin
Amare: going for a facial dunks Me: yeah kill him Dad: STFU u are so noisy Damn it was really fun and heartbreaking watching these guys play run n gun basketball and pick n roll
Joey Khan
Joey Khan 5 oy oldin
What a bum never went to the finals
mitcheltheman13 3 oy oldin
This so-called "bum" made it into the HOF, which is a much greater accomplishment than some typical UZpostr talking shit behind the computer screen.
Jon 5 oy oldin
Nash and those Suns teams are the perfect example of why rings culture is stupid. So much of it is luck and circumstance. 2005 Joe Johnson is injured, 2006 Amare is out the whole year, 2007 Horry cheap shots Nash and Amare and Diaw get suspended for not even getting into the altercation, but just leaving the bench to see if Nash was okay and 2010 Kobe airballs a game winning shot, but Artest happens to be in the right spot and sink a game winner. Nash may have 0 rings and 0 finals appearances, but that should not be held against him at all. As good of a regular season player Nash was, he was even more dominant in the playoffs individually and he played in the era of one the toughest Conferences of all time with Dirk's Mavs, Kobe's Lakers and Duncan's Spurs (T-Mac and Yao's Rockets couldn't even get out of the first round as good as those teams were). He was just really unlucky a lot of years where the Suns were contenders.
abcd efgkk
abcd efgkk 4 kun oldin
Roman Sheoships
Roman Sheoships 5 oy oldin
Jax and Matt vs Q Rich and D Miles in their primes
LeedleSquad 5 oy oldin
Get Charles Barkley on the show. That shit would be hilarious
WONtothaG 5 oy oldin
Nash and Amare PnR! Hoo boy!
Jofer Santos
Jofer Santos 5 oy oldin
We'd like to see Tim Duncan on this show. That'd be really nice.
J Skeetz
J Skeetz 5 oy oldin
0:06 4 of lonzo squad in high school might be in the NBA in the near future lamelo is pretty much a lock now ,their big man i forgot his name is projected be drafted in the first round and liangelo only time will tell
Jad Santiago
Jad Santiago 5 oy oldin
Man really wished Iso Joe stayed with Phoenix that backcourt with Nash would’ve been scary
Rich Charles
Rich Charles 5 oy oldin
Shawn Marion had the best second jump ever!
heyyoo heyyooo
heyyoo heyyooo 5 oy oldin
Horry robbed 2007 from the Suns.
Jonathan Laque
Jonathan Laque 5 oy oldin
Big Shot BOB😁
sedric lopez
sedric lopez 5 oy oldin
If D antoni just had nash shoot a little more we would've won some championships
vincentrich - Banned But Not Forgotten
vincentrich - Banned But Not Forgotten 5 oy oldin
I remember watching the game on tv when that Ron Artest shot happened. That was crazy.
George Bishop
George Bishop 5 oy oldin
From Joe Johnson breaking his face on the floor, to Amare/Diaw getting suspended for no reason, Amare getting hurt, Tim Donaghy fixing Suns/Spurs games, Ron Artest lucky as hell shot.....I just don't understand why the Suns have to suffer as much as they did and still do. I just can't figure it out. Why the Suns?? That team in that fairly long window deserved ONE freaking championship. It's criminal what happened to them.
Brandon Webb
Brandon Webb 4 oy oldin
They didn’t deserve shit.
David Reyes
David Reyes 5 oy oldin
Also the CP3, Blake, DJ Clippers. One or two of them always got hurt in the second round. Unlucky.
Black Man280
Black Man280 5 oy oldin
Suns been taking L’s since the 90’s with Barkley losing in the finals and to the Hakeem led Rockets
Kabir Bariana
Kabir Bariana 5 oy oldin
Cant forget trading Quentin Richardson
Rich Charles
Rich Charles 5 oy oldin
George Bishop oh man you just reminded me of those heartbreaking moments. Jason Richardson snake ass didn’t box Ron artist out smh 🤦‍♂️
cutiegirl slime13
cutiegirl slime13 5 oy oldin
10 seconds or less offense was lit 🔥
Stephen Ragsdale
Stephen Ragsdale 5 oy oldin
cutiegirl slime13 7
ChopDaddy88 5 oy oldin
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page 5 oy oldin
This damn Steve Nash was an excellent 3-point shooter, but WOULD NOT SHOOT MANY 3-Pointers. 😞😞😞 Damn you deserve to lose
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page 5 oy oldin
@bm pj The team also needed Steve Nash's 3-pointers too. It's not 1 or the other, can do both.
bm pj
bm pj 5 oy oldin
He was a team player his teammates would wide open shots.
S J 5 oy oldin
I got into NBA because of Steve Nash and the Suns. Broke my heart several times (Amare suspended against Spurs, Kobe eliminating Suns in WCF) but I loved this team. I used the Suns only in 2K8.
DRFB 5 oy oldin
Nash had serious game!
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia 5 oy oldin
nyc now
nyc now 5 oy oldin
Joe Johnson is one player who just had bad luck when it came to teams, he wasted his talents on the Hawks
Frescobar 5 oy oldin
nyc now GOT PAID THO
sfar1 5 oy oldin
Man, what a great segment and show. Love it. Nash and Stockton were both lethal shooters but, unfortunately, fell victim to the point-guard orthodoxy of pass-first playmaking. I'm a huge Spurs fan so I have a lot of mixed emotions in seeing awesome, unique players like Nash not reach the finals. (Do we tweek playoff seeding so it is not purely structured around East-West and maybe incorporate a wildcard game situation to mitigate the "beastly vs. breezy" conference problem? Thoughts?) While, I actually subscribe to the idea that a point-guard's _default_ setting should be to eagerly pass and setup the play so that all of their teammates are emotionally/physically involved and the team has a dynamic offense, a good coach should realize, "Hey. Wait, that's Steve Nash! Shoot it!" It's not easy-especially back when there was more rigid positions-but if you got Allen should get personnel and develop an offense that builds around making their point-guard a hybrid, 1-2, point-shooting guard and have big dudes, like a Jocavic or Lebron, who love passing and are capable of taking on traditional point-guard duties. (Yes. I know I said, "...teams should just get a Lebron," like it ain't no thing. F you. You get what I'm saying. LoL.) Lastly, this topic randomly makes me appreciate Steph Curry more because he could justifiably launch from a foot beyond half-court every play and make the rest of his teammates glorified courtside spectators but, somehow, he knew how to maximize his shooting gift with his passing gift and had that passing big in Draymond.
Truth Random
Truth Random 5 oy oldin
Interview tmac
Jesus Was Antifa
Jesus Was Antifa 5 oy oldin
Pull up like Tracy mcgrady from the pistons
Scott McElroy
Scott McElroy 5 oy oldin
13:08 I love how Matt finally called that shit bullshit bc it was some bullshit.
tEslaedit 5 oy oldin
Fire episode, Nash is a G!!
John Tronzon
John Tronzon 5 oy oldin
Jason Williams, Allen Iverson, Scotty pippen next
Alexander Adonyae
Alexander Adonyae 5 oy oldin
They should of kept joe johnson!! They would of been a legit dynasty💯💯 the Suns owner tried to low ball him and that ended up hurting the franchise down the future
The Fro
The Fro 5 oy oldin
ATL fans didn't appreciate joe johnson the way they should have. neither did the org. give him proper supporting cast
The Fro
The Fro 5 oy oldin
@Busker Busker yep. that's true
Busker Busker
Busker Busker 5 oy oldin
brothAdub they were prioritizing Josh smith.
Injustice Anywhere Threatens Justice Everywhere
Injustice Anywhere Threatens Justice Everywhere 5 oy oldin
Remember that its not big shot horry its #CheapShotHorry !
Ranger Joe
Ranger Joe 5 oy oldin
Too bad he wasn’t in the east because j Kidd went back to back finals with arguably the worst head coach all time
nevermind 5 oy oldin
One of the Humble pointGOATs
Jonathan Dee The One And Only
Jonathan Dee The One And Only 5 oy oldin
Steve Nash represented the last time the Suns will ever be good-they got Devin Booker now, but they’re gonna waste his prime and he might be traded or leave in free agency.
Ranger Joe
Ranger Joe 5 oy oldin
Jonathan Dee The One And Only because it’s Phoenix ain’t nobody tryna go to Phoenix
Court'land Williams
Court'land Williams 5 oy oldin
I really wish Joe would've stayed one more season with Phoenix
Alexander Adonyae
Alexander Adonyae 5 oy oldin
Had he stayed with them..they would of been a legit dynasty!! And won a championship or from Detroit so ima die hard pistons but...i have a few teams like Steve Nash Suns and Chris Webber Kings.. They were exciting to watch and Steve Nash was really good with the Mavs too along with Dirk💯💯
Keith Sonatra
Keith Sonatra 5 oy oldin
Stevie is def one of the GPGOAT.
Chris Ellison
Chris Ellison 5 oy oldin
If a prime Joe Johnson stays in Phoenix, they have at least 2 rings
YourStepPops 43
YourStepPops 43 5 oy oldin
Kabir Bariana
Kabir Bariana 5 oy oldin
Elijah Ruderman Suns dont beat Lakers in 2010
King ED3
King ED3 5 oy oldin
I don’t think they would beat Kobe or Tim Duncan
Elijah Ruderman
Elijah Ruderman 5 oy oldin
He was in his prime in Atlanta, their owner was just cheap as hell. They would've in 2007 and 2010 for sure. But they also would've been much better than a first round exit in 2008 and no playoffs in 2009. Also, if they had Joe Johnson they would've beaten the Spurs in 2007 so they wouldn't have gone out to get Shaq, where Shawn Marion was included in that trade. They mainly got Shaq to beat the Spurs, yet it made them significantly worse because Marion fit their style of play way better. They def would've won in 2007 and 2010, but also one of the two years in between. And Amare might've stayed because the Suns would've won in 2010. Although he wanted that bag which the Knicks regrettably gave him.
Alexander Adonyae
Alexander Adonyae 5 oy oldin
I agree💯 had they kept joe johnson, they would of been a legit dynasty!!
Kaeton Harts
Kaeton Harts 5 oy oldin
Dude was never great enough to lead a squad into the finals out west. Lakers and spurs too great🥱
nevermind 5 oy oldin
Wild. Nash still got you hot
Vidal Solis
Vidal Solis 5 oy oldin
Nash legend
Colton Begay
Colton Begay 5 oy oldin
'07 was their best shot to capture it all .. But damn Tim Donaughy, late Commish David Stern, incompetent management (aka R. Sarver) and Robert Horry ... it's ashame really ... Steve was like the Dan Marino of basketball, Marino made it to the title game but both of their accolades will never b forgotten ... atleast he got one serving a role with the warriors
Marvin Hunt
Marvin Hunt 5 oy oldin
I have to admit, it took me a minute with Nash when he was here with Dirk. To me he always looked like a sick little kid (Sorry Steve). Once I caught up to him (Emphasis on "I caught up") he was one of my favorite players. I can't begin to tell you how pissed I and the rest of the Mavs fans were when Cuban (His genius ass) traded him. Big respect to (In the words of Q Rich) Lil Stevie Nash👍!
Jerrell Young
Jerrell Young 5 oy oldin
Phoenix legend
battlecat403 5 oy oldin
How does a guy that wins more MVPs than Shaq & Kobe not make the finals 😄
bm pj
bm pj 5 oy oldin
Mvp is about regular season suns had best record in league lead by nash. They were so much fun to watch.
three 5 oy oldin
Steve kerr and Steve Nash sounds almost exactly alike
San Diego Chargers 55
San Diego Chargers 55 4 oy oldin
And they’re both with the GS Warriors lol 😂 ironic
Abe-Le-Don 5 oy oldin
He sounds like the younger skater version
three 5 oy oldin
Sim Singh nash got two b2b mvp’s
Sim Singh
Sim Singh 5 oy oldin
Steve Kerr no where near the player Nash was
123MRFRIENDZONED 5 oy oldin
John Singleton
John Singleton 5 oy oldin
I was waiting for the question: „How it was to be named dropped by Nelly Furtado?“ 😭🔥🔥
Hamilton Massey II
Hamilton Massey II 5 oy oldin
The second coming team.
Certified Chaos
Certified Chaos 5 oy oldin
Joe Johnson was the only guy I ever seen give lebron hell
Brandon Webb
Brandon Webb 4 oy oldin
Joe played great defense on Kobe on most occasions. I seen him give Kobe big problems down the stretch of an all-star game once and I’ll never forget it. A beast.
6ft 2hunnid
6ft 2hunnid 5 oy oldin
Kahwi kd tony parker jj barea j terry kobe dirk. Lol the lust never stops
BFit 5 oy oldin
offensively or defensively?
Young Blood
Young Blood 5 oy oldin
If Kobe didn't allow his arrogance to supersede his dominance, they would've beaten the Suns in Game 7, 2006. Without Question, They would've went to the NBA Finals. He would've demolished the Clippers next & then proceed to absolutely shred the Mavericks. He was virtually unstoppable in 2005-06. Double Team/Triple Team, it literally didn't matter. Peak for Peak , his offensive arsonal surpassed players like MJ & Hakeem, as the most skilled, that year. Too worried about the media. Kobe knew damn well his team couldn't win without him. For someone so cerebral, Kobe really over exaggerated. He tried to prove a point & Quit on his team. Kobe robbed us of a Lakers vs Heat 2006 Finals.
6ft 2hunnid
6ft 2hunnid 5 oy oldin
Dude stfu. Kobe proved his point
Shawn Hunt
Shawn Hunt 5 oy oldin
Matt "people dont realize just how good he was" Barnes 😂
Ahmad Aasiya-Bey
Ahmad Aasiya-Bey 4 oy oldin
that's his staple now 😂
Black Man280
Black Man280 5 oy oldin
Otherwise known as Matt “Talk a little more about that” Barnes
Robert Chavez Jr
Robert Chavez Jr 5 oy oldin
Straight facts lol. Although MB probably taking to casual fans who don't know the association before the 3ball (epidemic)
Brendan McDonald
Brendan McDonald 5 oy oldin
@Ryse well, in his defense, the average casual nba fan probably doesn't know how good Joe Johnson was lol
Ryse 5 oy oldin
and the funny thing is WE DO realise😂
Chris L
Chris L 5 oy oldin
7:27 y’all had a GAY chemistry 😂😂😂
Prune Daddy
Prune Daddy 5 oy oldin
Chris L that is very funny
Young Blood
Young Blood 5 oy oldin
Steve Nash won the MVP in 04-05 because he lead a 20 win team, the previous year, to a 60 win team. Also, while being extremely proficient & efficient with the basketball. Shaq's over exaggerates his presence/"dominance" He makes jokes about it. In other words, he gets more attention for it & often persuades people into to thinking he deserved MVP. In Regards to Kobe Fans - They make it seems as if Kobe deserved it. Kobe wasn't even 2nd in MVP voting. It was LeBron. LeBron was better. LeBron also made the playoffs that year & had similar level talent. LeBron was a slightly better leader & had a better understand of the overall game in 05-06. Nash WAS the System, averaging a 50-40-90. Rightfully, winning Back 2 Back MVP's.
knicks fan
knicks fan 5 oy oldin
Young Blood LeBron was in the east smh dickhead
6ft 2hunnid
6ft 2hunnid 5 oy oldin
Kobes top 5. Is nash top 50?
nevermind 5 oy oldin
Watching that phxnash run was some of the best basketball I ever enjoyed. When they were hot it looked like a top college team having fun playing high schoolers. The amount of fun they had while playing with each other man....
Fire Angel Chris
Fire Angel Chris 5 oy oldin
I actually agree for certain here and Kobe was 4th that year in MVP voting the lakers only won like 45 games. Nash,Bron,Dirk was all ahead. I still can make the argument the Cavs probably was worse talent wise than the lakers.
Young Blood
Young Blood 5 oy oldin
@Greg Belizaire Precisely. There's never been a precedent set for a scoring champion to win MVP. Don't get me wrong Kobe wad Dominate. I'm actually of the notion, that if not for Kobe's arrogance leading to him quit in Game 7, the Lakers would've would actually made it to the NBA Finals. As I stated before LeBron had similar talent around him & accomplished slightly more. Steve Nash, the Suns, & Mike D'antonio took the NBA out of the Ball Dominate, Hero Ball Era of the 2000's. Nash spearheaded that movement & became the precursor to team today like the Warriors. Nash rightfully won.
Victor Rodriguez
Victor Rodriguez 5 oy oldin
YourStepPops 43
YourStepPops 43 5 oy oldin
James Roggero
James Roggero 5 oy oldin
Am I the only one who doesn’t GIVE AF about the county in the water. I don’t want to hear about a stacked high school team with 5 future professional NBA players on the team. The last dance set a new standard for basketball documentaries
Mason Hamilton
Mason Hamilton 5 oy oldin
@Pre Law I hit them folks when I read that last part.
Pre Law
Pre Law 5 oy oldin
I agree with all that, but that last part sounds boogie asf
Timmy Stool
Timmy Stool 5 oy oldin
Nash vs tony parker
ProducedByFieri 5 oy oldin
"he had great hands, once he got a piece of that ball he could suck it in"
San Diego Chargers 55
San Diego Chargers 55 4 oy oldin
Bruh that went right over my head lol 😂 I’m so weak
Abe-Le-Don 5 oy oldin
Ball is singular there. You’ve got to be already into that kind of thing to get that kinda message
Justin A
Justin A 5 oy oldin
Your a jit
Covito Covain
Covito Covain 5 oy oldin
Damn Steve, P A U S E yourself 😂😂
Jabbar Brown
Jabbar Brown 5 oy oldin
Walt Jones
Walt Jones 5 oy oldin
Everybody who played him back then better thank God he wasn't interested in scoring because his jumper was damn near automatic..
BBBMamba 5 oy oldin
Handles were crazy too - dude could dribble literally in the middle of the entire other team and not even flinch
DC 5 oy oldin
Yeah I remember a Game in San Antonio where I was like ahhh shit!!! He’s gonna hit a game winner down by 2... then he passes to Fry who misses.. 😑 like dude was wetting them all game.. then just passes. I wish he was more aggressive and took more shots back then.
Rich Charles
Rich Charles 5 oy oldin
He got left wide open a lot because he was constantly setting up his teammates
Ranger Joe
Ranger Joe 5 oy oldin
He used to always pull it in Dallas but couldn’t get back on defense he was one of the first guys I saw pulling up threes in transition with dirk
Marvin Hunt
Marvin Hunt 5 oy oldin
That midrange jumper was straight money! His game was so nice!
Leonel Langston
Leonel Langston 5 oy oldin
2010 conference finals vs the late great KB #24, Nash gave everything he had in the tank and got eliminated, afterwards the cameras caught him tearing up badly and my grown ass cried seeing him. He had so much love and passion for the game, he really wanted a ring..😭My ultimate rspect to Nash 💯 he was so deceptive in his passes.
bang60chicks 3 oy oldin
@Jesus Was Antifa He only won MVP because he's white and the NBA is racist against blacks who truly deserves it. How does he deserve to win MVP when he never even went to the finals? Answer that! Exactly! He's a bum whos undeserving of hall of fame and is a garbage ass player. And anyone who disagrees deserves to get slapped.
waters228 91
waters228 91 3 oy oldin
@6ft 2hunnid So why don't you say the same thing about other greats like Charles Barkley, John Stockton, Allen Iverson, Karl Malone, Yao Ming, and Reggie Miller? Having no ring dopn't make you no loser. True losers have no heart and skill in the game and are complete busts. FOHWTBS
Jesus Was Antifa
Jesus Was Antifa 3 oy oldin
6ft 2hunnid one superstar being better than a former MVP doesn’t not make a loser. Not in the NBA ..maybe in ur shitty Sunday league.
6ft 2hunnid
6ft 2hunnid 3 oy oldin
@Jesus Was Antifa nash 2 mvps 0 rings. Kobe 1 mvp 5 rimgs. Shaa 1 mvp 4 rings. Nash is?a?loser
6ft 2hunnid
6ft 2hunnid 3 oy oldin
@bang60chicks thats?what kobe does. Seperate the greats?from alltime greats
Armed Proletariat
Armed Proletariat 5 oy oldin
Nash didn't deserve 2 MVPs.
Jad Santiago
Jad Santiago 5 oy oldin
Like Kobe robbed CP3 the MVP in 2008?
AnEn 5 oy oldin
@Kamran Fazal Kobe was on a 7 seed. That's not a good recipe for MVP. He also was perceived to have forced Shaq out of LA. Considering how bad LA was immediately after, this move made a better case for Shaq as MVP than Kobe.
6ft 2hunnid
6ft 2hunnid 5 oy oldin
He sure didnt
tEslaedit 5 oy oldin
Colonel Muammar Covfefe that’s cap
Kamran Fazal
Kamran Fazal 5 oy oldin
Colonel Muammar Covfefe he deserved the first one for sure because he led a 20 win team to 60. But in 2006 Kobe should’ve had the mvp.
medicijnman1 5 oy oldin
Great classy guy nash, real gentleman, great podcast! Matt Barnes you are a natural. Request for Barkley, Pat Beverley or Russel Westbrook
Fabbyboy69 5 oy oldin
Diaw was the GUY that made the right pass all the time specially when he played with the spurs
David Lax
David Lax 5 oy oldin
Diaw was the guy traded to JoeJo
Franco Bradshaw
Franco Bradshaw 5 oy oldin
Nash is the player who shouldn’t have any MVPs but a ring 😭😭😭😭 Kobe and Shaq shoulda got those but this man got nastier luck then Charles when it comes to a ring. Charles just played during MJ Era .
waters228 91
waters228 91 3 oy oldin
@CPGoat #3 I swear, this guy has a massive hateboner for Nash.
Franco Bradshaw
Franco Bradshaw 5 oy oldin
J DaDa P 23 i did give em respect , said he should have a ring
Franco Bradshaw
Franco Bradshaw 5 oy oldin
CPGoat #3 i hated but sayin he should have a ring ? clown
CPGoat #3
CPGoat #3 5 oy oldin
6ft 2hunnid it’s the mvp not the scorers title. He scored 15 and averaged 11 assist which means he was responsible for 27 pts a game plus the extra plays he set up that aren’t accounted for. I already have cplaiend why he won the mvp. What’s the difference between him scoring himself and him putting guys in position for easy buckets with his elite passing? Both will get u a bucket either way it goes. Learn about the game and get back to me kid
6ft 2hunnid
6ft 2hunnid 5 oy oldin
@CPGoat #3 nash sucks. 15 pts getting mvp is a joke
NOLAY AUSTIN 5 oy oldin
Ja Merciful
Ja Merciful 5 oy oldin
6ft 2hunnid
Ja Merciful
Ja Merciful 5 oy oldin
6ft 2hunnid Nash could create his own shot better go back and watch footage
6ft 2hunnid
6ft 2hunnid 5 oy oldin
@Ja Merciful nash isnt better than paul. Paul can create his own shot. Nash cant
Ja Merciful
Ja Merciful 5 oy oldin
6ft 2hunnid Only thing Paul does better is defend Nash is still the better offensive player and I’m black so there is no bias I think Curry is better than them all just my opinion and Curry is actually a better defender than he gets credit for
6ft 2hunnid
6ft 2hunnid 5 oy oldin
@Everett Ika nash isnt better than chris paul
Sh0t 5 oy oldin
Nash for Three!
nevermind 5 oy oldin
On gawdd
AshTan6 5 oy oldin
Nash got great quality camera and audio
BMag4ever 5 oy oldin
Those Suns teams were so fun to watch.
snellsman 5 oy oldin
The best white money can buy!
OfficialBlasianBoi 5 oy oldin
It’s Canadian
LeSean Wilcox
LeSean Wilcox 5 oy oldin
He do podcast on the side as well ✊🏾 that’s probably why. Love Steve Nash
ben 5 oy oldin
Guys, PLEASE get ISO Joe Johnson and White Chocolate Jason Williams on the show!🔥🔥🔥💨
Chris Larusso
Chris Larusso 5 oy oldin
@Terrance Price II nah
Terrance Price II
Terrance Price II 5 oy oldin
Chris Larusso
Chris Larusso 5 oy oldin
Need Joe Johnson
Eric S
Eric S 5 oy oldin
War eagle 🦅
Parth Verma
Parth Verma 5 oy oldin
+1 for White Chocolate
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