Steve Nash Remembers Being Drafted In The Same Class As Kobe & Allen Iverson in 1996 | ALL THE SMOKE

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Steve Nash opens up about when he felt he belonged in the NBA and about the 1996 NBA draft class which included himself, Kobe and AI.
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Brandon Moreland
Brandon Moreland 17 kun oldin
Of all the people vying for a job, why Steve Nash. His team will be trash like was. You know they gave this poser the MVP over Kobe. Ask somebody about Nashs game and I bet they say something dumb and unrelated like, "hes a really nice guy." And I'm like, "Trash!" No way should he have gotten this job, and white people say affirmative action is a one way street. Trash!!! Might as well keep the buses warmed up when his team comes to town. Yeah I'm still mad about the mvp thing obviously, regardless if Nash gets brought up then I make it a point to mention.. Trash!
IAN Tulod
IAN Tulod 3 oy oldin
Andy Hernandez
Andy Hernandez 3 oy oldin
Steve nash always fan favorite
Mattt 3 oy oldin
I forgot J.Kidd wore the blonde afro. 🤯
Tee M
Tee M 3 oy oldin
Listen I love Steve Nash but how the hell do you name Rex and Danny Manning before you talk about Kevin Johnson and Jason Kidd hear me out before you guys go crazy I know what he said who showed him the rope so yes you name them but when you have Hall of famers in my opinion you have to name them first Even if you say well I played behind Jason Kidd and Kevin Johnson that made me want to be better The guys who taught me how to be better and I learned from we're dandy Manning and Rex Chapman
DJVlad Troll
DJVlad Troll 3 oy oldin
Thumbnail is the wrong time period
Masta 3 oy oldin
Doesn’t want racism to exist, but says, “...this little White dude ain’t gna get me” Mmmm...y’all would be marching if a white person said this about a black person. Smh. Can’t dish it out, especially if you can’t take it. Sad.
Boothy Badazz
Boothy Badazz 2 oy oldin
hendrick hueck
hendrick hueck 3 oy oldin
Jay z, naz, cube, game, 50, Dre all those dudes are now “old school”. 😂😂😂 pac and biggie must be prehistoric music then 🙆‍♂️
DJVlad Troll
DJVlad Troll 3 oy oldin
@Spydaman376 TV you are right, some people just don't know there history
Khaled Harb
Khaled Harb 3 oy oldin
@Spydaman376 TV my guy thinks they older just cause they dead
Top Kek
Top Kek 3 oy oldin
2poc and biggie are dead that's what they are 😂 Carti🦋
Spydaman376 TV
Spydaman376 TV 3 oy oldin
Jay-Z and Naz came out at the same time as pac and biggie, and cube and Dre came out before all of them and Get rich or die trying came out in 03 so yeah they old school.
Amir Nawabi
Amir Nawabi 3 oy oldin
Please get Andrei Kiralinko (AK-47) on here!
Gershom Tan
Gershom Tan 24 kun oldin
Does ak even talk tho?
Makaveli X
Makaveli X 27 kun oldin
Omg WHAT! People are sleep on ak47! The man was bad!
D Estrada
D Estrada 3 oy oldin
I think the NBA should offer salary cap incentives for teams to have vets who have played 17 or 18 seasons and receive average to minimum contracts.
Robert Lane
Robert Lane 3 oy oldin
Nash has a great point on the vets. If you look at the end of the bench it’s all young kids that are 1-3 years out of college that have upside. As a wizards fan that’s what we do and honestly I wish we had more vets and players that couldn’t actually help our team (I know the wiz suck this year).
Benjamin 3 oy oldin
Why are these clips being dropped now? These interviews happened mad long ago.
Jesus Blanco
Jesus Blanco 3 oy oldin
Keep the content consistent my guy
Ernie Simms
Ernie Simms 3 oy oldin
Just imagine the battle in practice. Kidd vs Nash
Corey Key
Corey Key 27 kun oldin
KJ was nasty don’t forget about him
DJVlad Troll
DJVlad Troll 3 oy oldin
Kidd was killing him... Nash was a late bloomer
Korey Johnson
Korey Johnson 3 oy oldin
Low key Steve Nash wanted to call out today’s era lol when someone says “it was just a different time“
Versatile Wolf
Versatile Wolf 3 oy oldin
Stephen Jackson lmao why are you interrupting and yelling?
Jesus Blanco
Jesus Blanco 3 oy oldin
Lol his audio mixer is probably not the best
Jabrony 3 oy oldin
1996 is the best draft class easily , Kobe,AI,Nash,Ray Allen 4 HOFers , then you had more players that had solid years in the league like Peja,Big Z,Abdul Rahim,Marcus Camby,Antoine Walker,Stephon Marbury,Kerry Kittles,Jermaine O’Neal,Derek Fisher,
Michael McCain
Michael McCain 10 kun oldin
U for Ben wallace but he was undrafted
Rafael Felan
Rafael Felan 18 kun oldin
No doubt
Jabrony Oy oldin
The Gem Gaming I said Zydrunas he’s Big Z
The Gem Gaming
The Gem Gaming Oy oldin
Jabrony zydrunas
Jordan Johnson
Jordan Johnson 3 oy oldin
*casually leaves Ray Allen out of the names drafted in this class*
vipkiller123 3 oy oldin
@Jordan Johnson oh lol. Well I'm not bothered by that. Allen and Kobe are in a league above Ray. Still one of the best shooters of all time, but still.
Jordan Johnson
Jordan Johnson 3 oy oldin
vipkiller123 I was more referring to the title of the video since Stack seems to have an issue with Ray
vipkiller123 3 oy oldin
What??? He literally said "Ray Allen 5" and there's a picture of each player he named.
Rs Dhillon
Rs Dhillon 3 oy oldin
Gershom Tan
Gershom Tan 24 kun oldin
Yo kid, if anything this man was the epitome of overachieving. He was never supposed to make it. You probably just think Shaq's running gag is truth lol. This man defined an era in the NBA. Steve in this new era would be essentially Steph. He still has the most 50/40/90 seasons of all time if im not wrong. Put some respect on Capt. Canada's name.
Rickmo DY
Rickmo DY 3 oy oldin
You're calling a back to back MVP overrated lmao
luke lucas
luke lucas 3 oy oldin
@Jaimee Foxworth how old are you
Jaimee Foxworth
Jaimee Foxworth 3 oy oldin
@luke lucas This guy feels insecure and assumes someone's age when he doesn't agree with someone's opinion. Can't even counter the initial statement smh.
luke lucas
luke lucas 3 oy oldin
🤣🤣🤣 this guy is 25 or younger
Seven One Music
Seven One Music 3 oy oldin
Steve Nash is underrated imo
Seven One Music
Seven One Music 3 oy oldin
@DeeAkaYourFavoriteAlbino Talley He's the best pass-first PG ever but that never said or even argued.
Seven One Music
Seven One Music 3 oy oldin
@Kylo824 he could've easily had 4 or 5, and he's probably the best and most efficient PG ever when it comes to passing and scoring
DeeAkaYourFavoriteAlbino Talley
DeeAkaYourFavoriteAlbino Talley 3 oy oldin
Kylo824 ppl throw that word “underrated”’ out there all the time. Like you said he’s far from being underrated
Kylo824 3 oy oldin
Underrated? 2x MVP and 8x All star underrated?
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