Ron Artest, Lamar Odom & Elton Brand's Dominant AAU Squad | QUIET STORM | AVAILABLE NOW on SHOWTIME

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In an exclusive clip from Showtime Sports documentary QUIET STORM: THE RON ARTEST STORY, Ron Artest, Lamar Odom, and Elton Brand detail their time together as AAU teammates for the Riverside Hawks.
QUIET STORM: THE RON ARTEST STORY shines a spotlight on the polarizing athlete who was at times feared and often misunderstood both on and off the basketball court. The film includes intimate interviews from the man now known as Metta World Peace, his former teammates and rivals, his loved ones and family. The story arcs from a childhood marked by violence and drugs in the notorious Queensbridge projects in New York City during the crack wars of the 1980s, through a contentious stint at St. John’s University and, finally, to a dramatic and remarkable career in the NBA. Metta World Peace gives captivating insight into his life at its most troubling moments as well as its greatest. The documentary is AVAILABLE NOW on SHOWTIME.
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Chiggsy 2 oy oldin
LOL must have been some good parties
Sam Gunz
Sam Gunz 4 oy oldin
Ron was about to step on dude head tho 😂
Oceerameh Sado
Oceerameh Sado 4 oy oldin
elton brand sounds just like mav carter
Calvin de Leon
Calvin de Leon 4 oy oldin
Where are you all the smoke... Damn it i miss your quarantine podcast
dr2001dre123 4 oy oldin
The background music though 🔥
Dajuan Fitz
Dajuan Fitz 4 oy oldin
And crackheads
Highly favored
Highly favored 4 oy oldin
Tyrone Harris
Tyrone Harris 4 oy oldin
69- 1 god damn
DEE Brown
DEE Brown 4 oy oldin
Church squads never upset
Rashad Moore
Rashad Moore 4 oy oldin
Jewish Summer Camp? Tf
Bin Ysrael
Bin Ysrael 4 oy oldin
..another blacksploitation film..when will our people realize unless they hit a ball or do the moon walk they mean absolutely nothing to most america?.. #BlindAmbition
Lil Vegas
Lil Vegas 4 oy oldin
I hear you but I’m from N.C. and I heard about these boys in high school. Elton Brand went to Duke. Lamar Odom went to Rhode Island and Ron Artest went to St Johns. Yeah today everything is filmed so it’s much easier but you mean someone has footage of this legendary AAU squad in 96- 97 before they went to college. Things that are this epic need to be documented.
Daniel Tayong
Daniel Tayong 4 oy oldin
New York big city of dreams
Baltimore Mike
Baltimore Mike 4 oy oldin
Eric Barkley
Herbie NYC407
Herbie NYC407 4 oy oldin
Riverside hawk..
Grizzly G
Grizzly G 4 oy oldin
Damn you got free trial let's goooo
CanIBeErnest? 📺
CanIBeErnest? 📺 4 oy oldin
I'm all the way salty being that I grew up in this era, went to Riverside church regularly as a kid, had an interest in ball (but didn't get serious til becoming a teen) and had NO IDEA these dudes were in the basement of the church balling out while I was singing church hymns with my parents 😑. Once they all started selecting their respective colleges is when I kept hearing 'AAU/Riverside church anytime a college basketball announcer talked about them. I'm like wait, RIVERSIDE CHURCH? Upper Manhattan? THAT Riverside church? Still hurts to this very day 😭
keith wisdom
keith wisdom Oy oldin
@CanIBeErnest? 📺 ball is not everything. wish more guys would see the world of business and science just as important. it was no lost that you were not interested in ball. we have lost many of men who were young stars who ended up lost at the end. these 4 just happen to be the few that made it.
CanIBeErnest? 📺
CanIBeErnest? 📺 Oy oldin
@keith wisdom Didn't understand that last comment. Either way, the whole point was I went to this church as a child and didn't know dudes were downstairs balling. I stopped going to Riverside as a teenager (as they were quickly making a name for themselves) and I didn't take ball seriously til the latter part of H.S. If you're waiting for me to say 'I wasn't good enough to play pro ball,' you're 100% correct 🤷🏾‍♂️ but the offer was there to play in college. That would have been satisfying enough. Plenty of dudes play on AAU's and never make the pro's. It happens. I was just clowning myself for the missed opportunity.
keith wisdom
keith wisdom Oy oldin
@CanIBeErnest? 📺 so you won it would of been different if you had the talent to go pro
CanIBeErnest? 📺
CanIBeErnest? 📺 Oy oldin
@keith wisdom Could've definitely played college ball somewhere (had a scholarship offer), but the drive wasn't there.
keith wisdom
keith wisdom Oy oldin
but could you play ball on that level ?
Gian Richard Valbuena
Gian Richard Valbuena 4 oy oldin
Damn i wanna see this team against the 2016 chino hills
CPGoat #3
CPGoat #3 Oy oldin
Chino way to small for them. Imagine zo trynna guard Odom if Odom running the point. Lol
Kue Lee
Kue Lee 4 oy oldin
D. Felix Photo
D. Felix Photo 4 oy oldin
Caught my first nasty rebound dunk against them guys. Caught a L because they was the truth but still.... memories
Jefrie Fulton II
Jefrie Fulton II 4 oy oldin
Erik Barkley was a beast at St Johns and I believe Speedy Claxton was with them.
Dennis Ward
Dennis Ward 4 oy oldin
I also want to say Wally scerbiak was on this team also . That’s 6 1st round picks
Reesy Montana
Reesy Montana 4 oy oldin
Lamar Odom was lebron James before lebron James 💯
Reesy Montana
Reesy Montana Oy oldin
I said he was LeBron b4 LeBron. I didn't say he was LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers b4 LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers
CPGoat #3
CPGoat #3 Oy oldin
Reesy Montana lies. Their games aren’t similar outside of the broad description of y’all, can pass, and dunk. The way the maneuver, the way they score, the way they attack, their style of playmaking, all different. Both point fowards, but they don’t play alike.
Rico & Mimi
Rico & Mimi 4 oy oldin
King Jr like I said Lamar was Lamar Odom he didn’t carry teams or bad teams and never was a superstar on any nba teams he was a starter majority of his career nothing more
Rico & Mimi
Rico & Mimi 4 oy oldin
King Jr we not talking about hype clown were talking about their play styles their play styles is not the same and nor did Lamar average a near triple double every season 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Reesy Montana
Reesy Montana 4 oy oldin
If you watch Lamar high school highlights. Its very similar to lebron James game...just because he didn't live up to the hype don't mean shit. If you ever watch Odom play then you know he was the truth
Riki P
Riki P 4 oy oldin
I was bless and lucky to see this team play LIVE!!! Incredible!!!!!
Angel G.
Angel G. 4 oy oldin
How was it dude? Who they played against and what were the highlights ? 👀
M O 4 oy oldin
Riki P men amongst boys I bet
FLEEE BRUNSON 4 oy oldin
I played on the younger squad
A rob
A rob 4 oy oldin
I saw them too-that was a good team and those boys were dominant. . Always thought of those three Artest was the best one but Lamar was smooth. Eric Barkley was also a damn good player on that squad.
Ernie Simms
Ernie Simms 4 oy oldin
Had to be incredible
SolteroConDinero 4 oy oldin
Riverside Church always had one of the best teams in NYC.
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