Rip Hamilton: Pistons Would Have Won 3 NBA Titles If They Drafted Carmelo Anthony | ALL THE SMOKE

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Richard Hamilton tells Matt and Stephen that if Carmelo Anthony was drafted by the Pistons he would have won 3 NBA titles and may have changed the legacy of some of the NBA greats.
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Matthew Newton
Matthew Newton 13 soat oldin
Facts melo would of had a different attitude more defensive and team minded they would ate. Melo would got his minutes lol rip knows mfs is getting minute cuts
Johan Corrales
Johan Corrales 6 kun oldin
And if I woulda put stock on amazon 12 yrs ago I’d be rich
Thapelo Kgoadi
Thapelo Kgoadi 9 kun oldin
Lebron would've figured it out
Derek Chapman
Derek Chapman 10 kun oldin
Man I hate they said what if why they didn’t do it 😡
1motorcitychop 13 kun oldin
Shit still pisses me off to this day don't make no sense , this goes down with Pete carroll play and I always said melo still could have been trade and draft picks easy our future was set up and they fuck up a wet dream
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga 13 kun oldin
No way cancer would infect another team with melows lack of passing defense and team ball because vets 😆👌🏽
Myke Jae
Myke Jae 14 kun oldin
I still say it would of been some Jordan type shit if Melo went to Detroit 🤦🏾‍♂️ fo sho a 3peat from 04-07 ....But Bron and Wade was coming & that Boston team still would have been put together so we lose in 08 and 09 Melo Still on the Team...and we bring in some more Help like a Backup PG some how get a good free agent or 2 then 10,11,12 we run it up again & then Melo walks away to the Knicks with a winning pedigree and takes them to the finals 1 time in 4 years losing to Lebron James who has 3 rings to his 6 and Wade's 3 rings along with Bosh or Amar'e Stoudemire
Ari Michael
Ari Michael 15 kun oldin
Stephen Jacksons reaction when Rip says the narrative around lebron changes if melo goes to detroit at 1:45 is fantastic lolol
Mind Your Business
Mind Your Business 22 kun oldin
A off Denver Mello was the CP3 move it didnt fit but its ok to throw Rose and AI to Det when you trying to push them out. Making them look suspect playing for bad teams ask Victor Cruz....
Mind Your Business
Mind Your Business 22 kun oldin
That is why Mello dont go to DET. Mello with hood cats and they from the hood. It would of changed the west better then east movement. See how folks create the east weak. The east dont get to bulk up like the west. Mello and Det ha young boy with Vets do him like TaySean...
The Bryant Life System
The Bryant Life System 26 kun oldin
The Detroit Piston Actually did Draft CarMelo And Melo Was A Terrible Player for 2 Years in Detroit. Rip, Billups,Tashawn, Big Been And the Gang did win 2 or 3 championship during that time. But then they broke up and VINCE CARTER a Champion And NBA Finals MVP leaving New Jersey was traded to the Pistons. And As Far As LeBron he Wasn't that good of a rookie either but better than MELO still!!! These are the Answers to that Question! @SHOWTIME Basketball
Chief Toad
Chief Toad Oy oldin
Jeremy lin has a champion ring b4 melo let that sink in
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga 13 kun oldin
And Jared Dudley because they aren't cancer
Dave Clark
Dave Clark Oy oldin
Melo would've left to get paid and take more shots.
Alejandro Sanchez
Alejandro Sanchez Oy oldin
he would have ruined the chemistry
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga 13 kun oldin
justin hopkins
justin hopkins 3 oy oldin
If that’s the case CP3 would’ve had one and Kobe would’ve had 6
eatcheesekobe 4 oy oldin
Narrative on Melo would've been totally different. Plays no D, X. Selfish, X. No playoff success, X. No rings, X. I think it totally would've changed the whole narrative between Lebron and Melo. At the time of entering the league, Wade was mostly an uncertain player who potential the really developed towards the second half of the season, and it was mostly between Melo and Lebron for ROY. Lebron being on the East has definitely helped his career out tremendously, so imagine Melo also on the East. Melo with an aged Chauncey gave the Lakers a run for their money in the Western conference finals. Now instead of that it's Melo with Mr. Big shot and a squad of dawgs. I still think Lebron would've came out with the better overall career because of how he took care of his body, but the conversation would be SO MUCH CLOSER. The worst thing that happened to Melo was not ending up in Detriot. The second worse is him not taking his conditioning seriously enough early on in his career.
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga 13 kun oldin
The facts would be the same: ballhogging iso with little to no passing. They didn't draft him because they saw that.
Andres Sosa
Andres Sosa 4 oy oldin
That Piston team was so beautiful to watch 🔥
Ryan Richardson
Ryan Richardson 4 oy oldin
Melo defense would had to be up to par if he was playing with those dogs
Matthew Goldie
Matthew Goldie 4 oy oldin
Wallace rip bills ben melo prince of the bench
Tanzer 4 oy oldin
Such a crazy scenario... melo wouldve had 3+ rings for sure
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga 13 kun oldin
Allstar KayB
Allstar KayB 4 oy oldin
True, but lets not act like the nba wasn't making LeBron the face of the league.
Pre Got Beats
Pre Got Beats 4 oy oldin
Melo would of def had a chip.
Patrick Knows
Patrick Knows 4 oy oldin
I don't like RIP when they defeated my Lakers in 04. But now I respect him and I actually wanted them to beat the spurs in 05. Those pistons were absolute Dogs
money wuan
money wuan 4 oy oldin
Tayshaun wouldve came off the bench fresh wow
CJ Brown
CJ Brown 4 oy oldin
NBA in the early 2000s yea Pistons definitely get at least 3 ships
Limitless DT
Limitless DT 4 oy oldin
Tyrone Harris
Tyrone Harris 4 oy oldin
Boi melo would been named the best player long before lebron and melo would of been a real rivalry instead of friendship now
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga 4 oy oldin
mista man
mista man 4 oy oldin
I did the interview with Ben Wallace...I got this question started between Darko and melo on my show. I didn’t agree with Ben either
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga 4 oy oldin
Most casuals don't, melon is cancer to winning basketball and blind optimism and wishful thinking is the only way for melo apologists to cope.
AM2PM Worldwide
AM2PM Worldwide 4 oy oldin
Thank you
Poojo Official
Poojo Official 4 oy oldin
They didn’t have to bring up Lebron, because what if Lebron was drafted to Detroit 🤔
PuffDoe 4 oy oldin
Bron was going number 1 regardless
Juandotcom 4 oy oldin
🤣🤣🤣🤣 they cappin
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga 4 oy oldin
That's just wishful thinking, reality is Carona Anthony would bump heads with the coach and/or infect the beautiful team ball as he usually does.
Kinshasa PR.
Kinshasa PR. 4 oy oldin
Joe Dumars was great both as a player and an executive, but he messed up big time with that draft choice!
Black Zodak
Black Zodak 4 oy oldin
No he messed up by firing Rick Carlisle for Larry Brown who was only a good defensive coach where Carlisle was good at both offense and defense.Shouldve had more faith and I betcha they would've had 3 chips regardless of not having Melo
jj medick
jj medick 4 oy oldin
Lawrence Chavious
Lawrence Chavious 4 oy oldin
Just how Pat Riley & Shaq showed D-wade how to win, Pat & Wade showed Bron how to win & play team ball. The Pistons would've taught Melo the same
Matt Barnes
Matt Barnes 4 oy oldin
Damn that’s like the eastern all star team ✊🏽
NY Finest
NY Finest 4 oy oldin
Not sure why they didn't get Melo
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga 4 oy oldin
Because they didn't need a ballhogging cancer who didn't understand team ball
Ian 4 oy oldin
RIP only supporting Melo because of Jordan Brand 🙄
EricSTX 4 oy oldin
Ian So basically any other reason you can think of other than this is simply what they believe....? Matt Barne’s probably only agrees because they have the same favorite color & Stephen Jackson also agrees bc they both love sushi I guess 🤦🏾‍♂️😂🤣 the hate Melo gets will forever be weird.
Ian 4 oy oldin
Eric F. Jr boys from the nuggets years
EricSTX 4 oy oldin
Soooooooo what’s Chauncey Billups reasons for saying the exact same thing???? 🙄
Bpm340 4 oy oldin
Lakers should've never picked up Malone
james halliburton
james halliburton 4 oy oldin
Love Mello as a Knick but boi!!!!! Yeah Prince would’ve lost playing time but I think he would’ve accepted that 6th man trophy proudly. Ben, Sheed, Mello, Rip, Billups... lineup wise, he would’ve been a better defender. He wouldn’t have to be the best defender though.
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga 4 oy oldin
Prince plays defense and understands team ball, he's not getting benched for a ballhogging cancer.
Anthony Singletary
Anthony Singletary 4 oy oldin
Pistons is my favorite team like rip to me is the first 3&D all-star but what he saying is facts Mello only an a team once with the nuggets an most of this players where old even AI if he came to the Pistons instead of what's his face the Pistons would one been scary good
Brew Spitta
Brew Spitta 4 oy oldin
Sheesh that mean Wade probably don't win in 06' simply because Detroit was in 3 ECF in a row and I'm not sure if Miami beats them in 06' with Melo to go on and play Dallas, my only question is would they still have lost to the Spurs in 05' tho mannnnnnn what Y'all think?????
imahelpfulperson 4 oy oldin
Ppl forget how the draft work. If they did draft Melo, they wouldn't have been able to get Wade. It would've been one or the other...not both
TheBestFighter 4 oy oldin
The league didn't want that. Melo would've beaten the Lakers in the Finals. All those years the Pistons were in the ECF? They would've been in the Finals and Melo would have MULTIPLE RINGS
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga 4 oy oldin
stylin60es 4 oy oldin
Melo was a lemon. High aspirations but never had the work ethic of a true champion. #ZeroRings
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga 4 oy oldin
Manuel Ruiz
Manuel Ruiz 4 oy oldin
Bruh im a die hard pistons fan (02-04 pistons screamed team success for me) but that being said as soon as l.b. left i knew it was over for us
F Bomb
F Bomb 4 oy oldin
They could of played together
F Bomb
F Bomb 4 oy oldin
I have always said the pistons drafting melo was kind of like bird going to Celtics. He would of been amazing, fuck you very much joe
Gregory Skinner
Gregory Skinner 4 oy oldin
if shoulda coulda wouldas were pots and pans... the whole world would be a big kitchen
Allen Johnson
Allen Johnson 4 oy oldin
Now that's also the next thing, Melo goes to Detroit, and they win 3 in a row, does 1 the gm still blow that team up 2 are the egos in check enough to keep the same roster to keep that core together. Could have gotten 4-6 rings with Melo.
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga 4 oy oldin
In 2k yeah
Kingsley Jackson
Kingsley Jackson 4 oy oldin
Y’all wouldn’t have rasheed wallace
Chris Wil
Chris Wil 4 oy oldin
Why you say that ?? Melo and shred play 2 different positions !!
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 4 oy oldin
Melo > bron if he goes to Detroit
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga 4 oy oldin
tyler innes
tyler innes 4 oy oldin
As a heat fan I hate to admit it. But they still win 2004. 2005 they make the finals loose in 7 to the spurs, they win there. Then my heat in 2006 beat them when they were 64-18 in 6 games in the conference finals. They probably win there also. Then 2007 they loose to cavs in conference finals in 6, that Cavs team sucks. They would make finals not sure if they would have beaten spurs but who knows. Then 2008 they make conference finals against big three Boston took them with 6. Maybe with Melo they beat them also.
RogeMan 4 oy oldin
Once again people assume the chemistry would be there and that Melo wouldn't have an ego still (which still would be very possible).
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga 4 oy oldin
@Solomon Antoine Have to LMAO
Solomon Antoine
Solomon Antoine 4 oy oldin
Yeah but he wouldn’t really have a say being a rookie. He would have to drop the ego
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga 4 oy oldin
Casuals don't like logic
Powell DiGangi
Powell DiGangi 4 oy oldin
Who had a better career Matt Barnes or Tayshawn ?
Or they would’ve been a dynasty if they drafted Dwade. Who’s several lvls better than Melo.
Jotassium 4 oy oldin
& if Charles’s Barkley would join the bulls when they wanted to trade him for Scottie pippen, Charles would be a champion.... can’t live in the hypothetical world.. the nuggets drafted him, he was a great Scorer & that’s it.... Melo isn’t a great by any means necessary
Gershom Tan
Gershom Tan 4 oy oldin
Matt and rip talking bout lebron Stak: I'm just gonna sit hear and do my best impression of a humpback whale mating call.
So long Space Cowboy
So long Space Cowboy 4 oy oldin
Carmelo is the only rookie I know that was in his prime the first 3 years of his career. It was strange. Don’t get me wrong he cooked after that. But the first 3 years?! IT WAS LIKE HE COULD STILL SHOOT THE SAME YET MORE ATHLETIC WITH THE SAME POST GAME
kyle patillo
kyle patillo 4 oy oldin
Hands 04 piston team top 5 ever
Andre Jarret
Andre Jarret 4 oy oldin
Ben Wallace had a good take on it - he said they may not have one 2 chips if they drafted Melo because of how much they would have had to play him. They didn’t have time to wait and develop players that was their window there and then.
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga 4 oy oldin
Casuals don't like facts
Shazland4 4 oy oldin
And just as hypothetically the Pistons adapt to Carmelo's weak defense no ball movement play style. That's the thing about hypothetical situations, you can spin them both ways. Melo has had plenty of time in the league to spin a different story about himself.
Rich Quatro
Rich Quatro 4 oy oldin
The most important thing I took from this interview; we built off what Ben(Wallace) was building. BigBen was the most important piece to the 04 Pistons.
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga 4 oy oldin
Because of solid defense and team ball mentality
DracoTheBlkGodGamer 4 oy oldin
Melo on that pistons team Jesus idk what big Ben was talking about but you let a young melo loose Jesus!
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga 4 oy oldin
You don't know what the champ was talking about because casuals don't like facts
Danny Cooper
Danny Cooper 4 oy oldin
I hope there's a parallel universe where this happened and the Pistons win 5 or more straight championships.
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga 4 oy oldin
It's called NBA 2k
Pistons Talk
Pistons Talk 4 oy oldin
I don’t know if would work honestly. Probably the biggest what if in Detroit Pistons history
OfficialSwisher 4 oy oldin
never ending excuses for Carmelo. woulda coulda shoulda
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga 4 oy oldin
Every melon apologists go to move 😆🤣
whoody G Ponder
whoody G Ponder 4 oy oldin
I agree with RIP a young melo .His 1st four years in the league he was unstoppable
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga 4 oy oldin
iali00 4 oy oldin
On point! Can’t believe Joe Dumars blew that pick.
John Newson
John Newson 4 oy oldin
UConn Don #CtHere
Jmxd21 4 oy oldin
Thank you for this Rip. With Larry Brown as a coach and the scrappy players around him, Melo would have been a great defender. 3 chips at the least.
Black Zodak
Black Zodak 4 oy oldin
Larry Brown is the reason the Pistons didn't win more than one chip.Great defensive coach,terrible offensive one.Dumars should've had more faith in Carlisle who was a really good coach at the time and I think they still would've won the chip that year and definitely more down the line bcuz he was good at teaching both offense and defense.Dumars was greedy for that gourmet chef for his best meal that year but could've been getting even better meals in years to come with his original chef
SMPL Nicky
SMPL Nicky 4 oy oldin
jack’s friend and a man he called his twin just passed away and he’s strong enough a few days later to do a podcast with pure class. what a guy.
Kevin P
Kevin P 4 oy oldin
People who are Melo haters don’t understand that systems build players and teams. Lebron on Cleveland initially as great as he was never got close to a championship. Melo on the Knicks would have always played out the same way
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga 4 oy oldin
@Kevin P And at least they accomplished something, Ivo made it to the finals. Rodman and Draymond got a ring what's melons ballhogging got him? An Oprah special with SAS
Kevin P
Kevin P 4 oy oldin
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga so is rodman, draymond and iverson, hell even Kobe was a ballhogger that shot too much. You can be a cancer with bad coaches and management. You can also win rings if they know how to use your talent
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga 4 oy oldin
Casuals don't understand melon is cancer to winning basketball
Joshua Maula
Joshua Maula 4 oy oldin
I'd say two championships. I don't think they can handle the Heat in '06.
Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan 4 oy oldin
If melo was drafted by pistons i agree they could have started a dysnasty bec melo lack of interest on defense will be covered by his teammates and their culture.
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga 4 oy oldin
Khadim Sabara
Khadim Sabara 4 oy oldin
Melo would mess up the chemistry of the team, he is not a winner. With bron you would have 6 rings lol
Khadim Sabara
Khadim Sabara 4 oy oldin
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga melo is a unidimensional player, basketball is a team sport, good chemistry, ball movement, good rotation. Detroit was a real team, danger comes everywhere, melo would mess up that team, he is not a team player, bron makes everyone better !!!
EricSTX 4 oy oldin
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga Oh God you again...& real cute how you conveniently left off Bosh in your dumb ass hating reply. Talk to me son...did you have a crush on La La? What did Melo do to you? It’s time to let that pain go bro. It doesn’t have to hurt anymore!
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga 4 oy oldin
@EricSTX So Bron on a contender based around team ball and defense couldn't get multiple rings in Detroit because he couldn't with Wade in Miami? Lol crackbaby logic ftw That national championship is probably why they didn't get him, a ballhogg who just won isn't gonna be happy coming off the bench. Where he belongs if a team is contending. Your down syndrom3 will forever be hilarious
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga 4 oy oldin
💯💯💯 Casuals won't like that fact tho
Cellytyree 4 oy oldin
All I can say is real shit RIP
Arlis Martinez
Arlis Martinez 4 oy oldin
If Melo got drafted by the Pistons... Absolutely 3 Rings at least, the narrative wouldn’t have been LeBron vs The Big 3 Celtics.. it would’ve been The Big 3 Celtics vs The Pistons Like Tim Duncan wouldn’t be a 5x Champ either.. and what Melo would’ve done next we don’t know.. maybe he does Team up with Bron & Wade in Miami.. maybe he goes to NY & leads a title for the Knicks.. Maybe an MVP, All-Defensive Team.. the possibility would’ve been endless for Melo. Melo might have the most “What if”s for one player
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga 4 oy oldin
Chris Garcia
Chris Garcia 4 oy oldin
They woulda at least got one more
rommel rivera
rommel rivera 4 oy oldin
Rip is 100%right
Abdullah Yusuf
Abdullah Yusuf 4 oy oldin
Tayshaun could've thrived in the type role that Iggy played for the Warriors as Melo matured into a starting role. They could've even went small at times
Maurice Justice
Maurice Justice 4 oy oldin
Rip looking like a Koala bear
Will Dill
Will Dill 4 oy oldin
Listen. They only traded for sheed because Darko sucked. So if they got melo there is no guarantee that they would even trade for him.
seeehorn 4 oy oldin
This is actually a great WHAT IF because the Pistons taking Carmelo Anthony #2 was a REAL possibility at the time, it isn't a 20/20 hindsight type of thing like the Blazers passing over Michael Jordan with the #2 pick or the Pistons passing Dwayne Wade(its wrong to bring up Wade becauseNOBODY thought Wade should go #2 in that draft!!) A lot of people questioned the Pistons taking Darko AT THE TIME!! Carmelo gets ripped a lot because of how bad his Knicks teams were, but he was a generational type of talent(people may forget that Melo was an all-star caliber player as a rookie) like Rip Hamilton said. The Pistons were already a dominant defensive team and one of the best teams in the East in 2002-2003, imagine how great they would have been with a versatile 20PPG scorer like Melo? They probably could have went on a run where they won 3 in a row and/or 5 titles in 7 years, and Melo's all-time ranking/greatness would be WAY higher than it ended up being. Some of you in the comments brought up a good point about Rasheed Wallace, the Pistons probably would have had the best record in 2003-2004 at the trade deadline if they drafted Carmelo Anthony, and may not have traded for R.Wallace, but they still would have been a championship team regardless. C.Anthony's great inside-outside scoring, rebounding and 3-point shooting would have made them elite. About Larry Brown, its true that he had the old-school mentality and didn't like rookies or young players, but he would have seen Carmelo's talent at the rookie summer league and then at training camp, and would have given him big minutes immediately as the starting forward next to Tayshawn Prince. He wasn't going to play the "Sit And Learn, Youngster" mind games with Carmelo because Carmelo was just too good for that.
Darryl Clark
Darryl Clark 4 oy oldin
Darko Milicic won a ring and not Melo? Smh. Detroit is famous for making terrible picks in NBA and NFL
C Mc
C Mc 4 oy oldin
Could you imagine Melo being held accountable and having to be a consummate professional with his talent scary
Odell Jones
Odell Jones 4 oy oldin
Totally agree
Michael Lowery
Michael Lowery 4 oy oldin
Melo almost got to the finals with just Billups. If he was on that 04 Pistons team they could've been a dynasty.
Knight Rydah
Knight Rydah 4 oy oldin
Idk man. I like rasheeds defense way better than melos and if melo played on the pistons, they most likely wouldnt have gotten rasheed at deadline that yr
Elijah Ruderman
Elijah Ruderman 4 oy oldin
Alex Fleming He didn’t single handily do it. Dikembe actually outplayed him in the Bucks series. Single handily is what LeBron did in 2018. A.I had a bunch of bad or mediocre games where they still won.
Alex Fleming
Alex Fleming 4 oy oldin
@Jaimee Foxworth a.i. single handedly took the 76ers to the finals and got a game against kobe, shaq n the Lakers.
Bean team
Bean team 4 oy oldin
Melo never played in the finals
Bean team
Bean team 4 oy oldin
@Jaimee Foxworth mavs?
C Brown
C Brown 4 oy oldin
That is an incredible point!
Richie Morales
Richie Morales 4 oy oldin
They would have won more than their 1 and more than 2 that's for sure. And it would have developed Melo very well and that organization would have started building around him as the vets got older. Melo was close to winning one with less. Kobe and lakers stopped him in game 6 of WCF. And west was harder.
tonyflo01 4 oy oldin
That lineup would’ve been Pg: Chauncey SG: Rip SF: Melo PF: Cliff Robinson C: Ben Wallace Rasheed WAS NOT on that team yet! Not even winning the East with that lineup... P.S. I’m a Piston FAN from the Cradle to the Grave...Eastside Born & Raised Melo wasn’t the answer!
TerrorTown7575 4 oy oldin
DARKO Definitely wasn’t either
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga 4 oy oldin
Melon is NEVER the answer, that's why nobody wanted such gReAtNeSs till Blazers got desperate.
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga 4 oy oldin
@Clutch7 🤣🤣
Clutch7 4 oy oldin
You know the offense didnt always come easy. Losing Sheed is huge but Melo gets easy buckets ... Melo on a cheap rookie contract -> you could get someone better at PF than Robinson (shittt just play Tayshaun at the 4)
Clutch7 4 oy oldin
Come on man... Denver went from bottom 3 team to the playoffs just by adding Melo ... MAYBE pistons wouldnt peak in 03-05 like they did - but Melo would keep them strong til 2010+
B Collins
B Collins 4 oy oldin
Ben must have smoke for Melo because it's no way he really believed what he said. No way!
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga 4 oy oldin
Things emotional casuals say
DevonYurBoyCook 4 oy oldin
Stop it, We drafted Darko...
Matthew Bradley
Matthew Bradley 4 oy oldin
its weird seeing hamilton without his glass mask
Conservative American
Conservative American 4 oy oldin
These woulda coulda shoulda ofs get old.
Terence Hood, II
Terence Hood, II 4 oy oldin
BIGGEST PROBLEM: Larry Brown didn't play rookies
Shaquan Newton
Shaquan Newton 4 oy oldin
Lych03G 4 oy oldin
Nobody: Stak: Oooooooo
Joshua Maula
Joshua Maula 4 oy oldin
Jason Joseph
Jason Joseph 4 oy oldin
But would you guys have been able to get past the Spurs? Even with Melo, I think the Pistons still might have lost to the Spurs.
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga
IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga 4 oy oldin
They wouldn't get to Finals with that ballhogg
Kirbystare1992 4 oy oldin
Considering the fact that the series went 7 and Detroit couldn’t score over 75 3 times in that series. Melo is the best scorer on that team day 1 if he’s drafted to there. Just 15 a game from him I think they beat them in 6.
MrBmxe2010 4 oy oldin
Sheed wasn’t on the team until later that season
ReCharredSigh 4 oy oldin
Honestly, i don't think melo would've fit with what the larry brown pistons were trying to be. Imo wade would've fit more, but it's really tough to correctly predict all these what-if scenarios; larry brown liked wade much more than lebron and melo while coaching team usa, but it's not like wade loved larry brown's coaching either.
Tempo - Loco Los Dejo (Video Oficial)
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Tempo - Loco Los Dejo (Video Oficial)
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Evolution of Every NFL Team’s EVERY Stadium | NFL Explained
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