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Lakers Guard Quinn Cook talks with Matt and Stak about growing up in Prince George's County, Maryland, a notorious hotbed for NBA talent. He also opens up about his experience of being an executive producer, along with Kevin Durant and Victor Oladipo, of SHOWTIME's new documentary BASKETBALL COUNTY: In The Water, which tells the story of PG county.
BASKETBALL COUNTY: In The Water is available now on SHOWTIME.
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Phill DaGreat1
Phill DaGreat1 Oy oldin
Real ballers come from North Carolina 🤷🏾
sights1018 2 oy oldin
PG County in here! We don't bow down to ANYONE!
Mandrell Twitty
Mandrell Twitty 2 oy oldin
DMV love PG county is across the street from me lol
SauceGodJay 3 oy oldin
I didn’t even know he was from the dmv
R S 4 oy oldin
Damn shame, the doc shoulda been a series
Carlos Daniels
Carlos Daniels 5 oy oldin
Cook is trash for real
Kalmar917 5 oy oldin
Not just PG county. But Northern VA and the rest of MD. This is the DMV. Everybody can ball here. A.I. crossover is the DC crossover. Hope the documentary mentions Trouble. Got to meet Len Bias as a kid and my mother worked with her at the same Bank. She is the true definition of strength, faithfulness and love. Jesus that lady was strong. She lost brother her boys yet she chose love over hate. Something I am still learning about and something we can all learn from no matter who you are or where you come from. Northern VA DMV, Grant Hill, Dennis Scott, Hubert Davis, and so so many others to go along with ballers in DC and Maryland. We are all part of what makes basketball in the DMV. Shoot you will see Ethiopians, Bolivians, and Latin brothers hooping as well. Just best place for basketball. The difference is we got the all around. We got that GRIT. That’s the difference.
poop nuts
poop nuts 5 oy oldin
Proud to represent the DMV but I can't ball to save my life
LilNASH 4 oy oldin
cris clay what kind of statement is that? How you know he not in school or does business to create income from a different source? Way to represent the DMV you clown...
xnajx sncsj
xnajx sncsj 4 oy oldin
@cris clay dude🤦🏾‍♂️
DMVx J 4 oy oldin
cris clay
cris clay 4 oy oldin
So I’m assuming ur pretty good at selling drugs then
Isaac Peress
Isaac Peress 5 oy oldin
I love dmv basketball so much
Natalie Sellman
Natalie Sellman 5 oy oldin
Ty Lawson and Delonte West
Brian Garnett
Brian Garnett 5 oy oldin
His PG county HS team had more NBA players than Oak Hill who recruits nationally.
Moses Kim
Moses Kim 5 oy oldin
Shout out to Olawadipo lol
Deartis Williams
Deartis Williams 5 oy oldin
Matt “Talk to us a little bit about that” Barnes
TheSkinnyday1 5 oy oldin
Get Beasley on here next
Bella 5 oy oldin
I live for Beasley! He was the only one cussing in the documentary lol he's the best
I'm proud to be from somewhere that legends grew up in. Definitely copping a Quin cook jersey since he's from PG
NY Finest
NY Finest 5 oy oldin
Josh Selby used to be the guy.
Watchful News
Watchful News 5 oy oldin
DMV.is way beyond the usual for forts elgin baylor, KD, len bias, beasley, james flight white adrien dantley adrien branch jeff green and a hand bunch of others david robinson from manasses va etc. So a talk about who is the best without a DMV player in it is a straight JOKE,
Talk yo shit Podcast
Talk yo shit Podcast 5 oy oldin
Lol that 267 number call him back stack
MrPeazy10 5 oy oldin
Forgot about my Josh Selby! Bmore
MrPeazy10 2 oy oldin
Sui naw I remember Keith Booth. He was tough back in the day. He went to Dunbar Highschool in Bmore. He a legend too!
Sui 2 oy oldin
They aint mention Keith Booth either. I’m from PG County and Walt Williams is my cousin...but Bmore dudes used to sweat Keith Booth like s**t. That was a minute ago, so you prolly don’t know what I’m talking about. Lol.
Nosrati 5 oy oldin
Oak Hill is bunch Allstars from all over the country, a team of college freshman, sophomores and dudes held back.
Watchful News
Watchful News 5 oy oldin
People dont even know len bias had 2 brothers who was beast but younger than him and got killed before they could get a chance as well, yall have no clue.
Nosrati 5 oy oldin
Jay was just iight!
Watchful News
Watchful News 5 oy oldin
Not just PG County , D.C. Northern virginia the DMV is the mecca of the game
Watchful News
Watchful News 5 oy oldin
Ray Ray the doc dont have enough of this area's history, maybe its the problem his game could learn from
Ray Ray
Ray Ray 5 oy oldin
watchful news the doc said pg county ...so we only care about pg county now
Tupac Reincarnated
Tupac Reincarnated 5 oy oldin
1. Jordan 2. Kareem 3. Lebron 4. Russell 5. Magic 6. Wilt 7. Bird 8. Duncan 9. Kobe 10. Shaq 11. Oscar 12. Hakeem 13. Dr. J 14. Moses 15. Curry 16. Isiah 17. Durant 18. Garnett 19. Dirk 20. Stockton
DroBoogie 5 oy oldin
Terry Smith
Terry Smith 5 oy oldin
Len Bias would have been a beast has he got to the league out if Maryland. RIP.
yeeluvspizza 9 kun oldin
To this day, losing Len was one of the most devastating memories for me growing up in that area.
Christopher Law
Christopher Law 5 oy oldin
It was a lot more players that would have made it, if it wasn’t for that “WATER”. I really miss going to run and shoot at any time of the day to go hoop.
James Oy oldin
The Run and Shoot, man I miss that placed.
kent mautes
kent mautes 5 oy oldin
I love this platform gives athletes the chance to be human ya glorified them(which they deserve but you can’t over do it) to the point they life seems like it for the people these guys our just like us frfr
tnbadboy 5 oy oldin
Damn my boy look crack out. Love tho 💪💪💪
Dezzy Dee
Dezzy Dee 5 oy oldin
That's how cracked-out look to you? Dog you need to come to the South and look at some cracked out ass people down here. That dude just look like he have a beard and a mustache and he let it grow that's all .his hair is a style that they bean the rockin I see it every day. You straight said he looked cracked out dog if that's what crackheads look like then I've sold it to the wrong people. Lol
Jin San
Jin San 5 oy oldin
He looks and sound like jcole
Tom Bystander
Tom Bystander 5 oy oldin
Same elementary school, middle school, till now. Him and oladipo been knowing each other. That's forever bro
octaviakf 5 oy oldin
So let’s also clarify when folks go to Oak Hill it’s additional high school 😳🤔 so like 5th years of high school?
nhoodjazz 5 oy oldin
Like prep school
octaviakf 5 oy oldin
KD mama is beautiful and wonderful personality
octaviakf 5 oy oldin
I don’t understand when someone says “ they’ve been already doing things on their own” then says they brought them on 🤔. Then I appreciate the facts of them saying the politics didn’t work out etc. because I know several guys who’d give a lot of these dudes real work
K Day
K Day 5 oy oldin
I can see why Bron takes to this man. #Calculated
Gutta 540
Gutta 540 5 oy oldin
People who don’t think KD is top ten is just mad.
Ziad Eissa
Ziad Eissa 3 oy oldin
You guys are smoking if you think he’s top 5 Jordan, kobe, lebron, magic, kareem, wilt, bird, hakeem, shaq, bill russell are all higher all time
Gutta 540
Gutta 540 4 oy oldin
DIJONN JOHNSON warriors was not beating the cavs nomo n honestly if KD stayed n they got another shooter instead of Robinson they could’ve beat the warriors. People forget that if it wasn’t for Klay going wild in game 6 okc would’ve been in the finals. KD was a bitch for joining a team that he was up 3-1 on I agree on that but look his talent n his play. He top 10. Probably can be top 5 if he win in Brooklyn
@Gutta 540 how is that so?
Gutta 540
Gutta 540 4 oy oldin
Brandon Menifee facts, without KD on god warriors would’ve had 1 championship.
A Duh
A Duh 4 oy oldin
Matt got this show on his back fr 💯✊🏾
Icantell Youdontknowboxing thats cool 2 either way he still got it on his back I respect Steven tho but if he was to leave it will be no miss
Icantell Youdontknowboxing
Icantell Youdontknowboxing 5 oy oldin
Only because Steven let him be the front man it's all a mutual agreement that's what they said it ain't like Jackson couldn't his self that's why he's doing the show
K Day
K Day 5 oy oldin
Quinn Cook could be on the NBAPA wit Chris Paul if he wanted to 😂😂😂... I can tell by how he talks, man is smart 'n composed. 💯
King Larr
King Larr 5 oy oldin
In the Water should be a series and be done in more neighborhoods that's produced pro players. That would be super dope.
Yo O
Yo O 5 oy oldin
@zaha thanks for those recommendations
Scot Free
Scot Free 5 oy oldin
I agree, that’s great concept.
Zahir 5 oy oldin
Theres is a series on youtube called "Heart of The City" by Devin Williams(10000 hours/ In The Lab). Its not a 1 hour documentary, but still a cool 15-20 minute video about DMV, Seattle, and few other cities. Also if you like DMV basketball there is a recent documentary by "By Any Means" called "Running the City: Chronicling the Basketball Capital of the World".
Omari Mitchell
Omari Mitchell 5 oy oldin
Make it a UZpost page
Nettyball Ball
Nettyball Ball 5 oy oldin
Hell yea FAM" 💯💯💯 like here in Texas we got some ballers for real including myself...
Dani didemdirty
Dani didemdirty 5 oy oldin
That’s crazy, he even sound like J. Cole
André Campbell
André Campbell 5 oy oldin
Tobias Harris is more like J Cole than Quinn
King Larr
King Larr 5 oy oldin
He don't tho.
Most-MH-Hated 5 oy oldin
Had to come tap in and drop a thumbs for yall right fast 👍🏾🤙🏾 Content always appreciated 💪🏾💪🏾
Naga Boy
Naga Boy 5 oy oldin
Guy look like jcole if he short
Courtney Hallcy
Courtney Hallcy 5 oy oldin
He should already be top ten honestly. His skill set is unreal.
Ant 51
Ant 51 5 oy oldin
@chunky9791 he was talking about Kevin Durant
chunky9791 5 oy oldin
He not even a starter stop. Nice dude though.
Undrwtr Bsktwvn
Undrwtr Bsktwvn 5 oy oldin
KD is a walking bucket
xkid.darkskin 5 oy oldin
ESP.Fitness still mad 😂😂
Nosrati 5 oy oldin
That why he ran to Golden State right! KD is nice but soft!
Brill Capalot
Brill Capalot 5 oy oldin
KD finishing top 10 all time...hes already 12
Cordea Passade
Cordea Passade 5 oy oldin
@MitchSN 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Where is he ranked?
Brill Capalot
Brill Capalot 5 oy oldin
@Nosrati the fact that u said top 100 just denies u the privilege to say anything...tf u mean "stick to video games?" Y'all lebron haters just so sad,lol the man busting yall favorite players ass in in 17th year...ps I'm not even a lebron stan
Nosrati 5 oy oldin
@Brill Capalot stick to video games! Lebron has 3 rings! Lebron is media hype!
Nosrati 5 oy oldin
Bullshit! He is way too soft! Top 100
-Kyrie over Curry-
-Kyrie over Curry- 5 oy oldin
MitchSN thank you. Mfs try n sneak lebron up as high as they can
904Eli fromDa716
904Eli fromDa716 5 oy oldin
Daniel 5 oy oldin
904Eli fromDa716
904Eli fromDa716 5 oy oldin
You actually are but I'm second don't forget that
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