Penny Hardaway Tells Stories About Facing Off Against MJ & 'The Dream Team' | ALL THE SMOKE

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Matt and Stephen talk with Penny Hardaway about his battles with Michael Jordan and what it was like being facing 'The Dream Team in 1992.
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R Robert
R Robert 2 oy oldin
The magic beat the 72-10 bulls that first game during the season, but the bulls won the other three out of the four. Jordan was my favorite player, but it was a close tie between Pippen, and Penny?
HonestBrotha 4 oy oldin
We need that Grant Hill interview
KJ Williams
KJ Williams 5 oy oldin
Still remember penny used to give the bulls buckets
Peez Anderson
Peez Anderson 5 oy oldin
Eric S
Eric S 5 oy oldin
Great video
Tee M
Tee M 5 oy oldin
Born and raised in Orlando I could tell you sports wise unfortunately I don't think it'll ever be the same as it was when shaq and Penny were the stars.. I don't want to forget Nick Anderson Dennis Scott either.. Nick Anderson still lives in Orlando I see him often salute to an Orlando legend... Dennis Scott owns a barber shop with Shaquille O'Neal in Orlando small investment they have nothing major but back to those days sports wise that will never be the same which is sad considering you have Disney world in the city You would think stars would want to come bring their families and be the face of a city that has Disney I mean can you imagine if LeBron were to plan Orlando instead of Miami for example all the people that came to visit Disney would sell out those tickets it would be a more expensive ticket than the Golden State warriors. Orlando needs a huge star and a star really needs to consider it considering you don't have income tax.
Tee M
Tee M 5 oy oldin
@Owain Kanaway absolutely right the time I was 8 I wasn't exactly knowledgeable on certain aspects but I was old enough to know when I watched it was magical ...your right about Brian hill as I got older I'm like why the hell didn't they get a top level coach for these guys
Tee M
Tee M 5 oy oldin
@Abe-Le-Don you mean in general those sports days or in terms of Orlando ...I don't disagree I'm just curious ..I also feel sports in general will never ever be the same ..I mean it should be the same actually even bigger but I feel like there are hidden agendas from big pharm companies
Abe-Le-Don 5 oy oldin
Those days are never coming back
Owain Kanaway
Owain Kanaway 5 oy oldin
The whole NBA kinda of lost it's appeal and popularity when the Shaq/Penny era ended. Looking back it was actually bad decisions by the front office that broke up that team. John Gabriel was a fucking idiot. Not trying to resign Shaq was one of the biggest bone-headed moves the front office made. They had two franchise players in Penny and Shaq, the popularity of those two players were right up there with Jordan and the Bulls, in some ways more popular. Yet they didn't resign Shaq, they didn't take Penny's knee injury seriously, they kept Brian Hill for way too long.
Dezmond Young
Dezmond Young 5 oy oldin
We need T Mac on here
13 5 oy oldin
8 Ball MJG I’m talkin on the phone tellin Penny that's the way to do it, baby represent ya home just like candy 901...
calbastian 5 oy oldin
When the Magic beat Jordan 45, I really thought Penny can run the league like Mike.
TheWriterNW 5 oy oldin
Penny was straight up legit. My favorite player. I still have all his shoes.
Tee M
Tee M 5 oy oldin
Man I was born and raised in Orlando I could tell you those are the biggest shoes at the time.. Penny hardaway's line was huge in the city and obviously the world He has some of the nicest kicks I don't have any but man I wish I did like you I know when you look at them you have a smile on your face lol I damn sure would
SWM 5 oy oldin
I had forgotten what a great player Hardaway was. He was easily headed for HoF until he got hurt.
Keir Crayton
Keir Crayton 5 oy oldin
I never did... My favorite player ever
TheRealist 811
TheRealist 811 5 oy oldin
Penny was predicted to take over Jordan as the next star of the league. Also Penny is the only player that had shoes that rivalled Jordan's for a few years in terms of sales, because Penny was extremely popular especially to the young kids in the 90s.
Eric S
Eric S 5 oy oldin
ya phoenix with starbury
Eric Sigersmith
Eric Sigersmith 5 oy oldin
Ya and as lil penny would say ..... that's Tyra banks foo! Lmao this was I watched sports at first and can remember
DuckTalesWooHoo1987 5 oy oldin
I LOOOOOOOVED Penny back in the day when it was him and Shaq. Getting his shoes was as much of a landmark moment for me as a kid as it was when I also got my first pair of Jordan's. They were awesome and still my favorite shoes ever. Lil Penny was just as cool as real Penny too. I also had Shaq's first two pairs of Reebok's. Shoes back in the day were as big as the game and I miss those days like crazy. Penny just couldn't stay healthy sadly.
Junior Balderas
Junior Balderas 5 oy oldin
People forget penny was a straight bucket don't matter who on em to quick to strong to fast to good biggest "what if"
Tee M
Tee M 5 oy oldin
I think he was absolutely amazing Don't get me wrong I love Penny I was born and raised in Orlando He was a big thing in my life and at that time I was very young but I knew I was witnessing something special right in my backyard so to say. I think Penny would have never been the same without Shaq but he still would have been an all-star kind of like Russell Westbrook You know he's amazing He puts up stats but people won't view him the same.
Nick Ming
Nick Ming 5 oy oldin
He basically would of been kobe hadn't kobe been in the league
Paul Jenkins
Paul Jenkins 5 oy oldin
Coach K says that Chuck Daly threw the game. I don't know how you can throw a scrimmage, except by benching Michael Jordan, which of course he did.
Abe-Le-Don 5 oy oldin
He knew Mike would have been more ready from the beginning of the scrimmage
Most-MH-Hated 5 oy oldin
Here tappin in wit yall 💪🏾💪🏾 Good looks for the upload
Natedrink 1
Natedrink 1 5 oy oldin
Junior K
Junior K 5 oy oldin
Penny looks like dj self
Cody Colonnello
Cody Colonnello 5 oy oldin
the prince of ny
DOMO1 HUNDO 5 oy oldin
he does 😂
Shimmy Price
Shimmy Price 5 oy oldin
The god penny
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