Paul Pierce: 'Kobe Was One Of The Few Players I Was In Awe Of' | ALL THE SMOKE

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2 oy oldin

Paul Pierce shares his favorite memories of Kobe and talks about the impact he had on his career.
Recorded on March 3rd, 2020.
Audio Version:
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D T Kun oldin
In kobe 81 point game, he drops 55 points in just the 2nd half,, what normal human being does that !??
Charles Doss
Charles Doss 3 kun oldin
KOBE...the REAL GOAT!!!!
Bear Overthere
Bear Overthere 5 kun oldin
Matt "Not many people know this" Barnes
Pramis Montero
Pramis Montero 7 kun oldin
I swear Pierce thinks he's at Kobes level saying stuff like "we had a different relationship" & "we respected each other" lol Draymond Green was right "they dont love you like that" Paul🤣
William Anderson
William Anderson 14 kun oldin
Hanabi Hao
Hanabi Hao 15 kun oldin
paul pierce: we have 4 all stars vs kobe only but he did toughen pau
Kyna Moten-Christopher
Kyna Moten-Christopher 15 kun oldin
Paul Pierce just told y'all they had 4 allstars and Kobe and Pau was the Lakers only 2 allstars and he told y'all that Kobe toughened Pau up because he was soft but even through all of that Boston had 4 allstars and the Lakers only had 2 allstars... Now if that was Bron the media would be glorifying him to know end and Paul Pierce was speaking facts but he gets called a hater 4 telling the truth now that's FACTS 💯!!!!!
jay scott
jay scott 19 kun oldin
I liked calling Paul pierce the pp man before the truth
Atrillo Louis Elago
Atrillo Louis Elago 21 kun oldin
Everyone's appreciating Kobe now 😂
Gary Becks
Gary Becks 22 kun oldin
Kobe da GOAT #MambaMentality
Joe James Jr.
Joe James Jr. 22 kun oldin
I remember in the "Early 00s"(after MJ had retired), there were 5 SGs/SFs who were head and shoulders above all else (T-Mac, Kobe, Iverson, Vinsanity and The Truth).
Avenge Basketball
Avenge Basketball 23 kun oldin
The Truth giving the Truth about Kobe.
broyian daba
broyian daba 24 kun oldin
Pierce's first word is truthfully? Coincidence? I think not!
Royal Ramble
Royal Ramble 24 kun oldin
Someone needs to fix the youtube algorithm.. anything Kobe should be top recommendation.
Shaun Brooks
Shaun Brooks Oy oldin
Bron crushed your career haha
Bobby Digital
Bobby Digital 18 kun oldin
How? Only time Bron beat Pierce was when he ran to Miami like a b*#*h & formed a Superteam with prime superstar teammates
Shaun Brooks
Shaun Brooks Oy oldin
Paul a hater one ring enough said
Shaun Brooks
Shaun Brooks Oy oldin
Bron beat yo @$$ more than kobe lmfao
JCA A Oy oldin
"We had 4 All-Stars, you know that?" Quite subtle but the amount of respect given to Kobe by that single statement, wow 💯
marine esposito
marine esposito Oy oldin
Why some people didnt like kobe?🤔
JaySw34 Oy oldin
I love you Paul. Grew up watching you... But you gotta stop saying you got your nickname dropping 40- something on Kobe. He was out that game bro!
Acer Chang
Acer Chang Oy oldin
if kobe play in todays nba in his prime he be avg 40 ppg no joke
Norma Hansen
Norma Hansen 10 kun oldin
@Jeaden Santos mj doesn't need a 3 pointer he would dominate today's weak defence
Jeaden Santos
Jeaden Santos 13 kun oldin
Quinton Ware lmao no Mj wasn’t a 3 point shooter like that
Quinton Ware
Quinton Ware 25 kun oldin
Then MJ would average 50
Lucy Aklar
Lucy Aklar Oy oldin
"I don't get 5 championships here without him" -: Kobe's comment about Michael Jordan 🐐 in the Last Dance Documentary
Moses Plasencia
Moses Plasencia Oy oldin
Mamba mentality ..its non existent these days . The Truth allways gave me chills .. Loved to hate him .. But kobe just gave us lakeres fans . That dose of It aint over till its over ..!!! RIP #kobe24ever
Sean Zadsalamat
Sean Zadsalamat Oy oldin
One day you’ll all realize Kobe was the greatest basketball player ever. Please don’t like this comment anymore. We are at 81 likes.
Norma Hansen
Norma Hansen 10 kun oldin
@Ramon Reyes nah Kobe is second not the goat
Chad Ellis
Chad Ellis 12 kun oldin
Can we keep this at 81 likes
daren davis
daren davis 12 kun oldin
Naw mj will always bih number 1
Ramon Reyes
Ramon Reyes 13 kun oldin
@J C and MJ has two hall of famers and better all around teams and pretty much matched up against slow non athletic white dudes in the finals. Pippen and Rodman would always guard the toughest matchups allowing Jordan to rest on D. Kobe stole a lot of hall of famers moves. Magic’s, Reggie’s, Hakeem’s among others. Jordan stole his moves from other’s as well.
Ramon Reyes
Ramon Reyes 13 kun oldin
@Daniel Harris Jr. totally agree. Far more skilled than MJ and LeBron.
Un Redacted
Un Redacted Oy oldin
Made Pau put his BIG BOY👖on..
kas rehman
kas rehman Oy oldin
Still baffles me that the media don't have Kob in the top 5. For me, as Kevin durant said MJ is 1A and Kob is 1B. Me being from the UK, no one since MJ transcended basketball more than Kobe. He was as big as some of our top football (soccer) players here. And is always mentioned in the goat conversations in our goat conversations. Seems like some of the US media personalities (such as Nick Wright) have pushed their agendas against kobe to such an extent that in some debates he might not even be mentioned in the top 10 debate. Completely delusional. Rest in paradise Kobe ❤️ There will never be another
peter mendoza
peter mendoza Oy oldin
Franz Pahilanga
Franz Pahilanga Oy oldin
that ain't pierce, that's beetlejuice😂
Ruben Torres
Ruben Torres Oy oldin
Kobe beat the first super team with 4 all stars in them!
Ruben Torres
Ruben Torres Oy oldin
True but the Celtics were meaner and had 4 all stars
Bob Anderson
Bob Anderson Oy oldin
The first super team was Jordan and the Bulls. Jordan , Pippen , Rodman.
Rocco Siffredi
Rocco Siffredi Oy oldin
Love these clips. They’re REAL
Royal Me
Royal Me Oy oldin
Stats dont lie Most missed shots for a reason.
THE ACE 16 kun oldin
And lebron is on track for most turnovers of all time stats don’t lie right?
stony the onlyy
stony the onlyy Oy oldin
"our team had 4 all stars & kob still bust our ass by himself and a pau" who needs a superteam when you have a kobe?
NBA HOOPS Oy oldin
Paul Pierce had 33pts that game, not 42pts. Kobe had 27pts that game. Pierce career high against kobe is 39pts. Kobe's career high vs Pierce is 43pts
Holden Caulfield
Holden Caulfield Oy oldin
When LeBron retires, no one is going to talk about him in this same mythical way that people talk about Kobe.
Rasul Daniels
Rasul Daniels 15 kun oldin
Yes people will smh
Holden Caulfield
Holden Caulfield Oy oldin
@shyguymuzik People were speaking this way about Kobe while he was still alive. Even while he was still playing. Dying had nothing to do with his legendary status.
shyguymuzik Oy oldin
Unless he tragically dies
Brandon Moskos
Brandon Moskos Oy oldin
Pierce keeping it real!
A Healthy Snack
A Healthy Snack Oy oldin
Paul Pierce is an egotistical idiot
Vang Xiong
Vang Xiong Oy oldin
I'm sorry but I'm taking pp over dwade during their prime. Pp had that midrange post up game, can hit the 3, pull ups, step backs. Dwade relied heavily on his athleticsm, he was a slasher, never really had a consistent jumper, but wade played great defense, pp never had much defense... And then wade joined lbj to create a legit superteam. When kg, pp, ray got together, they were clearly on the downhill of their career.
Kiga Sedun
Kiga Sedun Oy oldin
Paul Pierce loves himself so much he credits the one he beat to elevate himself more.
couchpoet1 Oy oldin
R.I.P. bean. I miss you everyday.
Deandre Ray
Deandre Ray Oy oldin
Paul Pierce is highly underrated dude could hoop I remember watching him in like 01 play a game in his prime dude was it!
oh money
oh money Oy oldin
I'm the biggest Kobe/Paul Pierce fan. The Truth is a great analyst despite dumb ass popular opinion.
김석훈URIAH Oy oldin
The Truth speaking the truth.
pinoykayaker Oy oldin
Paul"wheelchair"Pierce did right.
Pramis Montero
Pramis Montero 7 kun oldin
Miguel Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez Oy oldin
Jeru Absin
Jeru Absin Oy oldin
Lebron makes his teammates better by putting the blme on them then trading them.
AJE23 Oy oldin
Paul " I got these cheesburgers man " pierce
James Antony
James Antony Oy oldin
Chris Oy oldin
Paul Pierce is the one else has a better story than the truth
Antonio Esquivel
Antonio Esquivel Oy oldin
This is legendary
stevobevo91 Oy oldin
Fuckin Kobe dawg, shit still gets me, still can’t believe it
Jose Delarosa
Jose Delarosa Oy oldin
RIP Bean!! LA misses the MAMBA!! Lakers for life!! Lebron and AD want to bring this chip home for Kobe,Lebron knows if he gets it he'll be able to sit in the table of GOATS!! Mj and Kobe I can't pick one cause I had the pleasure to see both play in my life time and I say its GOAT A and B,MJ is A cause without him Kobe wouldn't be Kobe.. RIP to all the victims,missing you Kobe RIP Gigi!!
Javier Gomez
Javier Gomez Oy oldin
Why his elbows dirty?
j Smith
j Smith Oy oldin
Paul needed a LA fitness level personal trainer his whole career, imagine if he just kinda worked out 😆
j Smith
j Smith Oy oldin
@DoubleChampion2020 not even close who can't beat a Celtics one one????? What a joke
DoubleChampion2020 Oy oldin
Yeah haha but I'm sure he was probably still a better ball player then you were. 🙀
Nanoci62 Oy oldin
LOVE IT .. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️
Art Mo
Art Mo Oy oldin
DAMN Paul, you need a nap
yung mitch
yung mitch Oy oldin
One thing I love about this show is the respect for Kobe I'm a bron fan but I love Kobe hated him when I was young but always respected his game rip black mamba
Ralph Tank
Ralph Tank Oy oldin
Why you hate him when you was younger?
Khoi Le
Khoi Le Oy oldin
dropping 40 in 2003 is equivalent to dropping like 55 in 2020
B.I 14 kun oldin
so Kobe 81 would be like dropping 100 in 2020? Damn...
phillyslasher 17 kun oldin
Think on that though. In the early 2000s maybe, I mean MAYBE 2 or 3 teams were putting up 100 a game. Everybody else was in the mid to high 90's. Pace was low. Not like today were teams are jacking 20-30 3-pointers a game, putting up 70 a half.
nico atillo
nico atillo 21 kun oldin
Saleem Mohamed I know.... just mentioning it wasn’t against Kobe
Saleem Mohamed
Saleem Mohamed 21 kun oldin
nico atillo Ok and??? We’re talking about the game where Pierce got his nickname. He dropped 40.
nico atillo
nico atillo 21 kun oldin
Saleem Mohamed he dropped 42... but Kobe didn’t play that game
Korvus Oy oldin
Still cant find it in me to let Kobe go 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
D T Kun oldin
He will never be forgotten... even 25 years from now
Julian Mihdi
Julian Mihdi Oy oldin
he's still with us...just in a different form. I feel your pain
Nosiri Enterprises
Nosiri Enterprises Oy oldin
Paul Pierce high asf LOL
candy girlll
candy girlll Oy oldin
You betta beware of the Laker dog "(😂tunchi)"
Casual Business Moves Inc
Casual Business Moves Inc 2 oy oldin
Giri Dharan
Giri Dharan 2 oy oldin
Think about it, if any other player beat a team with 4 All-Stars who have been All-Stars for awhile in the finals to win the chip, media would be calling them GOAT, but man, the disrespect Kobe got was crazy. Players respected him, now since players are into media, this truth is coming out. You are always with us Kobe.
THE ACE 16 kun oldin
Kevin Bunn the Lakers did not have a stacked team lool Jordan farmer Sasha vojechick or however u spell it the team has a good starting 5 and a good 6th man in Lamar Odom
Mitchell House
Mitchell House 16 kun oldin
Have u forgot LeBron 2016 finals
Odie Dacorgi
Odie Dacorgi 17 kun oldin
@Don Vinny No, they were decimated from injuries when Kawhi slipped into the finals from the East, not the West like he used to with the Spurs. The least charismatic and least "team player" who is overrated because of his stats. He's usually the 1st option on any team, so of course, he will score the most. But, when it counts in the playoffs, he is inconsistent
Kevin Bunn
Kevin Bunn 25 kun oldin
@Don Vinny no not even close
Kevin Bunn
Kevin Bunn 25 kun oldin
@Jaleel Og I agree. The Lakers had a stacked team, but Kobe made those guys tough and taught them how to win. Natural talent ain't enough at that level.
Rs Dhillon
Rs Dhillon 2 oy oldin
im laughing and crying while they talking about kobe giving it to pau. r.i.p my guy
Jon Poon
Jon Poon 2 oy oldin
We say Lebron has high basketball IQ because of his passing and general ability as a floor general. Kobe’s IQ has to be the highest for scoring Which is why when they joined up in 08 for the Olympics, it was no surprise they redeemed that
Ralph Tank
Ralph Tank Oy oldin
Kobe's IQ was going way behond just scoring... he studied the WHOLE aspect of the game. His IQ was victory oriented ! Listen Rajon Rondo talking about hit. Just for a reminder, Rondo is known to has one of the highest IQ in the League.
Ralph Tank
Ralph Tank Oy oldin
@S Wavey you spot something bro, I think the same bro. I'd add that I can't believe that with all his IQ he stills lacks fundamentals (especially at the begining if his career), you can see him travelling going to the rim or just after catching up the ball, or bad hand selection for examples... Another point is the fact that he always need the ball and can't really adapt to different coach's system. Since we talk about Kobe, his IQ was on another level according to Lakers staff. One of them tell a story about how Rajon Rondo were the only player in their squad after collective training who'll spend tons of hours reviewing videos and systems about the game and he added that the last one he saw doing the same was....Kobe. (Sorry for my bas english, just a french nba fan passing by)
S Wavey
S Wavey 2 oy oldin
I think Lebrons IQ is overrated, I’m not a hater I just think he’s always passing when he needs to be more aggressive. Everyone hates George hill for missing that layup but Lebrons the best scorer on the team, he should know when it’s time to take over
Dave Mathew
Dave Mathew 2 oy oldin
Paul Pierce...the 🐐...😅
PL Boogie
PL Boogie 2 oy oldin
Haters can hate but The Truth had game
Manu 06
Manu 06 Oy oldin
Job Low seek help
Job Low
Job Low Oy oldin
@Manu 06 huh? he is better than Wade you prick
Manu 06
Manu 06 2 oy oldin
Damn right. He was great but he’s stupid for thinking that he’s better than dwade. He thinks he’s better than what he is 😂
Anderson Jam
Anderson Jam 2 oy oldin
A Celtic on Mamba Day?
David Delgado
David Delgado 2 oy oldin
Happy birthday mamba rip
WesmyTheGamer 2 oy oldin
R.I.P. Mamba, media goes out of their way to keep him out of the g.o.a.t conversation, but we know he belongs
WesmyTheGamer 3 kun oldin
@Haashem Malik Sure, let's discredit his greatness🙄...
Haashem Malik
Haashem Malik 3 kun oldin
@WesmyTheGamer don't act like he didn't have solid teams man, and Kobe literally never shot over what 60 % in his career
WesmyTheGamer 3 kun oldin
@Haashem Malik As well as three trips to the finals WITHOUT Shaq🤷🏾‍♂️
Haashem Malik
Haashem Malik 3 kun oldin
@WesmyTheGamer dude there's something called context and shaq and all of that
K Sule
K Sule 3 kun oldin
@Haashem Malik any player can make their stats look good, go watch some film
Elben Espiritu
Elben Espiritu 2 oy oldin
Finally, something to make me want to listen to Paul Pierce. Most of his ball talk is trash. Just sayin.
Sam R
Sam R 22 kun oldin
Or if doesn’t fit your agenda.
XXIV 88 2 oy oldin
I feel you G.
Darius held amari hostage For 4 catches
Darius held amari hostage For 4 catches 2 oy oldin
You it’s genuine when it’s paul pierce of everyone giving credit LOL
D T Kun oldin
Exactly.. he hates lebron so much and he say lebron isn't top 5 lol
Maine Source
Maine Source 25 kun oldin
@F. Khan FACTS
shyguymuzik Oy oldin
James Geiger
James Geiger Oy oldin
Bets it’s more genuine when it’s you giving credit huh man ? 😂😂
Marcus Walton
Marcus Walton Oy oldin
I know. He’s such a hater
Brandon Thompson
Brandon Thompson 2 oy oldin
We need all the smoke back Matt
Policy Junkie
Policy Junkie 2 oy oldin
And people say Kobe didn’t make his teammates better
D T Kun oldin
@Kabir Bariana 2011 and 2013 too
Elijah Ruderman
Elijah Ruderman 5 kun oldin
@Reef k They missed the playoffs in 2005.
Reef k
Reef k 5 kun oldin
@Elijah Ruderman did you see kobe's roster he played with in 2005 and 2006
Andy Lee
Andy Lee 11 kun oldin
Jon Poon nah they were on Lebron side, cause his fans always claim he makes him teammates better, but somehow when he win/lost his teammates became trash (bosh klove), and they always have a different standard when it come to kobe, Kobe won 3 beat he had shaq he won b2b he had Paul and a good squad. Like bitch b2b sure Paul was an all star but he literally killed everyone in the west, prime spurs suns Dallas Denver literally bron fans cried abt facing spurs(3hof) in finals bitch Kobe face them everyday
Mike Turner
Mike Turner 18 kun oldin
He made hoopers on all generations Better
SAT Scott
SAT Scott 2 oy oldin
Mamba 4 Life...24hrs 8days a week..💪🏿🐍🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
high horse
high horse 2 oy oldin
When they getting rid of SJax?
Timo El Toro
Timo El Toro 2 oy oldin
You tripping
WesmyTheGamer 2 oy oldin
Why? What's wrong with Stax🤔?
Earlee Gonzales
Earlee Gonzales 2 oy oldin
Paul is wack, all haters are wack, not a hater, acknowledging one
Jose Romero
Jose Romero 2 oy oldin
What happened to this podcast? No new shows for a minute.
Caballo Negro
Caballo Negro 2 oy oldin
@Brandon Webb This
Brandon Webb
Brandon Webb 2 oy oldin
One of Stak’s best friends was murdered by the police. Podcast took a backseat.
Kyle S
Kyle S 2 oy oldin
SJAX came out as an anti Semite so the shows on hiatus
Big Portions
Big Portions 2 oy oldin
Buying some time to find matt barnes a new cohost?
Ryan Cooper
Ryan Cooper Oy oldin
Science Basketball its funny how people are only free thinkers when they buy into that bullshit
The Punisher
The Punisher Oy oldin
@Science Basketball so is matt? Whats youre point.
Science Basketball
Science Basketball Oy oldin
Fabian Wadle nope trump 2020 for those of us who can think freely for ourselves
Fabian Wadle
Fabian Wadle Oy oldin
@Science Basketball Stak isnt the brightest so he gets a pass. Rather him be a brainwashed liberal than a brainwashed conservative.
El Negrito
El Negrito 2 oy oldin
What happened with stak
LexusReyes 2 oy oldin
MJ, Kobe, & Giannis are really the only 3 that gives me that awe
Jaleel Og
Jaleel Og 2 oy oldin
Mj,Kobe,Kd. Their skillsets are the greatest ive ever seen I dont put bron up there becomes nothing about his skillset has me in awe. I mean yeah he's a great passer but other than i think he is boring to watch as a ball player he's very stiff and robotic, and can get very passive.
S Wavey
S Wavey 2 oy oldin
JetLife keep that same energy for lebron lmao
Timo El Toro
Timo El Toro 2 oy oldin
I’ll give you a pass if you change it from Giannis to KD
monojuice 2 oy oldin
Nigga said Giannis 😂
Darnell Ratcliff
Darnell Ratcliff 2 oy oldin
@JetLife Unless Your Shaq!! Wanna Debate?
CM Pepsi
CM Pepsi 2 oy oldin
Happy Birthday (belated) Mamba, RIP.
BARRY LOVE 2 oy oldin
Kobe was my dude too.....made a dedication song to him and others George Floyd and others
Lenny Beason
Lenny Beason 2 oy oldin
Kobe is the best player since MJ! PP knows that!
Quinton Ware
Quinton Ware 21 kun oldin
Lenny Beason Gonna have to agree to disagree.
Lenny Beason
Lenny Beason 24 kun oldin
@Quinton Ware Kobe is the better 2 way player and definitely more consistent clutch player. Lebron is the better stat padder.
Quinton Ware
Quinton Ware 25 kun oldin
Lebron is better, and I hate Lebron. Then again, I hate Kobe too
Elijah Ruderman
Elijah Ruderman 29 kun oldin
Tropic Mix Wade wasn’t in his prime after 2011, so other than in 2011, Wade wasn’t really prime Wade, even though he was still a great all star in 2012 and 2013, but far from an MVP level player.
Tropic Mix
Tropic Mix 29 kun oldin
@Elijah Ruderman Lebron literally played with the 3rd best Shooting guard in the history of basketball.
Kyle S
Kyle S 2 oy oldin
Don’t let this distract you from the fact SJAX is an anti Semite
Redacted Yautja
Redacted Yautja 2 oy oldin
S Wavey everyone wants Semite to mean Jewish people. Nope, it’s Arabs too. Generalize your statement and get a generalized response. A POS Semite is a POS who happens to be Semite. Not gonna change the narrative and make it all. We know who we speak of and against.
S Wavey
S Wavey 2 oy oldin
monojuice yeah because quoting hitler and doubling down on it is a great image
si lewis
si lewis 2 oy oldin
We're literally here to hear about Kobe. This is the real distraction.
Redacted Yautja
Redacted Yautja 2 oy oldin
Regis It Semite is also Arab. I know what I know. As I said, you give a generalized statement, I’ll return it. Like I said, it’s those that abuse power, specific Semites. And yes I’m anti them. They aren’t exception to corruption. And they’re showing who they are internally. Like I said, we know who them and they are. If you not us, you’re either them or they.
Regis It
Regis It 2 oy oldin
@Redacted Yautja can't hate your own, semites are/were historically black; Study real history
Ziad Eissa
Ziad Eissa 2 oy oldin
1:02 He couldn’t care less about LeBron?? 🧢
Terrance Thomas
Terrance Thomas 4 kun oldin
You just now figure it out he doesn't Like Lebron at all?
#1 Thunder Fan
#1 Thunder Fan 2 oy oldin
And Lebron, right truth??
monojuice Oy oldin
DoubleChampion2020 umm okay? What does that have to do with the fact that they’re the reason why the Celtics formed a superteam? Lol, and that just proves my point
DoubleChampion2020 Oy oldin
@monojuice That 07 Cavs team was not that good, them making it to the finals was a joke lol the east was at it's weakest then! And they can thank their stars Gilbert Arenas was out for the entire playoffs. 🎤 drop*
Manu 06
Manu 06 Oy oldin
Rusty pierce ain’t worthy to be talked about with these all-time greats.
Rusty Oy oldin
Manu 06 Who said he was? I’m just telling you why he doesn’t respect LeBron like that
Manu 06
Manu 06 Oy oldin
Rusty don’t matter. It’s stupid to think pierce is on the same level with guys like kobe, dwade, and bron.
Bobby Tsunami
Bobby Tsunami 2 oy oldin
paul the LiE pierce & kg the fraud sTiLL hating on bRoN for breaking they hearts #suckas
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