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4 oy oldin

Baseball legend Ken Griffey Jr. joins Matt and Stephen on episode 42 of All The Smoke to reflect on his Hall Of Fame career. Griffey talks about his home runs, opens up about injuries and discusses the steroid era. He also dives into Michael Jordan's time in the sport.
Recorded on April 30th, 2020
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SHOWTIME Basketball
SHOWTIME Basketball 4 oy oldin
1:37 - Quarantine Life 5:02 - Golden Gloves 9:33 - 2020 NBA Hall Of Fame Class/Kobe 14:20 - Struggling To Play In Front Of Dad/Playing On Same Team w/ Dad 27:30 - MJ and baseball/Nike Shoe Deal 56:30 - Drafted #1, Early Years, Current Day MLB 1:16:20 - Steroid Era 1:20:12 - Playing with A-Rod During His Early Years 1:25:05 - Being an MLB Player during 9/11 1:31:20 - Injuries/Retirement 1:43:06 - Inducted Into Hall Of Fame in 2015 01:51:02 - NBA Talk
L P III 3 oy oldin
Quietly flexin with the gold gloves behind him
Manwell Rnegron
Manwell Rnegron 3 oy oldin
I want Ivan the purge Rodriguez here asap
Paully J
Paully J 4 oy oldin
@Chad Jackson say that ✊🏾
Mac Yoda
Mac Yoda 4 oy oldin
Keep the interviews coming my ninjaz
Rob Hill
Rob Hill 4 oy oldin
You want it opp
Gtha3rd Ruff
Gtha3rd Ruff 9 kun oldin
Them gold gloves tho... !!!!
Brandon Jackson
Brandon Jackson 9 kun oldin
My favorite baseball player of all time and he did it the right way.
Charles Evans
Charles Evans 17 kun oldin
I got his rookie card
Hidden Secrets
Hidden Secrets 20 kun oldin
I wish I could talk to Grifffey. A lot of Cincinnati fans were hard on him, but not everyone feels that way. I have a ton of respect for what he did in Cincy. He never gave up. He kept getting knocked down and kept getting back up. He didn't have to. He could have retired after the 98 season and been a HOFer. He did it for the love of the game. I always cheered for Griffey, no matter the year. I know he got a hard time from media and some fans, but his time in Cincy also meant a lot to a lot of people, myself included.
alfred belford
alfred belford 24 kun oldin
ken griffey jr barry bonds frank thomas and strawberry ...never liked baseball but id watch for these players
G4 Vision
G4 Vision Oy oldin
I'm a Black Man who is a baseball fan, and this interview set these cats on a different mountain.
Alberto Burgos
Alberto Burgos Oy oldin
Yall need to bring Barry bonds on
Alberto Burgos
Alberto Burgos Oy oldin
One of the goats and he did it clean in the steriod era and his career leaves a big if those years in Cincinnati he doest break down hes the homerun king
Brandon Moskos
Brandon Moskos Oy oldin
Nobody was better than Griffey in his prime. NOBODY
OhSoGhost Oy oldin
My favorite player of all time, i was soo excited to see this episode
Southpaw 76
Southpaw 76 Oy oldin
Will never be another one like him. One of the all time greats, and great example on and off the field. Awesome.
Tipzyyy Oy oldin
People to get... Zbo & Tony Allen - You can talk about upsetting a 1 seed as an 8 Damian Lillard kareem abdul jabbar Allen Iverson Bo Jackson (that would be amazing) Mike Tyson Javale Mcgee reggie bush tori hunter fernando tatis jr.
Tipzyyy Oy oldin
I know I'm going to get some flack for including javale but he would be an amazing interview
Karim Parker
Karim Parker 2 oy oldin
You guys have to get magic on. I swear he's one of the best story tellers
nate green
nate green 2 oy oldin
One of the best to ever do it
macdabluepanther 2 oy oldin
Ken Griffey Jr. was my fav before Andruw Jones came along due to me being a life-long Braves fan, but Jr. is the best CF in history IMO. The Kid was dope af!!! I molded my game after him and Andruw Jones.
Cody Foster
Cody Foster 2 oy oldin
I thought they were talking to David Lucas. I was like yoooooo David made it.
fresco brigante
fresco brigante 2 oy oldin
Class Act
Sol Matic
Sol Matic 3 oy oldin
Yall got the Kid on, smh that's major.
MILES THE GOAT 3 oy oldin
WildOne KY
WildOne KY 3 oy oldin
He said he traded in a car one time because he didn’t get a hit that day driving it. (Superstitious 😳)
WildOne KY
WildOne KY 3 oy oldin
JR, most natural swing I have ever seen! But MAN! Put some Bass in ur voice my Guy! 🔊 🔊🔊
MrGalgalanda 3 oy oldin
why you have this black adolf on the bottom left corner? is it on duetschland tv?
Drink Water
Drink Water 3 oy oldin
“I’m not a display guy”... 12:50 minutes later 😂
Glen Walters
Glen Walters 3 oy oldin
No one will ever play the game in this day and age with the heart and hustle like Junior did. I always say that he played the game hard and without the fear of injury because he legitimately loved playing it.
peteroc4 3 oy oldin
The man knew he could play in the big league(Defensively) at 14 yrs old. WOOOOW!
Robb Wolf
Robb Wolf 3 oy oldin
Thank you for having JR on! Great interview
Xclusive Dynasty Era
Xclusive Dynasty Era 3 oy oldin
Stack and Matt fan out too hard, they constantly promote idolizing man huge sin, I strickly came for Griffey.
Hampton 3 oy oldin
Dope episode with one of the best to ever do it on the diamond!!!
HEAT1996 3 oy oldin
A lot of people don't realize, Seattle Mariners Griffey Jr. during the 90s was the closest thing MLB ever had to Michael Jordan.
Jamaul Johnson
Jamaul Johnson 3 oy oldin
I would love to see Baron Davis, speak on working for Donald Sterling and how he felt after his College injury, and your experiences with him, Also mention his involvement with the Drew! I don't mean Uncle Drew
William Gates III
William Gates III 3 oy oldin
The REAL goat. The steroid free goat is the realest one.
Jourdan X
Jourdan X 3 oy oldin
Gualano Davis
Gualano Davis 3 oy oldin
Tiger Woods would be absolutely dope. Would love to hear him talk more about his life and professional career. Also know he’s a big basketball fan too I know he got some Kobe stories he can share with us
Cowboy 3 oy oldin
love the show guys. keep up the excellent work
Justin Davis
Justin Davis 3 oy oldin
Ken Griffey Jr one of the most popular and productive baseball players ever. Scary what could have been if he didn't get hurt and he was already great. Im glad he's doing well and he's comfortable in his own skin. Shoutout to Matt and Jack for another great episode
Rob Van Dam
Rob Van Dam 3 oy oldin
Get Mike Tyson on this!!
JJ Edwards
JJ Edwards 3 oy oldin
No one noticed Matt trolling him at 11:50 with all the “uhs”
qtluv27 3 oy oldin
Much respect to baseball royalty. But... I'm not really feeling the energy in this interview. #weird
Lavert Nero
Lavert Nero 3 oy oldin
I saw Jr and his dad play together in Baltimore.
Lavert Nero
Lavert Nero 3 oy oldin
My kids understand now, but growing up they couldn't understand why I tried to make everyone of their games. That's because my dad only came to 2 of my games. And it still bothers me at 50. So don't ever sacrifice your kids events for nothing!
Hooper 3 oy oldin
Him and Bonds 🔥 two best swings ever
Zackary Bates
Zackary Bates 3 oy oldin
The word G.O.A.T is used for everything now a days .. He is the definition of the Greatest of All Time!!! I salute you Ken Griffey Jr.
Chosen Uno
Chosen Uno 4 oy oldin
The two athletes that I looked up to the were Ken Griffey Jr. and Barry Bonds, mainly because we are all southpaws and baseball is my favorite sport to play. They were the two styles that I emulated the most, Bonds having that short compact swing and Griffey with the equally smooth swing as me (lol)! On the defense side of things they were as equally as spectacular. My favorite all around baseball players because as I stated earlier, we are all lefties. Now that I see that they interviewed Griffey, I would like to see them interview Bonds. Honestly, I doubt that Bonds will accept an interview, because he has never really been much of a social friendly person especially with the media!
Alexander Gallant
Alexander Gallant 4 oy oldin
Ken Griffey Jr. and Ken Griffey Sr. all time greats.
Alex Lilley
Alex Lilley 4 oy oldin
Bob Sanders next
patrick y
patrick y 4 oy oldin
I'm just glad Junior never let his ego get in the way and took PEDS.He let his natural talent speak for him.I wish Bonds did the same and not tarnish his legacy.If I ever find out Griffey or Jeter did PEDS, then I'll look at EVERYBODY from that era sideways.Both those guys have my utmost respect.
C Shan
C Shan 4 oy oldin
This a grown man bro to those who think he's boring. Class, no cuss, etc... It don't always have to be about smoking blunts and cussing. Be versatile!!
C Shan
C Shan 4 oy oldin
This don't seem like the same guy who grabbed his nuts when he played my Tigers!
Marcel Cadiz
Marcel Cadiz 4 oy oldin
Ken Griffey. I really appreciate and was entertained by your interview. Furthermore, you made it being trained on how to Swerve through questions.. Very cool!! Anyone take note of that?
Kareem Pringle
Kareem Pringle 4 oy oldin
What a guest, what a legend
Anson Martin
Anson Martin 4 oy oldin
"The Kid" Ken Griffey Jr, Man growing up in the 90s This Dude Brought Easy Cool and Swagger to Baseball, The first Major Leaguer to Turn that Ball Cap Backwards, and The Sweetest Lefty Swing in The Game! 💯
Zen Master
Zen Master 4 oy oldin
My manz got at least 9 GGs behind him...
man Gila
man Gila 4 oy oldin
Sweetest stroke all time in MLB EVER
Walter Ivy
Walter Ivy 4 oy oldin
He talking about his house is the hugest flex.
PlatinumState 4 oy oldin
Did he say he traded in cars because he didnt get any head in it, or get hit in it?
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez 4 oy oldin
Stephen Jackson a freemason look it up his dad was in the occult in port Arthur Texas he posted it himself would be following in his dads footsteps
K A 4 oy oldin
Griffey great player but boring interviewer ... one of the weakest episodes of ATS
Michael Goyette-Legare
Michael Goyette-Legare 4 oy oldin
Big fan of the show and the new thing with the picture and name of the "segment" is really dope!
Edgeof561 1
Edgeof561 1 4 oy oldin
Tell Nike release the kicks again!!
Damon M
Damon M 4 oy oldin
Sweetest swing in baseball period!!
Damon M
Damon M 4 oy oldin
Wearing a pair of his shoes today. The Griffey Max 2 were the shit back in the day.
Steven Pena
Steven Pena 4 oy oldin
Always liked Griffey low key no ego. Hes a class act true sportsmanship. Was an incredibly talented player.
Don Ovan
Don Ovan 4 oy oldin
Father/Son bk2bk HR... Ancestry 🔥 #MelaninChronicles 🦸🏿‍♀️💪💯
llong3316 4 oy oldin
That shit got uncomfortable when Griff mentioned Vivica...somebody hit 😂
Anthony Lyn
Anthony Lyn 4 oy oldin
Can we get Ricky Williams 🙏🏿
Jesse Hunt
Jesse Hunt 4 oy oldin
Retro Gaming
Retro Gaming 4 oy oldin
He’s like the calmest person ever
Gary Bush
Gary Bush 4 oy oldin
One of the greatest baseball players in the history of the sport
MR ME 4 oy oldin
Noel Billberry
Noel Billberry 4 oy oldin
Will Ken
Will Ken 4 oy oldin
Junior so humble it’s a breath of fresh air. We loss that part that makes greatnesses....GREAT!
Raheem 4 oy oldin
The Kid is the goat I respect him and Jeter so much, they didn’t give into the pressure of taking roids like so many others in the 90s and 2000s
Tommy Tyler jr
Tommy Tyler jr 4 oy oldin
Much love cousin was the biggest junior fan outside of people in seattle and cincy. He died in 2006 and was buried in dearborn michigan with both griffey seattle and cincy jerseys in his casket. Some things r bigger than sports he never met him but best believe when he played our tigers he was there to watch the kid play all out. Thanks to him for always playin the game full tilt balls out in the field and at the plate!
Chris A.
Chris A. 4 oy oldin
This was a great interview. Very insightful.
Trend Sports
Trend Sports 4 oy oldin
Seth Francis
Seth Francis 4 oy oldin
This show is so good. So refreshing to hear all of these honest stories and really makes me wonder what the point of these clickbait talk shows are. You guys set the format for the future forsure
Jack Weigand
Jack Weigand 4 oy oldin
Favorite athlete of all time!!! Go M’s baby
Lonnie Jolly
Lonnie Jolly 4 oy oldin
This man use to give it the yankees.
marco gonzalez
marco gonzalez 4 oy oldin
Mays , Griffey , or Trout ?
Lonnie Jolly
Lonnie Jolly 4 oy oldin
The jordan of his era to never win a ring
Youtubefan2017 4 oy oldin
Seems like a real down to Earth Dad, man I want a drone now.
PJ Rose Face
PJ Rose Face 4 oy oldin
God dammit Ken Griffey Jr is cooler than the other side of the pillow.
Brandon Dicks
Brandon Dicks 4 oy oldin
By far. He had the sweetest baseball stance ever.
Marcel Cadiz
Marcel Cadiz 4 oy oldin
Yo Matt.. (I'm no psychologist) but u seem a wee bit withdrawn always. Maybe its time to explore & complete your self a lil bit. By clearing your mind? ( & stop smoking brother )
Jimmy P
Jimmy P 4 oy oldin
junior literally has no room for all his trophies LOL
Daniel Lyons
Daniel Lyons 4 oy oldin
Love Griffey and love the pod but you could tell that the guys are not big baseball guys/ didn’t connect with Griffey as much as others guests. Still entertaining to here one of the greats but the guys especially Jax weren’t at the same level of engagement that they usually are.
captlucky 23
captlucky 23 4 oy oldin
1:09 is why Derek Jeter is the most over rated player ever listen to what he says about hitting in front of great hitters
captlucky 23
captlucky 23 4 oy oldin
@M W percieved by idiots mo is the reason for all the Yanks success Jeter would be Walt waise had he gone anywhere else
M W 4 oy oldin
How Jete is perceived ain't gonna change because you can't stand it, Slappy.
Trevon Mccovery
Trevon Mccovery 4 oy oldin favorite baseball player of all time
James Jamaica
James Jamaica 4 oy oldin
Let's just be honest this man was a black super hero in the 90s
Warren Davison
Warren Davison 4 oy oldin
#allthesmoke can we get terrace Crawford Mike Tyson or Tyson fury thanks in advance
Robert Cabrera
Robert Cabrera 4 oy oldin
Maaaannn those Griffeys were and probably still are the best shoe ever.
Joel Rico Duran
Joel Rico Duran 4 oy oldin
Can you imagine if Griffey would’ve stayed healthy. He will probably be the greatest baseball player of all time
Michael Frazier
Michael Frazier 4 oy oldin
The Great Baseball player
J V 4 oy oldin
The Kid. Legend. Good job bruh.
Moxman 4 oy oldin
Ken Griffey the sweetest swing in the history if baseball. A 5 tool player and 10 gold gloves. The greatest of all time.
Dwyane Wade
Dwyane Wade 4 oy oldin
Great interview! Does anyone know who is coming on next?
Mr. SpeakOnIt
Mr. SpeakOnIt 4 oy oldin
OH We see the Gold gloves Big Dog! Griffey the Great.
M W 4 oy oldin
Only way it happens in football is if the father was a kicker or punter. Jeff Feagles' kid, had he been even halfway worthwhile, could have potentially done it. Maybe with how these QBs hang around, but it will be even more ultra rare in NFL if it ever happens.
Stebbie J
Stebbie J 4 oy oldin
Straight legend. I wanted to play baseball bc of him
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