John Wall Remembers The 2009-2010 Star-Studded Kentucky Basketball Team | ALL THE SMOKE

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John Wall tells stories about his 2009-2010 season at Kentucky and talks about what its like playing for John Calipari.
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Terry Smith
Terry Smith Kun oldin
It's truly a one of a kind experience in College.
Dave Saunders
Dave Saunders 13 kun oldin
John Wall can't read a book
drew combs
drew combs 4 oy oldin
As a die hard fan the west Virginia game hurt so much more than the Wisconsin game.
Luke Thompson
Luke Thompson 5 oy oldin
Lol Kentucky not just basketball and horses Louisville ky a city city
Marie Madison
Marie Madison 5 oy oldin
John Wall 5x all-star 1x champ 1x MVP Best PG in East enough said
Tyler Hartsell
Tyler Hartsell 3 oy oldin
Marie Madison lol but fr though before he got hurt he actually was the best pg in the East. I’ve always thought he was much better than Kyrie.. and any other PG in the East. Imo before he got hurt he was the third best pg behind Steph and CP3
Marie Madison
Marie Madison 3 oy oldin
@Tyler Hartsell I know never LoL
Tyler Hartsell
Tyler Hartsell 3 oy oldin
Lych03G or a champ... lol
Lych03G 5 oy oldin
When was he MVP
El Hombre Negro
El Hombre Negro 5 oy oldin
That test is hard but i focused it and passed it too The ACT
Steve Diego dela Vega
Steve Diego dela Vega 5 oy oldin
That team should have won the national title that year loaded with NBA talent
SupermanHopkins 5 oy oldin
Colin Cowherd sees John Wall laughing and is *furious!* 🤣
Robert Lane
Robert Lane 5 oy oldin
PG county is just different when it comes to basketball
Logan H
Logan H 5 oy oldin
I miss John Wall. I liked him early in his career until the 2013 playoffs (Wizards beat Bulls 4-1), but it's been awhile and he was fun to watch. I'd practice his 360 spin layup in the driveway and hurt myself every single time. Dude is a straight up baller
Eric S
Eric S 5 oy oldin
Back when sec sucked
Isaiah Watson
Isaiah Watson 5 oy oldin
They was fried typing this title. It’s okay yal.
H E 5 oy oldin
Hopefully he comes back stronger and peaks alongside Beal, but if Durant comes back healthy the Eastern conference is done for
Graymont to Los Angeles
Graymont to Los Angeles 5 oy oldin
Never understood the John Wall hate. He’s a true baller and probably the best PG in the east.
Tyler Hartsell
Tyler Hartsell 3 oy oldin
Idk get why people say wall hasn’t played in a minute he played just last season like holy fuck.. lmao. He will be back and will be fine. Yes he is the best point guard in the East imo. Always been better than Kyrie. I think wall should look for a trade to get to Milwaukee and team up with giannis and his boy Eric Bledsoe that’d be fire.
Lawrence Reid
Lawrence Reid 4 oy oldin
3 are better
nature718 5 oy oldin
Graymont is an idiot 😂
Liverpool 777
Liverpool 777 5 oy oldin
@Graymont to Los Angeles kyrie always hurt but john wall isnt ??
Graymont to Los Angeles
Graymont to Los Angeles 5 oy oldin
@Ky Well Kyrie is either always hurt, not making his teammates better, or getting ran out of town. Plus the Celtics and Nets had better records WITHOUT him, numbnuts.
Wounded Viking
Wounded Viking 5 oy oldin
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Schuyler Savage
Schuyler Savage 3 oy oldin
This is awesome! I’m so glad that it when you were able to truly come to feel that looks don’t define you and should not be what define anyone, you wanted to share and promote that with others!! I don’t want to be rude and act like I know what you have been through. I am so sorry for what happened to you. I do want to say, though, that I also truly believe that what matters is not on the outside. I can’t help that in some ways I’m still conditioned by society to place too much value on looks, but I’m always working on detaching from that because I know deep down that it is not important. Who someone is as a human being is what makes them beautiful. I don’t think admiring beauty is the issue with society, I think it’s that we think beauty is something purely physical. Beauty is an energy, it’s metaphysical. It’s so much more powerful than just someone’s face and features. It radiates from ones soul and the depths of their being. From what you say, I bet you are one of the most beautiful people in any room. Keep on spreading the word sir!
Renzo 5 oy oldin
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