John Wall on Allen Iverson: 'He Was My Idol' | ALL THE SMOKE

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Wizards star point guard John Wall talks with Matt and Stephen about his relationship with Allen Iverson and how AI impacted his career.
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Amiza's view
Amiza's view 2 oy oldin
Respect Wall! wish you kill next season. Appreciate for saluting AI.
Matthew Paul
Matthew Paul 5 oy oldin
Stack jack a real dude been a fan for years
Robert Knights show
Robert Knights show 5 oy oldin
I lost my mom at 13. I know what he meant about being at peace with his mom leaving. I had the same talk with God, in the hallway after seeing my mom fight for 4 months😢 I told God that I can “handle it” and she died later that night 😢 but I told God I can handle it and I have been for 20 years now!! God bless everyone who has lost their parents 💪🏾💯
Broderick Simpson
Broderick Simpson 5 oy oldin
I've always thought Brad Beal was a solid dude. The story JWall told proves that to be true.
Igwe Heshima
Igwe Heshima 5 oy oldin
Allen Iverson should have told him the truth go to Nike I fucked up
Comicman 06
Comicman 06 5 oy oldin
Did you see Len bias
Hamilton Massey II
Hamilton Massey II 5 oy oldin
As for many of us.
Heisman Deleon
Heisman Deleon 5 oy oldin
Dope podcast. Y'all do a really good job of humanizing athletes.
Blue Kobe_12
Blue Kobe_12 5 oy oldin
Man my Heart Goes our to these Brothers. Real People
jose correia
jose correia 5 oy oldin
🤔🤔🤔 🔥🔥
Carl For President Anthony
Carl For President Anthony 5 oy oldin
That would explain the non championship career all that dopeness
Francis John Lozares
Francis John Lozares 5 oy oldin
My Mom also left me when I was 29 because of pneumonia. I was so hurt, lost and confused. I feel you John and Matt. Nothing compares the pain of losing a mother.
Sneaker Head
Sneaker Head 5 oy oldin
AI a living legend pay homeage
Sneaker Head
Sneaker Head 5 oy oldin
Basketball County gone be lit 🔥
vincent vici
vincent vici 5 oy oldin
john wall even sounds like ai
Hammad Maqbool
Hammad Maqbool 5 oy oldin
This is so tough to watch :(
just a white guy
just a white guy 5 oy oldin
Dude played 40 games in 3 years and still got a fat contract, love to see it!
Prince O.
Prince O. 5 oy oldin
He got that fat contract because of what he did in 2017.
Jon Jon Campbell
Jon Jon Campbell 5 oy oldin
Damn u can tell both Wall & Matt voice was cracking during that. Real Talk n Stax a pro fa jus lettin dem chop it up on a deep level n not wanna jus throw his cents jus ta b heard. Captain Jack gotta b n my top 5 fa sho nias in all sports. I don't know the list per say but he's on it. Off Top
Jon Jon Campbell
Jon Jon Campbell 5 oy oldin
Maad Love ta u John Wall RIP ta yo Moms!! I remember I was in Berkeley jail when John Wall n Cousins lost in tha NCAA i was so sad n maad as a grown man. Dat was my fave team besides Fab 5
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson 5 oy oldin
Reggie Bush & John Wall Are My Favorite College Athletes Of All Time !
Joshua Black
Joshua Black 5 oy oldin
Very similar when I lost my amazing mother, Maria “Lola” in 2015 💯🙏🏽 Smh... This was amazing 😎
Grim R
Grim R 2 oy oldin father in 2001. Same story
krazywu 5 oy oldin
john wall is quarantined quarantined that haircut is fucked lol jk
Julian Radillo12
Julian Radillo12 5 oy oldin
Simon from The Maccabees is my idol. Yall idolized this feminine players with Grecian fashions. Smh! Wake up you tall dummies!
Julian Radillo12
Julian Radillo12 5 oy oldin
Christopher White
Christopher White 5 oy oldin
STACK you a real good person bro. You always there for people you care about.
Kat Lap
Kat Lap 5 oy oldin
His mom stories hit hard, I lost my mom too, was there for her last 6 months, can’t say more
Aaron Scudder
Aaron Scudder 5 oy oldin
Celestial Prime
Celestial Prime 5 oy oldin
I fucks with Wall the long way, that niggas a beast on 2K 👌🏾
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley 5 oy oldin
MrBlackceasar1 5 oy oldin
Man 😞......I can hear the pain in his voice. Sorry for your loss brother.
New Legacy Sports
New Legacy Sports 5 oy oldin
Natedrink 1
Natedrink 1 5 oy oldin
Maddest Sports
Maddest Sports 5 oy oldin
John wall was the first elite PG I ever saw; he’d put on a show in Durham,NC for free shit was so lit at the pro-am
rizenhower1 5 oy oldin
AI had to fight so be an affectionate person. It turns out he wasn’t such a thug, he was naive and feared abandonment.
Darien Santiago
Darien Santiago 5 oy oldin
Dope ass convo! RESPECT
Broadway Black
Broadway Black 5 oy oldin
This shit hit home bro I needed this , Happy Birthday to me R.I.P Mom
Carl Bridgewater
Carl Bridgewater 5 oy oldin
He was his idol? He play like he grew up watching Smush Parker!!
Prince O.
Prince O. 5 oy oldin
Carl Bridgewater You mean the one where was playing a HS kid from his OWN camp and wasn’t even going 100%? Yeah
Carl Bridgewater
Carl Bridgewater 5 oy oldin
People sticking up for John wall now John wall is ass
Carl Bridgewater
Carl Bridgewater 5 oy oldin
Prince O. I saw John wall play a high school kid when he was like 2 or 3 years in the league and he almost lost
Makaveli X
Makaveli X 5 oy oldin
U SLEEP! 🤦🏾‍♂️
Prince O.
Prince O. 5 oy oldin
Carl Bridgewater Im a take a wild guess and say you haven’t seen John Wall’s highlights or high school mixtapes
King B
King B 5 oy oldin
John Wall was the best pg in the league Let's argue
JeSko S2
JeSko S2 5 oy oldin
Top 3 so yeah, at one point he was number one.
Terry Smith
Terry Smith 5 oy oldin
I love my momma, too.
Kat Lap
Kat Lap 5 oy oldin
Terry Smith, I lost my mom 2 years ago, my beSt friend, cherish your mom, I dream of mine every other day
Deb H.
Deb H. 5 oy oldin
Allen is my all time favorite!
Rainey J
Rainey J 5 oy oldin
Respect for John Wall 🙏🏿
Marc Oliver
Marc Oliver 5 oy oldin
damn this was a deep one,, Be blessed
loo'toot tootsie
loo'toot tootsie 5 oy oldin
I know you sad brother, but your your mother's are smiling on you💯❤ "Gotta Love the Womant"!
Gerald Horn
Gerald Horn 5 oy oldin
Its hardest thing next to a mother losing a child is a child losing their mother nomatter the ages its a pain that never goes away!
gerard bain
gerard bain 5 oy oldin
Losing your mother is really a life changing experience. Mine passed away almost 19 years ago and I still get emotional whenever I think of the day she passed.
Broadway Black
Broadway Black 5 oy oldin
Gerald Horn I’m going through that now at 24 just turning 25 today it don’t even feel real
Candice Smith
Candice Smith 5 oy oldin
Prayers are with you both! Our Moms are our everything ❤️🙏🏾❤️
blic leak
blic leak 5 oy oldin
We forget about these things that really matter you know. We see athletes acting like emotionless killers on the floor but what really matters ia what they do off of it
Shove This L Up Your Ass
Shove This L Up Your Ass 5 oy oldin
shashank tyagi
shashank tyagi 5 oy oldin
John wall are legend bro.....
don't hate regulate
don't hate regulate 5 oy oldin
Rest in peace to your mother, my father, my brother, my friends ans friends friends and family, and everyone who has lost anyone. Don't let stupid fight get between you and your loved ones. Make sure to make things right. It's bigger than you ❤️
Joey theGent
Joey theGent Oy oldin
Ameen my friend
don't hate regulate
don't hate regulate 5 oy oldin
@Kat Lap same for you bro. Appreciate your reply for the other brother, love seeing that we all can give love across the net! Never let the disappointment of the world fade us out. Always stay stong and not loose our mission in life... Our fam would never want that either. Let's be strong and get moving and control our emotions and be nice to our family, friends and the next person
don't hate regulate
don't hate regulate 5 oy oldin
@Broadway Black rest in peace to your mother. She would love for you and your fam to go on and take care of each other. I hope from the bottom of my heart that your pain fades away to some extent soon bro. One love ♥️♥️
Kat Lap
Kat Lap 5 oy oldin
JC Blvck, your mom will come in your dreams, like mine, it leaves you numb but that love never dies, never god bless to your mom and my mom
Broadway Black
Broadway Black 5 oy oldin
don't hate regulate Facts my mom just passed last week bro and my birthday today. Shit don’t even feel right. R.I.P to your Pops and your brother
Gil Quick
Gil Quick 5 oy oldin
He reminds me nothing of AI
Rich Honorable
Rich Honorable 5 oy oldin
Gil Quick he’s not suppose know, people can be themselves too 😕
Nebu Martínez
Nebu Martínez 5 oy oldin
Kyrie is the closest to IV3 but still doesn't have the raw emotions IVERSON had.
Stretch Armstrong
Stretch Armstrong 5 oy oldin
Bernard Spann he grew up in north jersey stop giving out false information
LA Confidential
LA Confidential 5 oy oldin
Bernard Spann Kyrie only lived in Australia until he was 2 because his dad played professionally there. He grew up in Jersey and reps USA for international play.
RobbyBean 5 oy oldin
Dame closer to Iverson than both of them. 💯
JeSko S2
JeSko S2 5 oy oldin
Morant is closer to A.I., A.I. did dunks, putback dunks, put bigs on posters, Kyrie can't do that. Kyrie has better handles do.
Splash Static
Splash Static 5 oy oldin
Ja Morant
Eyjeeey 5 oy oldin
They forgot john wall so quick, hope you come back stronger and compete again for top pg in the east.
Eyjeeey 5 oy oldin
@j317 u think why kd left? they are superteam bro. He won ring, you know their ego will hit them. I bet klay will leave the warriors.
j317 5 oy oldin
@Eyjeeey u sound ridiculous everyone needs teammates going to a team by yourself with no talent proves absolutely nothing even if u get them to the playoffs
Eyjeeey 5 oy oldin
@King B curry will never prove anyone till he leave a warriors and build his own team. Its either klay or him leave gsw
King B
King B 5 oy oldin
I low-key think he better than curry
Eyjeeey 5 oy oldin
@Shove This L Up Your Ass let play him again to see if he comeback the same, im rooting for him. He is my my fav pg in the east and kemba. fvck kyrie 😂
Anthony Sanchez
Anthony Sanchez 5 oy oldin
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