JJ Redick | Ep 47 | ALL THE SMOKE Full Episode | SHOWTIME Basketball

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Pelicans guard JJ Redick joins the show for episode 47. He talks with Matt and Stak about the current Pelicans team including discussing Zion's ceiling and Jrue Holiday. Redick also discusses his time with the Clippers, playing against Kobe and KG, and playing alongside Jimmy Butler in Philly.
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Jazz Warren
Jazz Warren 32 daqiqa oldin
Rexxxon 8 soat oldin
30:12 for the Orlando years talk
Mae Magtibay
Mae Magtibay Kun oldin
I love how in this podcast everyone is just really having a good conversation. ❣️
Mae Magtibay
Mae Magtibay Kun oldin
Get MJ here! 💞
Why So Serious
Why So Serious 3 kun oldin
Y’all need to get Shumpert on here
CJ Owens
CJ Owens 3 kun oldin
This is so much better to watch when you’re high lol. They are hilarious
flytii 3 kun oldin
thumbnail look like sue bird
Ellie Myers
Ellie Myers 3 kun oldin
Love Matt.....But, as a SIxers fan, just know that Tobias wasn't picked over Jimmy. There were some issues management and Brett had w/Jimmy, but, we wanted him back. After he decided to move on, then we maxed Tobias because we couldn't afford to lose both of them. Now, management didn't really want JJ back, mostly due to his struggles defensively (he got torched vs. Boston, and got fairly torched vs Toronto)....But, if management decided to bring him back, the fanbase would've been cool with it.
Shaw Briggs
Shaw Briggs 4 kun oldin
I want to see Skip to my Lou aka Rafter Alston on All of the Smoke!!
Big Aluminum
Big Aluminum 4 kun oldin
Who can't wait for November 4th
Big Aluminum
Big Aluminum 4 kun oldin
Top 3 basketball podcast and one of the best episodes love jj
Straight2 DaLeague
Straight2 DaLeague 4 kun oldin
Vasi Medley
Vasi Medley 5 kun oldin
Philly definitely F'ed up letting JJ & Jimmy go ... SO many teams in the league don't VALUE chemistry as a crucial part of their ROI ... IMO no chemistry no championship, Bless Up to @allthesmoke
Rose Buds
Rose Buds 5 kun oldin
ATM fell off, disagree you cappin huard
TheKos2Kos 5 kun oldin
This is my favorite podcast. And after jj mentioned that voting website, I finally requested my absentee ballot. Took three minutes for real. Thank you @all the smoke
YAWSH 6 kun oldin
Surprised that Redick put Ben Simmons out of all the people are his top 5 players he's played with.
Jack Connolly
Jack Connolly 6 kun oldin
God damn I love Matt Barnes
Charles Odenigbo
Charles Odenigbo 6 kun oldin
Get Derrick rose on here
Jay Cruz
Jay Cruz 6 kun oldin
Elite top 5
drake chambers
drake chambers 7 kun oldin
Great interview
Jersey Cane
Jersey Cane 8 kun oldin
Great show. NBA players in the bubble now know how military personnel with family's feel when they are deployed.
caden halford
caden halford 8 kun oldin
Love all the smoke and jrue is so underrated and think if the lakers add someone jrue is the guy would love to see jrue get a ring
PengxueYG 8 kun oldin
JJ Redick is black 26:39
Jae Jizzle
Jae Jizzle 9 kun oldin
I love the picture of lil Reese in the back in Matt crib
Jeffrey Douglas
Jeffrey Douglas 9 kun oldin
Matt "Absolutely" Barnes. Got to say he's really good at this though.
Mr Putnam
Mr Putnam 10 kun oldin
I’ve always had respect ✊🏿 for JJ, He has always been in shape always played at a high-level and Black people love him lol
Dalords Will
Dalords Will 10 kun oldin
Love these guys they the real ones jj a real nigga literally 💯
cWitDaTrees 10 kun oldin
No begging segment?
Mitchell Johnston
Mitchell Johnston 11 kun oldin
Stephen, you obviously don't know what you're doing and you sound like a third grader asking every NBA guy you interview "what was Matt like as a team mate.". Like dude you were on his team once
Jonathan Kuykendall
Jonathan Kuykendall 11 kun oldin
We in New Orleans appreciate you as well💯
Brandon Alonzo
Brandon Alonzo 11 kun oldin
Damn this show is great!
Theresa Thomas
Theresa Thomas 12 kun oldin
I would like to hear Mike Tomlin's perspective on CWB in the NFL
Theresa Thomas
Theresa Thomas 12 kun oldin
28:27 true; 29:02 also true
Douglas Branham II
Douglas Branham II 13 kun oldin
JJ is dope as fuck!
Nkugwa Brick
Nkugwa Brick 13 kun oldin
We need jimmy on here!!!
AJ Welsh
AJ Welsh 13 kun oldin
Real talk 🤙🏾
Linton Wong
Linton Wong 13 kun oldin
7:41 votesaveamerica.com 🗳 🗳 🗳
Aitor Navarro
Aitor Navarro 13 kun oldin
JJ come back to Philly!!! God I miss you and Jimmy on our squad. Reunite with coach Doc.
MV ADOT 13 kun oldin
List of people y’all need on this Carmelo Anthony Amare Stoudemire Jeremy Lin Andre Igoudola Stephon Marbury Jamal Crawford Rasheed Wallace Baron Davis
The Goat
The Goat 6 kun oldin
I wanna see Iggy up here
David Pascoal
David Pascoal 13 kun oldin
How did I know that it was D’Andre Jordan? Must be the funniest guy in the NBA! Excellent show 👌🏼 Make one with D’J too
Sus Chedda
Sus Chedda 14 kun oldin
I really enjoyed this episode. Makes me like JJ even more. I respect his game but now I respect him as a man... Love ✊🏿
Random Dinosaur
Random Dinosaur 14 kun oldin
yall need delonte west on the show
Bj Johnson
Bj Johnson 14 kun oldin
Jamal Mashburn episode??
Skylar Aretakis
Skylar Aretakis 14 kun oldin
I used to go to UCSD in 2008. I once called a guy from Israel a nigga in an argument. He was so offended he tried to fight me. That's real reverse racism. lol
Brandon Walke
Brandon Walke 14 kun oldin
Get Jr smith
Willie McIntosh
Willie McIntosh 14 kun oldin
i’m tryna see Dez bryant on here
God of Disco
God of Disco 14 kun oldin
jj is an idiot, of course african-americans can be racist lmao
EAZY 15 kun oldin
After this interview, i fucks with JJ
DeMarcus Sims
DeMarcus Sims 15 kun oldin
Please put d rose on the podcast
BJ Alex
BJ Alex 15 kun oldin
Admit it when he said “I was in New Orleans staying with Drew” all y’all thought he was talking about Brees 😂
bree 15 kun oldin
Jj da jarhead
Jorge Iznaga
Jorge Iznaga 15 kun oldin
Great conversation JJ is a great player and person big fan 👍
Jeffry Sandoval
Jeffry Sandoval 15 kun oldin
am i tripping or was jj crying when he talked about the last chance he had to get a championship? around 37:00
LifeOnHardMode 8 kun oldin
he was getting emotional yes
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams 15 kun oldin
JJ. Redick!.. Had no idea you were this cool my dude!.. Salute!
big easy
big easy 16 kun oldin
Did Jacks just leave? in the middle of this? did i miss something??
Nate 16 kun oldin
All the smoke, The pat mcafee show and all the MMA pods are the new sports hub. What a time
Evan James
Evan James 16 kun oldin
JJ, the King of the Echo Chamber, thinks twitter is an echo chamber. Lol he’s had ONLY ppl that agree with him politically on his show.
Joshua Reynolds
Joshua Reynolds 16 kun oldin
JJ Reddick ending✊🏾💯
johnnie rod
johnnie rod 16 kun oldin
when will derek fisher invited to their show man ??? 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 .........
IGRojikku 16 kun oldin
The joy and smile on JJ’s face when Matt approved of “I feel like this is the type of podcast I should tell me stories on”. ABSOLUTELY!! THIS is the crossover we’ve BEEEEN waiting for JJ!!! 😤🤣🤣🤣 Loved this episode guys!! ❤️
Damien Scott
Damien Scott 16 kun oldin
JJ is further proof that "ALL" white ppl are not fkd up and racist...just most of them.
LifeOnHardMode 8 kun oldin
@Damien Scott The only thing you are living with is dementia and being brainwashed. You are entitled to your own opinions and but you aren't entitled to your own facts.
Damien Scott
Damien Scott 8 kun oldin
@LifeOnHardMode and as a black person living within a system of white supremacy i am the sole identifier of whats racist and whats not.
Damien Scott
Damien Scott 8 kun oldin
@LifeOnHardMode im black an theres no such thing as a black racist you idiot. Race is power based an were the most powerless ppl on the planet. So stop projecting your anti black racism onto me fk stick.
LifeOnHardMode 8 kun oldin
"most of them" - Typical ignorant moron. You are pretending to be the arbiter of what is racist and what isn't and you just proved your own racism.
Jon Gomez
Jon Gomez 17 kun oldin
One of the best episodes, hands down.
19texan75 17 kun oldin
Love you guys! ✊🏿✊🏾🤘🏽
Marcelo83 17 kun oldin
Get Roy Jones Jr on this.... great talker and person, loved listening to JJ, need to get Jamal Crawford on this!!! P.s the playoffs were shit, cancelled my league pass soon as all this blm stuff took over it's become unwatchable and total hypocrasy with the doncic situation, Barkley was spot on but shaq tried to shout him down, totally agree the timing blew it up but that's what it is now
Zachary Sid
Zachary Sid 17 kun oldin
All the smoke and the I am athlete podcast are killing it
Courtney Palmer
Courtney Palmer 17 kun oldin
Love de vibes..
Sean Lankarani
Sean Lankarani 17 kun oldin
They really talk about that clipper team like it was full of hall of famers lmao. Bruh y’all would have never beaten okc or Miami fucking let it go already. Great interview tho
Matt Mussenden
Matt Mussenden 17 kun oldin
🤣I wasn't expecting this video to be this good!
Kyle Conway
Kyle Conway 17 kun oldin
☠️☠️☠️☠️ that Al Bundy reference
Trell Aldridge
Trell Aldridge 17 kun oldin
Where the hell did stack go 👀
Micai George
Micai George 18 kun oldin
Broo y’all gotta get Russell Westbrook on here please!!😭
Steven Santiago
Steven Santiago 18 kun oldin
It’s not normal to be away from wife and kids for 7 weeks try deployment 😂
Q 4
Q 4 18 kun oldin
I feel like we all knew it was Deandra dumbass Jordan.
Armand Bercy
Armand Bercy 18 kun oldin
Yall need Chad Ochocinco on all the smoke
Mic SPARKS 18 kun oldin
Mic SPARKS 18 kun oldin
CRISS BLAZINY 18 kun oldin
How about Dem Cowgirls
How about Dem Cowgirls 18 kun oldin
They completely forgot about every other race
S Whit
S Whit 18 kun oldin
I hate Duke so much but after this interview I can say I like JJ. Tar Heels baby!
Josh Draper
Josh Draper 18 kun oldin
JJ clearly off his head on coke during this... couldn’t stop sniffling and fidgeting and he’s had a past with that among other things.
Vizzy 18 kun oldin
People want to get on the Clips now for blowing a 3-1 lead in the 2nd round Kawhi's first year, but the CP3 Clippers were the biggest letdowns of the entire franchise history.
Walter Eden Sanchez
Walter Eden Sanchez 18 kun oldin
You guys are the best and JJ is no slouch with his podcast too. This is a good episode.
Mo Breezzy
Mo Breezzy 18 kun oldin
As a black person JJ had a pass to say the n word if y’all think differently you can kiss my ass frfr🤷🏾‍♂️
bbchbbd 18 kun oldin
When did the racist come back with content? Last I heard he was saying Jews ran the world
Spenser Plant
Spenser Plant 18 kun oldin
When he said you can’t be racist to white people I had to turn it off. Such an absurd take, and lacking of any common sense. How can you say “I don’t believe in inverse racism” Anyone can be racist and to say it’s exclusively a white person thing is the most uninformed and honestly racist thing you could say.
EdRed 77
EdRed 77 18 kun oldin
Gotta get Jrue Holiday on the show! Too much love has been shown to not have him as a guest
JFrozo 18 kun oldin
Rashard Lewis
Sunrise Eternity
Sunrise Eternity 19 kun oldin
And jj isn't the only shooter that phili has let walk over the last 3 years. It makes no sense.
christianirons 19 kun oldin
JJ, top 5 shooters and no Larry Bird. Dummy.
Jason Tyson
Jason Tyson 19 kun oldin
And get the big baller Lavar on here
Jason Tyson
Jason Tyson 19 kun oldin
Bring in me7o
Jason Clark
Jason Clark 19 kun oldin
Danny green for jj would be great for the lakers
David Mejia
David Mejia 19 kun oldin
I love how he thinks it was funny what Montrez said but if it was the other way around Luka would be racist.
Elann Suvat
Elann Suvat 19 kun oldin
Jrue and Jimmy are one of the top blue collar NBA players. Jrue is reserved and Jimmy is more vocal. Both have great worth ethic.
Hyperactive914 19 kun oldin
Philly really traded away everyone jojo loved damn
Prime Fighting Champions
Prime Fighting Champions 19 kun oldin
I wish that the N word should be erased from our vocabulary before our children start using it.
Willie Adams
Willie Adams 19 kun oldin
Jimmy Butler and D Rose on the show together would be dope!
Ron 19 kun oldin
Please get Bo Jackson on here
rondo #9
rondo #9 19 kun oldin
1:33:15 I disagree with that for the fact that I was actually a fan of kd before he left but for me personally, THATS A WEAK ASS MOVE!!!! Theres nothing else to it.
Dylan Henne
Dylan Henne 19 kun oldin
Did he leave Steph off his top 5 shooters list?
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