JJ Redick On Guarding Kobe In 2009 Finals With Magic | ALL THE SMOKE | SHOWTIME BASKETBALL

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Pelicans guard JJ Redick discusses his 2009 finals run with Dwight Howard and the Magic and reveals what it was like guarding Kobe.
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thedirty530 23 soat oldin
JJ probably one of the only duke player I like ... Being a UNC fan
Kerric Reeves
Kerric Reeves 23 soat oldin
Real players Give It Up To kobe.. regular ham and Eggers straight hate emotionally blinded.... Kobe the only player in the history of the game to get MVP chants in more than half the League's road arenas!!! THAT MEANS he was doing something extremely incredible that stats don't show
Anthony Perez
Anthony Perez Kun oldin
Oh, and Stan just got hired by the Pelicans.
Clemond Brown
Clemond Brown 2 kun oldin
Kobe was my Jordan. I loved Kobe so much...I knew something was going to happen. Didn't know what. I binged on Kobe for 3 weeks straight, watched every playoff game and at the conclusion got happy had enough and then Kobe died. How crazy.
Michael Groskopf
Michael Groskopf 2 kun oldin
Much love to Up In Smoke...these 2 are real scrappers...they are hard as hell and will come at u!! I Love It!!
Yoda Man
Yoda Man 3 kun oldin
Definitely would rather watch this than analytics or vloggers acting as experts on a game they’ve never played.
Opochtli 4 kun oldin
Gundy brothers some of my favorite NBA bros
Obito Uchiha
Obito Uchiha 5 kun oldin
Barnes is trash asf
Nick Hart
Nick Hart 5 kun oldin
LOL @ reddick thinking he got a “stop” on Kobe
zeebart javier
zeebart javier 7 kun oldin
So Stan fck@d up...lmao
TheHenrymontemayor 9 kun oldin
he looks younger here than in 2k lol
Versatile Wolf
Versatile Wolf 11 kun oldin
Why you guys sucking Kobe name now????? Wasnt you bums calling kobe trash? Not a goat? He’s selfish? Man... ya some fake people for real
Kal Low
Kal Low 11 kun oldin
Panic Van Gundy
Lucy Aklar
Lucy Aklar 11 kun oldin
"I don't get 5 championships here without him" -)Kobe's comment about Michael Jordan 🐐 in the Last Dance Documentary
Kevin Kerr
Kevin Kerr 12 kun oldin
Tell me now that jj doesn’t look like Keanu
LaDamin Ervin
LaDamin Ervin 12 kun oldin
Watching this series I thought Courtney Lee was going to develop to be a decent 6th man. Smh that did not happen
machew durbin
machew durbin 14 kun oldin
Jj is one of the most underrated shooters ever. Broke ncaa records then played against Kobe. Fucking shit amazing. Much love to the real GOAT #blackmambaforever
Tripl3 Jay3
Tripl3 Jay3 14 kun oldin
I dont think u can call what he did as "guarding kobe" he got shitted on consistently by the black Mamba jus gotta call a spade a spade tbh
ninjedi 14 kun oldin
0:13 this guy has a poster of himself
boss man Streetz
boss man Streetz 15 kun oldin
Any real hooper love the white boys that go pro that's not 7ft
Blaine Hernandez
Blaine Hernandez 15 kun oldin
JJ is too fuckin real! 😂
Ryuk 15 kun oldin
Kobe left us too soon, Kobe is the type of guy who set up the bar so high but not for other to not reach it but for others to aim at and be an an inspiration. Even after retirement I'm anticipating him to do other great achievement and one of them is being a coach, I'm pretty sure Kobe coaching his girls is a step for him, not that he can't take pro-coach job but remember Kobe is a meticulous and detailed about everything, pretty sure he is preparing himself for bigger things. Now we won't be able to see that. RIP Kobe.
Shaun Bang
Shaun Bang 15 kun oldin
It would be interesting to see today’s game based around the 3 back in the day as there are so many sharp shooters that had short NBA careers because they played during a time where size and athleticism meant more than being a good shooter
THE REAL MR NASTY 15 kun oldin
Don Hoe
Don Hoe 15 kun oldin
That’s what you call a goat
SunnyBoys2 15 kun oldin
Who goes to search the games and watch after they talk about it 🤣
Rayado Uno
Rayado Uno 15 kun oldin
That is a hell of a story... I GUARDED KOBE BRYANT!!! It doesn’t matter that he whooped your rear!
HDjakester 15 kun oldin
“I see... Courtney Lee broke his face
Riceyes 15 kun oldin
I don't even watch basketball anymore but my god this shit is so good. Put this on tv for god's sake.
Eric Vidrine
Eric Vidrine 15 kun oldin
People lose sight of how dominant JJ was in college he was the most feared college player
Carlos' vids
Carlos' vids 15 kun oldin
Why would people watch shitty ESPN interviews when we could watch this?
trav W
trav W 15 kun oldin
When JJ’s talking about Jack around 4:10 or so “I’m here... I’m still fukin here” while being down 3-0 about to get swept 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 bro I was crying😂😂🤣🤣
String Bean
String Bean 15 kun oldin
Barnes loves to be viewed as a thug!
WouldAnyoneElse LikedToBeHeard
WouldAnyoneElse LikedToBeHeard 15 kun oldin
KOBE? Bet...
Anthony Stroman
Anthony Stroman 15 kun oldin
This guy is a great player although I hated duke.
Ryan Lowe
Ryan Lowe 15 kun oldin
Jj has his own podcast why tf is he using a laptop built in mic lol
Mathew Zimmerman
Mathew Zimmerman 15 kun oldin
Woah JJ Redick, Matt Barnes, and an antisemite! The true big three.
ALEX 15 kun oldin
I’m 29 and never really saw MJ play since my parents never watched basketball so there was no way of me knowing about it. But when I did find out about basketball it was because of Kobe He’s the goat in my opinion. The dude was a monster man. You can say what you want about him but don’t discredit him from the player he was come on! Pro players and ex pro players and even other athletes from different sports respect and looked up to this man. Stop the hating. If you didn’t watch Kobe play then just say you didn’t watch him play and that’s it. Don’t disrespect the dude. People saying MJ the goat and I never saw him play so I have nothing to say about that because I cannot judge someone if I never saw him play. Kobe haters are ridiculous I swear lol
Hey Yo Eusebios
Hey Yo Eusebios 15 kun oldin
Is JJ a Christian?
Kareem Pringle
Kareem Pringle 15 kun oldin
This is hilarious lmaoo
ExecDecision 15 kun oldin
Who is DJ in this context? DeAndre Jordan?
Rodney Hamilton
Rodney Hamilton 15 kun oldin
Listening to these dudes just talk about the game unedited and unfiltered is priceless. Glad y’all doin your thing pure 🔥
Coach HaSanji
Coach HaSanji 15 kun oldin
WHAT Videochat-Software u guys using? The quality is amazing !!!
Leonard Watson
Leonard Watson 15 kun oldin
All that fame and fortune only to be sacrificed and wind up in hell forever.
Bran Smalls
Bran Smalls 15 kun oldin
They need that 2010 magic on 2k fr
Demarion Abram
Demarion Abram 15 kun oldin
I literally have Kobe Bryant's highlights on repeat and I watch them over and over and over again, non-stop
Mason Montague
Mason Montague 15 kun oldin
That noise in the background is annoying
Peter Putnam
Peter Putnam 15 kun oldin
Wow, this is so far and away the best hoop show I've listened to; after this it's just such a fucking bore to watch ESPN or First take or any of that crap; these guys are real, plus you don't do that insufferable clickbait titles thing -god I hate that ..."HEATED" FURIOUS GOAT... WTF
Juhan Voolaid
Juhan Voolaid 15 kun oldin
The team spirit is very underrated. I would have watched Barnes on different light back when he was playing if I knew it. Same with Redick. It takes a few guys like that to turn around the whole team chemistry.
Quincy Taylor
Quincy Taylor 15 kun oldin
JJ is such a great talker man. He’s gonna be great when he decide to hang it up.
webprize 15 kun oldin
#webprize #prizeweb
webprize 15 kun oldin
PLAY FREE #webprize #prizeweb
MastermindRell 15 kun oldin
Jack always claim he be frying somebody 😁😁😁😁
Aey Phan
Aey Phan 15 kun oldin
Remember Kobes no flinch he had on Barnes.....
Sam Fisher
Sam Fisher 15 kun oldin
Kobe is my favorite of all time in basketball history. Wilt is a close second.
Herlander Tavares
Herlander Tavares 15 kun oldin
Jordan, Kobe, LeBron 🤷🏽‍♂️
JKirv 15 kun oldin
Man as a Orlando Magic superfan it breaks my heart hearing this story
S Irwin
S Irwin 16 kun oldin
Rondo went bananas in that playoff series.
Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee 16 kun oldin
jj gotta come to the lakeshow
BESTOF THE BEST 16 kun oldin
Anthony love
Anthony love 16 kun oldin
Forever my fav player. Wasn't the all time best but kobe was it for me. Through all 5 chips
Davis Kundrats
Davis Kundrats 16 kun oldin
Jax high af lol
vegastjg 16 kun oldin
JJ should sign with the Lakers next year.
Chris Almodovar
Chris Almodovar 16 kun oldin
Why Kobe last two championship teams not on 2k or one of them !
Michael Richards
Michael Richards 16 kun oldin
Not gonna mention Van Gundy’s critical decision to bring Jameer Nelson in cold to the NBA finals? Thats why Orlando lost IMO.
Michael Richards
Michael Richards 15 kun oldin
@Victor Johnson yeah probably would've, the 4 out, 1 in, certainly worked better in the series against the Cavs though. (without JN)
Gains Marathon
Gains Marathon 16 kun oldin
Cot dayum 9 months later I still can’t believe it, I miss you Kobe. We love you Mamba 🐐
Freddy Kruger
Freddy Kruger 16 kun oldin
Get shaq
Its me again!
Its me again! 16 kun oldin
LOL favorite segment. Natural funny conversations
AT 16 kun oldin
Kabir Bariana
Kabir Bariana 16 kun oldin
Does that mean anthony davis is the finals mvp this year?
Kabir Bariana
Kabir Bariana 16 kun oldin
No shot
TULLA THOMAS 16 kun oldin
2010 end badly for the magic,my bittersweet year
Rob Doe
Rob Doe 16 kun oldin
1 of the Top podcast in the game!!! Luv ya'll Brother's
Johnny 16 kun oldin
Need to get Stan to answer what happened in 2010
Chris Jones
Chris Jones 16 kun oldin
The magic was playing how the whole league is playing with a prime Dwight Howard.
Martin Dee Wan
Martin Dee Wan 16 kun oldin
"WE" beat Cleveland (LeBron) but he played 10 minutes in 1 game. www.basketball-reference.com/playoffs/2009-nba-eastern-conference-finals-magic-vs-cavaliers.htmlc
Judah Mourneth
Judah Mourneth 16 kun oldin
Kobe, all time great. But he’s slightly overrated!!!
Arkel Glover
Arkel Glover 16 kun oldin
Thumbs up if you miss Kobe as Much as I do😩#LL24#LL3🐐
Money Casserole
Money Casserole 16 kun oldin
I miss ya Kobe bean
Turntable Trucker
Turntable Trucker 16 kun oldin
JJ rocking that Staple Pigeon
The Freaky Robber
The Freaky Robber 16 kun oldin
😭😭😭 I thought Kobe would play forever 😭😭😭 REST EASY MAMBA🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Charles Charles
Charles Charles 16 kun oldin
Okay was all that you had said about what the Lakers need to do to win that's all I've been hearing what the Lakers need to do to win the game y'all are one-sided tell us now what do Miami Heat have to do this to stay on top say that part if you going to say that other part say both parts don't just say what the Lakers have to do tell us the part where what do the Miami Heat have to do this day and when that's why I don't like y'all talking before the game starts y'all are one-sided. This is every time LeBron James loses y'all go to his rescue. As if he is supposed to win every time we step on the court. There are one-sided people. And I am a LeBron James fan but I also are equal opportunity not just for LeBron James what other teams as well. So tell them what do Miami have to do to keep winning. They want to hear there side on how to beat the Lakers.
Adegoke Ariwajoye
Adegoke Ariwajoye 16 kun oldin
4:01 😂😂😂
Rashard Stallworth
Rashard Stallworth 16 kun oldin
Alex Leggett
Alex Leggett 16 kun oldin
09 Magic were amazing. Still blame Van Gundy for finals loss. Jameer had an all-star season but Rafer Alston should've started in the finals. Could've stood a chance or at least went to game six.
Daniel Poirier
Daniel Poirier 16 kun oldin
this show is awesome.
Ken Worldwide
Ken Worldwide 16 kun oldin
Best f*cking podcast on yt🚫🧢
ponypower8 16 kun oldin
So what Shaq said about SVG is true.
JFrozo 16 kun oldin
y’all gotta get rashard lewis
Godly Form
Godly Form 16 kun oldin
It’s sad people think this man is top 5
Judah Mourneth
Judah Mourneth 16 kun oldin
Lol he’s not in my top 10
LG3 16 kun oldin
I hate most Duke players but have come to respect JJ. Definitely improved his game from his early years and now one if the best shooters in the NBA and plays solid D.
Jon K
Jon K 16 kun oldin
Celtics was gonna beat yall regardless..lol..
goojgty 16 kun oldin
JJ was a Gun for hire!!! 🔥 hell of a career!
Kay CraZy!
Kay CraZy! 16 kun oldin
Thumbnail don’t look like he was guarding Kobe 🤕😂
Jake Sagami
Jake Sagami 16 kun oldin
Dear Matt Barnes, How the hell did you pass all the drug tests? Asking for a friend... Sincerely, Friend
Ricardo Sambrano, Jr.
Ricardo Sambrano, Jr. 16 kun oldin
Pietrus good defense, but the BLACK MAMBA better offense 🤫
Ricardo Sambrano, Jr.
Ricardo Sambrano, Jr. 14 kun oldin
Judah Mourneth this is the guy who didn’t watch the whole series 😆 they tried everything on Kobe but he was too much and the pass to fisher 😂 it’s ok buddy Kobe finished them 4-1. Tell me too that Celtic v. Lakers 2010 he didn’t play well too against 4 all stars 😂
Judah Mourneth
Judah Mourneth 16 kun oldin
Still held him to 41-42% Lmaoo. Kobe is not a good finals performances!!!
HYBRD 16 kun oldin
Love all these Kobe stories. Just wish he was still around!! RIP
Elz Robinson
Elz Robinson 16 kun oldin
Love JJ! Form being labeled "just a shooter", to the player he is now just show the dedication to his craft.
Norris Marusca
Norris Marusca 16 kun oldin
I thought he was gonna talk about the details of having to guard Kobe 🤦🏼‍♂️
Foqus Lab
Foqus Lab 16 kun oldin
nxt level vid
Julio Santamaría
Julio Santamaría 16 kun oldin
Matt Barnes has been teammates with every guest on the podcast
1-800-Wavy 8 kun oldin
@DLH -_- no duh captain obvious.
DLH -_-
DLH -_- 15 kun oldin
thats wat happens when you play for sooo many teams lol
Gregory Skinner
Gregory Skinner 16 kun oldin
kobe smoked him in the thumbnail 😅
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