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All The Smoke returns with Celtics star Jayson Tatum joining Matt and Stephen for episode 35. The boys talk with Tatum about his time at Duke, his playoff runs with the Celtics and his poster dunk on Lebron. He also tells some of his favorite stories abut Kobe and MJ and opens up about his relationship with Kyrie Irving.
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SHOWTIME Basketball
SHOWTIME Basketball 5 oy oldin
02:10 - Quarantine Talk/COVID-19 Scare 05:58 - 2020 HOF class, idolizing Kobe 09:45 - Signing w/ Jordan brand, meeting MJ 12:40 - Growing up in St. Louis 17:00 - Picking Duke, Playing for Coach K, One & Done 22:25 - Duke vs. G-League, Getting paid for likeness 24:15 - 2017 Draft, Wanting to go to Phoenix 30:25 - Celtics history, debut vs. Cavs/Lebron 32:40 - Celtics playoff run, Dunking on Lebron 42:40 - Sophomore season issues 46:25 - Relationship with Kyrie 53:45 - Music talk
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith 5 oy oldin
Kids have
Emmanuel Usher
Emmanuel Usher 5 oy oldin
SHOWTIME Basketball o🏀 lsllpspppss
Koswne 5 oy oldin
“I’m trynna get buckets” I looooove him
dayvo04 5 oy oldin
You can tell his dad had a big influence even though he didn’t live with him. Loved the vid
Aidan Aellos
Aidan Aellos 5 oy oldin
Clutch 👌🏽
Nicka Leonard
Nicka Leonard 10 kun oldin
We wanna see lebron on here lol😭
Terry finesse anderson
Terry finesse anderson Oy oldin
It’s nothing like going to a duke game
Matthew Carignan
Matthew Carignan Oy oldin
“I got a lot a hoes off that shot “ 😂 Jay Tatum future legend!
Blue Spaghettis
Blue Spaghettis Oy oldin
All jack need is a toothpick
Neithen Cruz
Neithen Cruz 2 oy oldin
He said let me get back on defense after bumping lebron 😂😂😂😂
Marvin 2 oy oldin
the story of how me met mj too funny 😂
D L 2 oy oldin
get steve kerr
Matthew 3 oy oldin
need isaiah thomas in this shit fo real
Dan Tha man
Dan Tha man 3 oy oldin
Little did he know pop smoke name dropped him
33ScottiePimpin 4 oy oldin
How’s you and the family during this time ?
Evan Brum
Evan Brum 4 oy oldin
Every single guest has the same top 5 artists. I get the feeling pro atheletes don't have much time to dig for music.
mannyq 4 oy oldin
I still cry at night because he isn’t a Sixer 😢
Justin Davis
Justin Davis 4 oy oldin
Jayson Tatum is one of the best talents in the NBA. The scary part is he hasn't reached his potential yet him or Jaylen Brown and we have now have Kemba me being a Celtic Fan im very excited to see what we are gonna do with this team this season
Smags 4 oy oldin
1000 comment
Tonzilla 4 oy oldin
JT is a killer man coming from a lakers fan
jun han
jun han 4 oy oldin
if the Laker draft him HUH
Jeramie Ryan
Jeramie Ryan 4 oy oldin
Get mugsy Buggs
Forever Finesse
Forever Finesse 4 oy oldin
I feel bad instead of Jayson Tatum PHX got josh Jackson 😂
Little Kog Mi
Little Kog Mi 4 oy oldin
K I 4 oy oldin
Future Sun
lancernightful 4 oy oldin
Lakers could have drafted Jason over bum as.ss Lonzo. Lakers could have gotten Kawhi over Lebum, Jason tatum, BI, Kyle Kuzma.... That is a good squad right there.
Willie Lominchar
Willie Lominchar 4 oy oldin
Can you please have chuma okeke on your show the orlando magic are coming back
macdabluepanther 4 oy oldin
Great interview! I'm mad he had Big and Hov, but not Pac&Nas though. It's cool though. I get it...hahaha
macdabluepanther 4 oy oldin
I really dont phuck with Celtics, but I love their core man! Especially Kemba as a Hornets fan!!
McPaul Brou
McPaul Brou 4 oy oldin
get brandon ingrim on here
Andel Thomas-Gordon
Andel Thomas-Gordon 4 oy oldin
Get Dlo
dee120 4 oy oldin
"on my second year, so last year" Massive Tatum fan & still surprised every time I realise how young his nba career is. Straight up balla 🏀🏀
Shelia Perkins
Shelia Perkins 4 oy oldin
Not sure who else might agree but, Spike Lee might’ve a good interview!
Jenifer Caskey
Jenifer Caskey 4 oy oldin
39:09 50:00 01:03:08
macdabluepanther 4 oy oldin
Got Dawg!! I was born in 87!! It's insane how young these NBA stars are and the fact most of them never seen MJ in his prime...hahaha
L A 4 oy oldin
He telling stories like it happened today hehe
Twon G
Twon G 4 oy oldin
I wanna see Chad Johnson Lol
Twon G
Twon G 4 oy oldin
As a Laker/Carolina fan I’d never rock a Celtic/ Duke player jersey but Jayson Tatum would be the acceptation frfr
Jordan Norris
Jordan Norris 4 oy oldin
Plastic in a microwave 🤔
Djxnn Prophecy
Djxnn Prophecy 5 oy oldin
Yall been getting great special guests. Some people to consider, if you can get them: Erik Spoelstra - I think his coaching story would be interesting to here. I may be biased being a Heat fan and a high school basketball coach but i think that's a great convo to have. Giannis - He does press but not alot and not much in depth. Yall getting him on here and getting him to open up more about his drive and killer instinct would be phenomenal. He def has that Jordan and Kobe mentality, would love to hear him expand further unfiltered. Michael Porter Jr - As he is getting back to his dominant status, it would be amazing to hear how he has had to fight to stay relevant after being the top ranked player to dealing with major injuries to coming off the bench and now fighting for a starting role. LaMelo Ball - I think the name speaks for itself but the adversity he has dealt with, his time in Australia with being basically shitting on him to now all the sudden the bandwagon came back around and he is slated to go top 3. How he stayed focused through all that would be great to hear. Especially if big brother Zo would giving him game.
M.L. Flagg
M.L. Flagg 5 oy oldin
“If I went to a public school my son might be 5 now” 😂 😝 Tatum a dog
J Simmons
J Simmons 5 oy oldin
This my guy right here. Remember from his rookie year, pre-season he had athleticism and raw skill...clearly not your ordinary rook out there.
Slim Reaper
Slim Reaper 5 oy oldin
Imagine dbook and tatum.. That's straight up buckets
Julian 5 oy oldin
we need Drose next!. dope interview though
David Moore
David Moore 5 oy oldin
"We was in Paris." A sentence that should never ever be uttered.
Joku Sekou
Joku Sekou 5 oy oldin
The twins!
Bhavik Upadhyaya
Bhavik Upadhyaya 5 oy oldin
Kyrie said he wanted to stay and left so no it's not the same thing when guys regularly leave. I'm all for guys doing what they want but what Kyrie did is not the same. Had he said nothing and left cool with me.
Natefiredup- 5 oy oldin
Get Kawhi up on this thang 😹🤟🏽
Natefiredup- 5 oy oldin
One of the best shows yet
Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez 5 oy oldin
I would want to see the bad boys beat up the bulls in person yo that would be crazy
Gonzalo Rojas
Gonzalo Rojas 5 oy oldin
I’ve been a Fan of Jayson Tatum since his Rookie Year. Scoring 14 a game now 50 like I knew Brodie had it. 💯🔥
Loxzsen 5 oy oldin
Stack’s laugh is everything 😂😂
mrrandiom 5 oy oldin
Hes saying hes eating good and barely playing rn... fuck maybe next year celtics fans
felipe visbal
felipe visbal 5 oy oldin
If you like this show and you don’t stay till the very end where Jack says “all of them” then you not a fan
OneofAKind 13
OneofAKind 13 5 oy oldin
Dope interview fellas. Peace to J Tatum. The brother has a real good head on his shoulders and very humble. I feel the same way he does about missing watching an Icon live. I was born in 1978 when Bird and Magic were in College so I never got the chance to see them or even the GOAT Center Kareem Abdul Jabbar when he played. Thank God for UZpost so we can see the greatness of legends.
hendrick hueck
hendrick hueck 5 oy oldin
OneofAKind 13
OneofAKind 13 5 oy oldin
The best thing about this show is it appeals to hoop fans of all ages and generations. Along with Knuckleheads which I don't think is as good as All The Smoke that brings the Golden Era, Old School and New School together. Peace and blessings to Stack and Matt.
Colin Thomas
Colin Thomas 5 oy oldin
Get drose on this
P d
P d 5 oy oldin
Stak lookin' like an OREO when he dying 'bout Matt talkin' complexion
Kabir Bariana
Kabir Bariana 5 oy oldin
Jayson Tatum is the next TMac
Thomas Perez
Thomas Perez 5 oy oldin
Darrin Jennings
Darrin Jennings 5 oy oldin
Get Letrell Sprewell
Torin Shields
Torin Shields 5 oy oldin
I'm so happy this guy is on our team. Him JB, smart, Hayward and Kemba. I like this team. ☘️
Tirell Jeffers
Tirell Jeffers 5 oy oldin
Yoo, anyone know where I can get the jumper JT wearing?? 🔥
Diyar Farok
Diyar Farok 5 oy oldin
There was a reason Kobe Bryant liked Jayson Tatum him an wanted lakers to get him instead of Lonzo Ball! Jayson Tatum definitely got that fire for sure!
Mant Grta
Mant Grta 4 oy oldin
Diyar Farok Donovan Mitchell would go to Lakers if we redraft
Ramon Williams Jr
Ramon Williams Jr 5 oy oldin
Ozark is trash!!!!
Trey Laffitte
Trey Laffitte 5 oy oldin
Shoutout to Jayson Tatum mom for handling college, basketball, and working 2 jobs
Smoov P
Smoov P 5 oy oldin
Duke really prepared me to go to Boston is a HILARIOUS statement.
qtluv27 5 oy oldin
1:04:00 They shill stowin' me love ,😂
Kiyo Shiota
Kiyo Shiota 5 oy oldin
23:04 I need that 😂
OB Jordan
OB Jordan 5 oy oldin
You guys should get devin booker or kelly oubre Jr.
Ebony 1982
Ebony 1982 5 oy oldin
Glad Jayson reached his dream of being honored as an All star. This hairline conversation was hilarious 😂🤣. Jack we CAN see yo hairline lol.
Nicholas Bergeron
Nicholas Bergeron 5 oy oldin
Ayo how come y’all don’t talk about Gordon Hayward getting hurt?
marco ray
marco ray 5 oy oldin
Get Kyrie
The Duke
The Duke 5 oy oldin
Tate hurt my heart when he said "I was born in 98"... *YALL* getting old!!! 😂😂😂
Super Mega Foxy Awesome Hot
Super Mega Foxy Awesome Hot 5 oy oldin
one of my friends almost ran over Jayson Tatum at a party in high school when the cops showed up and everyone ran away, lmao. He could've hurt him...yikes
Super Mega Foxy Awesome Hot
Super Mega Foxy Awesome Hot 5 oy oldin
Jayson's dad was my high school's basketball coach and he used to come to all of the musicals and plays I was in, shoutout Coach Tatum. I think he did some acting so he liked our stuff.
Jason Helem
Jason Helem 5 oy oldin
Zach Randolph please!
Lawrence Jenkins
Lawrence Jenkins 5 oy oldin
They need to get T Mac, Shaq, and Ron Artest on the show.
Andel Thomas-Gordon
Andel Thomas-Gordon 4 oy oldin
Tmac is on it
Joey Chavez
Joey Chavez 5 oy oldin
16:10 😂 all boys school comment
Miguel Pina
Miguel Pina 5 oy oldin
we need Isiah Thomas
Ahmed Musa
Ahmed Musa 5 oy oldin
Jayson Tatum is such a great guy to talk to
Hightimes365 5 oy oldin
That’s dope of coach k tho, not thinking of him and duke and telling Tatum like no you need to go to the league now!! That’s rs
Musa Rizk
Musa Rizk 5 oy oldin
If you guys get Bron on here y’all def the goat of pod casts
V 5 oy oldin
I'm almost certain those honey bun wrappers ain't microwave safe
Tristein Singleton
Tristein Singleton 5 oy oldin
Get zion on here pls!!!!
Derrick Curry
Derrick Curry 5 oy oldin
Anyone know the link to the hoodie Tatum got on ? 👀
John Y.
John Y. 5 oy oldin
Pascal better
Javier W
Javier W 5 oy oldin
“My dad was around but I lived with my mom”. She wasn’t a single mom then, she was single.
Patrick K
Patrick K 5 oy oldin
Why does it seem like he didn't want to give Stephen Jackson his shoes 😂
Evan Stanley
Evan Stanley 5 oy oldin
The constant support and recognition Tatum shows for St. Louis never fails to put a smile on my face. STL proud! #314
Ilan S
Ilan S 5 oy oldin
you can see how much players respect lebron, he is their jordan in this era
Tony Martinez
Tony Martinez 5 oy oldin
Every episode: *Guest gives a nice long response*.... Matt & Stak “that’s dope” 😂😂😂
Thomas Rajula
Thomas Rajula 5 oy oldin
I believe KG is everyone's favourite interview... So far!
Edub 5 oy oldin
Anyone else peep they said they interviewed Bradley Beal earlier in the day?
David Im
David Im 5 oy oldin
jackson low key loves to hate bron
Dee 5 oy oldin
St. Louis respect you hellas dawg you giving back to some us living in hell down here
TheNextManimal 5 oy oldin
Tristain Thompson got the best hairline in the league, PG a close second.
Joshua Swinfield
Joshua Swinfield 5 oy oldin
Get Dbook on , reckon alot of us don't know alot about him but everyone in the league says he's a killer
Christian Scott
Christian Scott 5 oy oldin
Get Rafer Alston aka Skip 2 My Lou
Alissa Kroge
Alissa Kroge 5 oy oldin
Bruhh me and Tatum and Ja just alike
Army1000RR 5 oy oldin
I know I'm trippin but he sounds like CP3
Muhamed Jones
Muhamed Jones 5 oy oldin
They gotta bring Jordan on this 👍
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