Jamie Foxx Reveals His All-Time NBA Starting Five | ALL THE SMOKE

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Matt and Stephen talk with Jamie Foxx about Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen and discuss the impact social media has on athletes today. They also each give their all-time NBA starting 5.
Recorded on April 23rd, 2020
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One Batch Two Batch Penny and Dime
One Batch Two Batch Penny and Dime 12 kun oldin
See arguing top 5 starting line up is way more of a reasonable argument: point guard: magic Shooting guard: jordan Small forward: Lebron Power forward: duncan Center: THE GREAT KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR And that’s my top 5 all time and we would smoke any team you build
Oskar Rojas c
Oskar Rojas c 21 kun oldin
Magic, MJ, Bird, Duncan & olajuwon. Bench jwill, Kobe, Carter, Garnett & Shaq. Third team kidd, Iverson, Lebron, Ewing & giannnis
Carlos Barros
Carlos Barros 25 kun oldin
Magic, Jordan, Bird, Kevin Garnett, Shaq
majeddejam53 26 kun oldin
Love matt barnes but he a lebron hater😂😂 he didn’t choose him any time in his 5
Nocturnal Ron
Nocturnal Ron 26 kun oldin
I loved seeing SJ lose it when Jamie did the Pippin.
Armani K
Armani K Oy oldin
Hold up, Fox said old era, and then picked LeBron..?? What
Armani K
Armani K 6 kun oldin
@One Batch Two Batch Penny and Dime nah but he said to pick old school players only and the others are picking old school guys but Fox then randomly picks LeBron how the fuck does that make any sense. They gave us their top all time list. But then proceeded to go old school lineup which obviously cannot include LeBron because he's the newest of the all time greats excluding KD or Steph.
One Batch Two Batch Penny and Dime
One Batch Two Batch Penny and Dime 12 kun oldin
A lot of old era people pick Lebron they are just seen as jordan haters by jordan fans like they think that anybody who prefers any other player only likes that player because they hate jordan it’s like a cult it’s weird malone admitted he had a crush on Lebron which was hella funny Isaiah Thomas says Lebron is the goat but everybody thinks oh he is just a jordan hater
Kamran Fazal
Kamran Fazal Oy oldin
All time starting line up different then the top five all time so gotta balance it out PG LeBron SG Kobe SF Jordan PF Durant C Shaq Get the dominance inside from Shaq and playmaking from Bron and the killer scoring from MJ, Kobe and Durant plus Durant and Kobe can shoot the three well so got that long range threat as well as size.
Demer PIquet
Demer PIquet Oy oldin
Magic, Jordan, Bird, Duncan, Abdull Jabar
streetsweeper49 Oy oldin
Magic Kobe Jordan Duncan Kareem
Casual Business Moves Inc
Casual Business Moves Inc 2 oy oldin
True story behind paul pierce stabbing, MadeMen/DMX/Lox fight-stabbing, patriots player kidnapped, fat joe beef, source magazine. www.amazon.com/dp/B0868YJDWD/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_awdb_t1_oPeREbSBSTKQ0
Goat Yeet
Goat Yeet 2 oy oldin
It is insane to think how huge Jordan could’ve been in this era just think he was the most famous person on planet earth back in the late 80s and early 90s and late 90s just fucking insane
Henry Gucci
Henry Gucci 2 oy oldin
I think the fact that Jordan was THAT famous in an era with no social media, makes it even that more impressive. That’s why Jordan’s prime years,the NBA had their best ratings ever.
Steven 2 oy oldin
Love the all time 5 talk! But no Dr J? Dayum! Maybe I missed it.
Ashwin Cheekala
Ashwin Cheekala 2 oy oldin
My all time starting 5 MJ Kobe lebron Bird wilt - MJ Kobe guard the guards, lebron point, bird spacing and playmaking, wilt rim protector and get every board
Ashwin Cheekala
Ashwin Cheekala 22 kun oldin
The Ultimate, bird more clutch tho and much greater. Durant better player but bird would fit better in this team and would be point forward when Lebron doesn’t have to be
The Ultimate
The Ultimate 22 kun oldin
Ehh I’d probably use kd for spacing even though he’s not as good of a playmaker.
Jonathan Silva
Jonathan Silva 2 oy oldin
They came after Jordan too when he was at the peak of his stardom with all the gambling shit and the way he treats his teammates. It's just in this day and age it's so much easier to get hate out with social media, that's why it looks like lebron is getting more hate.
Sweet Girl***
Sweet Girl*** 2 oy oldin
funny 🍭 🔥
matthew ruto
matthew ruto 2 oy oldin
Kyrie, Kobe, KD, KG, Hakeem
matthew ruto
matthew ruto 2 oy oldin
The Ultimate yes Kyrie is way better than all those guys besides wade. Dwayne is in the same tier and it’s debatable between those two and Hakeem yes as a basketball player these 5 I mention are the best at their position ever. Kobe & MJ close, Kyrie & steph close, KD & Lebron close, Hakeem & Shaq close & KG, duncan & AD are close.
The Ultimate
The Ultimate 2 oy oldin
You think Kyrie is better than magic Johnson Gary Payton Dwayne Wade isiah Thomas oscar Robertson is this a joke!!!!. 🤦‍♂️ you think hakeem is better than Russell kareem and wilt 🙅‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ 😑🙄😤😱
Aman Patodia [Student]
Aman Patodia [Student] 3 oy oldin
No one: Jamie Foxx: oooooooooooooooooooooo
Carlos Alberto Deleón
Carlos Alberto Deleón 3 oy oldin
Jamie looks like he is family with KD.
Ziad Eissa
Ziad Eissa 3 oy oldin
I can’t decide what’s better: Magic, Jordan, LeBron, KD, Hakeem or LeBron, Jordan, Kobe, KD, Hakeem
The Ultimate
The Ultimate 2 oy oldin
You think hakeem is better than wilt Kareem and maybe Bill Russell 🤦‍♂️ the disrespect for the 60s and 70s I have to deal with now
matthew ruto
matthew ruto 2 oy oldin
2nd lineup
Fear less
Fear less 3 oy oldin
To many ISO player like Kobe,Mike and KD,
Benny Conner Jr
Benny Conner Jr 3 oy oldin
How in the hell they say LBJ at point nowhere on Earth LBJ run any offense better than Magic or the real Isaiha Thomas would LBJ hits spot up wide open jump shooters a real point guard gets players open and not wait for them to get open..LBJ is top 10 arguably top 5 but to give him point over Magic or Zeke is crazy. In all honesty that is what is wrong with Lakers when it get down to it they take the ball out of one of the most unorthodox point guards in history in Rajon Rhondo he consistently get triple doubles if they let him run the show and LBJ play off the ball like strong forward should they would have mismatches everywhere cause Rhondo gone run that offense to perfection.
Benny Conner Jr
Benny Conner Jr 2 oy oldin
@JayMan 615 You said that right his offense.. God would pick Magic over LBJ to run an offense not his offense.
Sanjeev Kumar
Sanjeev Kumar 2 oy oldin
And it's their choice and opinion
JayMan 615
JayMan 615 3 oy oldin
What? Granted them boys are GOATS but bron realistically has always ran his offenses. They’re now calling him a point guard. And 11 assists (league leading his first year of actually wearing that label) like stop it. In fairness they couldn’t keep bron out the top 5 all time. So they said point but bron scores better than both of em, is a better passer than both of em, shoots better. Now Isaiah was better handles, and magic runs an offense better
aram hamparian
aram hamparian 3 oy oldin
Akeem, Magic, Bird would dominate i this snowflake era.
JayMan 615
JayMan 615 3 oy oldin
Idk bout that boss it’s a different game, they are more fundamentally sound but the skill of this generation is crazy. Plus I don’t see bird running around on defense
Tyron Houston
Tyron Houston 3 oy oldin
Sooo no Bill Russel?
Truth Sports H
Truth Sports H 3 oy oldin
Grant hill and Bernard King ? Really The eras y’all talking about they prolly ain’t even win the scoring champ, definitely not a Ring
The Ultimate
The Ultimate 2 oy oldin
Bernard king straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 ain’t need a scoring title to prove his dominance
not shaq
not shaq 3 oy oldin
Theyre talking just straight game. The nicest players at their position, in their opinion. Aint nothing wrong with that.
Flaky Derelict
Flaky Derelict 3 oy oldin
in my humble opinion, there are only 3 reasons why they hate lebron. 1.)Left CAVS and formed a superteam 2.)Failed to deliver and froze out against DAL 3.)claimed that he's the GOAT after Kyrie hit that dagger
Noname Noname
Noname Noname 3 oy oldin
Glad they put respect on my mans Kobe name . Hate how these new kids just trash his legacy
dave 3 oy oldin
People be sleep no n the dream. That’s a baasaaaaaad man
Benny Conner Jr
Benny Conner Jr 2 oy oldin
If he had won one ring with MJ present even beating him in the finals he would be top starting 5 all time they would come up with different narrative just to fit him in that is why they sleeps Olojawaun aside from that he still is great.
Active Shadow
Active Shadow 3 oy oldin
I hear it problem is though people throw Scottie's name a lot when it comes to Jordan but act like Lebron or other players didn't have a robin or something close to it to help win it all it's a team sport can't do it alone.
Ben Jacoby
Ben Jacoby 3 oy oldin
Yea but other than Hakeem Scottie was next best in the world during the 90s Lebron hasn't really had that
Fred Dukeduong
Fred Dukeduong 3 oy oldin
This interview for stupid when they started picking players. Stack needs to talk about the time he got his ass handed to him by MJ when he was on the bobcats. Funny how he never brings that up
Ben Jacoby
Ben Jacoby 3 oy oldin
He has forgot more basketball than any of us will know
Brew Gotti
Brew Gotti 3 oy oldin
LeBron MJ Kobe KD SHAQ
The Ultimate
The Ultimate 2 oy oldin
SHAQ over wilt Kareem Bill Russell and Hakeem smh 🤦‍♂️ . (Wilt also lead the league in assist )
DonKJB 3 oy oldin
*Jordan Rules* by Sam Smith. That was like 10X worse than social media for those in the know. In black n white. For generations.
Juy Ahmad
Juy Ahmad 3 oy oldin
Bron Mj Kobe Tim Duncan shaq
GANNIBAL of 21st century
GANNIBAL of 21st century 3 oy oldin
He will be as huge but will not be as revered. His off court activities will be full blast.
T. Paul Xavier O.
T. Paul Xavier O. 3 oy oldin
Yoooo, this show is always top quality. My Top 5 old school needs to be Magic, Jordan, Oscar, Wilt, and Russ. New Era is LeBron, Curry, Durant, Duncan and Shaq.
T. Paul Xavier O.
T. Paul Xavier O. 3 oy oldin
Shit... Kobe deserves to be on this as 2 but Curry is just as good
T. Paul Xavier O.
T. Paul Xavier O. 3 oy oldin
@ me for a better 5 v 5
Andre Alves
Andre Alves 3 oy oldin
Magic,Jordan,Kobe,Bron and Shaq.. Daaamn
42brownbomber 3 oy oldin
These youngsters are hyper-sensitive. Just cause one thinks James isn't even close to Jordan doesn't mean one is hating on LeBron. James is beast in man but he's just not Black Jesus - never has and never will.
The Ultimate
The Ultimate 2 oy oldin
Bruh comon why y’all think it’s lebron vs Jordan 1. Wilt 2. Kareem 3. Magic 4. Oscar wilt was a better passer greatest scorer greatest rebounder Top 3 defender I mean when watching him the ( 50 ppg 😱😂🤣🤣🐐🐐🐐) don’t even show he credit. He could do it all same with kareem, and Oscar
JayMan 615
JayMan 615 3 oy oldin
Nah but y’all treat MJ/ Magic way different than you would treat Lebron. When you think of MJ you automatically go to his greatness of the 90s, y’all never speak on the lack of finals competition, the sweeps, the mistakes. But everyone holds Lebron to a different standard of player... we’ve never seen an athlete scrutinized soo much for doing his job maybe ever
What people don't realize is that Jordan was gon win titles as long as he had some help around him,could you say that about pippen or phil Jackson. What if Portland would have draft ed jordan instead of the bulls,it would have been him and clyde that would have been a nice team with the pieces Portland already had. And it wouldn't have mattered about today's social media it wouldn't have effected Jordan game all he would have been just as dominant today.
DomoSenju __
DomoSenju __ 3 oy oldin
MJ ain’t Black Jesus either you gtta keep the same energy
Kingsley Jackson
Kingsley Jackson 3 oy oldin
The mailman my power forward
villainous doom
villainous doom 3 oy oldin
My mans said mo cheeks 😂
R A 3 oy oldin
Lowkey flexing with the stairs
DBL N 3 oy oldin
Look @ that staircase 🔥
busup377 3 oy oldin
Matt look like he about to hop out the van lmao
Gotta turn the bass of when scottie voice come on 🤣 dying over here
Sean Holliman
Sean Holliman 3 oy oldin
Michael Jordan didn't need social media to be as big as he and his brand is. Let that sink in a minute.
So Fresh
So Fresh 3 oy oldin
im sorry but Mike stepped into a void left by Mag and Bird. he was the flashiest player since dr j. his above the rim antics made it ez to put the spotlight on him on espn. he didn’t need social media because he had real media every single day in newspapers and news casts. him wearing black nikes and getting fined by the league and having nike pay it, put his brand on the spotlight. no he didnʻt need social media, but he had every other advantage, including the ability to doctor any storyline with his name in it. let that sink in
Drunken Tiger
Drunken Tiger 3 oy oldin
What are you talking about? Let it sink in? Social media has caused over saturation more than anything. If social media was available during Jordan’s time, you think those sappy “I want to be like Mike” videos would’ve been around if social media caught wind of his gambling, womanizing, etc? Don’t get me wrong, I grew up loving mike and the McDonald’s commercials, etc, but don’t make it sound like him coming out in that era wasn’t a huge reason why he was able to become basically a god people worship who can do no wrong
scotti pippen
scotti pippen 3 oy oldin
MJ had a chance no other did have who came after him: he made the NBA global in 92`. Barcelona 92`was unique. Then a new era started. MJ was THE basketabll superstar of the 90s, who could compete with guys like Ronaldo or Zidane. Footballs players were already global..
Best Warzone Plays
Best Warzone Plays 3 oy oldin
Nike pumped millions into advertising him lol
RC248 3 oy oldin
Because of social media, athletes of today get so much hate, much more hate than love that’s forsure. They make one tiny mistake, and they become a meme machine. It has an effect over their overall image after a while. Athletes in the 90s and before the 90s didn’t have that kind of pressure. Their image was much safer because there was so much more control over what comes out to the public (newspapers, news stations, broadcasters were what controlled their image). Now your image can be ruined in a second
thrillhouse 3 oy oldin
Get shaq on all the smoke
Resist 3 oy oldin
I like how Jaime and Stacks took Lebron as the PG.... thats cheatin boys... Hes a forward... c'mon now
CPGoat #3
CPGoat #3 3 oy oldin
Finesse Johnson it’s not smart because he’s not a real pg. playing pg and being a pg are not the same.
i fucked rondo #9's mom
i fucked rondo #9's mom 3 oy oldin
@Finesse Johnson greatest PG ever TBH and best forward ever
Finesse Johnson
Finesse Johnson 3 oy oldin
They hit one of my moves and finessed. That's smart tho, I been saying LeBron the best PG in the league for awhile. Im with em on that one 💯👍
loo'toot tootsie
loo'toot tootsie 3 oy oldin
Magic, Isaiah, Grant, Jordan, Shaq
The Ultimate
The Ultimate 22 kun oldin
Oscar magic lebron kd and WILT
Julian Rojas
Julian Rojas 3 oy oldin
I think the bulls would've still been as good as they were. If you look at the way they carried themselves is was way different. They didnt go straight to the media and say things they shouldn't outside the locker room. I think the older players were just way more mature.
JayMan 615
JayMan 615 3 oy oldin
They would’ve dominated the East but the competition in the finals coming out the west is way harder than when he was playing
The Angry Sports Chat
The Angry Sports Chat 3 oy oldin
"It takes a strong man to show love". - Matt Barnes
AshTan6 3 oy oldin
This man sitting on his staircase
Subhaan Tauseef
Subhaan Tauseef 3 oy oldin
Sooo happy that matt mentioned olajuwon people sleep on him so much when it comes to centers
Dan Potato
Dan Potato 2 oy oldin
@Benny Conner Jr You could really see that MJ was mentally exhausted after the 93 championship, especially with everything going on in his life. Taking a break is part of what gave him that fire for the 2nd 3 peat. Maybe he even does beat the Rockets in 94/95, but then I still don't see him winning 8 in a row. Remember part of the reason he retired in the first place is because he thought there was nothing left he had to prove. He definitely still wins 7/8 though.
Benny Conner Jr
Benny Conner Jr 2 oy oldin
@Dan Potato Never underestimate the heart of two 3 peat champions heart. He always summons energy and sinister edge somewherem
Dan Potato
Dan Potato 2 oy oldin
Benny Conner Jr MJ was mentally exhausted though. He would’ve had to face a tough knicks and rockets team. I think MJ would’ve won the year after though. So Hakeem just wins one.
Benny Conner Jr
Benny Conner Jr 2 oy oldin
The dream is that dude but do you think if MJ was relevant those two years he played baseball does the dream win two titles back 2 back because MJ denied a lot of Hall of Famers and the dream would be in the same boat as Pat Ewing possibly.
Benaiah Knox
Benaiah Knox 3 oy oldin
People forget Hakeem Olajuwon, Isiah Thomas and James Worthy.
Omar Lee
Omar Lee 3 oy oldin
He wouldn't be 10 times bigger Stephen Jackson I'm sick of the always overexxagerating when it comes to Jordan.
Yuvi A
Yuvi A 3 oy oldin
Lebron is on ROIDS.
Sanjeev Kumar
Sanjeev Kumar 2 oy oldin
Ok he is, and u can't do anything apart from randomly writing on UZpost comment. So u can chill
CPGoat #3
CPGoat #3 3 oy oldin
If u can’t prove it then no he’s not.
Movefasta Bro
Movefasta Bro 3 oy oldin
DO you really think no other superstar is on roids? They don't test nba players like they do in the ufc. 17 years at that level is still phenomenal, his body has shown incredible durability.
Will Reynolds
Will Reynolds 3 oy oldin
How can I get that hoodie you have on?
FREE SPIRIT 3 oy oldin
Nobody said Olajuwon 🤭
The Ultimate
The Ultimate 2 oy oldin
Yey because he ain’t top 3 ( even though he’s a top 10 player of all time respect) wilt Kareem and Bill Russell
CPGoat #3
CPGoat #3 3 oy oldin
Fuck that. How is the actually goat center never mentioned? No one ever says Kareem Abdul jabber and it’s baffling.
D. Faust
D. Faust 3 oy oldin
Barnes said Olajuwon @6:01
FREE SPIRIT 3 oy oldin
This is dope 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Cornelious T
Cornelious T 3 oy oldin
Ziek Bean MJ Kg The dream
Normajean Eason
Normajean Eason 3 oy oldin
Michael Jordan will always be the GOAT. Lebron no matter what his numbers are/is will never be the goat. Michael Jordan/Sottie Pippen. Dynamic duo
Kylan Scott
Kylan Scott 3 oy oldin
It's an opinion anyways
Easy Money
Easy Money 3 oy oldin
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SolteroConDinero 3 oy oldin
Great show. This took place in April. I’m sure if it would have taken place after George Floyd, the discussion would have been different. I’m surprised at the disrespect towards Magic, the best point guard in history and arguably the 2nd best player of all time. Magic transformed the point guard position while being a championship MVP his rookie year.
Benny Conner Jr
Benny Conner Jr 2 oy oldin
@Silver Ocean Facts..Magic just being modest he knows he as well as they that no one now or ever will run any team you put together better than him and run it at any pace he chooses from perimeter or post, the real Isaiha could do a good job also.
Silver Ocean
Silver Ocean 3 oy oldin
When asked about GOAT conversation, Magic takes himself out of top 5. I have to respectfully disagree with that......
CPGoat #3
CPGoat #3 3 oy oldin
SolteroConDinero u clearly didn’t watch that series. Kareem was the best player on the floor until he got hurt. He played most of that series bud. But they don’t talk about that. They only discuss the one game where he was out.
Slipknot5301 3 oy oldin
@SolteroConDinero missed 1 game
SolteroConDinero 3 oy oldin
@Alex Cham Kareem didn't even play.
Anthony Concepcion
Anthony Concepcion 3 oy oldin
Amol Rode
Amol Rode 3 oy oldin
Jamie is the best.
Bobby Williams
Bobby Williams 3 oy oldin
Great interview
Trajce Mitevski
Trajce Mitevski 3 oy oldin
The MAMBA all the way😎😎😎
Ahmed James
Ahmed James 3 oy oldin
What a interview
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