Gary Payton's Toughest Career Battles Including MJ and Bulls | ALL THE SMOKE

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Gary Payton tells stories of his toughest career battles including facing Michael Jordan's Bulls in the 1996 playoffs. He also talks about his rapport with Shawn Kemp on and off the court.
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Domagoj Gregurić
Domagoj Gregurić 5 oy oldin
Nice to see Mike still have that fire in him, but he's full of shit. He shot 6/19 and 11/22 and 5/19 in the last 3 Games. GP is speaking FACTS. Rodman saved the Bulls. I cringed when they showed 3 MJ baskets from that final game, guess what other than what you showed the dude shot 2 of 16. So yeah. Gp slowed him. Mike said "his head was else where". Mike is rewriting history here and this DOC is just his personal promotion. He is the GOAT, but he's also one manipulating POS. I'm with Mike on the GOAT discussion vs Bron who isnt there yet, but i'd love to see him push Mike with 2 or 3 more rings, and watch MJ reaction and meltdown as people slowly start pushing James as the GOAT... would Michael with all his venom and pure hatred and malice unretire for the third time or what???
Eric S
Eric S 5 oy oldin
Hell ya!
KDASH201 6 oy oldin
GP look like the dark skin Wack100
Eric Sigersmith
Eric Sigersmith 6 oy oldin
I remember him with celtics and heat
Eric Zamudio
Eric Zamudio 6 oy oldin
Thro dat thang up!
trueskool1977 6 oy oldin
Stak high as hell
MED 6 oy oldin
Payton talking like hes the Sh.. Anyone go and watch these series,the Bulls were never in danger and the Sonics were possibly the weakest team, they had to face in a final / conference finals.
Camden Capps
Camden Capps 5 oy oldin
E&D Media 92 Cavs?
Jairo Aldus
Jairo Aldus 6 oy oldin
Hahaha in episode 8 Mj will laugh at GP because he have a ultimate plan, to win it all at Homecourt and Fathers day..
Koasizm World
Koasizm World 6 oy oldin
These dudes r str8 gees! Ahah luv this episode
IL FU SARRISTA 6 oy oldin
Did he name Michael Adams?
Underworld Films
Underworld Films 5 oy oldin
Adams was cold as a scorer....goid...not great pg...
David Aldridge
David Aldridge 6 oy oldin
John Stockton knock your ribs out of place. Old NBA has nothing but killers
Chris Spencer
Chris Spencer 6 oy oldin
Gp stop lying you had one good game against him and killed you the next game .
YOFIGUREZZ 6 oy oldin
Tube Tube
Tube Tube 6 oy oldin
It’s not MJ fault. If GP big and bad... he didn’t have to listen to his coach. Results would have shown GP locking Jordan down. GP should have defended Jordan. But no. They took him off Jordan because he can not hold Jordan. Bulls win. GP is bitter. 4-2
Mr Person01
Mr Person01 6 oy oldin
GP was a tough man. I never saw him play but his highlights are epic 💪💪💪💪
Willie Beamen
Willie Beamen 6 oy oldin
I support your views on smoking weed, I also do smoke time to time.. but just for 1hr while doing a interview no need to smoke ..... still not a good look to watch with students nor watch it with certain host .. and probably not a good look for other opportunities that may come down the line ... .....
Lorenzo Garcia
Lorenzo Garcia 6 oy oldin
Willie Beamen you doing too much lol
Tyler Williams
Tyler Williams 6 oy oldin
Willie Beamen lol
123KOBEMVP 6 oy oldin
Wonder what was Timmy turners biggest battles
Gentleman Lows
Gentleman Lows 6 oy oldin
I cant wait for the Rod Strickland episode
daryl everett
daryl everett 6 oy oldin
Interview Posey
Carlomagno Jamisola
Carlomagno Jamisola 6 oy oldin
Dude when are you scheduling MJ??
Camden Capps
Camden Capps 5 oy oldin
Carlomagno Jamisola how great would it be if it dropped on the last episode of the Last Dance
Izzar Davis
Izzar Davis 6 oy oldin
Never saw Jordan flop cough cough LeBron
Splash Static
Splash Static 6 oy oldin
Smoke that Gary Payton like Shawn Kemp I’m elevating
Jay-Marck Kock
Jay-Marck Kock 6 oy oldin
Act a damn fool😂😂🤣🤣🤣
G S 6 oy oldin
You guys should get dirk on here and talk about 07 playoffs for the entire hour lol
Message Keenen Ivory Wayans Voice
Message Keenen Ivory Wayans Voice 6 oy oldin
GP was right about that series. But he a true teammate. They lost game 6 in Chicago cause Sam Perkins and Nate McMillan were 3-17 from the field. Sam 3-14 Nate 0-3. The final score was 75-87 Bulls Jordan only avg 27 for the series. Kemp avg 23, Payton 18 and Schrempf 16. In game 6 Kemp, Payton and Schrempf had 60 points. MJ and Scottie combined for 39 But Rodman had 9, Harper had 10 Kukoc 10, Luc Langley 12 and Kerr had 7. Rodman has 19 rebs. And the bulls destroyed Seattle on the boards. But he has a point. But MJ them boys won anyway.
Carlos Gutierrez
Carlos Gutierrez 6 oy oldin
Hey Matt/Stack, what do you think about the re airing of the “we believe team” on FB? Another thing it would be cool if you could get Steve Nash on your show. Love that dude!
Jonas Jelich
Jonas Jelich 6 oy oldin
For some reason a lot of ex players do not like Nash. They always trash him call him soft, product of a system, etc. I've heard Stak run him down and on an old Open Court episode they shit all over Steve Nash.
Stipe Ramo
Stipe Ramo 6 oy oldin
Jordan 6'6" Pippen 6'7", but Pippen is too big? Come on Glove, I respect you, but you ain't posting MJ or Pippen at 6'4" 185lbs
The Count O
The Count O 6 oy oldin
@Scott Holder Also the two he won are awesome but were not regarded as great as the 3 with Shaq. Now you say Shaq needed an elite guard well what's Pau Gasol then to Kobe? Shaq is top ten because hes the most dominant force ever to play. I'm agree with you but it's amazing we forget no one thought he was top 5 or GOAT till his untimely passing.
The Count O
The Count O 6 oy oldin
@Scott HolderThe Kobe thing is interesting because before his death he wasn't top five or top 10 to alot of NBA analysts. Why? Because the metric is about the individual leading the team to NBA glory ala Jordan. When Kobe was alive no one thought of him as the greatest because Shaq was the best player in all three finals. Also, Pippen gets the same treatment but the era is light years ahead of many of the post Jordan eras. I will say GSW is probably a team that could make an NBA finals in the Jordan era but its tight. Maybe that Supersonics team but any other I'd say no way
Red PanDa1
Red PanDa1 6 oy oldin
The Count O uh no. Pippen is the prototype to Kawhi leonard. Thing is MJ also fits that prototype. Only a 3 inch difference in wingspan and he has bigger hands (more athleticism) than both of them
Red PanDa1
Red PanDa1 6 oy oldin
Steven Brown Mike has a 6’11 wingspan which is bigger than Gary’s.
Scott Holder
Scott Holder 6 oy oldin
The Count O Pippen was the prototype to a lot of guys as a ball handling SF and a wing defender - Lebron is bigger and a better ball handler and scorer, but not a better defender - that would be Kawhi. As far as the Kobe thing, nobody mentions that Shaq NEVER got close to a Finals without an Elite guard up top. Both Wade and Kobe won Finals without a dominant big man, and Kobe won b2b without an all time top 20 player on his roster. Saying that Shaq was the primary option is one thing, but even Shaq admits that Kobe was at least the #2 or #3 player in the league when they were winning, and that he needed hi....People are acting like he was Ruben Patterson or something....and it’s funny bc NOBODY says the same about Wade - he only won bc he had Shaq and Lebron - the same argument (which I don’t believe) discredits him. To finish the point about Pippen : he doesn’t rate up there bc while he’s one of the best defenders (#1 in my estimation) of all time, and a very good ball handler and passer, he’s Average on the scoring aspect : nobody was asking Pippen to take the last shot in any game. The order for the Bulls was Jordan, Paxson/Kerr, Kukoc, Hodgson, etc. That wasn’t his game.
_H_ 6 oy oldin
Gary was definitely the Point-God after Isaiah and Magic stepped down imO.
Kemit Trill
Kemit Trill 6 oy oldin
I know history says otherwise, but having watched both, I would take Gary Payton over Steve Nash. The "glove" is an all time great in my book.
Jonas Jelich
Jonas Jelich 6 oy oldin
@AnEn hell yeah man exactly what I wanted to say. You go on the playground and your picking a team you pick GP over Nash everytime
AnEn 6 oy oldin
Nash's career was predicated on a lack of hand-checking and open lanes through D'Antoni's system. Payton's game was predicated on the hand-check being legal. I'd say that this points to Payton having the stronger game.
Goat Man
Goat Man 6 oy oldin
These young niggas today don't realize how much talent the league had back in the 90's. They don't respect Stockton and you say Rod Strickland or Mitch Richmond they look at you like "Who?"
Amg-The Hoop Guru YT
Amg-The Hoop Guru YT 6 oy oldin
Gp dnt ever give mj his props but shows hella love to stockon ...other than that gp on of my fav pgs of all time
Mista Fistya Sista
Mista Fistya Sista 5 kun oldin
he lowkey was boxin jordan during those games though
Tube Tube
Tube Tube 6 oy oldin
The Hoop Guru Tv I notice it too. Honesty, GP is kind of bitter about it.
Lee 6 oy oldin
The glove in today’s NBA would be clamps, a dawg fr
Mackin Shizzaveli420
Mackin Shizzaveli420 6 oy oldin
GP would foul out every game. He was too physical.
Sudhir Kakar
Sudhir Kakar 6 oy oldin
Kemp may be the best power dunker of all time, at his peak...Dominique is probably better, but Kemp approaches that level. And his best dunks are as ferocious as any seen
The One Who Is Better Than You
The One Who Is Better Than You 6 oy oldin
Word coach was definitely scared of the Bulls in that series.
Stevie Critique Newby
Stevie Critique Newby 6 oy oldin
Shawn Kemp definitely underrated Power Forward The rain man one of my favorite NBA players
Jonas Jelich
Jonas Jelich 6 oy oldin
He was insanely athletic and had classic dunks but him getting owned by Rodman in the 96 finals was a big reason the Sonics lost.
Jones Johnson
Jones Johnson 6 oy oldin
GP straight up the cool uncle at the party that will let you hit the blunt one time.
DaveTV 6 oy oldin
Lol werd
Moss 6 oy oldin
The Glove never backed down from anyone on the court...not even Jordan. He never turned the other cheek... Respect!! In the 96’ finals wish the coach would of had GP guarding MJ from game 1...even slightly injured was worth risking. That series would of been all the more spectacular. A West Coast Legend 💯
Tube Tube
Tube Tube 6 oy oldin
It’s not MJ fault. If GP big and bad... he didn’t have to listen to his coach. Results would have shown GP locking Jordan down.
Kristion 6 oy oldin
Moss MJ had back injury. They lead 3-0! Father’s Day was game 6! I’m sure that narrative of Jordan daddy got killed 1993 summer he retired is what the nba and media wanted.
Brother DJ
Brother DJ 6 oy oldin
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Caleb Best
Caleb Best Oy oldin
Demasceion Byrd
Demasceion Byrd 6 oy oldin
Tampa Supreme 813. I’m Sorry That Not True
donaldb93 6 oy oldin
GP reminds me of my uncle 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Derrick kennedy
Derrick kennedy 6 oy oldin
Man GP that OG dad from the hood that got mad stories . Nigga funny as hell
roger twitty
roger twitty 6 oy oldin
best basket ball Era....breaks my heart to hear how not many peaple dont fear JESUS any more....i pray for all these guys...i talked the exact same way 5 years ago....i was wrong...they are wrong....smoking,cussing, Partying is all fun.....till judgement day....if you dont believe in JESUS will very soon and i pray all repent and accept JESUS CHRIST as LORD AND SAVOIR....please think about it....
SuperPunch76 6 oy oldin
He guarded Jordan better than anyone I’ve ever seen. Joe Dumars is probably next.
Getting Back To The Old Me
Getting Back To The Old Me 6 oy oldin
Jalen Davis u kno ur shit 💪🏽
SuperPunch76 6 oy oldin
Blueblur 22 Nobody could stay in front of MJ when he was at his athletic and quickness peak. It was a team effort. Dumars was great at playing sound, fundamental defense. Staying on his feet and not going for fakes, quick hands, leading him to the help and just making him uncomfortable. Jordan sometimes used to try and do everything in those early Pistons series which played to their advantage. Dumars himself though said once Jordan started trusting his teammates he knew the Pistons were in trouble. Payton was a great one on one defender. It’s a reason he was called “the glove”. He could pick you up the full court and make you uncomfortable the whole game.
Red PanDa1
Red PanDa1 6 oy oldin
Blueblur 22 no Payton guarded him the best. He had Mike shooting his worst field goal percentage ever in the playoffs. Joe could not guard Mike even if he kept in front of him. The good offense over good defense always shone brightly. He only ever had 4 bad shooting games against the pistons in like 15 playoff games
TheRealist 811
TheRealist 811 6 oy oldin
Mad Max was pretty good too.
Blueblur 22
Blueblur 22 6 oy oldin
Nah Joe Dumars was better. Joe Dumars was quick enough to stay in front of MJ when MJ was at his athletic and quickness peak. Watch MJ's first series against him and anytime Dumars wasn't on MJ, MJ had his way way with the Pistons. Payton however has probably guarded MJ in the post better than anyone though. Bulls struggled to get MJ the ball in the 96 Finals once Payton started covering him.
Jalen Smith III
Jalen Smith III 6 oy oldin
These dudes almost came back down 3/0 on the 72 win bulls.
erik puka
erik puka 6 oy oldin
Bulls kinda let the guard down.They kinda went easy on them.It could have been a sweep
Busy DEM
Busy DEM 6 oy oldin
Gary is cool, and was a great player, he refuses to admit how MJ took him down in that low post and wore his behind out. The that the series didn’t go 7 games , 4-2 lol luv Gary Payton. Glad Mike was in the Eastern conference
Keep_Pushing_and_Never_Give_Up 6 oy oldin
AnEn just watched the series and it’s not just kemp They were all just looking at dennis besides few positions here and there And yes kemp and rodman were undoubtedly more valuable than jordan this series
Red PanDa1
Red PanDa1 6 oy oldin
Taj Ferrell wrong. MJ has 3 MJ type games. He went 28 for 50%, 36 for 48% (round up), and 26 for 50%. So half the games he played he was bad which is why his average was down. However, that last 50% from the field game Gary guarded him
AnEn 6 oy oldin
@Blueblur 22 Kemp allowed Rodman to control the glass. In a series where Jordan increasingly was having trouble scoring -- and often shooting -- number of possessions/rebounding becomes an even bigger focus. The Sonics shot a better percentage than the Bulls for the series -- 44% to 41 -- yet the Bulls shot 474 FGs. The Sonics? 418. Rodman's rebounding was key to Chicago winning that series. Compare this to the 1997 Finals. Malone controlled the boards and outrebounded Rodman, holding Dennis to 7.8 rebounds per game. Largely because of this, the Jazz outrebounded Chicago for the series. And the FG attempt gap was far closer because of it: Chicago shot 449 FGs, Utah shot 430. And notably, the series between Utah and Chicago was one of the closest Finals in 50 years, with the entire series being decided by four points, total. Rodman's performance in 1996 is traceably key as far as Chicago's survival. And Kemp allowing him to go for 19 rebounds in the sixth game is very arguably what finished the Sonics off. Jordan again had a poor shooting night, to put it mildly: he shot 26% with Payton on him. Detlef Schrempf was the game's leading scorer with 23.
Blueblur 22
Blueblur 22 6 oy oldin
@AnEn Rodman arguably deserved Finals MVP???. That's just crazy. Rodman may have dominated Kemp on the boards but Kemp destroyed him down on the block despite being raw as hell. Bulls shut down everyone in that Finals series except Kemp. They had no answer for Kemp as Kemp was just too quick for Rodman
Steph Curry The G.O.A.T
Steph Curry The G.O.A.T 6 oy oldin
Jones Johnson u not a MJ fan lol
K B 6 oy oldin
So many underrated point guards that played in the 90's that don't get talked about.
Blueblur 22
Blueblur 22 6 oy oldin
That's cause most of them weren't superstars
Rahoul Saigal
Rahoul Saigal 6 oy oldin
Kenny Andersen , Kevin Johnson, Rauf off the top of my head
Marcus Turner
Marcus Turner 6 oy oldin
GP Town Bizness!
JägermeisterCGN 6 oy oldin
Damn this podcast is out here for killig any other podcasts.
James Green
James Green 6 oy oldin
They don't make'em like that any GP was the truth
Tae Jones
Tae Jones 6 oy oldin
Gary Payton look like the black stone cold Steve Austin 😂😂😂😂
MDHDH 7332
MDHDH 7332 5 oy oldin
matt barnes looks like he just skipped study hall and went home instead
Keenan Powell
Keenan Powell 6 oy oldin
Omfg 😂😂😂
Mackin Shizzaveli420
Mackin Shizzaveli420 6 oy oldin
Stone Cold Stephon Johnson
Slick Rick
Slick Rick 6 oy oldin
@The One Who Is Better Than You does it matter lol They look alike
The One Who Is Better Than You
The One Who Is Better Than You 6 oy oldin
Stone Cold Steve Austin look like a white Gary Payton you meant.
and1 shoes
and1 shoes 6 oy oldin
Who smoked that Gary Payton on 420?
Clutch Gaming
Clutch Gaming 6 oy oldin
Who tf would dislike this?
MrUrkel0730 6 oy oldin
That NY columnist who posted that bullshit this week
Clutch Gaming
Clutch Gaming 6 oy oldin
Mackin Shizzaveli420 lmao
Mackin Shizzaveli420
Mackin Shizzaveli420 6 oy oldin
Alton Listons family. I mean Reign Man did murder dude.
Shawndale Banks
Shawndale Banks 6 oy oldin
GP’s Charisma Off The Charts Everytime He Speaks😭💯 Super Entertaining
Aaron Dent
Aaron Dent 6 oy oldin
Agreed. California comfort.
Courtney Hallcy
Courtney Hallcy 6 oy oldin
GP underrated all time great player.
Ryu Ken
Ryu Ken 6 oy oldin
How's he underrated? Everyone says hes like the best perimeter defender ever lmao
Hood atheist
Hood atheist 6 oy oldin
@AnEn huh?
AnEn 6 oy oldin
@Hood atheist At least you know your level. Good reply.
Hood atheist
Hood atheist 6 oy oldin
@AnEn lack of knowledge lol, ok. ✌
AnEn 6 oy oldin
@Hood atheist It's not a hypothetical to see that the rules changed, and that this changed the way players defended. Your inability to understand this shows a deep lack of knowledge. So far as it goes, within that same standard, Payton could not defend the same way. He knows this. If you drain water from a pool, it's not a hypothetical to state that you can't swim in it. Understand? Evidently you need a few diagrams. Further, Nash was a middling player under the old rules. And never played like a star outside of SSOL. These are traceable facts of skillset, league standard and basic system/pace. Similarly, Payton would not be able to grab and guide his opponent when defending them after 2005. This would inherently change his defense. Some things for you to scratch your head over.
Im your new Daddy Now
Im your new Daddy Now 6 oy oldin
That's when you know if you're in sync with your friends when both of them txt Gp the same day without even telling each other about getting him on the show
Artistic Skillz
Artistic Skillz 6 oy oldin
Shawn kemp was a in game dunk god
Tony Muñoz
Tony Muñoz 6 oy oldin
GP is a real OG. Def that successful uncle we all look up too 👌🏽
Charles Avery
Charles Avery 6 oy oldin
Gary Payton (GP - The Mouth) Payton.... Fucking hilarious!!
dolo747 6 oy oldin
listen i don't understand why Mark Price isn't talked about more often... he was nice with the handles... pull up 3 in transition.. he was 1 of the first to come down on a break and just stop and pop from 3. underrated. GP is my #1.. sonics Kemp and Payton jersey hanging in my closet. much respect.
7 101
7 101 5 oy oldin
Cavs legend just no defense and short career.
Red PanDa1
Red PanDa1 6 oy oldin
Keywan Bernard he was super nice in 2K13 when you played with the old school teams. Basically Steve Nash without the elite passing
dolo747 6 oy oldin
@AnEn i didn't mean literally there were no great moments from others playing. i do agree. there were some. i would add Barkley hitting game winner over David Robinson in the playoffs.
AnEn 6 oy oldin
@dolo747 There were great moments, even in Jordan's era, for various points. Stockton, for instance, had two relatively iconic moments in one playoff run: the shot against Houston in Game 6 WCF and The Pass against Chicago in Game 4 of the Finals. Payton may not have had a single iconic moment, but stuff like giving Jordan fits in the Finals is a pretty memorable performance. Price? I tend to think he played in the wrong era. I think Price had more offensive talent than Nash, but the system and rules were not in place for him.
K B 6 oy oldin
I bring him up a lot, but i get laughed at, because younger people just see a white guy.
robert lalremruata
robert lalremruata 6 oy oldin
Man... GP just don't shut up😂😂 one of my fav pg
robert lalremruata
robert lalremruata 6 oy oldin
I've seen that... had to repeat it 2 or 3 times😂😂 accurate af
Artistic Skillz
Artistic Skillz 6 oy oldin
Listen to KG impression of GP
December 2016
December 2016 6 oy oldin
greatest point guard defender of all time.
nopoliticking1 5 oy oldin
Please..Nick Van Exel ALWAYS lit up GP.
Jimmy Galindo
Jimmy Galindo 6 oy oldin
@Jason you must be under 35. Lol
Jimmy Galindo
Jimmy Galindo 6 oy oldin
MY was a 2, not a point. Payton hands down
Lakers Fan Since July 1st 2018
Lakers Fan Since July 1st 2018 6 oy oldin
+Kemet Trill No doubt, Bulls went up 3-0 in the 96’ finals, George Karl finally put an injured GP on Mike, Mike shot 5/18 then 6/19 the next game. Would’ve been a completely different series if GP was healthy.
Tyrone Dennie
Tyrone Dennie 6 oy oldin
Without a shadow of a doubt
Justusvo 6 oy oldin
gary needs to smoke sum, he gotta calm down fr
blackout2430 6 oy oldin
Count Up me 😣
Maine 6 oy oldin
That's how he always is. He's talkative.
Count Up
Count Up 6 oy oldin
He prob did blaze. I know a few ppl who are overly chatty when high lol
and1 shoes
and1 shoes 6 oy oldin
You obviously haven't heard of that cookies Gary Payton
MegaKhalid121 6 oy oldin
He seems like such a fun guy. S/O GP man top 10 pg ever
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