Errol Spence Jr. on 2019 Car Accident: 'I Should Have Lost My Life That Night' | ALL THE SMOKE

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6 oy oldin

Boxing Champion Errol Spence Jr. opens up about his October 2019 car accident that changed his life.
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yonizo2 12 soat oldin
Matt barnes and Mackned look a lot alike
treyakasprings 21 kun oldin
Slurred speech tbh
Sergio Serrano
Sergio Serrano Oy oldin
He didn't have any other damage besides his teeth? What about the 3 weeks you don't remember anything about? The brain doesn't turn off just because he wants to. Things like that always leave damages that today's technology cant detect. We'll see on your next fight how good are your reflexes and time reaction. Good luck champ!
guess who
guess who 2 oy oldin
#superhero #mandown ❤❤❤💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾❤❤❤😘😘😘
Jagsher Dhaliwal
Jagsher Dhaliwal 3 oy oldin
He has brand new front teeth. I think the accident nearly turned him into a vegetable. I hope a speedy recovery. Also, last interview he said that he could spar?
djbasquiat 5 oy oldin
Errol: It wasn't an "accident," it was reckless driving
Philly Beccio
Philly Beccio 5 oy oldin
God bless you Errol 👊🏽💥💯
Elvis Medrano
Elvis Medrano 5 oy oldin
So let me get this straight NOT wearing a seatbelt saved his life???? That makes no fucking sense!!!!
Bush Family Videos
Bush Family Videos 5 oy oldin
GOD is so good!
Hooper 6 oy oldin
Justz Jayla
Justz Jayla 6 oy oldin
And yes ivy and violet are my little cousin
Errol Spence Jr.
Errol Spence Jr. 6 oy oldin
yo im your uncles biggest fan hope he gets to 101% physically and mentally so he can kick bud crawfords ass
Justz Jayla
Justz Jayla 6 oy oldin
Thx for all u guys support he’s my uncle and when we go on vacation well I hope I’ll tell him all ab u guys I’m so happy that y’all aren’t hating on my unvle
Niggas Be Tripin
Niggas Be Tripin 6 oy oldin
Errol *Steroids* _Pictorgram_ Spence JR
Bear 6 oy oldin
He should hand his title back. Absolutely disgusting that he thinks he’s blessed for surviving. Try not drink driving in the first place fool.
thePaperDinosaur 6 oy oldin
what’s matts hoodie say? One of my top five players ever!
J J 6 oy oldin
Make America Dope Again
James Heath
James Heath 6 oy oldin
Glad he's okay
unorthodox 7
unorthodox 7 6 oy oldin
Thank You Jesus!!
Olando Lawrence
Olando Lawrence 6 oy oldin
Wow close one ..!! Thank God
TheFlY ENT 6 oy oldin
God bless you champ, God is good make sure you pray and thank the higher power for the rest of your days
Jose Balderas
Jose Balderas 6 oy oldin
so if he said he woke up three weeks later that means he was in a coma??
QualityControl503 6 oy oldin
Jose Balderas he didn’t say he woke up after 3 weeks he said 3 weeks after it happened is when he remembers stuff.
DJ GeorgiePorgie
DJ GeorgiePorgie 6 oy oldin
Wow Errol sounds punch drunk 😮😳
Cristian G
Cristian G 6 oy oldin
Or his mouth is still messed up...
Bear 6 oy oldin
He should hand his title back
Jamie Sindelar
Jamie Sindelar 6 oy oldin
@cherry bone how long yall gonna say that for? I hope all is well but no way u guys can keep using that excuse. I know plenty of ppl that got fake teeth and they take like a month to get use too. But he even said he dont remember shit for 3 weeks after it, that says something right there. He was awake in the hospital but dont remember nothing except being home, def couple screws loose, last thing he should do is go get hit in the head a bunch of times the next 5-10 years
cherry bone
cherry bone 6 oy oldin
Uhhh he's trying to get used to talking with dental work being done
My two bæs
My two bæs 6 oy oldin
Did you see his crash theres gona be a couple screws loose
ThaMizphit74 6 oy oldin
Doing dumb shit is not worth losing your life.
Russell Diggs Jr
Russell Diggs Jr 6 oy oldin
My boy in mothafucking SHAPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!
CHRIS BAJA 6 oy oldin
Hope you can comeback from that devastating accident... Cuz damn that's gonna fuck you up mentally
CHRIS BAJA 6 oy oldin
God is good 🙏😇
ELxTALIBAN 6 oy oldin
Teen drinking is very bad...🎶🎶
TheFamilesso 5 oy oldin
He got a fake ID tho
K B 6 oy oldin
ELxTALIBAN hes a grown ass man😂😂
Nathaniel Gallardo
Nathaniel Gallardo 6 oy oldin
This guy is a true champion. Humble but a killer.
Kwiat As Kept
Kwiat As Kept 6 oy oldin
Very handsome, skilled and blessed young man.
The Hokage
The Hokage 6 oy oldin
The speed of the car had nothing to do with the accident. Boy you was lit!!
Cristian G
Cristian G 6 oy oldin
Lit lit! Lol
Quinton Eriya
Quinton Eriya 6 oy oldin
Big fan of everyone in this video! Errol Spence is my favorite boxer
VENOMRAGE 6 oy oldin
"If I had my seatbelt on I would've lost my life" that shit crazyyy....
300 6 oy oldin
I'm very glad Spence came out alive and blessed. His daughter look just like him and they need him.
Bruce 6 oy oldin
@Bear Thank god you're not my neighbour you pathetic hater.
Bear 6 oy oldin
Thank god he didn’t kill anyone the fool
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