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5 oy oldin

All The Smoke enters the world of boxing on Episode 31 with undefeated WBC & IBF Welterweight World Champion, Errol Spence Jr., joining Matt and Stephen. Spence opens up to the boys about his recent car accident, his boxing career, and discusses who he wants to fight next. They also talk basketball and Lebron.
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SHOWTIME Basketball
SHOWTIME Basketball 5 oy oldin
3:30 - Next fight/Health status 5:00 - Car Accident 7:20 - Fight vs. Porter 11:00 - Could he beat Floyd in his prime? 12:20 - Terence Crawford/Charlo brothers 17:45 - Damian Lillard relationship 22:15 - Favorite Athlete 26:00 - 3 opponents he wants next/favorite KO 34:50 - Fighting in empty arena
p mccoy
p mccoy 3 oy oldin
If Crawford not happening I love to see Spence vs canelo
King Lonno
King Lonno 5 oy oldin
You’re going to heaven.
Cornelius Kidwell
Cornelius Kidwell 5 oy oldin
I’m glad you’re alive Errol Spence. All praise be to The Most High God
Will Seest
Will Seest 5 oy oldin
@philly 1971 thats what I want to hear
The Mega Trend
The Mega Trend 5 oy oldin
Kenneth Adams
Kenneth Adams 3 kun oldin
Spence barely beat porter. Floyd would have a field day with Errol
daynthalife91 6 kun oldin
Late but I’m here
Alan Kebasso
Alan Kebasso 22 kun oldin
Yo if you could get Ryan Garcia on here that’d be tuff
L hinkle
L hinkle Oy oldin
I love this guy, so original. He respects and appreciates Lebron James.
keewon Oy oldin
this dude weighs 180 n he wants to fight pacquiao? lol
PBC FANBOYS DEMAND RIDICULOUS CRAWFORD VS RUSSELL FIGHT BUT SILENT ON ERROL SPENCE DUCKING CRAWFORD! When will Errol Spence stop ducking Terence Crawford, we want to see Terrence Crawford VS Errol Spence after the Danny Garcia fight if Errol Spence wins that fight, Danny Garcia is a "live dog" in that fight!
DuWayne Engram
DuWayne Engram Oy oldin
Y'all better stop disrespecting my boy Shawn Porter
Chuck Roast
Chuck Roast 2 oy oldin
People picking Danny over him pissed him off he's gonna stop DG probably hurt him really bad mane the more y'all talk the worse it's gonna be my prediction Spence by knockout round 6 or 8
youngatwista 2 oy oldin
"Thank god im too cool for a seat belt..."
Melvin Powell Jr.
Melvin Powell Jr. 2 oy oldin
Shun Gilmore
Shun Gilmore 2 oy oldin
Saw bra working out in the city one day DeSoto Texas stand up
ICEZING 2 oy oldin
I just pray that his head is straight after almost loosing HIS life, Alot of shit changes You start looking at things different. I KNW #FACTS
Malik White
Malik White 2 oy oldin
Man anybody that says his speech sounds off is trippin
Raymond Morning
Raymond Morning 3 oy oldin
See what people don't realize about cars of the 2000s is that anyone can hack them and electronically remote control them. Literally taking away your ability to operate them and i believe that is what happened.
Melvin Powell Jr.
Melvin Powell Jr. 2 oy oldin
Leondist Duvall
Leondist Duvall 3 oy oldin
Floyd don’t run Jack. He stay in the pocket.
Leondist Duvall
Leondist Duvall 3 oy oldin
Damn. 40 pounds bro. He had you at a catch weight.
C Wade
C Wade 3 oy oldin
He will MURDEERRR Flyod. hahahahahahahahahhahaahahh!!!
RudysseuS 3 oy oldin
One of the best podcast episodes I’ve heard and watched, from the questions down to the answer. Fuckin great on both ends.
SmithlineLLC Marine Transport
SmithlineLLC Marine Transport 3 oy oldin
Top 5 Jack Johnson Ali James Toney Floyd Errol
Raymond Tatum
Raymond Tatum 3 oy oldin
Back Humble good to see. I wanna to see him beat up more people it's almost majestic to watch EJ fight. Great episode Stak and Matt.
Ally Al
Ally Al 3 oy oldin
Errol you look great man.. put sum camp footage up n put fear back into the niggaz hearts in the boxing world
YourPlug 3 oy oldin
I felt that when he said that he can hear nobody but his mom when he’s in the ring.
Durii 'EL
Durii 'EL 3 oy oldin
Who else stopped the video to see him fight his homie and wasn't disappointed
Justin Davis
Justin Davis 4 oy oldin
Dope interview Errol Spence is one of the most humble people I have seen in a long time. He realizes he made a mistake when he got in a car accident and now he seems like in a good place. He's a great fighter i have been rooting him and I will continue too
Mario ramirez
Mario ramirez 4 oy oldin
Im 10min away from at&t and i promise he aint sell it out shit i promise canelo has the record then pac-man
J. Will
J. Will 4 oy oldin
I never would’ve guessed his walk-around weight is 185lbs when he fights 147lbs-154lbs
Won On 1
Won On 1 4 oy oldin
Why his voice keep cracking?
Chief Don Reed
Chief Don Reed 4 oy oldin
Spence is really fighting people and not just talking about fighting them. He didn't do well against Porter but the knockdown and winning the 12th was the reason why I said he won that fight.
Roberto Cervantes
Roberto Cervantes 4 oy oldin
Ceasar Chavez should be top 5 ! He whooped the snot off Whitaker !! Made him pee blood and shit !
Oh Gee
Oh Gee 4 oy oldin
Can't believe I been missing this interview
Remarkable Ending and Beginning
Remarkable Ending and Beginning 4 oy oldin
Stephen Jackson been in all kind of ish.
Red Devil
Red Devil 4 oy oldin
Errol talks wet floyd would pick him apart
Jake Romero
Jake Romero 4 oy oldin
I Am Back
I Am Back 4 oy oldin
Brother you didnt lose your life because The Almighty didn't want you to die!! Alhumdulillah!!!
Vaughn Proctor
Vaughn Proctor 4 oy oldin
Peace fam, great, great, interview good to hear The Truth admit his mistakes, and he is focus again DG, TC, PAC,...MAN DOWN!! ESJ Undisputed Champion!!!.....oh yeah A.I. The God' hopefully soon, need that, peace family
Raymond Brown
Raymond Brown 4 oy oldin
I love your fight plan and style but I don’t know about beating Floyd?? I definitely don’t know if you could beat Bud!!! Bud is really good. You got a real good chance though. Very smart and a lot of stamina. Should fight Bud three times.. classic
THE WAVE 4 oy oldin
Tunnel Vision Tone
Tunnel Vision Tone 4 oy oldin
Man, Spence Jr is art in the ring 🥊
Jonathon Lang
Jonathon Lang 4 oy oldin
I'm so happy to see Errol back at it. He's my favorite fighter and may just be pound for pound number 1. I'm not sure who could be him I don't think even Crawford could beat him
King Griffin
King Griffin 5 oy oldin
This one of the best podcast out RESPECT from OAK CLIFF Southwest Dallas much luv EJ da city behind ya Tripple D Dat
King Griffin
King Griffin 5 oy oldin
Being from Dallas you gotta fight we had fights scheduled fights elementary playing a games like suicide chest boxing and testing yo patnas game
Cam C
Cam C 5 oy oldin
Man love the energy of this podcast.
the truth
the truth 5 oy oldin
Awesome interview!! I request you get the Charlo twins, Crawford, and Wilder if you can get him out from under that rock. If not him how about Anthony J.
Xavier Hicks Jr
Xavier Hicks Jr 5 oy oldin
Jack Johnson definitely needs to be in the top 5. People be sleep on him..
Tesparza0218 5 oy oldin
Errol in this kind of preparation form. I feel sorry for whoever in that ring with em. He’s about to be on another level
Wendell Latimore
Wendell Latimore 5 oy oldin
Errol my dude stay blessed and humble it’s gonna take you a long way‼️‼️💯💯💯🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
abdul smith
abdul smith 5 oy oldin
ROCKY who???
Geo Rod
Geo Rod 5 oy oldin
He a real nigga but he gotta fight BUD get BUD on the show
Kabir Bariana
Kabir Bariana 5 oy oldin
Ye fr, get crawford on this
Lor T
Lor T 5 oy oldin
Amazing how he never miss weight
NINE 27 5 oy oldin
Like this for every time errols voice cracks
The Real SyXx Team Syxx Productions
The Real SyXx Team Syxx Productions 5 oy oldin
That's crazy cause I could fight at 147 n go all the way up to 200 and I was the only person i knew that could do it pretty easy. I think cause I'm just a skinny guy and I'm tall. But if i woulda stayed in boxing knowing what i know now. I was a pretty good amateur and natural. Being 6 foot 4. I wouldve been deadly ar welterweights and junior middle
Kabir Bariana
Kabir Bariana 5 oy oldin
Im 22 atm on my way to becoming a boxer/fighter. My life goal is to have the WBC strap. I weigh 140-160 lbs after cutting usually around 150
Kabir Bariana
Kabir Bariana 5 oy oldin
Whats your reach bro? Thats fucking incredible.
Qu Bit
Qu Bit 5 oy oldin
First, train smart -- include recovery time between sessions (i.e. cryo chamber, active rest, stretching). Next, don't get fat between fights (hire a nutritionist and sports behavior therapist -- don't get addicted to culture or commercial food). Third, stop driving so fast and partying so hard it only breaks down your body and increases your risk of out-the-ring conflict. Fourth, fight Pacquiao and send him off into the sunset. Fifth, tell Terrence Crawford he is nearing the end of his career, should resign a 3 to 5 fight contract with Prize Fight not Top Rank. That Top Rank move was the worst decision he could have made and makes him look like he is ducking you despite what Bradley and Ward might have said about you ducking him (while you were in the hospital). Glad you acknowledge what the most high has done for you. Extra: Don't be a LBJ fan-boy -- he is an illuminist, craves attention, and is ill-equipped to speak about most things outside of b-ball (i.e. social justice). That family stuff and public donations are only smoke~
Kabir Bariana
Kabir Bariana 5 oy oldin
You’re a smart/articulate guy, I enjoyed reading this. Stay safe my friend.
Set the VIBE Inc.
Set the VIBE Inc. 5 oy oldin
Jack pay attention bro bro dang bruh “go head jack” uhhhhhh top 5 boxers yo mind not on the interview bro bro
Daniel Napoleon
Daniel Napoleon 5 oy oldin
Success bro
Kendall Jones
Kendall Jones 5 oy oldin
Bless up Champ Great interview! 🙏🏾
Hoanhrocco 5 oy oldin
Fight kieth for the tune up before the pac or bud fight
real life83
real life83 5 oy oldin
Them teeth got my dawg looking older
Rob Parks
Rob Parks 5 oy oldin
Floyd in his prime was super fucking special. A once in a lifetime talent. I love Earl Spence, I dont think he could've beat a prime Floyd Mayweather! Would've loved to have seen it.
Milton Johnson
Milton Johnson 5 oy oldin
This should be some bullshit why do you choose Errol Spence why not bring Terrence Crawford. Get both of their names out there. And this Ninja weighed 180 pounds. Wtf
Trina Logan
Trina Logan 5 oy oldin
Yayyyyy! My guy Errol Spence Jr. I loved every minute of this interview.
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson 5 oy oldin
Much love from Bmore. Y’all got my boy on here. I was telling any and everyone about this dude 6yrs ago. Good job to all of y’all and good health to your families. Go E!!!!!!!
Sean Walton
Sean Walton 5 oy oldin
We need Bud Crawford on here now
Derrick Williamson
Derrick Williamson 5 oy oldin
Dude you can say what you want but errol the truth because he is the truth! spence jr wouldnt have a chance in a pit of hades against pretty boy floyd Mayweather i love me some errol spence jr dont get it fucked up but floyd was a completely different fighter back in his prime mentally and his speed was much quicker even quicker than mister stetoids himself manny pacroid Pacquiao some would say and he was a knock out artist to the jaw as well as to the body 😉 errol is speaking from the perspective of their sparring match and all we heard about was him getting the best of floyd but what we didnt here about was how floyd took in that info of the match and began to put hands on that boy . but confidence is everything im not mad a errol for being confident but floyd would have made him look like all the rest . And the truth be told errol spence lost that fight against shawn porter so while he's talking so confidently about floyd he needs to give shawn a rematch but he knows he lost that fight and the fact that you said you dont want to see that rematch lets me know you know he lost too
Pilsberryy Doe
Pilsberryy Doe 5 oy oldin
Errol Looking like he entering his prime & ready for the superstar role in boxing covers of magazines & video games he the future of boxing
Lawrence RBE
Lawrence RBE 5 oy oldin
Great interview Man down all day
R Anderson
R Anderson 5 oy oldin
Great show. Really glad to see my man Errol is back.
B-Rai87 5 oy oldin
We need a new boxing game 🎮 🎮 .....
Robert Rich
Robert Rich 5 oy oldin
Errol Spence Jesus Christ sparred your life, please my brother give your life to him and love for him!!! God Bless you man!!!
Ran Hubert
Ran Hubert 5 oy oldin
Boy!!!! God Works In Mysterious Ways Glad That All Yall Brothers Are Here..... REAL TALK!!!!💯🙏🏿🙏🏿😇❤
Nyce 5 oy oldin
Favorite boxing movie....body and starred leon Kennedy and his wife Jayne and Muhammad Ali
location voiture
location voiture 5 oy oldin
matt barnes.. Very very very good questions dude
Force1Sound 5 oy oldin
Very insightful interview for the fans!
Nosy Rosie
Nosy Rosie 5 oy oldin
Thank you, Lord!!!
Nosy Rosie
Nosy Rosie 5 oy oldin
we got a bunch of undisciplined fighters wanting be our heroes.
Nosy Rosie
Nosy Rosie 5 oy oldin
all boxers are our heroes.
Nosy Rosie
Nosy Rosie 5 oy oldin
the smaller one? lol.
Nosy Rosie
Nosy Rosie 5 oy oldin
these fighters are getting stronger. you gonna have to remember the side of the liver punch, on the side.
Joe Lomeli
Joe Lomeli 5 oy oldin
Great interview! I’m glad he is healthy and doing better BUT bud gonna get on dat ass!!!!!
Edward Hill
Edward Hill 5 oy oldin
That jab from Lennox Lewis only came when he got with that Detroit connection Emmanuel Stewart Detroit represent
Jhon Jaun Da Don
Jhon Jaun Da Don 5 oy oldin
Im glad to hear he see his mistakes beacuse I was seeing the destruction path. I said the same thing when he faught Porter. I was like BRO aint livin right and it definitely showed inside the ring. Tx. back in the building. Stay Blessed Up Not Messed
J.L Craig
J.L Craig 5 oy oldin
How & why the hell this got 114 dislikes doe??? Smh
Roderick Montgomery
Roderick Montgomery 5 oy oldin
My dude Errol cool as hell!!!
Chad Payne
Chad Payne 5 oy oldin
Spence is Glen Johnson 2.0 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️😂😂
iSooSwaggy 5 oy oldin
I wanna see spence vs Canelo
Ricky Cooper
Ricky Cooper 5 oy oldin
The "Truth" , for you haters, he's back!
ALAN HERRERA 5 oy oldin
Canelo VS spence ???
melinda williams
melinda williams 5 oy oldin
Wow! I salute you too EJ. Never take anything for granted. You're too good to lose anything on account of taking thing for granted. H-town love.
Phillip Jones
Phillip Jones 5 oy oldin
Great interview. These two got great chemistry. Erol will make Floyd come out. Much respect all around. He was negligent with that top 5 tho.
Thedetoxman 5 oy oldin
Iverson for the Ring walk dude!
Yemar DoubleRR
Yemar DoubleRR 5 oy oldin
Love Errols confidence. But no one can beat a prime Floyd. Just knock out Keith Thurman for us please. Wipe his ass off the boxing map. Then fight Bud.
BasicMe 5 oy oldin
185lbs walking ang you're figthing on 147>????? omg why fight midgets. why not fight your natural weight?
Rick S
Rick S 5 oy oldin
I like Spence but Pretty Boy Floyd was a monster hell nah bruh. He was fast, elusive,high volume puncher, and very technically pure boxer.
Chase Baxter
Chase Baxter 5 oy oldin
Great interview squad, keep ‘em coming💯💯💯🥊🥊
j Nguyen
j Nguyen 5 oy oldin
Spence is a great fighter . But I hope the incident doesnt affect him
Mr. H A Double
Mr. H A Double 5 oy oldin
I like Earl Spence a lot. but none of what he said he would do to Floyd would work. the difference between Mayweather and most fighters is he has more than just a plan A he makes adjustments as the fight goes on. meaning if plan A doesn’t work he’ll go to plan B if that doesn’t work he’ll go to plan C if that doesn’t then he’ll continue on down the alphabet. he is what you call a GREAT ELITE fighter!
DeVante Swing
DeVante Swing 5 oy oldin
This nigga Errol funny af 😂😂😂😂 love the interview tho. My fav and #1 P4P boxer #TheTruth
Eric Mckinzie
Eric Mckinzie 5 oy oldin
He started fighting at 15 lol ok he can’t beat Floyd
Rodney Lewis
Rodney Lewis 5 oy oldin
Get ray Allen on here
PRO TrOLL 5 oy oldin
POrt Author boi!,,,
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