Draymond Green Explains His Beef With Charles Barkley | ALL THE SMOKE

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6 oy oldin

Draymond Green opens up to All The Smoke about his beef with TNT's Charles Barkley and how it came to be.
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Big Tubes
Big Tubes 7 kun oldin
Matt “talk to me about” Barnes
Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne 11 kun oldin
I think Barkley was annoyed at Draymonds antics and constant complaining on the court. I'm pretty sure it isn't jealousy.
hemanth kumar
hemanth kumar 28 kun oldin
Draymond is taking it personally
Classic GREATS
Classic GREATS Oy oldin
This fool talking about he used to watch Barkley as a kid. He was too young.
Aayush Sahgal
Aayush Sahgal Oy oldin
man this dude makes me so proud to be a dubs fan #warriors
Underworld Films
Underworld Films 2 oy oldin
Shaq fell back because Greens boss (aka Warriors front office) VIA Steve Kerr.....who worked for Turner Sports...told him and TNT not too!! So, Green is wrong..
Spencer Russell
Spencer Russell 2 oy oldin
Draymond is rambling like a woman
Boothy Badazz
Boothy Badazz 2 oy oldin
Chuck was the leading scorer on the dream team
jcasetnl 2 oy oldin
Can you imagine Draymond in the bad boy Pistons era? He would have curled up in the fetal position by half time. Barkley has forgotten twice as much smack talk as Draymond Green is ever going to hear.
Underworld Films
Underworld Films 2 oy oldin
Draymond is foolish for saying that shit...
sidney thomas
sidney thomas 3 oy oldin
He well spoken, never heard Draymond speak before. Respect Draymond.
Andres Velasco
Andres Velasco 3 oy oldin
So draymond has a problem with barkley speaking facts because it could affect his salary? Facts are facts. Barkley doesn't say anything about draymond that isn't true. U want more respect on the court dray? Then play better
Jose Ruiz
Jose Ruiz 3 oy oldin
Draymond talking like he won them bitches by himself take klay and Steph away and he’s dodo a basic player
SeparationIsTheOnlySolution ! !
SeparationIsTheOnlySolution ! ! 4 oy oldin
I dont like Draymond Green but I do respect what he said in this interview!
Eric Phillips
Eric Phillips 4 oy oldin
Draymond green is tripping. Charles Barkley is way better than you. He was 6'4" and that dude was one of the best at his position. He has no reason to be jealous. Shit i like Charles Barkley way more than Draymond greens cocky ass
Jodie 4 oy oldin
yall so mad that draymond is gonna be a HoF 😂 i love it
Tomjiujitsu 5 oy oldin
Green shouldn’t even be a starter. Green is overrated.
Eddard Parsons
Eddard Parsons 5 oy oldin
Draymond you never came up. You were brought up by Steph and Klay. Lol if I had the 2 best shooters of all time its easy to get an assist lol. Your a versatile defender thats all you are but the extent of your talent is exposed this season when you cant even get decent numbers on a horrible team. Your a role player and a mediocre one at best
ALF RAYDOUGH 5 oy oldin
What’s hilarious is that Draymond’s Nickname unlike Charles “Round Mound of Rebound”, “The Beast”, will forever be “Triple Single”.😂
Bot Ski
Bot Ski 5 oy oldin
Draymond is pretty much a bum when it comes to NBA caliber players. Sure he’s really good at basketball, but he’ll never come close to Charles Barkley. Lmao
collider12 5 oy oldin
Just show respect and carry on , then you won’t have beef with a legend like Barkley
D. L.
D. L. 5 oy oldin
Wait. . .did Draymond say jealousy!?
THE 5 oy oldin
Just an insecure donkey
Rob L
Rob L 5 oy oldin
He thinks Barkley is jealous because he makes more money LOL. Barkley like most Warriors cannot stand you Draymond cannot stand your SHIT TALKING like you the best player BUT CANNOT BACK IT UP.
World Traveller
World Traveller 5 oy oldin
Tripple single ! hahaha
Blair Robertson
Blair Robertson 5 oy oldin
It aint beef its honesty. Chuck tells the truth and draymond can't handle it. Green has chips and well deserved but does he win without steph/KD/klay? Doubt It. Never will he be in the same tier. "Chuck hasn't won anything" draymond has no rings without GS STARS.
GB GB 5 oy oldin
Charles be hating on Jayz too because he wants Beyonce so bad.
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels 5 oy oldin
Have a look at that 1993 Suns team. Barkley basically carried a mediocre team to 60+ wins and NBA Finals.
3ELITES 5 oy oldin
now i officially hate draymond smh
ya boy pito
ya boy pito 5 oy oldin
Draymond an idiot
Nfn Kalyan
Nfn Kalyan 5 oy oldin
"he never won shit." yeah but jud buchler did. and so did you draymond.
Shawn Bulger
Shawn Bulger 5 oy oldin
All I got from this is that he respect Charles but he don't appreciate Charles tryna shit on him all the time to make him the butt of his jokes.
Micah Hammond
Micah Hammond 5 oy oldin
Draymond is sum shit
Makaveli X
Makaveli X 5 oy oldin
Skill and mentality wise, chuck would make dray rethink his career choice. Anything off the court is childish.
Vladimir Pavlov
Vladimir Pavlov 5 oy oldin
pres f )))))))
Leoni Days
Leoni Days 5 oy oldin
Everyone’s so sensitive now
Flacko 5 oy oldin
lol this is how an ignorant person always convinces themselves theyre right
Emmanuel Mekonnen
Emmanuel Mekonnen 5 oy oldin
I think the problem with Draymond is that he talking the most shit in a team with 2 mvps and a hall of famer in thompson.
ronald Roseboro sr
ronald Roseboro sr 5 oy oldin
You did it to kD already
Greg Mathieu
Greg Mathieu 5 oy oldin
Does this dude realize that he’s a “role player” and Barkley was a league MVP during Jordan’s peak? Draymond is tweaking
rtc7788 5 oy oldin
Okay Draymond really needs to just stick to talking about Charles Barkley as a person. Don't try to talk about Charles as a basketball player and act like he's on his level. It makes him look silly. Everyone who knows basketball knows Draymond is no where near Barkley level.
JuanCo26 5 oy oldin
This is just a conversation of role players 😂
Raidersp 5 oy oldin
Barkley is a hater he talks shit to everyone draymond never started this drama draymond did but I know why barkley doing it to be entertaining but it is hating tell draymond never said anything bad about Barkley barkley started this shit it's stupid
Mala Nha
Mala Nha 5 oy oldin
Draymond Green is way better than Michael Jordan
Raidersp 5 oy oldin
Barkley started this
couchpoet1 5 oy oldin
Petty bs.
FnIggnent 5 oy oldin
Draymond isn't a prolific scorer, but GS wouldn't have those titles without him... Period! He is going too far with the hate rhetoric, but i do think chuck is annoyed at this highly he is acclaimed compared to what he's done... Chuck don't fuck with most of the league as a whole...
Demarco Brownlee
Demarco Brownlee 5 oy oldin
Y’all talking lik Draymond is some scrub in the NBA he has a high basketball IQ that most NBA players don’t have FACTS
MsKeepitReal1 5 oy oldin
I normally rock with y'all but this interview y'all went straight soft. Draymond sounds like he is on his period. Charles talks about the game and skill, he doesn't talk about your money. Thats what Charles is paid to do.
Ron Gonzales
Ron Gonzales 5 oy oldin
zionite 5 oy oldin
I don't think he hate you tho... he roast everyone he want to. He roast James harden all the time. Now harden his many thing but pls don't tell yall better than James harden
Ee Yun TV
Ee Yun TV 5 oy oldin
Draymond already complimented Charles by saying he's one of the all-time greats. He said he respects him as a basketball player what he's meant tothe game. But I honestly got to agree with him. Charles Barkley just sounds like a hater SMH. A lot of the critiques about Draymond aren't even basketball-related they're personal. And honestly Charles being the Elder Statesman here, you should set a better example! Anyone who says Draymond is trash! Or isn't important to the Warriors clearly lacks any basketball credibility. There would be no Warriors Dynasty without him. And that's a fact! A guy who is the heart and soul of the team. Can literally guard all 5 positions play the point forward as well the center position. Oh and can knock down the 3 ball is not just some role player. Draymond's basketball IQ is off the charts. Charles was a great player but respect Dray and what he brings to the table as well.
jeff thomas
jeff thomas 5 oy oldin
He started talking about money first person came to mind is Nikki Minaj. You're not that guy cause u make more, ur living off the paved way as you said. You're a son...now go sit down
Bry ABNV 5 oy oldin
charles can talk all day dude is fking hofer
Alan Ruan
Alan Ruan 5 oy oldin
Draymond without Charles you wouldn’t have even gotten a chance to play power forward. You ain’t better than him he literally started small ball forward and pioneer being a beast in the paint without length. Stfu and just respect the HOFamer and appreciate what he’s done to the league. You can keep sucking on Steph and Klay cause at the end of the day you’re just a role player and can’t carry shit by yourself.
alex samain
alex samain 5 oy oldin
Draymond on to something. I'm ranking Adam Morrison over Barkley now. Nuff said.
Mr Future Browns GM and Cleveland GM
Mr Future Browns GM and Cleveland GM 5 oy oldin
Charles Barkley is way better than Dreymond Green
The Gracious Fundamentalists T
The Gracious Fundamentalists T 5 oy oldin
All Charles was trying to say was back in his day... Draymond wouldn’t be getting away with his shenanigans how he gets away with it now... Barkley, Laimbeer, Mahorn, Mo Lucas, Vernon Maxwell would’ve punched him in his face a long time ago & he would’ve been cut that shit out... even Rodman would’ve put hands on him... players these days are 100% pure pussies... 90% of them are... shit... Even Jack & Matt would’ve stepped to him early.... 👊🏽
lipscovc 5 oy oldin
Yall need Charles on this show to defend himself and you will find Drey is wrong with his view of the critique. Think about what Drey has done on the floor. Kicking people in the balls that are shutting him down...Adams...eye gouging people that are getting the best of him...LeBron and Harden. Trying intentionally to make players look bad and he good. So how can he talk about someone dumping on another. He does it. If you can play Drey...play. if you get handled so you try again next game. You do dirt...who can respect that.
nOT tHEE 5 oy oldin
Draymond sucks
Jiomare Vital
Jiomare Vital 5 oy oldin
Charles was a MVP!!! All 3 of y’all need to put respect on Charles man
Anthony Reed
Anthony Reed 5 oy oldin
Draymond green you a bum bro if you didn't have curry klay you would be ringless
C Bennett
C Bennett 5 oy oldin
Damn idk how Matt and Stack can sit there and listen to that delusional shit I would just have to say something
Tee Why
Tee Why 5 oy oldin
It's not throwing a shot It's not jealousy It's the truth STOP IT!!!🤷🏾‍♂️.. Triple single
Kevin Shell
Kevin Shell 5 oy oldin
The most overrated player of this generation, Draymond Green, he’ll be a afterthought after next season
Amir Rezvani
Amir Rezvani 5 oy oldin
“Honestly, it’s jealousy” LOL 🧢
luke trevitt
luke trevitt 5 oy oldin
Draymond Green, awesome player, but Charles is not jealous of you. With respect, he is much better player then you, way better, dose not mean shit he didnt win a championship.
JM ZERO 5 oy oldin
How can he say he has had more impact on the game than Charles??? GTFOH Charles is one of the greatest to ever do it and Draymond is a role player who happened to play on a team with 2/3 guys who will go down as ATGs. So because Charles is black & Draymond is black he's not allowed to critique Draymonds game??? This dude is soft as baby shit!
Jay Murthy
Jay Murthy 5 oy oldin
I get what Dre is saying but cmon bro you can't compare to Chuck as a basketball player. I don't know what Chuck said about Dre that was so bad? Plus him being black isn't really relevant here. He's not trying to stop Draymond from eating. N would it be OK then if he criticized JJ Redick or a white player? Chuck speaks his mind on everyone
Amanpaul Atwal
Amanpaul Atwal 5 oy oldin
Do ppl really argue Draymond better than Barkley? Lmao
Cxle 5 oy oldin
We damn well know draymond isn’t a hall of famer, argument over thanks you. Irrelevant ass triple single bum...
Manewt Shikiel
Manewt Shikiel 5 oy oldin
Barkley is not hating, he's simply stating that if he were in the league and played against Draymond he knows they would have an altercation based on Draymonds antics.
Bridgett Bolden
Bridgett Bolden 5 oy oldin
Barkley jealous of you Draymond? Lord have mercy 🤦🏾‍♂️. This man is delusional
Michael Perez
Michael Perez 5 oy oldin
Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson are weak af for letting Draydumb speak zero facts on their show
jhoseph Levy
jhoseph Levy 5 oy oldin
Draymond Won 3 championships Period. Draymond is 23 the second coming of Jordan. Draymond has a bigger grill than barkley. Barkley is a thug . Draymond put his team on his back and carried them to the championship. MVP Draymond pulled the his team to the championship. The New Dream team Draymond ,Matt Barnes, ......
He averages a triple single.... Say no more.
N0 Kl0ut
N0 Kl0ut 5 oy oldin
i swear i can't stand when players start saying "fans and media don't know shit" nigga please fans know a ton just cause fans and media don't play doesn't mean they don't know. Just like yall don't know what its like for a Doctor to get up everyday to prepare for major surgery or a retail clerk preparing for his/her 8-10 hour shift for minimum wage. A grind is a grind and your grind isn't any more strenuous than the next guy. I don't need to sit down and read the Warriors playbook for 2 to 3 hours to know basketball because my eyes tell me exactly what it needs to see. Nobody is saying Draymond is useless but for the amount of talking he does you'd think this nigga was an MVP candidate well you had your time in the sun to put up an 18ppg 8apg 7reb kinda season and make an all star team while being efficient and you failed horribly and then you started "load managing" now you're mad cause dudes is getting on your ass all that shit talking you been doing the past 4-5 years but you been quiet this year. Swear man this sensitive ass new wave of thinking dude can't even take a joke. Chuck never said Draymond was a bad player but Chuck like a thousand other people always wondered what you would do without all those shooters and great players around you and you showed us a 8 points 6 rebounds and 6 assists and you can't even clip 40% shooting...LOL
Kingston Hawke
Kingston Hawke 5 oy oldin
Y'all say Jordan over LeBron because of rings. Now the same people realize how dumb that argument is when people say Draymond over Chuck because of rings. Fact is, it was just as dumb of an argument when you were making it for MJ. And honestly, while Draymond isn't half the offensive player Chuck was, Chuck isn't half the defensive player Draymond is. PS. Charles didn't deserve that MVP, so stop bringing it up.
Demarcus Hampton
Demarcus Hampton 5 oy oldin
Draymond sensitive he talk the most shit in the nba today chuck fuck with everybody even jordan I think he more hurt because Barkley was a idol of his
Demarcus Hampton
Demarcus Hampton 5 oy oldin
Didnt charles win mvp in 93 and lead the suns to the finals
mark isa
mark isa 5 oy oldin
Chuck was #1 option on 99% teams he played on. Dray #3 option at best, 99% #4 or 5
chennao 5 oy oldin
Draymond played the fk outta the victim role....smh
Marcus Campbell
Marcus Campbell 5 oy oldin
“will crucify each other when we not even guilty for...” is just...wow. Smh...that’s just truth that needs tellin.
Marcus Campbell
Marcus Campbell 5 oy oldin
Barkley’s hate for the Warriors in general seems like it’s on some other type.... Like if you’ve ever been on a job with a clique that low key hates religion-and finds out you seriously believe in God. At which point nothing you do could be right, since people who believe in God might as well have rode the short bus to work. You could cure cancer and they’d swear the world was better off with it. That’s that kinda hate Barkley has for the Warriors. Ain’t no coincidence that this is probably the first NBA dynasty with a “face of the franchise” openly, on blast, associated with God-gettin that kind of mindless hate that even kindness don’t reach.
Joe Traxx
Joe Traxx 5 oy oldin
He really look like a bum in nba situations right now, dray only avg a trip Dub when klay steph and KD was getting double check. He was wide open, now when he needs to step up like Rodman did when pip was out he ain’t no where to be found. This new era hate accountability
Joe Traxx
Joe Traxx 5 oy oldin
MJ and crew were literally got his ass beat on the court and just went harder. These millionaire babies tooo sensitive
Joe Traxx
Joe Traxx 5 oy oldin
This new era butter soft.
Cap Squad
Cap Squad 5 oy oldin
Lol it’s mutual respect between the two, they’re just doing what men like to do which is talk shit
S.K. Tavakoli
S.K. Tavakoli 5 oy oldin
Does Matt Barnes swear for the sake of swearing? It is as if he has to meet some kind of bad language quota for the show to be successful.
Ty 5 oy oldin
CB literally did everything better than Draymond down to talking trash. He’s even made more money than Draymond in his life. Draymond is crazy delusional
Bryan Goodman
Bryan Goodman 5 oy oldin
I'm not sure I remember Barkley hating, I do remember Dray talking mad disrepectful to Paul Pierce on the court and Charles jokingly said I would punch him in the face if he did that to me. Dray is a great player, tries to bully everyone but can't take nobody talking back. Dray screamed on KD plenty, but KD just shook it off. The one time KD stood up for himself, Dray spazzed the fuck out and called KD all kinds of b*tches and you would never won shit w/o us. Look in the mirror Dray.
Charles Riles
Charles Riles 5 oy oldin
Stack and Matt are wrong for this ! For guys that allegedly keep it real, this is fake it. Draymond is a role player that found his niche on one of the best rosters ever assembled in NBA history. Charles (and others who keep quiet) doesn’t respect Draymond’s extras because Charles (and others lol ) doesn’t feel like Draymond is a that good a basketball player. Draymond’s personality and accolades ( the fan voted all star nominations lol) don’t match his performance, period! As seen in 2018. Yes, Charles is bitter but his spite is not out of hate it’s based on the fake respect Draymond gets but in Charles’ mind he is undeserving. Charles could have had the career he had or better on any team. Draymond can not say the same !
Patrick King
Patrick King 5 oy oldin
You average 9pts,7rebounds,6assist your whole career SHUT UP.
Char Aznable
Char Aznable 5 oy oldin
The amount of morons defending Draymond though. Must be painful being so dumb seeing majority of their arguments.
Justin 5 oy oldin
Sir Charles would be super Max easy today. Players have thin skin today.
edough 5 oy oldin
Bro charles is not stopping hes bullying green cause he knows charles 100% was a greater player "never rode coat tails" its that simple played w no crazy stars.
ehrgieiz 5 oy oldin
Draymond lost his damn mind if he really believes the chukster's jealous of him... jeez
jacobsjvj 5 oy oldin
If Charles is tearing down fellow black men for critiquing their game on television, what are these guys doing when they do those TV shots on ESPN & Fox Sports? If that's what it is then they should stop making those appearances cause I don't see them gushing over players with no negativity when they on TV either.
Sir Nice
Sir Nice 5 oy oldin
Matt is starting to feel himself a lil too much....
Nick Garcia
Nick Garcia 5 oy oldin
Where can I find that hoodie
TheMessiahGaming 5 oy oldin
What podcast is this ?
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