Draymond Green Says He 'Changed The Game Of Basketball' with Steph and Klay | ALL THE SMOKE

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Draymond Green opens up to Matt and Stephen about being a 2nd round pick and how it has motivated him throughout his career. He also talks about how he changed the game of basketball with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson.
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The All American
The All American 6 kun oldin
Draymond it’s not this player yal think this bum is. He was just put in the right place at the right time. Look wat happens when he has no one else to relie on, he as. How u an Allstar with an average of 9pts a game. Terrible. Nuthin else said.
Gul Karwandyar
Gul Karwandyar 10 kun oldin
This guy is overhyped, last season showed how bad this guy is. No where near a leader, carried by steph , klay, and KD
David Chimezie
David Chimezie 19 kun oldin
A lot of people in the comments sound like a bunch of hating ass casuals that dont kno shit about basketball. Real nba fans kno that the warriors in 2015 aint winning shit without draymond. He was a crucial piece in their championship run. Steph n Klay changed the game of basketball but draymond played a role in helping them do so.
Ibrahim Almasry
Ibrahim Almasry 22 kun oldin
king of crazy
king of crazy 27 kun oldin
🤔💭 Why he look like Kwame Kilpatrick right here ?
aaa Oy oldin
Stop hating y’all. The Warriors need all 3. Steph, Klay and Draymond. Go look at Dray’s stat line the 73 win season. Very solid and efficient. Remember game 7 of the finals that season? He showed up and kept the warriors in that game (almost a 30pt triple double), while curry didn’t play that well. Obviously his numbers took a dip when they got KD, that’s expected on a team that loaded.. this season was a down year, but like I said. The warriors need draymond.
Russ Perk
Russ Perk 2 oy oldin
matchmate in heaven
NoName 2 oy oldin
The comments to this really shows you who the casuals are
Kenyon McKee
Kenyon McKee 2 oy oldin
Ya are so dumb In the comments draymond is the reason why the rockets and so many teams use small ball in the NBA draymond was the main factor in why so many teams go small in the NBA and spread the floor. No he didn’t change the game far as shooting or stats but he help ring a new style into the game that so many teams use. Ya sound so dumb in the comments whether ya think he is not that good or not. The warriors wouldn’t have made it to the NBA final that many times without draymond check the win los ration when he is on the floor and not on the floor quick looking at stats Into the damn argument.
ActionClick Kill
ActionClick Kill 2 oy oldin
And now he changed the gsw record without steph and klay.
Qi W
Qi W 2 oy oldin
LOL changed the game by kicking people in the nuts and delivering TRIPLE SINGLES and thinks he is a legend.. hahahaha
grrrraffe 3 oy oldin
The other warriors shined so bright that even green's fat arse got some light. overrated enforcer.
Brian Zhu
Brian Zhu 3 oy oldin
Dude was clumsy and injured James harden in the eye.. James couldn't even see right in the playoffs.
TheRantGuyYeazy 3 oy oldin
Overrated bum
Robin Akaka
Robin Akaka 3 oy oldin
Drafted you on my fantasy team, thing your an allstar level and will have more opportunity now to shine because there is no durant and thompson around. BIG MISTAKE
David Moore
David Moore 3 oy oldin
Going for a rebound and inexplicably raising your leg into another mans nuts-The Draymond maybe that's what he meant? Look up "riding coat-tails."
Garfield Johnson
Garfield Johnson 3 oy oldin
Firstly let me say this is great to see glue guys like draymond finally getting love. Every team that wins has that guy that nobody see his impact but his teammates opponents and coaches. Congrats on that contract. Secondly, he will be traded in two three years. That contract was a reward for helping build the arena. Thirdly, he was in rest mode ALL year. Where you play because your paid to. He expect the same draymond green from the finals. Congrats King for showing the world on how to OWN your role.
Kenyon McKee
Kenyon McKee 2 oy oldin
Why would they trade draymond when he is a key part to the organization like steph and play u sound dumb.
The Avatar
The Avatar 4 oy oldin
Bro really just stated that Steph Curry, one of the all time great players and that Klay Thompson is the second greatest shooter ever and really insist that he's changed the game of basketball. He tries to come off as humble by saying he's a part of something great but refuses to acknowledge how blessed he is to play with 2 transcendent talents who elevate everyone they play with.
Darrean 4 oy oldin
timothy1949 4 oy oldin
the NBA is as shit as it is today because people who used to watch 90s 2000s basketball can no longer watch and quit, in return a bunch of kids come in and they absolutely love garbage like Draymond Green, so this trash can bullshit whatever he likes and there will always be a bunch of trash backing him, an ecosystem of trash.
Roosevelt Haynes
Roosevelt Haynes 4 oy oldin
Lmao Draymond help change the game how lol, what 3 pointers did this dude take. U ain't nothing, All you did was pass the ball and set screens in my Bernie Mac's voice lol
Kenyon McKee
Kenyon McKee 2 oy oldin
Your basketball knowledge kills me 🤯
The Redeemed Office 1689
The Redeemed Office 1689 4 oy oldin
I’d would offer this: Draymond brought back the Anthony Mason, Charles Oakley, Ben Wallace, Dennis Rodman energy. I don’t think he changed the game but I will agree he brought back a certain type of old school toughness that was missing.
TheBaller Forever
TheBaller Forever 4 oy oldin
He is right to some degree the warriors perfected small ball defense because of Draymond. He was able to guard 1-5 which made it very easy to switch on the perimeter and paint for the team. If not for the warriors the rockets with this small ball would probably not be a thing
V T 4 oy oldin
All these dumb mfers in the comments about triple single. You know who else was a triple single most of his career? Jason Kidd, and Kidd will go down as a HOF. These type of players do shit that doesn't show up on a stat sheet. Give me Draymond over Westbrick and Harden anyday. Slice it up and make any excuse you want, only one of the three is a proven WINNER. College or pro
Khairi jamal
Khairi jamal 4 oy oldin
He ain't change shit.. Steph! Changed the game
Sam Thelemarck
Sam Thelemarck 4 oy oldin
Change what game?
Horus 4 oy oldin
All facts
holdenLs4dayz 4 oy oldin
dude had the best two shooters in the world to pass to and get rebounds for. he didn’t “change” anything🤣
The North Remembers
The North Remembers 4 oy oldin
Draymond doesn't make a bad team good, he makes a good team great
gatorf2 4 oy oldin
Dray is a good role player but he was successful only because of Klay and Steph. Klay and Steph get injured and what does Mr "Change the Game" produce this season? 20lbs overweight, busted jumper and a perimeter turnstile.
dee see
dee see 4 oy oldin
I gotta admit he’s a very confident person but saying he changed the gm is insane
Allen Zen
Allen Zen 4 oy oldin
Dray got KD out of town so he can secure the bag he ain't slick
Str8_cash_ homie
Str8_cash_ homie 4 oy oldin
Dray, bring back the dog in you . I want that 2nd round draft pick that leaves everything on the court bruh. RespeK🙏🔥
Kirby Augustine
Kirby Augustine 4 oy oldin
Draymond’s ego is his blessing and his curse. He’s always teetering on the edge of success or destruction. There’s no logical explanation why Draymond after all these seasons, being around the 2 best shooters ever, still has an unreliable jumper?! Draymond is a star within the GSW system and no where else. Clay and Steph being hurt exposed him for how limited his game is when he’s the focal point. Leadership is easy when you’re winning but no so much when the loss column begins filling up.
Jet Dorado
Jet Dorado 4 oy oldin
Bra... Steph, Klay, Kd are irreplaceable... you sir.... got lucky...
ShowtimeMari -
ShowtimeMari - 4 oy oldin
Man what’s in that bottle ??? It CANT be water 🧐
Darius Israel
Darius Israel 4 oy oldin
The expectations also are not as high for a second rounder
Tezhan Boyd
Tezhan Boyd 4 oy oldin
Draymond is cocky trash I can’t wait to see what he look like on another team. YOU did not change the game lol. We seen you before man we ain’t never seen a curry or klay.
Daniel Frazier
Daniel Frazier 4 oy oldin
Wtf is wrong with this dude.
Jake Garnett
Jake Garnett 4 oy oldin
Changed the NBA? More like ruined the NBA! This guy’s ego is absolutely ridiculous...
D K777
D K777 4 oy oldin
How by being MK ULTRA Programmed and mind CONTROLLED?
Ushh Ushh P
Ushh Ushh P 4 oy oldin
Changed the game..Went back to back kicking Steve Adam's in the nuts haha
Diestro Terrero
Diestro Terrero 4 oy oldin
You got exposed trash player we know you suck your nobody to carry a team we know Kalyn and curry are the ones who change the game and yeah mainly curry for real
SegaSaturnSNK 4 oy oldin
The league stopped playing defense, that's what changed the game. If those Nash Sun team was playing the past 6 years or so, they would have won at least 2 titles. All this guy does is talk garbage. Yap yap yapppppp
jaydexe 3 oy oldin
The only reason those Suns didn’t win a title was because of Amare’s injury in 06 and his bogus suspension in 07
A.J Anderson
A.J Anderson 4 oy oldin
The warriors not the same without draymond
Versatile Wolf
Versatile Wolf 4 oy oldin
Nothing but haters 😂 I love it!
Lord 2wice
Lord 2wice 4 oy oldin
Draymond always tell the best jokes 😂
ALLMIGHTJ 4 oy oldin
He also said lebron should run for president
Valar Morghulis
Valar Morghulis 4 oy oldin
Before Draymond there wasn’t any undersized 4s that could play like Draymond. They were all like Zach Randolph
sam 4 oy oldin
The only thing he changed was Steven Adam's sperm count
Will Cortez
Will Cortez 4 oy oldin
He sure did. That explains all the nonsense goings on in the NBA.
SamRibz 4 oy oldin
If ya’ll were actual hoop fans you’d know the Warriors championship runs started when Draymond replaced David Lee in the starting line up. Casuals will only look at stats, but the game is much deeper than numbers.
SamRibz 4 oy oldin
@Benn255 B I agree with what he actually said which is he helped Steph change the game. Warriors would not be the same team they were had Draymond not filled that swiss army knife role
Benn255 B
Benn255 B 4 oy oldin
So you really think he changed the game?
mr drip89
mr drip89 4 oy oldin
He changed what? Hes high‼
Charles Avery
Charles Avery 4 oy oldin
thtree 4 oy oldin
Poor guy is truly believing what he says
Laced with game
Laced with game 4 oy oldin
Put dude ass on the wackiest team he won’t make much of a difference but wish him the best tho
Quinton Lee
Quinton Lee 4 oy oldin
That donkey didn’t change 💩 steph and klay changed it not him. He rode the coattails of the splash bros and got exposed by raptors sakhiam in the finals and regular season like Charles Barkley said averaging a triple single. When kd klay and steph not around you can see what he really is and that’s a overhyped over glorified role player in a system that’s it. He has a inconsistent shot.
aks957 4 oy oldin
By far the worst guest on the show till date....no one can get worse than this Triple single Digit
M3.Milan 4 oy oldin
Bruh he needs to chill. He aint change the game. STOP IT!
Caesar Zeppeli
Caesar Zeppeli 4 oy oldin
Obviously draymond isnt on the same lvl as steph and klay. But i do think the system in 2015/2016 does fall apart without him and people want to ignore that because he plays like shit now after getting lazy with kd being their post 2016 (also just getting older). Draymond was legit just drinking an eating snacks once kd came. but before draymond was one of the more athletic players of his size and played in a way that covered all of golden states holes. Without that steph and klay might have become like trae young where everyone is praising their shooting but their team is shit and they dont get as much recognition because of it.
hgm38 4 oy oldin
Tell Mr. Triple Single no they didn’t my bad they did for the worse.
Mychal Stanford
Mychal Stanford 4 oy oldin
A lot of Draymond hate in these comments. If you think the warriors would have any of those titles without him, y’all don’t know basketball. I hate the warriors and even I can admit that. He’s a dog.
jaydexe 3 oy oldin
V T aight yea he’s a proven winner but to take him over Westbrook or Harden is ridiculous
The Avatar
The Avatar 4 oy oldin
Of course they couldn't win without him. That doesn't mean his value is anywhere near the level he thinks it is
V T 4 oy oldin
Bet. This guy is a proven WINNER in college and pro. Guards 1-5. I'll take him over Westbrook or Harden 💯
Sir Kevin Uzziel Penesa
Sir Kevin Uzziel Penesa 4 oy oldin
He changed the game by signing a 100 mil contract and netting triple single. He changed it alright
Sir Kevin Uzziel Penesa
Sir Kevin Uzziel Penesa 2 oy oldin
@I'm Player One what does that mean?
I'm Player One
I'm Player One 2 oy oldin
Damn ling ling
Nathan Spears Jr.
Nathan Spears Jr. 4 oy oldin
How he changed the game is introducing the undersized pf/c to the game who can switch and guard any position. Also he could facilitate and bring the ball up court. That dynamic made it possible for both Klay and Steph to be able to run and get open much more. They not getting those ships without Draymond. You gotta also watch how he leads the team on defense. Very vocal. It's more to the game than stats.
jaydexe 3 oy oldin
Thank you someone who understands the game
Jeffrey Martinez
Jeffrey Martinez 4 oy oldin
so what happened this season? if hes so great what he do this season? 😂🤣🤡
Jjjjsjdjdjdj ejjejsnsns
Jjjjsjdjdjdj ejjejsnsns 4 oy oldin
Just another Faried lol any other team hed fall out of the league
Romell H
Romell H 4 oy oldin
Dude over hypes himself...u was a bigg part of the dynasty but he didnt change nothing...I could think of 10 different guys that could've been in his spot nd they still would've won 3 championships
Romell H
Romell H 2 oy oldin
@Luti Lagoo I'm not takin away for what green did im just saying don't over hype yourself cuz klay nd curry is special others could fill his role nd WHEN they trade him they still gonna be a championship team
Romell H
Romell H 2 oy oldin
@Luti Lagoo if dayday wasn't on the team iggy wouldve filled his role so anyone else would've been extra... remember we adding kd to this team as well
Luti Lagoo
Luti Lagoo 2 oy oldin
@Romell H none of them are elite "versatile" defenders that could handle facilitating an offense and push in transition. Those are great players but they wouldn't be able to handle facilitating an offense while being the defensive anchor on the other end. It'd be a tough fit.
Romell H
Romell H 2 oy oldin
@Luti Lagoo Paul Millsap mac gasel Serge Ibaka Boris Diaw James Johnson Luol Deng shawn Marion Kevin love either Morris Twins p j tucker thaddeus young sure some can't play d like him or set screens like dayday but they all wouldve made of for whatever they lack in different ways
Luti Lagoo
Luti Lagoo 2 oy oldin
Name 10.
Richard Khusial
Richard Khusial 4 oy oldin
He is going to have a major reality check when he gets traded or leave golden state
V T 4 oy oldin
@SD Fishin stupid ass comment. He can guard 1-5, DPOY, can run an offense and has great court vision. If Tony Allen and Andre Roberson can be in the league, Draymond could be. Hate him if you want but put some respect on his name
gatorf2 4 oy oldin
This season shoulda been his reality check. No Klay, no Steph.... his production massively fell off. Proof is right there.
Mari 4 oy oldin
waitwhat 4 oy oldin
He changed the game by being an all star despite averaging a triple single.
Jonnie5 Bgood
Jonnie5 Bgood Oy oldin
@6reps Agreed 100%
6reps Oy oldin
People hate stat padders like westbrook in NBA then turn around say stats and triple single count Here's some stats: Draymond averages a defensive box score plus minus of 2.8 for career - to put this into perspective MJ 9x All-defensive and DPOY averages 2.0 and 2.3 if you minus the wizards seasons. He has led the league twice in defensive BPM - and 5/7 years in the top 5, his career total is 4th amongst defensive monsters like David Robinson, Mark Eaton and Nate McMillian, Ben Wallace and Hakeem Olajuwon Draymond has numourous amounts of top 5 defensive rating in the league. Draymond 3 all-stars x 3 rings 20th All time leader in triple doubles. Since the warriors started getting competitive - in the playoffs Draymond excels averaging 13 / 10 / 7 / 1.7 steals / 1.5 blocks Say what you will, dude's going to be a hall of famer
Laron Williams
Laron Williams 2 oy oldin
Jonnie5 Bgood
Jonnie5 Bgood 4 oy oldin
@OffBrisk people don't like him. That's why he's so underrated
Andy Hernandez
Andy Hernandez 4 oy oldin
NBA fans are mad cause Draymond is a mini dennis
Jason Shampansky
Jason Shampansky 4 oy oldin
He changed the game, this guys ego is insane, he’s a role player that ended up in a perfect situation, had he been drafted by the Knicks probably wouldn’t even still be in the League and why must he curse does he think that makes him look cool 😂 and he was so bad this year it was shocking
SkipTastic!!! !
SkipTastic!!! ! 3 oy oldin
There’s Floor raisers and there’s Ceiling raisers, Draymond is a Ceiling Raiser
jaydexe 3 oy oldin
See man, you guys in these comments really expose yourselves as casuals of the game. Draymond’s ability to play small ball 5 in part with Steph changed the entire way teams play defenses. The reason we see so much switching is because Steph’s shooting combined with Draymond’s playmaking made them so deadly the only way to defend it was switching
HushTv 4 oy oldin
Without draymond they aint getting no rings dont @ me
Quinton Lee
Quinton Lee 4 oy oldin
Jason Shampansky frfr
Bundy Williams
Bundy Williams 4 oy oldin
😂😂 delusional
brian robinson
brian robinson 4 oy oldin
Why does most successful people alway come with that stupid line about "I'M NOT SUPPOSE TO BE HERE". Like fuck man did your sacrifices of going to school,studying hard,working on your craft,etc All that was all in vain
RiccieP 4 oy oldin
tAnk ThOmas
tAnk ThOmas 4 oy oldin
Hahaha Triple Single statline
Bobby Tsunami
Bobby Tsunami 4 oy oldin
this shit hilarious even when u read it 😂🤣😂🤣 foh draymond
L Deez
L Deez 4 oy oldin
Yeah and draymond green is delusional and has trouble separating that he was the Robert horry to the warriors. We see what draymond can do with out an all star team. He’s trash. Triple single baby
Quinton Lee
Quinton Lee 4 oy oldin
L Deez amen
Woke AF
Woke AF 4 oy oldin
I will agree with Dre on one thing. He probably will get into the Hall of Fame, and I've never seen a guy average 9 PPG make the Hall of Fame So he is changing the game, by being the Boris Diaw of the Hall of Fame Which is kind of disresepectful of Boris Diaw. He was better than Draymond
Benn255 B
Benn255 B 4 oy oldin
@Nick Dikembe a beast though you put him on any team and he automatically makes them better, Draymond on the other hand....
Woke AF
Woke AF 4 oy oldin
@Nick Fair point, but Dikembe led the league in blocks many times, and is an all-time leader in blocks, plus won DPOY twice.
Nick 4 oy oldin
Dikembe averaged 9.8 point which you could say is about 10 and is in the Hall Of Fame
carlos diaz
carlos diaz 4 oy oldin
With all due respect to Draymond... He didn’t change shit
nate g
nate g 4 oy oldin
Nah...Steph changed the game of basketball. You just came along for the ride.
last of a dying breed
last of a dying breed 11 kun oldin
That is so true
keith wisdom
keith wisdom 4 oy oldin
he's a good support player that was blessed to play with some of the greatest shooters in the history of basketball. he did not change the game? and what happen to KD
Mikey Rockz07
Mikey Rockz07 4 oy oldin
He smoking that good Cali weed only thing draymond did was break up the avengers so he can get paid then the following season didn’t do anything warriors had one of the worst records
King Larr
King Larr 4 oy oldin
Small ball? Nope, teams had been running small prior to the Warriors winning. Prioritizing the 3 ball? Nope, the Rockets were already doing that prior to 2015 and so were the D'Antoni Suns. The Warriors title run was built off of injuries to opposing star players and a timely spike in the salary cap. Nothing more or less.
jaydexe 3 oy oldin
The reason teams are switching now is because that Steph and Draymond fit so well as a PnR combo there was no way to guard it but to switch. Steph’s gravity forced teams to defend 25 feet out and Draymond’s ability to make the right reads is what made those 2016 Warriors win 73 games. So yes he helped changed the game
H E 4 oy oldin
Ruined the game with small ball and chucking up endless 3s smh
jaydexe 3 oy oldin
You must be a old head who grew up watching ugly 1990s basketball.
The Avatar
The Avatar 4 oy oldin
The Warriors don't chuck up a bunch of 3's and they use the small call lineup sparingly
GK OP 4 oy oldin
Predator Productionz
Predator Productionz 4 oy oldin
"and in the morning I'm making waffles!"
Athie3G 4 oy oldin
Lmao 😂
Bout my scrilla
Bout my scrilla 4 oy oldin
So if players can’t win, they don’t play? Why the hell did Draymond miss so many games? This bum wasn’t injured so badly that he had to sit out so much. I wanted to see what he had without Klay and Steph.
RD 4 oy oldin
"I changed the game of basketball... with the help of Steph Curry." Labeling Curry as Robin to him being Batman is beyond retarded.
last of a dying breed
last of a dying breed 11 kun oldin
@Ethan Hunt 😂😂😂
jaydexe 3 oy oldin
That is not what he’s saying cmon you seriously think Draymond thinks he’s better than Steph? You people are seriously dense
RD 4 oy oldin
@Stratosphere I'm not saying he's trash, but if we did a fantasy draft and all active NBA players were available... I'd have him somewhere between pick 30-40 on my draft board.
Stratosphere 4 oy oldin
Bro dropped 32 in Game 7 of the 2016 Finals and thought he was something special 💀💀
Ethan Hunt
Ethan Hunt 4 oy oldin
Curry is Robin and Green is Blackman
Masimthembe Mkontwana
Masimthembe Mkontwana 4 oy oldin
I like seeing these " go on another team and blah blah " comments, if Dre was as trash as people say he is then he wouldn't have been a GSW starter for all those wins and he wouldn't have so much respect from these guys. KD is a starter in every team he would play for and he still needed to go to GSW to win, LeBron is the gota(behind Mj ofcourse) but he still needed Wade and Kyrie help for his rings. Give the man his respect people, Steph and Klay needed a Draymond to be able to play the style GSW plays period and he is right, he is the last one there of that draft class for a reason !!
TheNexg3n 4 oy oldin
Humble guy...
Shhmat Delski
Shhmat Delski 4 oy oldin
Steve kerr deserves some credit inserting draymond into the lineup and changing how that offense was ran... taking curry off the ball etc..
Bout my scrilla
Bout my scrilla 4 oy oldin
Dre got KD dafuq outta Oakland so could get paid. Bottom line! Makes no other since that you would singlehandedly ruin a team that was unbeatable.
Nick 4 oy oldin
Do you really think GSW would be stupid enough to keep Draymond over KD. If KD really wanted to stay in Golden State he could’ve and the office would’ve gotten rid of Draymond in a heartbeat.
Caesar Zeppeli
Caesar Zeppeli 4 oy oldin
I suggest you watch the episode this interview happens. Kd was ready to leave long before the draymond green fight, and management is mainly to blame (imo). Draymond also basically says if he was the problem, kd wouldve called up greg Myers and got draymond traded, and hed understand
•• 4 oy oldin
he a part time comedian?
•• 4 oy oldin
t laww
t laww 4 oy oldin
Laughing out loud !
Armed Proletariat
Armed Proletariat 4 oy oldin
Draymond sounds more and more like donkey from shrek
Jake Garnett
Jake Garnett 4 oy oldin
Quinton Lee Yep, he’s a jackass.
Quinton Lee
Quinton Lee 4 oy oldin
Colonel Muammar Covfefe because he is
Cesar Cotto
Cesar Cotto 4 oy oldin
Changed the game in a bad way, the league sucks now and is just a soft 3 pt shooting contest type league now
Furious Stylez
Furious Stylez 4 oy oldin
this nigga off that Henny, he change the game by setting screens lmao
Don Quay
Don Quay 4 oy oldin
He stomping over his words because he trying his best not to say Kd name
Yung CA
Yung CA 4 oy oldin
Even y’all fans are straight up 😭😭😭😭
ben 4 oy oldin
Lmfao YOU didn't change shit😂😂 with ur triple single average having ass. U were just along for the ride. We all CLEARLY saw this year what u can do when ur the #1 option on the team and u led the warriors to last in the west and one of the absolute worst teams in nba history hahaha
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