Draymond Green on Warriors Dynasty: 'I Think We Are The Greatest Team Ever' | ALL THE SMOKE

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6 oy oldin

Draymond Green talks with Matt and Stephen about his impact on the Warriors, playing with Steph & Klay, and the place the Warriors Dynasty has in NBA history.
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Miranda Dean
Miranda Dean 11 kun oldin
da leader himself, mr. triple single
Rarul Clan
Rarul Clan 18 kun oldin
Draymond is unicorn he can do it all
ggarcia 97
ggarcia 97 4 oy oldin
what would’ve been if Kawhi & CP3 didn’t get injured
Kizz Around
Kizz Around 5 oy oldin
How wen bron n ky came bacc from a 3 to 1💯💪
Ricardo Rude
Ricardo Rude 5 oy oldin
1993 Suns...were the Warriors before the Warriors
ATL 1 6 oy oldin
Coach Green huh.
Ali 6 oy oldin
Draymond talks so much. Like I get it all the great players played with other great players, but it’s different when you’re playing alongside two of the best 3pt shooters in nba history. You had two guys or maybe three guys if you include kd that could practically knock down half court shots with ease. Nobody was shooting 3s as well as you guys did. Play with other good players draymond
Cheyemos 6 oy oldin
2017 Warriors be sweeping the Jordan bulls, maybe a gentleman’s sweep at worst.
Cat Daddy
Cat Daddy 6 oy oldin
Lol fucking guys smoking too much Klay Steph and Kd winning a ring without his ass Plenty of utility players
Michael 6 oy oldin
Warriors with KD would still win without draymond on that team
Blue Kobe_12
Blue Kobe_12 6 oy oldin
Every Championship Team in the NBA done had a Draymond Green.. you gotta have a Enforcer to Win. He is the Reason they could Compete Against any Era of the NBA. If he played his True Position which is Point Guard . He would be Abracadabra aka Baby Magic . MSU Go Sparty
K. Lee28
K. Lee28 6 oy oldin
I'm sorry but 2013-2016 GS is ONE of the best teams ever. However, with CONTEXT GS lost in 2016 in historic fashion to LeBron, Kyrie, Love Cavs- The Block, The Shot, The Stop. Then GS says KD WE NEED YOUR HELP! DG and Curry both help recruit a top 5/10 player in KD for help, when they already won without him in 2015, then the organization and DG disrespected KD on 2 different occasions PUBLICLY and then he's discarded to another team. This the whole interview was entertaining not really informative.
Mhelias30 6 oy oldin
Much Love Gambine
Much Love Gambine 6 oy oldin
Lol. Yeah with KD. Now if y’all can get back to that 2015 form which I think is impossible then maybe y’all are the best but no kd no ring then naw y’all not the best.
James Johnson
James Johnson 6 oy oldin
If they was playing in the era where you could hand check or the no lay up rule the warriors would be in trouble
Jess Hinojosa
Jess Hinojosa 6 oy oldin
It’s sad because most people who hate on Draymond are under 18 years old lol the NBA has a very young fan base
MoeJohnson23 6 oy oldin
Except for NO
Preach9410 6 oy oldin
I love this because I’ve always said Screens should be a stat. I’ve actually had the pleasure of meeting Draymond Green the summer he was getting drafted. He autographed my gray shirt with a gray marker and I remember him saying I don’t think this will show up, are you sure? And I said yeah. And look now I can say I have an All Star and NBA Champion’s Autograph! When people say they don’t like Draymond I always tell them I do because of how down to earth he was. And the fact that he proved everyone wrong who was “experts.” They said he couldn’t fit in the league, they said he’ll be in the G-League and he killed all the noise and became one of the best all around players in the game.
Big O
Big O 6 oy oldin
With kd thats one of the best. Draymond was 4-5 best on the team. Lets keep it a buck
Eddie Kane, Jr.
Eddie Kane, Jr. 6 oy oldin
Triple Single, my Bad Boys would beat the hell out of y’all!😂🤣
Nicholas Kopp
Nicholas Kopp 6 oy oldin
You dropped this 🧢
G K 6 oy oldin
Interviews I wanna see... Adam Morrison, Greg Oden, Andrew Bynum, DeAndre Jordan, & Jared Dudley
Kingsley Jank
Kingsley Jank 6 oy oldin
30 seconds into this video Matt Barnes says Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Steph Curry would not win a ring without Draymond Green? I'm going to just exit now
Braxton Carter
Braxton Carter 6 oy oldin
Kingsley Jank He has a point and plus he’s played more ball than you. His credibility means much more than yours
Alex Isley
Alex Isley 6 oy oldin
I never really say anything on someone's opinion but wish he would just shut up and work on his game and let that do the talking.
T Hawk
T Hawk 6 oy oldin
Damon Player
Damon Player 6 oy oldin
Boy u a straight up BUM screens really put the ball in the basket that's the name of the game dummy
Demetre Bk
Demetre Bk 6 oy oldin
Love how Matt threw that in there. “Appreciate y’all for winning me a championship and I didn’t have to do shit” lol
Isaiah Austin
Isaiah Austin 6 oy oldin
Draymond Green is a legendary basketball player period and the basketball hall of fame will put Draymond Green in the hall of fame. You need legendary basketball players and great players for players to be great players and legendary players
Andre Mccalla
Andre Mccalla 6 oy oldin
2014 lost in the first round to Loob city los clippers..2015 finals beat a Cleveland team that only had lebron( remember Kevin love was hurt did not play the whole series and Kyrie Irving got hurt game one did not play the rest of the series too) ok they won that year. Lost the next year 2016 to that same Cleveland team when everybody played..recruited Kevin Durant won the next two years 2017, 2018..ok then lost last year to the Raptors 2019( Durant was hurt and Klay Thompson got hurt too) greatest team ever?? Really?? They were fun to watch I will say that but in my opinion not the greatest team ever.
Trajce Mitevski
Trajce Mitevski 6 oy oldin
Draymond "Thriple single"Green 😀😁😂😂😂😂😂
Issac Bullard
Issac Bullard 6 oy oldin
Remember this the team Lebron beat ? Jordan ain’t face no team like the warriors
Joseph Durnin
Joseph Durnin 6 oy oldin
Different eras, in the 80's/90's they'd have to scrape Steph up off the court after every game and it's not like Jordan didn't face anyone better than Klay or Dray. I know that breaking it down like that doesn't do justice to the chemistry those three have together but their greatness goes hand in hand with the way the game is played today. Not hating on Lebron as Basketball is a team game and the Heat shit the bed as a team in 2011, with that being said I just can't see a Jordan led Bulls losing to that Mavericks team.
Ra Sta
Ra Sta 6 oy oldin
I love Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson and their podcast but they be kissing ass to their guests sometimes and shit annoying..just tell Draymond he was the best screener of all time already shit lol
RD 6 oy oldin
Why KD ain't in that thumbnail?
David III Arriola
David III Arriola 6 oy oldin
“ You Ain’t Shit Without.... “
Jiggy Bah
Jiggy Bah 6 oy oldin
Lol they wouldn’t even have a ring if kyrie wasn’t injured In 2015‼️
Lamar Green
Lamar Green 6 oy oldin
James-Andrew Sarmiento naw wtf are you talking about dumbass because the year before that they didn’t win with bogut that’s what made the death lineup stupid see with green at the 5 and iggy at the 4 when barnes was still there stop acting like green was suspended for the entire fucking finals idiot because last time I checked Draymond outplayed steph and klay in game 7 👂👂👂 Harrison Barnes missing wide open shots curry fucking choking that’s y they lost so stop acting like iggy was injured like klay stop it bogut was a non factor bro and the fact that Kevin love average 5.5 pts in that finals shows you sound like a fucking idiot bro frfr . So you telling me steph , klay iggy , Livingston couldn’t beat Lebron and kyire in just one more game 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Rigo 6 oy oldin
@James-Andrew Sarmiento Draymond wouldn't have been that much of a factor. If lebron has kyrie in 2015 the warriors likely lose in 5 or 6
James-Andrew Sarmiento
James-Andrew Sarmiento 6 oy oldin
They would have murdered the Cavs if Dray werent suspended and Bogut wasnt injured on Game 5 bruh. Same as Iggy. Wtf u talking about?
shosa bitchlol
shosa bitchlol 6 oy oldin
Draymond is trash
Sean Johnson
Sean Johnson 6 oy oldin
2012 heat would destroy warriors
Sean Johnson
Sean Johnson 4 oy oldin
@Ace dusse' sleep
Sean Johnson
Sean Johnson 4 oy oldin
@Dee Dee Bell on god 😤😤
Ace dusse'
Ace dusse' 4 oy oldin
Stop 😂
Dee Dee Bell
Dee Dee Bell 6 oy oldin
Sean Johnson NO 😂
SuperCushcush 6 oy oldin
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. A clear examination of facts and truths is an entitlement as well. Opinions don't always end up as truth. Draymond is a role player, a compliment to the stars of G.S. You have to keep things in perspective. Draymond cost GS 2016.
Digigod Digimon Gamer
Digigod Digimon Gamer 6 oy oldin
if they the best team ever Bron beat the best team ever. so lebron the goat !!!!!
Blackbean Burger
Blackbean Burger 6 oy oldin
i like draymond but he's just so full of shit sometimes
Fatou Diop
Fatou Diop 6 oy oldin
You always do good job Draymond don't mind Charles Barkley he just loves you
ENRGY BEATS 6 oy oldin
Yup!!! A beautiful mind!!! The true intangibles!!!!
Rome Angelo Visuals
Rome Angelo Visuals 6 oy oldin
"So many people are upset that I had a lot of success but I don't do what they can see. [to score]"
Chris Jones
Chris Jones 6 oy oldin
The Warriors with KD had by far the biggest talent gap ever over their closest competition. Because of this, they also had the mental edge over competition. But if you put them against the other great teams, I'm not confident they'd take a 7 game series even against the Prime Detroit Pistons. The cliche argument is always going back to this new era of basketball (even Draymond made that argument). Unfortunately that's kind of my argument too. Warriors coaching, talent, game plan, and players are HOF ... but who's saying these other teams didn't have the same makeup. Just go down the list of Showtime (Magic/Worthy/Kareem/Pat Riley) and Shaq/Kobe Lakers, MJ/Pippen/Phil Jackson/Tex Winter Bulls, Birds Celtics, Isiah/Dumars/Chuck Daily Pistons and Duncan/Popovich Spurs. Seriously I don't see them beating any of those teams.
tony neal
tony neal 6 oy oldin
Draymond kept it 100
wirelessbrain12 6 oy oldin
It's funny everyone shit's on Draymond but here you got someone who's been on the team and close with all 4 of them, and speaks highly about his importance to the team lol.
wirelessbrain12 6 oy oldin
@Joseph Durnin "he's not a game winner" wdym? Barnes just said he's what makes this team go. And yes he wouldn't be as effective on our teams, but at the same time there's almost nobody that can replace what Draymond does for this team. It goes both ways. And how ironic would it be if you were a fan of Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson but hate Draymond for being outspoken.
Joseph Durnin
Joseph Durnin 6 oy oldin
He is very important, he just becomes much less important without Steph and Klay on the court. Which is why he can't be considered a great individual player, he's not a game winner. I think that combined with Draymond being fairly outspoken is what gets him so much hate.
Merg 6 oy oldin
Warriors would’ve lost to Spurs when they injured Kawhi intentionally also
Merg 6 oy oldin
Noel Johnson no I’m on Draymond being absolutely self delusional. he’s nowhere near Barkley and his 3 rings mean nothing up against Barkley also
Noel Johnson
Noel Johnson 6 oy oldin
Merg You’re still on that ? 😂 that was 3 years ago were in 2020 now get over it 😂
Merg 6 oy oldin
Draymond bricks threes like 15 in a row and then he finally makes one and he yells like he’s on fire after that 1/16 span
TTTG TTTG 6 oy oldin
Merg so
Merg 6 oy oldin
not even close and this dude needs to shut up about Barkley also
FIVE FIVE NINER 6 oy oldin
"Draymond can talk and talk and talk!" - The Energizer Bunny
FIVE FIVE NINER 6 oy oldin
Draymond needs to find his 3 again! He needs to pick up a floater in the lane! And he needs to bring back the goggles ala Big Game James Worthy or Big Buck Williams! #goldhearted! 💯
Vizionary Entertainment
Vizionary Entertainment 6 oy oldin
Honestly I believe him. I dont know about the greatest team ever but definitely the best starting five ever assembled. That 17 and 18 KD squad is unbeateble idc what other team you bring up. Too much firepower
Port Gambino
Port Gambino 6 oy oldin
Draymomd trash anybody in his position playing next to klay and curry all he gotta do is be there.
ShadowDragonGT 6 oy oldin
Port Gambino so true lol
Chris Sisson
Chris Sisson 6 oy oldin
If screens counted as assist dray would be next to Stockton
Corey Demings
Corey Demings 6 oy oldin
Rodman is much better version of draymond
Greg kelly
Greg kelly 6 oy oldin
Warriors dont win chips without Draymond PERIOD!!. Every team has a badass or rebel..
Ace dusse'
Ace dusse' 4 oy oldin
@Michael Oates no . Boguts injury and Harrison Barnes terrible play that everyone seems to forget about is what costed them
ATL 1 6 oy oldin
@Deandre Ray how? By dropping 32 points in game 7 with 15 rebounds and 9 assists and 73% shooting. He was 6-8 from 3.
Michael Oates
Michael Oates 6 oy oldin
2015 Cavs weren’t healthy full loaded they won. 2016 green costed them that ring and 2017 18they didn’t even need him
Joseph Durnin
Joseph Durnin 6 oy oldin
They do, Draymond is the right guy in the right place, but he's not indispensable. To think Steph, Klay and KD couldn't win without Draymond is hilarious.
Lite2010 6 oy oldin
They def win without him smh ppl gotta stop with the b.s
Aerialgod child
Aerialgod child 6 oy oldin
Lowkey a click bait title. His explanation is intriguing.
tdot 6 oy oldin
I like Draymond. And he was instrumental in the championships BUT he was "overrated" on those championship teams.
Tevin Battle
Tevin Battle 6 oy oldin
Draymond is just real and says what he feels, and I respect that.
Tabesul Ngirailemesang
Tabesul Ngirailemesang 6 oy oldin
It's so refreshing to have players and people who actually know the game talk about basketball. So tired with salty ESPN commentators just talking shit about the players all day. They bring unnecessary negativity to the game, so thank you SHOWTIME Basketball.
Jason Dye
Jason Dye 6 oy oldin
Get outta here😂😂😂😂😂
West Side
West Side 6 oy oldin
I love the warriors and he should feel like that he is wrong the they are ONE of the best not THE best
jose correia
jose correia 6 oy oldin
Wow 😂😂😂uzpost.info/vision/video/ptJ50Kh-m4iklqM.html 🔥
Brian Zhu
Brian Zhu 6 oy oldin
Hes clumsy tho lol
Jayden Gravelle
Jayden Gravelle 6 oy oldin
Lmao this dude so funny.
Sfiso Ntombela
Sfiso Ntombela 6 oy oldin
They swear for absolute no reason!
Sfiso Ntombela
Sfiso Ntombela 6 oy oldin
Imagine bragging about setting screens. Imagine!
Biggus Diccus
Biggus Diccus 6 oy oldin
Better screener than KG?
Esteven Cervantes
Esteven Cervantes 6 oy oldin
Biggus Diccus
Biggus Diccus 6 oy oldin
I don't even think they're better than 08' celtics
Tremayne Williams
Tremayne Williams 6 oy oldin
Lmao he sure ain’t Stop Kawhi and Pascal
MrDinFla1 4 oy oldin
Sure didnt....but without those 2 injuries, would they have won? 🤔
xxcodwawxx100 5 oy oldin
Or Ibaka in game 4-5 popping off lmao
JR Swish
JR Swish 6 oy oldin
Lighton Organic that’s actually spot on. I remember especially Blake Griffin dunking on everyone and doing all this hyper athletic shit but once he faced Draymond, he just looked like a regular player.
Lighton Organic
Lighton Organic 6 oy oldin
Ya Pascal ate lol, Draymond does good against guys that try to use strength/aren’t WAY quicker than him skill wise off the dribble like Kevin Love, Blake Griffin, Lebron in a sense, Pau Gasol, but guys with quick moves off the dribble get him, even guards score on him consistently it’s just guards score on pretty much all bigs consistently except maybe Giannis so Draymond does better on the perimeter against small guys than other bigs, but guys his size that use quickness with off the dribble moves KD/Pascal/Kawhi/Anthony Davis
James E McGlothin Jr
James E McGlothin Jr 6 oy oldin
This interview???? was different. Green is not the best look to the 1983 76ers with Bobby Jones and Caldwell Jones.
adreday10 6 oy oldin
im a warriors fan but i dont think they could be shaq and kobe lakers for starters
RL Greenleaf
RL Greenleaf 6 oy oldin
I’m usually with ya but dude is 🗑
MikeeCee x
MikeeCee x 6 oy oldin
I respect and agree with everything he said at the end except one thing. The Warriors DID NOT dominate this era..
Emmanuel Moses
Emmanuel Moses 6 oy oldin
They're the greatest team ever...Steph and KD was the deadliest offensive duo ever..not even close...Draymond, Klay, Iggy all great defenders... Livingston and Iggy off the bench..They're the Greatest ever
terrell hubbard
terrell hubbard 6 oy oldin
Mark Jackson Created The Warriors If you thinking about it
Tikb0y 6 oy oldin
he protec he attac but most importantly... he kick nutsac!
R8tedrjay 6 oy oldin
Beat team ever????? Really losing a 3-1 lead in not beat ever shit. DRAYMOND is overrated, he had the stage to himself this year and looked bad. Triple single became synonymous with his game. He could have shown his game this year and he hasn’t .
Andrew Majin
Andrew Majin 6 oy oldin
Man, Dray dark as a motha lol. No doubt he is a monster and vital to the team. He ain't no Charles Barkley tho, he is trippin on that.
Brandon Devorce
Brandon Devorce 6 oy oldin
These niggas smoking rocks 😭😭😭😭
Versatile Wolf
Versatile Wolf 6 oy oldin
Finally somebody giving Draymond some recognition 💪🏿
The Last American Hero
The Last American Hero 6 oy oldin
This dude is a clown.
Versatile Wolf
Versatile Wolf 6 oy oldin
So as you
Horten Ojongtambia
Horten Ojongtambia 6 oy oldin
I loved Dray Language throughout his episode... spoke to those who are against him to kiss his ass... I’m good on the ass kissing so I still don’t like him but I respect the man a lot more
Leonel Langston
Leonel Langston 6 oy oldin
Real ones who ACTUALLY saw and heard the 2+ hours know this clickbait, That was the best interview hands down since the show started.
Ace dusse'
Ace dusse' 4 oy oldin
@Poseidon shut up . Do you think women are listening to these podcasts? No . It's men who are fans of basketball
SPEEDIE LOKO 5 oy oldin
HERCULES your so cool
LA Ninebillion
LA Ninebillion 6 oy oldin
Idk bro KG, GP, JR Rider, JR Smith, Kobe, and Shay Sharpe all have great interviews
j z
j z 6 oy oldin
Straight up
Slim 803
Slim 803 6 oy oldin
Spacely Hendrix
Spacely Hendrix 6 oy oldin
rommel rivera
rommel rivera 6 oy oldin
Tripple single... Sir Chuck response!!!
Chad Mack
Chad Mack 6 oy oldin
Draymond got valid points.. 100
Malcolm Xavier James Gumbs
Malcolm Xavier James Gumbs 6 oy oldin
Their’s no way that The Golden State Warriors are The Greatest Team Ever and The Team loss 2 NBA Finals as The Favorites and blew a 3-1 in The NBA Finals the same year in 2016 when their were a 73 - 9 Team and that’s not possible debate cause The Warriors are 3-2 in The 2010s and The Bulls are 6-0 in The 1990s.
Julian Guevara
Julian Guevara 6 oy oldin
“Tom Brady has receivers”... ummm
Ahmed Ali
Ahmed Ali 6 oy oldin
They were up 3 - 1 and lost and KD literally carried them. Fuck out of here with that BS, he’s so over rated.
nwp36yo 6 oy oldin
I hope he get traded to the knicks fr
SegaSaturnSNK 6 oy oldin
Fred Hill
Fred Hill 6 oy oldin
Draymond your exactly right , and I think you guys beat those bulls teams and kobes Lakers , but McGhee is gonna need to b on one to slow shaq down
CheesyyyWitIT 6 oy oldin
With kd the warriors are definitely the better team
busshead boss
busshead boss 6 oy oldin
the bulls of the 90's is the greatest team ever
Marvin M. McIntyre
Marvin M. McIntyre 6 oy oldin
Steph is a very underrated screen setter as well. Steph is the Tim Duncan on the warriors. Steph is the leader and the most important but, Draymond is a lieutenant and he can't function without Steph. Great players can play in any era.
Derrick Lang
Derrick Lang 6 oy oldin
Let me get this straight. Y’all first championship y’all let Lebron and a bunch of YMCA level players push y’all to 6 games and y’all bragged about it. The next year y’all faced the Cavs at full strength and lose in 7 while placing blame on Draymond not playing ONE game in that series while also having his best game of the series in game 7. At this point the core of Draymond, Klay and Steph are 1-1 in the finals and lost when both teams was at full strength.. the warriors proceed to add the 2nd best player in the league and now we have to deal with dumb statements like this
Josh Dorrance
Josh Dorrance 6 oy oldin
The bulls in the finals didn't play any team close to the 16-17 warrior's. Bulls fans also claim the bulls are better than the 16-17 warriors yet don't want to admit the competition discrepancy has anything to do with being 6-0 in the finals.
Sangtea Pachuau
Sangtea Pachuau 6 oy oldin
but i feel like they dont have the killer mentality
C Brown
C Brown 6 oy oldin
His contributions are unheralded publicly but invaluable privately. Period.
NOR CAL 6 oy oldin
Good shit Draymond..Just a bunch of Northern Cali / Bay Area haters man. #dubnation #415
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