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All The Smoke returns with special guest and 3-time NBA champion, Draymond Green, joining the boys for Episode 30. Matt and Stephen talk with the Warriors forward about the Golden State dynasty, Kevin Durant, Charles Barkley, and what it's like playing with Steph and Klay. Draymond also opens up about being a 2nd-round pick and being doubted.
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Mehdi Dif
Mehdi Dif Kun oldin
Bullshit 2016 lost made u bring kd
Jae J
Jae J Kun oldin
Dray's sleeves in Korean. What does that say?
Clutch Gene
Clutch Gene Kun oldin
I love draymond even more after this interview. He seems to be a real person. Sometimes he might get overwhelmed by his emotions, but thats human. Big respect from Germany, continue to be great Day-Day. Go Spartans!!!
Joe Augustin
Joe Augustin 2 kun oldin
Can't believe I was sleeping on this episode but glad I finally gave it its time...GREAT INTERVIEW!
Captain Lutrell
Captain Lutrell 3 kun oldin
I went back and watch all angles on the Draymond/KD argument....KD wasn’t yelling, he wasn’t slapping chairs. Him and Klay shared a hand slap and Draymond was yelling at KD. Klay went and sat between both of them and Draymond kept yelling. He should have gave the ball up and let KD take it down the court and get his shot off because Gallo was trialing, there would have been no way Draymond got him that ball.
Straight2 DaLeague
Straight2 DaLeague 3 kun oldin
K C 3 kun oldin
Beautiful Interview!
Muhammad Aysha Patel
Muhammad Aysha Patel 6 kun oldin
Deez nuts
Chaim 6 kun oldin
I’m glad I copped one of those hoodies while they were available 🖤 rip Kobe & GG
ELBarto3 6 kun oldin
I respect what Draymond had to say about the Clippers game, but watch the clip again, he had no shot to cross into the lane and pass it out to KD.
George Fuentes
George Fuentes 6 kun oldin
“Charles Barkley dont study basketball. He go up there and talk out the side of his neck!” Lmaooo what neck?!😂
hope jackson
hope jackson 7 kun oldin
I really have enjoyed this interview. I have watched his game and respect, but respect more for his standards and purpose in life. Thank you.
25 Cent
25 Cent 8 kun oldin
Draymond is a Irish name
HamdiAKATmac 8 kun oldin
We need Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf on the show. The original man who took a stand. his journey in the nba and the blackballing and his religion Islam
AnticommentWarrior 8 kun oldin
Since this interview ....Chuck heard this ..he has stopped his hate on great black men.
AnticommentWarrior 8 kun oldin
This show is fire
teresa wicks
teresa wicks 10 kun oldin
Jack equate is not a big word LOL
Mcoy Nuketurnal
Mcoy Nuketurnal 10 kun oldin
this is so real! man, this would have been better if they were on a table drinking whiskey. fck covid
Jamil Howard
Jamil Howard 11 kun oldin
I remember when the Cavs won in 2016, Right after that game I gave Draymond his respect on FB. I said that it was the Cavs year but I would take DG on our team because he would fit All In. I wish him and Bron could play on the Lakers together and win a championship. This is one of my favorite interviews. If truth was a person.
Sharon Pickett
Sharon Pickett 12 kun oldin
Awesome interview! Draymond Green, is the heart and soul of the Warriors.
Nick Phillips
Nick Phillips 14 kun oldin
Draymond and KG have been the best guests on the show so far.
Michael Morales
Michael Morales 18 kun oldin
Draymond a real one.
zetar0b0t 18 kun oldin
Why is it so hard to find these on UZpost?
Colin McAllister
Colin McAllister 19 kun oldin
d rose next about the injury and what he thinks he couldve been
Godfav 20 kun oldin
Great conversation
V The Geek
V The Geek 20 kun oldin
Great interview. Much respect to Draymond Green.
V The Geek
V The Geek 20 kun oldin
Draymond Green definitely doesn't have more impact on a basketball game then Charles Barkley did, if he did Draymond would've at least led the Warriors to the playoffs and that's a fact lol Everything else Draymond said about Barkley is factual, Charkley Barkley is a sucker off the court.
Alexander Thatch
Alexander Thatch 23 kun oldin
I appreciate the show fellas, this is one of the best interviews ever because Draymond is so real and tells the truth what we want to hear. But one thing I hope he doesn't do is let the media and us as fans, change his relationship with the warriors or Kevin. Durant
Movie Station
Movie Station 23 kun oldin
uzpost.info/vision/video/jt-p0NB9jHSLg6c.html&ab_channel=MovieStation CHECK OUT MY HIGHLIGHTS!!!!
P Tenow01
P Tenow01 24 kun oldin
People hating on dray for no reason🤧dude is genius🗣️
Ya Boy
Ya Boy 25 kun oldin
This dude is really has I high bb IQ
Kyle Coffman
Kyle Coffman 27 kun oldin
Love Dray, love this interview, but if you go back and watch that clippers play he did kind of fuck it up, that cross dribble he talks about was direct into three clips with about 3 secs on the clock, KD was open he should have given up the rock before he dribbled into that traffic 👀
Quasia Jones
Quasia Jones 28 kun oldin
I love Draymond. Always did. Glad my instincts were confirmed.
Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill Oy oldin
Best team 3 out of 5 years
Kobie Nurse
Kobie Nurse Oy oldin
I love this show man I be (sports fan hate ) hating dudes until I watch all the smoke and get the real deal this show is awesome like I did not like Draymond but now I can respect him foreal this show the truth
Micah Boykins
Micah Boykins Oy oldin
Bro go get russel
I AM Demetrius Walls
I AM Demetrius Walls Oy oldin
Dray WAS HORRIBLE THIS YEAR but............Steph & Klay are back & their chemistry is undeniable. With the addition of Wiggins & the #2 pick GSW WILL BE BACK!!!!
mike o
mike o Oy oldin
quit giving pop all the credit jack he played for the fucking zen master too who would give his players books and never told them they had to read them but everyone did anyway because phil was always playing mind games with them but thats why kerr is a GOAT learning the craft under bitter rivals like that thats the real chess move right there
River0fCustard Oy oldin
It's crazy that Draymond and LeBron are kinda friends considering all the battles they went through on opposite sides.
Matthew Gabbard
Matthew Gabbard Oy oldin
Does Draymond think everyone stopped working because the NBA postponed the season? Haha
Macken Apigo
Macken Apigo Oy oldin
Never watched an episode of this when Matt and Jack were just dead quiet.
Alexis Rivas
Alexis Rivas Oy oldin
Get allen iverson on the show
TheBigEaredBandit Oy oldin
KD such a queen bro 😂
joaquin valenzuela
joaquin valenzuela Oy oldin
We all say look at curry man but the best story of all is Draymond's one, so inspirational
maysen kretz
maysen kretz Oy oldin
No Dray = no rings. Plain and simple. We've won without KD, can't same the same about the heart and soul of this team.
maysen kretz
maysen kretz Oy oldin
No Dray = no rings. Plain and simple. We've won without KD, can't same the same about the heart and soul of this team.
chromeantennae 2 oy oldin
16:21 that moment is what caused me to hit the Like button. LMAO damn, I love Dray. Dude is a dog.
josiah frye
josiah frye 2 oy oldin
I wonder who the comedians are who was roastingg they ass😂
K. Curry
K. Curry 2 oy oldin
Damn this is the realest interview
Whodat 2 oy oldin
Wow I didn’t expect to like Draymond but this is respect. Great interview
Bryce Wilson
Bryce Wilson 2 oy oldin
lil late to listen to this but so much respect for Draymond. not perfect but unapologetically himself.
Master 2 oy oldin
Yall NEED Russell Westbrook and Jimmy Butler here
Whoops 2 oy oldin
This one was dope
Clout Breezy
Clout Breezy 2 oy oldin
0 to hero 😤
richard dean
richard dean 2 oy oldin
Bruh back in the day I used to start careers on 2k and nba live wit Stakk and Matt Barnes. Who knew they wld get a podcast together
Xavier Johnson
Xavier Johnson 2 oy oldin
Draymond’s favorite words are “Fuck” and “Absolutely” lol
Ray Torres
Ray Torres 3 oy oldin
Love the show
R.D.L OfficialTM GAMING 3 oy oldin
That hoodie so nice
Mattzilla RC works
Mattzilla RC works 3 oy oldin
My Mann Draymond I do not wanna be yr enemy. Keep on keep’n on brother
Team Solid Fitness
Team Solid Fitness 3 oy oldin
He speaking true facts tho about Charles
mrpoppapill 3 oy oldin
to think the world stopped due to the nba is fucking dumb. lol. everyone had to shut down under the same rules.... the nba didnt lead or cause sht.
Man can we have a jimmy butler episode?
Michael Kirschner
Michael Kirschner 3 oy oldin
"If you can't beat em, join em!" Kevin Durant!
Brett Hintz
Brett Hintz 3 oy oldin
I swear to god, Matt Barnes is on Ozark payroll
Didi Dometilie
Didi Dometilie 3 oy oldin
Has Boogie Cousins been on yet?
bruce bagley
bruce bagley 3 oy oldin
I’m here to see if Jack kept that same energy he had for Draymond when KD was there
Cheryl Naylor
Cheryl Naylor 3 oy oldin
You need to get RB the breakthrough on the podcast
Nikhil Malik
Nikhil Malik 3 oy oldin
Wow, what an episode man
Hood Humanitarian
Hood Humanitarian 3 oy oldin
Westbrook please do the show. let it out! it'll make you better
Zach Falbe
Zach Falbe 3 oy oldin
2:04:21 You ain’t slick Draymond, “A friend” with a line to Jay-Z is LeBron ain’t it? 😂😂
Zach Falbe
Zach Falbe 3 oy oldin
Kevin Durant expected to be crowned the best player in the world after the 17 Finals. Once he wasn’t, it probably messed with him psychologically, being the hard worker he is and not being rewarded the #1 spot he earned. That may explain some of the aggressive behavior he had after 2017.
Zach Falbe
Zach Falbe 3 oy oldin
He may have even been so desperate to be crowned the best, he would try to imitate MJ (Hence him intentionally yelling at teammates and saying “Play the right way”).
GG H 3 oy oldin
Concept 💯💯💯 building a brand with your own supporting cast, facts!!
GG H 3 oy oldin
Green is cool but I'd like to see him expand his vocabulary creating future opportunities after basketball. I love the fact he's a beast/bad boy. Love me a warrior on the court!!
blimy01 Maynard
blimy01 Maynard 3 oy oldin
Draymond Green is a 6'8 220lbs monster who is worth millions. So he doesn't need me defending him. I still don't understand why so many people were upset with Draymond when he pushed the ball up the court. In an unrelated video by Bballbreakdown, he said Draymond brings the ball up a little less than 20% of the time (which was just a little less than Durant). So Draymond pushes the ball, Durant never claps for the ball. That was new. People also seem to side with Barkely and Shaq even when they start fights with other players.
anon 1
anon 1 4 oy oldin
great episode, draymond must be a good friend, big season next year for the dubs mark my words
AL 4 oy oldin
Green: "If I was the issue, I would have been out and Kevin would have stayed, he's fkn KD" lol so true! damn KD you played us bitch
Romell H
Romell H 4 oy oldin
He talk to much
Justin Davis
Justin Davis 4 oy oldin
Jack and Matt you guys need to get Sheed on here. He was a "dog" like Jack says when he played all heart and toughness something that the players dont have any more.
Justin Davis
Justin Davis 4 oy oldin
Draymond kept it real through the interview but I didn't think anything less. He's one of the toughest and smartest players in the NBA. He kept it all the way real with the Kevin Durant and the Charles Barkley situation i respect his opinion and how real he is
PettyMyNetty 4 oy oldin
26:16 *cash nasty voice* “SCRIIIIIIIIIIIIPTED”
Buom tut
Buom tut 4 oy oldin
After hearing Draymond talk about the kd situation I have more respect for him now
timothy1949 4 oy oldin
the legendary triple single machine, the beast, the real mvp.
UZpost: SHI DOG vs Michael Punchline
tėe black
tėe black 4 oy oldin
Real Cat
Jay 4 oy oldin
Dumbest player in the league
Milwaukee Quel G
Milwaukee Quel G 4 oy oldin
NecromancerBoy632 4 oy oldin
You know something wrong when DeMarcus Cousins is telling you to calm down 😂😂
M Tell
M Tell 4 oy oldin
Dray is a smart dude and he speaks HIS truth, but he misses the mark a lot ( as all humans do). Bark dont like Dray because he gets too into his emotions and Bark does not believe he would have been successful in any other era. His reasons in a nutshell : Dray is vastly undersized and benefits from the modern NBA rules, and he believes if Dray tried his sh!t on Oak or Rodman he would get decked instantly. Both valid points in an argument. In reality Bark was the far better player, and while what he is saying might be right, he might be projecting a bit as he was know as a player who needed to keep his emotions in check. Few people have the ability to shape their time, Draymond is simply a product of his era. He accepted what the game currently is and has excelled because of this. I'm not a fan of him personally and his antics can annoy me, but you cannot win titles without players that bring that nasty. You need a gritty player or two; someone who only checks the W/Ls in the game log if youre going to be a dynasty I've been playing 2k for two and a half years now so I am an expert...well I've at least surpassed Skip Bayless
Jay 4 oy oldin
Draymond a real one
Shmuel Kaplan
Shmuel Kaplan 4 oy oldin
Stak is a straight dog
Franz P
Franz P 4 oy oldin
Oma Grantham
Oma Grantham 4 oy oldin
01:56:37 01:45:24 01:23
Tre Tre
Tre Tre 4 oy oldin
I’ve grown accustomed to a style of play Lmaooooooo yea getting carried
KashIsNevaGoneStop 4 oy oldin
It was waaaayyyy HARDER ta score points in MJ times....that's why the score used ta b so low.
Ngugi Waithima, PhD
Ngugi Waithima, PhD 4 oy oldin
Who esle is binge watching All the smoke in Quarantine?
corinthians paulista
corinthians paulista 4 oy oldin
that's what happens when the mediocre guy thinks he's better than he really is...Draymond thinks he is so important and talented, but he isn't. And that's when shit happens. You will never see KD, Curry, Lebron, real superstars, having this shit with eachother, not in that level, because greats respect greatness. KD did the right thing, Draymond should've passed the ball. Draymond can't accept that, because he lives in his fantasy world, where he is one of the all-time greatest and nobody can confront him.
The dark Armageddon Roswell
The dark Armageddon Roswell 4 oy oldin
Stephen jackson for some reason, my spirit don't take him...he looks very sneaky
My Memories
My Memories 4 oy oldin
you cant knock that hes a real one..real ride or die friend.. finding yourself one like that is rare..
Ganjah MacK
Ganjah MacK 4 oy oldin
I always said Steph Curry and Klay Thompson were the best players on their team, but Draymond Green is the most important player on his team. Glad he came on All The Smoke and spoke his truth.
savemeastro 4 oy oldin
Such an amazing interview!! Keep these smoke coming!! Draymond keeping it real 💯 A great example of needing to hear both sides of the story; Dray really dropped great insight on the breakup of the Warriors dynasty
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