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On Episode 48 of All The Smoke, radio personality Charlamagne Tha God joins Matt and Stak to talk about Nipsey's legacy, his top 7 artists, and looking up to Jay-Z. He also opens up about his most memorable interviews and social justice.
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SHOWTIME Basketball
SHOWTIME Basketball 14 kun oldin
1:45 - Current Society 7:22 - George Floyd, Social Activism 34:08 - Wendy Williams, Breakfast Club 38:27 - Most Memorable Interviews, Black Effect 50:58 - Top 7 artists, Nipsey Legacy 54:02 - Shaq
S C 2 kun oldin
Want to know what Joe Biden thinks of blacks? Watch the documentary bad decisions; the Joe Biden story
Mike C
Mike C 4 kun oldin
I dislike for shalra
joann dortch
joann dortch 12 kun oldin
Matt Mtz
Matt Mtz 13 kun oldin
Thanks for the timescap
amber Bz
amber Bz 13 kun oldin
I really like this Show! Keep it up Fellas! ♥️
Tiff-1 N
Tiff-1 N 2 soat oldin
I love Charlamagne! He’s my friend in my head Idc what anyone has to say I think he’s an intelligent good guy. Y’all knuckle heads could learn a lot from him!!
Eric Green
Eric Green 11 soat oldin
Get Bun B on the show
Victor Banuelos
Victor Banuelos 18 soat oldin
Get Canelo on the show‼️
Bryan Smeriglio
Bryan Smeriglio 19 soat oldin
thats wut the dems told ice cube "shut up and vote"
Nunya Biz
Nunya Biz Kun oldin
Stop with the non basketball interviews. That's why ppl tune in if we wanted bro hear this jeekoff we'd listen to his podcast or bf club
Joshua White
Joshua White Kun oldin
Careful what you say you might get canceled.
Aj Simons
Aj Simons Kun oldin
Cough cough barack Obama
Jose Wickman
Jose Wickman Kun oldin
Y'all talk about not wanting to vote for the lesser of two evils, but none of the three talk about the green party... here in Spain we got five big parties to vote for, don't limit yourselves to two! Give power to the green party and force the dems to implement the right policies!
Lowkey T
Lowkey T 9 soat oldin
Left Right Paradigm
Connor Saunders
Connor Saunders Kun oldin
I love these guys
Dennis Thornton II
Dennis Thornton II Kun oldin
No Styles P Charla?
Corleone23 Kun oldin
This guy is someone who talks about things he knows nothing about. The less you speak the better
Joe Magalhaes
Joe Magalhaes Kun oldin
Good show even though your voting Biden I truly hate that man He’s the evil horrible reason the divide is still here Now he sold e county out to China and others I could go on and on but I guess you guys couldn’t care less
Sea Gull
Sea Gull Kun oldin
Every part of your name is re tar ded and you have three parts...
Will Ken
Will Ken Kun oldin
It a privilege and Honor to be in this black Skin Cuz that what GOD want
John Winston
John Winston Kun oldin
I don't think Biden's gonna cop to a crime bill people asked for by people because of circumstances created by the government he was apart of at the time
ASower OfSeed
ASower OfSeed Kun oldin
Look like "George Floyd" is all better. Good acting, brother. Thanks for helping your own people get used again.. Smh...
Rod and Omeka Agee
Rod and Omeka Agee 2 kun oldin
This is an awesome conversation and Charlamagne is on point today but Matt’s chair is bothering me. It’s presenting very Diva like in the room. I think a nice oversized armchair is a better fit for this set...
S C 2 kun oldin
Charlamagne got made a fool of by the racist Joe Biden Watch the documentary bad decision; the Joe Biden story
DHM 2 kun oldin
It’s crazy how natural Matt is! Dude is dope at interviewing and always asks great questions
GDVIBZ FR8TRANE 2 kun oldin
How about checking up on Delonte West
Lyfted Tv
Lyfted Tv 2 kun oldin
JacksonAndJackson LLC
JacksonAndJackson LLC 2 kun oldin
Glad he grew that beard. Its a better look for em
Christopher Bess
Christopher Bess 2 kun oldin
My Top 5 Fav: Drake, Wayne, Jay, Ross, Cole.
Real Gems
Real Gems 2 kun oldin
Real nigga term is distructive to black communities
Lewis Rivers
Lewis Rivers 2 kun oldin
only smart people know that is george floyd, these people smart
Miguel Juarez
Miguel Juarez 3 kun oldin
Need reggie Miller, bron, or Chauncey Billups on here
Dat Guy
Dat Guy 3 kun oldin
C'mon now charlemagne you can look at Matt Barnes and tell that he's mixed with something I thought Latino never knew that it was italian.
Julien B.
Julien B. 3 kun oldin
Respect for delivering wifi to the colonies 🤝
Vedic Way
Vedic Way 3 kun oldin
matt barns is not really black. people treat him different.
Nancy Johns-Bozeman
Nancy Johns-Bozeman 3 kun oldin
CTG always shows up!
Chris Pabu
Chris Pabu 3 kun oldin
Get Michael Jordan next 😂🔥
Precious Ellington
Precious Ellington 4 kun oldin
Tj Freeman
Tj Freeman 4 kun oldin
Maybe I’m reading to much in to it but stak doesn’t look to happy
Yvonne Shelton
Yvonne Shelton 4 kun oldin
I didn't want to watch this but I'm glad I did 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Karl Jones
Karl Jones 4 kun oldin
Prolly my favorite episode. Love the message you guys portrayed
Sonny Chiba
Sonny Chiba 4 kun oldin
It`s easy to say tear shit down cause yall MONEYmakers don`t have to live nor live there so cut that BS out of your conversation now if your neighborhood is included by all means.
astheskylarksings 4 kun oldin
Charlalame is super not the voice of the community though. Ask him something else like how many farts he’s sucked or chairs he’s sniffed before.
Jason Popp
Jason Popp 5 kun oldin
Eminem shits on 90% of their top 5 artists 🤣. Tupac was over-rated. Biggie way more lyrical.
Kirklin Pratt
Kirklin Pratt 5 kun oldin
great show fellas, a breath of fresh air the way y'all keep it real and uncut, love it
Jacob Israel
Jacob Israel 5 kun oldin
Michael Vick, Colin Kaepernick, Daniel Kulaaya, Gilbert Arenas, Lebron, D Rose, Lamar Jackson, Dr. Umar, Roland Martin, Terrence Crawford, Kendrick, J Cole , Michael B Jordan, Ryan Coogler, Jordan Peele, Damson Idris Just a few off the top that I would like to see on this show
Derriyan Jackson
Derriyan Jackson 5 kun oldin
S/o to stake for bugging up his lil brother
Sarah Land
Sarah Land 5 kun oldin
I usually like jacks point of view he should have jumped in more on this one.
Veezy D. Mack
Veezy D. Mack 5 kun oldin
Charlemagne looks like a black keebler elf next to them lol
Justin Renford
Justin Renford 6 kun oldin
Bring shaq
Zachary Hill
Zachary Hill 6 kun oldin
You guys are tripping about “black owned banks.” Haha
Brandon File
Brandon File 6 kun oldin
....” Where their power lies systemically, our power lies spiritually”!!!
Stizzy08 7 kun oldin
Need mike Beasley on here
New Genteoman
New Genteoman 7 kun oldin
If only we knew who we were, my people we were already here! Ask your grandparents
D.K.Hollywood 7 kun oldin
Matt is locked in taking notes
Joel Ishman
Joel Ishman 7 kun oldin
Super dope interview. #salute Charlemagne tha God. He's definitely evolved over the years and has educated the culture in very important ways.
Ebony 1982
Ebony 1982 7 kun oldin
This was so dope!! I love the growth we have been able to witness from these black men. I love the layers of Charlemagne and that he is committed to continue to evolve. That assist analogy was dope, definitely important to continue to elevate black voices. Love this show!
N3mo Rest
N3mo Rest 7 kun oldin
Charlamane look like a baby
Robert lee1990
Robert lee1990 7 kun oldin
Y is dis mixed breed in the king chair
Edmond Chery
Edmond Chery 7 kun oldin
Love this show. 2 of the coolest brothers from the NBA.
Larry Melton
Larry Melton 7 kun oldin
Need Gilbert, Dwight and OchoCinco next!
King Rell
King Rell 7 kun oldin
Derrick Rose , Michael Vick , Terrell Owens , Gilbert Arenas !!
Mr. J
Mr. J 7 kun oldin
Episode #1 Cardi B Got Offset Boobs
Demetres Blakley
Demetres Blakley 7 kun oldin
C-God is a trip😂😂😂
Demetres Blakley
Demetres Blakley 7 kun oldin
Put Dr. Claud Anderson, Louis Farrakhan and Lebron James..on the show
Errol Chase
Errol Chase 7 kun oldin
Dame Lillard
James Robinson
James Robinson 8 kun oldin
When are y'all going to get Shawn Kemp on all the smoke
Twan Wells
Twan Wells 8 kun oldin
Mike Tyson Marshawn Lynch Dez Bryant Kyrie Irving
iriesoulz 8 kun oldin
Get Jamal Murray on here bruh
Michael Madrigal
Michael Madrigal 8 kun oldin
The last time the democrats were this upset about a President was when that president freed the slaves...Black people for the last 60 plus years your communities have not gotten any better...get these democrats out...Biden in his own words...enjoy and share
Michael Madrigal
Michael Madrigal 8 kun oldin
I copied and saved his with many youtube can't delete...We are going to the black communities and playing this enjoy
Woodrow Wilder
Woodrow Wilder 8 kun oldin
i ain't kno charlamagne b hoopin lik dat
caiphas ahab
caiphas ahab 8 kun oldin
I'm with charlamagne tha god alot of the Bible doesn't make sense.
St king
St king 8 kun oldin
These 3 dudes are evil. They laughed about the wrong Biden did to black people and then say they will vote for him. Thats some evil shit right there.
Tajiri Green
Tajiri Green 8 kun oldin
Let’s get ga and Nick young on at the same time and Kevin hart would be fye
Jon Harris
Jon Harris 8 kun oldin
Charlemagne is a joke
Jamarcus Watson
Jamarcus Watson 8 kun oldin
I love A.T.S
Goat 8 kun oldin
Doubt they’ll see this. But it would be dope to get Ricky Williams from the miami dolphins on the show 🔥🔥🔥
Siphelele Sokhela
Siphelele Sokhela 8 kun oldin
Charlemagne had that pack? lol
Mike Berbick
Mike Berbick 8 kun oldin
Solid interview. Shout out to the guys. Still don’t know how people hate on Charlamagne but you gotta appreciate his growth and vision.
Matt Mussenden
Matt Mussenden 8 kun oldin
Get Skip bayless on!
Aurora Glimpz
Aurora Glimpz 8 kun oldin
I fw all the smoke but Charlamagne cancelled after that date rape ish 🤧
Tiger Hoods
Tiger Hoods 8 kun oldin
Charlamagne Tha God Is gay
610 Freq
610 Freq 8 kun oldin
We need baron davis on this too
610 Freq
610 Freq 8 kun oldin
This my favorite podcast I always a stax n Matt Barnes only bc they didn’t care they ride for their brothers the people they go to war with them but they are so good in media
Malcolm Little
Malcolm Little 8 kun oldin
What up Matt, I saw you and your sons abusing Gillie and his boi on the basketball court. I was dieing dope shit, RESPECT!
Dirtyredd 8 kun oldin
UZpost “Joe Biden Racist Democrat History and Michelle Obama Using Racism Lying about Donald Trump & Blacks”.. Matt doesn’t know about the real Jim Crow joe. If you think trump is bad, then what does this say for joe?? You don’t just wake up one day with a changed perspective when you’ve thought this way your whole career and life..the same coin of whyte supremacy Just a different side..don’t be blind to fact that the man is garbage..
Dirtyredd 8 kun oldin
Joe Biden is a pathway to change?? What the hell is a pathway to change exactly?? You tube “Joe Biden touching kids and anger issues , How the World thought Donald Trump would lose in 2016”..disturbing video..nothing will change with a creep like this..
Jason Welton
Jason Welton 8 kun oldin
People wanna see WESTCOAST MC's...ICE CUBE, Dr.Dre , Dj Quik The Game...come on Matt your a Cali kid 916 to 619 ALL DAY!!!
kim laranjo
kim laranjo 8 kun oldin
can we get rondo or dame dolla please?
Jibbles Nbitz
Jibbles Nbitz 8 kun oldin
Nothings going to change if Biden gets in. Everyone says things to get them voted in, and that’s all they will ever be....false promises. Pick whoever you want. The bottom line is VOTE
Zoro D. Uchiha
Zoro D. Uchiha 9 kun oldin
1st segment went full SJW. Lol
OfficialBStokes 9 kun oldin
Dope interview
Zoro D. Uchiha
Zoro D. Uchiha 9 kun oldin
Rondo must be next!
Parris Terrill
Parris Terrill 9 kun oldin
What minute is the Cyn Santana Joe Budden talk
centeno jose
centeno jose 9 kun oldin
@ Matt Barnes your white in skin but your black in soul!!!
Always Right
Always Right 9 kun oldin
Trump 2020 wake up!
Henry 9 kun oldin
I am aware that George Floyd hurts, however, he was a celestial soldier.
Henry 9 kun oldin
Damn guys, this is a great show.⚫⚫⚫
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith 9 kun oldin
Trump makes money move 21:00 manipulates the economy
Alex 9 kun oldin
Bidens family were slave owners
Shiv Desai
Shiv Desai 9 kun oldin
Keep doing your thang. Me love how you keep pushing de kulture. Keep pushing how we redefine manhood.
Dwight Love
Dwight Love 9 kun oldin
That move used on Floyd was created in Israel!!!!!!!
Fuzzy Wuzzy
Fuzzy Wuzzy 9 kun oldin
I trust no human being that bleaches their skin
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