Charlamagne Opens Up About Jay-Z's Impact On His Life & Being His Role Model | ALL THE SMOKE

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Charlamagne tha God opens up to Matt and Stephen about the profound impact Jay-Z has had on his life and why he looks up to the artist and views him as a role model.
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T. Coop
T. Coop 4 kun oldin
Dude riding hard!!
Pharoah P
Pharoah P 8 kun oldin
He spanked that ass after u interviewed Beanie Siegel nd let him diss Jay Z on air.. Lost a gig behind it too.... Good Boy ‼
Angelo Harshaw
Angelo Harshaw 8 kun oldin
Jay z not a goat, he just got a position.
Erick F
Erick F 10 kun oldin
Both boule
Bob Sig81
Bob Sig81 11 kun oldin
Charles Gaylord
Charles Gaylord 10 kun oldin
Charlamagne is now represented by Roc Nation. He had the hat on in the interview.
Gui Lost
Gui Lost 11 kun oldin
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Brinx NPH
Brinx NPH 11 kun oldin
Jay-Z was definitely speaking a foreign language when he came out. He graduated out of poverty and was shamelessly living the Life...although it not carefree. Still is to this day. Jay painted pictures so well that other players in the game were tipping their hats. "Like Jigga, my game is mental" - Big Pun - Parental Discretion.
young city
young city 11 kun oldin
I love all of the smoke but this might’ve been y’all worst guest...
Sean Kelly
Sean Kelly 11 kun oldin
G 225
G 225 11 kun oldin
He talk about hov like that cause hov got him fired
Yasuke The Legend
Yasuke The Legend 6 kun oldin
@G 225 and now he’s in business with him
G 225
G 225 9 kun oldin
@Charles Gaylord he got fired from his philly job cause of hov
Charles Gaylord
Charles Gaylord 10 kun oldin
Charlamagne is now represented by Roc Nation. He had the hat on in the interview.
K Whitted
K Whitted 11 kun oldin
I've been faithful to my wife for FOUR YEARS!!! How long have you been together? Uhhh, 22yrs.😆😅🤣😭
WeMajor_ Podcast
WeMajor_ Podcast 11 kun oldin
Charlamagne is a hovenger lol
Ned Vega
Ned Vega 11 kun oldin
Yall really gotta stop spamming my feed with shit I've already seen. If anything post these clips before the full interview. Contemplating on unsubbing for this shit.
Mal'akhiYah 12 kun oldin
Stack answer about his brother was real asl
Mal'akhiYah 12 kun oldin
Jayz quietly shows up for his ppl all the time?!?! Really Charla
Jay Thomas1
Jay Thomas1 4 kun oldin
@Yes Sir factssss i notice that to lebron haters and jayz haters have alot in common they ignore facts lol
Yes Sir
Yes Sir 10 kun oldin
@kva5004 No correction needed. A lot of people hate Jay. Try having a logical convo with a Jay hater it's like trying to have a convo with a LeBron hater.
kva5004 11 kun oldin
@Yes Sir correction, they hate success.
Yes Sir
Yes Sir 11 kun oldin
He does though. People are blind to it because they hate Jay.
R Black
R Black 12 kun oldin
This is great 👍 conversation. Timeless talk. Keep up the great work fellas!
Tupac Reincarnated
Tupac Reincarnated 12 kun oldin
Charlemagne talks about Jay Z ... like a son talks about his father
Jason Babilonia
Jason Babilonia 12 kun oldin
Lol no like he's deity lord have mercey.
Brown Man
Brown Man 12 kun oldin
Dude got a love crush on jay z
Get Sum Chicken
Get Sum Chicken 12 kun oldin
vv756 12 kun oldin
Booker T
Booker T 12 kun oldin
tai v
tai v 12 kun oldin
Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
extreme gamers123
extreme gamers123 12 kun oldin
Nice 36:14 🍌🍌🍌🍌
Pelaaja 12 kun oldin
Man that’s one small dude 😂😂😂
Ruben Ruiz
Ruben Ruiz 11 kun oldin
@Rodd Banks he’s 5’6 that’s short af
Kang Ziggla
Kang Ziggla 12 kun oldin
@Rodd Banks no. He’s small.
Rodd Banks
Rodd Banks 12 kun oldin
He’s probably average size hes gonna look small compared to two former NBA players
gfhtyrd jhgfd
gfhtyrd jhgfd 12 kun oldin
James Young
James Young 12 kun oldin
Charlamagne sold his blackness to corporate entities a long time ago, please stop posting clips of this professional sellout
T. Coop
T. Coop 4 kun oldin
Veronica Scroggins
Veronica Scroggins 12 kun oldin
Whats your contribution.. If you have nothing to add or contribute dont critize those who do... Sell out he still driving a 1997 truck he is very humble his evaluation is what we as black people nees to big up instead of kick smdh!!!!
vv756 12 kun oldin
thank you
nylgnd38 12 kun oldin
Man please
Shadow King
Shadow King 12 kun oldin
Shawn Carter is slowly backing out the room figuring out how 2 scrub this from the internet & telling folks: "I never heard of this dude Charlemagne...he need to keep my name out his mouth"
Charles Gaylord
Charles Gaylord 10 kun oldin
Charlamagne is represented by Roc Nation. He had the hat on in the interview.
Joe Joiner
Joe Joiner 12 kun oldin
Are you dumb??? Why would HOV want to disassociate himself from media members who are applauding his work in the community and culture
rafmasterx Valderrama
rafmasterx Valderrama 12 kun oldin
Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Arizona Fire Ent
Arizona Fire Ent 11 kun oldin
And a job
Jake Blaze
Jake Blaze 12 kun oldin
Yo get a life
Suzanne Elise
Suzanne Elise 12 kun oldin
Lol! Did he have options 🤣 ok 👌
496shelly 12 kun oldin
Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯
TheGuageNetwork Reload
TheGuageNetwork Reload 12 kun oldin
Real shit
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson 12 kun oldin
Black lives matter
Nixon Myrthil
Nixon Myrthil 12 kun oldin
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