Bradley Beal on Relationship With John Wall: 'That's My Big Brother' | ALL THE SMOKE

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5 oy oldin

Wizard's star Bradley Beal opens up to Matt and Stak about his relationship with John Wall and how it started well before the NBA.
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S H 2 oy oldin
Dope interview
eternalselph 4 oy oldin
How many guys from Quinn Cook's high school team made THE NBA?
Don't reach Young blood
Don't reach Young blood 4 oy oldin
When is John wall back?
Shelly Hermann
Shelly Hermann 5 oy oldin
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Ben H
Ben H 5 oy oldin
Sad to say but Beal is better than Wall at this point. Wall can’t stay healthy.
Andrew Parsons
Andrew Parsons 5 oy oldin
I shaked bradley beal hand at the all star game in Charlotte man he is a great person
Humble Servant
Humble Servant 5 oy oldin
Did u feel the magic when u shook his hand?
toreyp1 5 oy oldin
Get Sam Cassell 🙏🏽
Tyrone Harris
Tyrone Harris 5 oy oldin
This nigga is the perfect shooting guard and got a real life basketball name this dude get busy
drew c
drew c 5 oy oldin
Beal has reached another level this year. He’s gonna be a perennial all-star now. Wall needs to get back in shape though if the Wizards want to be a playoff team.
Dontaye King
Dontaye King 5 oy oldin
marvin crutchfield
marvin crutchfield 5 oy oldin
Condolences to Stephen Jackson whose brother was murdered by cops in Minnesota
Jason Stewart JR
Jason Stewart JR 5 oy oldin
@Clutch7 tht was his blood brother
Clutch7 5 oy oldin
Oh i didnt know he was close with George Floyd. R.I.P.
Clutch7 5 oy oldin
1905 5 oy oldin
We need Westbrook !!
1905 5 oy oldin
He has no real interview but i‘m sure he had some good stories
Rey Brown
Rey Brown 5 oy oldin
Sam Cassell would be nice to have on the show he always been cool
Yeezy Season
Yeezy Season 5 oy oldin
Dan Sung
Dan Sung 5 oy oldin
Rey Brown underrated pick
Donte the Outlaw
Donte the Outlaw 5 oy oldin
Everytime Durant say "it's in the water." I hate it.
Mohamed Fadiga
Mohamed Fadiga 4 oy oldin
Agreed 😂😂😂😂
Clutch7 5 oy oldin
Jesse Simpson
Jesse Simpson 5 oy oldin
Brad in 2017 against Boston wasn't ready. The Brad we got now is All-NBA level. If John comes back even at 70% of his level we are already much better.
thekingbradable 5 oy oldin
What's funny is that he was still crazy good, even then
Lando 5 oy oldin
Super Saiyan Gypsy hell yeah and Wall was a dog in 17 and 18 wish we could have both mixed
Jesse Simpson
Jesse Simpson 5 oy oldin
@Super Saiyan Gypsy Yeah I'm excited. Ernie never gave us depth. That was the problem John always had to play and carry the team too much. Now we got some good depth everywhere and he has a player just as good as him in Brad now. People sleep on the Wizards and they shouldn't
Super Saiyan Gypsy
Super Saiyan Gypsy 5 oy oldin
It’s crazy to put in perspective lol Brad was ONLY 23 during that run, and like you said he wasn’t ready, nice as hell, even had games where he makes John look bad but 2017 in Boston and 2018 in Toronto he wasn’t ready yet. Our first playoff run John was only 23! Brad was always far better then young John. Now this man averages 30? On only 20 shots? Bro his point guard averages 20&10 in his sleep😂😂😂 this is either gonna be the best wiz team ever, or the best show ever with hella losses.
Jesse Simpson
Jesse Simpson 5 oy oldin
But the media will tell you they hate each other. *cough Rachel Nichols cough*
J2k 5 oy oldin
You guys gotta have GILBERT Arenas on the show
Yeezy Season
Yeezy Season 5 oy oldin
Ky 5 oy oldin
He funny as hell
RMH™ 5 oy oldin
With swaggy p too
Justin Roberts
Justin Roberts 5 oy oldin
Right! That'd be dope af
R SJr 5 oy oldin
Clutch7 5 oy oldin
KD shouldve gone home to DC with Wall & Beal - J Wall is a better fit than Westbrook in my opinion
Tha Plug
Tha Plug 22 soat oldin
Neither of them can shoot tho. Even tho Wall is a way better shooter than Westbrook tho
Clutch7 4 oy oldin
Jaden Ayala hes a beast but makes a lot more mistakes than Wall , Wall the better defender too ... i said better FIT
Jaden Ayala
Jaden Ayala 4 oy oldin
Westbrook is way better
Jose Meneses Montano
Jose Meneses Montano 4 oy oldin
He’s too much of a bitch , I like him but he showed his true colors when he joined the warriors. If he wins a championship for his home town he can be put in the same level as Legoat.👏🏼
Tristen Alexander
Tristen Alexander 5 oy oldin
@901_Inspired 💯 facts!
hemanth kumar
hemanth kumar 5 oy oldin
This bit answers nets wizards trade rumor
On One
On One 5 oy oldin
It was hilarious wen Beal use to be at the free throw line and away crowds chant John wall hates u 🤣🤣🤣
Morgan Zimmerglass
Morgan Zimmerglass 5 oy oldin
Pretty funny that away fans picked up on the fact that they were starting to question whether they liked each other and played on that to undermine the wizards and help their home team.
Duality Unlimited
Duality Unlimited 5 oy oldin
How is that funny ?
jaydexe 5 oy oldin
Poor Beal. He’s gonna spend his entire basketball career playing for a mediocre team
ZachLavineHive !
ZachLavineHive ! 4 oy oldin
jaydexe that’s literally your team (Brooklyn Nets)
jaydexe 4 oy oldin
ZachLavineHive ! They are a lower seed playoff team at best
ZachLavineHive !
ZachLavineHive ! 4 oy oldin
With John Wall the wizards are way better than a mediocre team
drew c
drew c 5 oy oldin
KD in Washington would’ve changed that. That trio would’ve been fun to watch.
Cookies & Kush
Cookies & Kush 5 oy oldin
Drew C. We don’t know if it will be a regret just like they don’t yet. He won’t finish in Washington either
kingjay202 5 oy oldin
Corlund James
Corlund James 5 oy oldin
Imagine losing yo moms but she ain’t even dead
Clutch7 5 oy oldin
If she’s a day week or month away from death you will already be dealing with the reality she will be gone
Clutch7 5 oy oldin
Tristen Alexander facts
Tristen Alexander
Tristen Alexander 5 oy oldin
No lie, when I was younger, whenever I wanted a good cry, I would think about losing my mom and I would just lose it. So, I get it...just the thought of losing a mom is tough. Prayers to all who actually lost a mom.
Logo Hype
Logo Hype 5 oy oldin
Luh Corlund That’s not even funny
Nik Busscher
Nik Busscher 5 oy oldin
Not many people sound as dumb as Quinn cook
Elijah Ruderman
Elijah Ruderman 5 oy oldin
Adarius Warren
Adarius Warren 5 oy oldin
I already had respect for beal but he's even more of a real stand up nigga after hearing the John wall story. Real brother
Shandale Graham
Shandale Graham 5 oy oldin
Jack’s hat is 🔥
Khairul Izzuddin
Khairul Izzuddin 5 oy oldin
Bradley beal deserve to be on a better team
e k
e k 5 oy oldin
@Elijah Ruderman if wall comes back healthy, the wiz will def be in the playoffs. they were a borderline conference finals team before the injuries
Clutch7 5 oy oldin
Hidin Out cause now that super teams are common, people will pick favorites🤣 Beal will put the Nets or Lakers over the top
Good Guy
Good Guy 5 oy oldin
You want him to join the Lakers or Nets to form a super team, same shit people complained about a few years ago ? but now love.
kingjay202 5 oy oldin
Wizardnation he a all time wizard if he do🤷🏿‍♂️💪🏿💯
Elijah Ruderman
Elijah Ruderman 5 oy oldin
@J Leww I hope they can make the playoffs.
Tristen Alexander
Tristen Alexander 5 oy oldin
It's hard to see someone you love in pain over losing in death. But to be there for them anyway, that shows love. Big time respect to Jack and Beal. Sorry for your losses and I will keep you in prayer that you have days of comfort than the dark ones that come with losing a loved one. (Rev. 21:4>
Bamovailoa 5 oy oldin
Fuckers really acting like John Wall won’t be a good NBA player when he comes back. He may not be ”worth” the contract but that doesn’t mean he can’t play. Same happened with CP who’s now pretty much the reason that OKC are where they are. Wall is still gonna be an elite defender and playmaker no matter what. He’s not fucking Brandon Knight he’s John Wall.
Boston Bill
Boston Bill 5 oy oldin
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