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SHOWTIME Basketball

5 oy oldin

NBA Star Bradley Beal joins Matt and Stephen for Episode 40 of All The Smoke. The Wizard's shooting guard opens up on his relationship with John Wall, his contract extension with Washington, and his time playing for Billy Donovan at Florida. Beal also talks about modeling his game after Allen Iverson, Ray Allen & Dwayne Wade.
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SHOWTIME Basketball
SHOWTIME Basketball 5 oy oldin
5:09 - Fatherhood 8:01 - Playing best basketball of career before quarantine 11:33 - Last dance, MJ, NBA today vs. old times 16:57 - NBA inspirations 17:37 - College Recruitment, Picking Florida, Playing for Billy Donovan 27:19 - Draft Night, Rookie Season 30:55 - Relationship with John Wall 46:25 - Upping his game this season, being underrated 1:00:10 - Paul Pierce battles vs. teammates 1:07:10 - Top 5 duos all-time 01:10:37 - Toughest matchups
Kevin Samanillo
Kevin Samanillo 4 oy oldin
Yall need to get Kawhi on here!
Fior Pointles
Fior Pointles 4 oy oldin
Brandon Tyler
Brandon Tyler 5 oy oldin
Dollah Bill
Dollah Bill 5 oy oldin
Ruben Pachecano
Ruben Pachecano 5 oy oldin
Rip to your twin StackJack
Umar Mukhtar
Umar Mukhtar Kun oldin
You guys gonna get Steph on this?
Te'Ron Williams
Te'Ron Williams 4 kun oldin
Get DRose on this thang
Keemie Doe
Keemie Doe 5 kun oldin
Ayy if y’all play call of duty add me up. My activision is “K9 MW#5889862” and my Xbox name is just “K9 MW” let’s catch some dubs lol
Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown 9 kun oldin
premiered may 25th. man rip george floyd 😞
Ted Grover
Ted Grover 12 kun oldin
Bradley “wifey” Beal
I'm Tyrone
I'm Tyrone 14 kun oldin
Tim duncan please 🙏
Atiba Turner
Atiba Turner 15 kun oldin
Get rui on
Elann Suvat
Elann Suvat 18 kun oldin
After the John Wall interview and Beal's, you know the media loves to create their narrative. And it's evident every day that most people eat it up. Whether it be Kyrie, KD, LeBron, Beal and Wall, and so forth.
Calvin Simpson
Calvin Simpson 27 kun oldin
Wish we could have bad Beal in OKC. True baller. Favorite episode so far
Johni Gasasira
Johni Gasasira Oy oldin
snubbed from all star team
Khalil Alnayef
Khalil Alnayef Oy oldin
20:25 (Cold as hell) can someone explain that to me
Robert James
Robert James Oy oldin
Beal got that Krazy Bone vibe.
vision xo
vision xo Oy oldin
great job guys , could you get kyrie, drose, posssibly king james, and blake griffin
chi bill
chi bill 2 oy oldin
Steven "I'm all team common sense" Jackson
D L 2 oy oldin
AD & Boogie = Best Duo
Mr. Hands
Mr. Hands 2 oy oldin
stephen jackson is too funny Im so glad he has a podcast
Chris Lopez
Chris Lopez 3 oy oldin
To say Penny/Shaq as a better duo than Shaq/Kobe??
Buom tut
Buom tut 3 oy oldin
I hope Bradley Beal doesn't get trade I know the nets want a 3rd star but Bradley Beal can become a star in Washington and they have a lot of good young talent and I'm a cavs fan
NigerianBaller 3 oy oldin
Shit, my mom would be happy I got a full scholarship 😂😂 I had to pay for my college
NigerianBaller 3 oy oldin
His mom is ungrateful as hell, your son is going to college for free, so what if it's on the other side of the country, you don't have to pay a dime for him to go to school, how many people have the opportunity to go to a good school like Florida, let alone on a full scholarship
Da Johnson
Da Johnson 3 oy oldin
Stak talking about Tony Parker was hilarious
Plus Plus Plus
Plus Plus Plus 3 oy oldin
This shit proved Beal fosho smoked. He zooted this whole interview
Nkugwa Brick
Nkugwa Brick 3 oy oldin
And khawi 🤣🤣🤣
Nkugwa Brick
Nkugwa Brick 3 oy oldin
Get bron on there
TRI-Bros 3 oy oldin
Justin Davis
Justin Davis 4 oy oldin
Bradley Beal smart, intelligent, and will give you 50. Always wonder if him and John Wall will both be healthy at the same time with Bradley Beal how he is now sheesh. Scary!!!
eatcheesekobe 4 oy oldin
The fact of the matter is, of all the players that's jumped straight from HS to NBA, you can count on one hand the number of players that's actually found true success. Even then, you have players like Kobe who actually struggled hard their first few seasons. Stay in school man, if you don't want to finish at least do 2-3 years, develop your game and develop your body. I'm seeing way too many young kids come into the league only to get injured during their rookie or sophomore year. When you jump from 30ish games a season to 82+, with bigger stronger guys, that's a tough jump. The rookie wall is no joke, and players should come into the NBA more prepared. Everyone thinks you're the next MJ, Kobe, or Lebron etc out of HS, but everyone has to face reality at some point.
RB sosa
RB sosa 4 oy oldin
Niggas miss this shit every Thursday stay safe jack
Martez Shade
Martez Shade 4 oy oldin
This gave me goosebumps as a die hard Wizards fan. Bradley is a DOG PERIOD. I hope he retires a Wizard.
JackAH 4 oy oldin
brads mom not talking to him for 2 months for going to Florida shows how selfish some people are
Brad Brown
Brad Brown 4 oy oldin
Need a Tim Duncan , Dirk Nowitzky , D Rose or Luka Doncic.
Quatravious Lumpkins
Quatravious Lumpkins 4 oy oldin
Successful interview
Cam TheManB
Cam TheManB 4 oy oldin
Are we in season 2 yet
Danny Luxray
Danny Luxray 4 oy oldin
Man sais howbdid Jack sneak a powdered donut on the floor lmao 😂😂😂
richard dean
richard dean 4 oy oldin
I was born at nite but not last nite. I knw Beal mos def a all star
KidKinsey 4 oy oldin
The fact that Brad has the wizards close to the playoffs should get him on the all nba team, the man is almost averaging 30 and everybody expected the wizards to be trash this year
Timika Witherspoon
Timika Witherspoon 4 oy oldin
01:12:06 55:38 0:57
Sole Searcher
Sole Searcher 4 oy oldin
get Jrue on the show please!!!
Marlik Evans
Marlik Evans 4 oy oldin
Matt “talk to us a little bit about that” Barnes
MrUrkel0730 4 oy oldin
Bradley "uh-luh-uh-luh-luh" Beal
Hooper 4 oy oldin
Talk to us a little about that
Left Right
Left Right 4 oy oldin
Beal paying love to the OG Raptors' jersey!
Leonard 4 oy oldin
Please Get Derrick Rose on this Podcast
Jake Tumath
Jake Tumath 4 oy oldin
That draft night almost trade for harden story was crazy! I never knew that. Imagine Harden on the Wizards and Beal with KD and Russ. Damn that's crazy
Drewselum 4 oy oldin
I've always liked Bradley Beals game, after this he a coo ass dude man.
hot boy
hot boy 4 oy oldin
We need jrue
Frank Salley
Frank Salley 4 oy oldin
What about getting John Salley as a guest? Vegan / cannabis advocate. He would be a great guest.
BKC 4 oy oldin
Matt "Speak on that" Barnes
NewProvidence32 4 oy oldin
@BradleyBeal is a Very #Humble Man. 🥇
terry bazile
terry bazile 4 oy oldin
Get da legend A.I on here
Travis Andrews
Travis Andrews 4 oy oldin
I think joekim Noah should join all the smoke
charles pitter
charles pitter 4 oy oldin
I wonder what it would do for Beal's career to play with a pg like CP3
Daniel Perry
Daniel Perry 4 oy oldin
Hands down the best podcast on any platform. I love the knowledge matt and stack have having been players in the league. They can relate to the players on a level. Brad seems a good guy man, solid guy. I look forward to this podcast every episode. Keep doing your thing guys ... great work. 🔥🔥🔥
bigblack7x3 4 oy oldin
22:18 can you imagine that shit... dude is good looking as hell, athletic as fuck, and the man could've been assessing you for a heart attack at some hospital.... that's what you call unfair
Gab O.
Gab O. 4 oy oldin
What happened to the begging section?
Derrick Williams
Derrick Williams 4 oy oldin
58:57 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 “And you gotta remember to lick ya lips.”🤣🤣🤣
Luis Suarez
Luis Suarez 4 oy oldin
Crazy how former and current players have the upmost respect for MJ but fans who dont have a clue don't
the family
the family 4 oy oldin
I'm from Cleveland, the Cavs let Brad and Klay get away. SMMFH. Oladipo too. Instead took Tristan, Waiters and Anthony Bennett. SMMFH.
the family
the family 4 oy oldin
Could have Klay, Kyrie, Love, Brad and LBJ. SMMFH
Hey get Derrick Rose on here!!
caper087 4 oy oldin
Blacklist is soooo dope
lcofoot7 4 oy oldin
Fan in Utah here.... p.s. not racist
Jeff Axel
Jeff Axel 4 oy oldin
Lmao at Pierce yelling at Beal shooting free throws saying he doesn't see why the wizards drafted him at 3 then dunking on him later that year 😂😂
Michael Toney
Michael Toney 4 oy oldin
Get melo
Michael Toney
Michael Toney 4 oy oldin
You guys should gets jacks mcDonalds all American teammates..
Michael Toney
Michael Toney 4 oy oldin
Can you get Jalen Rose
Michael Toney
Michael Toney 4 oy oldin
Here are a few people to have on.... DuJuan Wagner, Greg olden,Baron Davis, Isiah Thomas, Rasheed Wallace,josh smith, Sam cassell
Michael Toney
Michael Toney 4 oy oldin
I know he just disappeared
Prince O.
Prince O. 4 oy oldin
Bro I need to see what Dejuan Wagner been up to, his career ended too soon 😞
yea 4 oy oldin
Beal got off sm at Florida I thought he had two years 😂😭
MrTeeRedd 4 oy oldin
All Wizards need is a healthy Wall, Beal and a stretch 4 that can shoot 3 ball... And a big 5 as rim protector. Coach Brook is a good coach. Wizards need to break through Mystics, Nationals got it done now it's on the Wizards.
Joel Rheaume
Joel Rheaume 4 oy oldin
MrTeeRedd Don’t forget the Capitals! 🏒 😊
Cullen Brown
Cullen Brown 4 oy oldin
Matt “Talk to us a little bit about” Barnes 😂 ..... that’s my guy tho ✊🏾 luv Uncle Stack too !
A B 4 oy oldin
ive been voting you and jrue holiday to the all star game every year
Justin Sanchez
Justin Sanchez 4 oy oldin
Matt "talk to us a little bit about" Barnes
SWUAYD J. 4 oy oldin
BB looks like Ray Allen
Donnell McLachlan
Donnell McLachlan 4 oy oldin
Matt “lick them bitches” Barnes 😂😂😂
Marlon Bridges
Marlon Bridges 4 oy oldin
Jack be talking loud as hell! Lmao
Sypher D.
Sypher D. 5 oy oldin
Jrue BEEN a problem! Came up the year after me in HS. Real ones know.
BigDC202 5 oy oldin
WizardsNation. 💪 Keep wishing Haters Beal and Wall will retire in D.C
Malik Elijah
Malik Elijah 5 oy oldin
Matt “you recently” Barnes
Gary Bush
Gary Bush 5 oy oldin
"If i hit 6 of them bad boys you gotta swing that mufuka" lmao big facts bruh
Jo Dom
Jo Dom 5 oy oldin
ChikaLicious Dessert
ChikaLicious Dessert 5 oy oldin
Plz get I.T. 2 on here. Plz
Moho Salous
Moho Salous 5 oy oldin
How can you feel like Mike when you haven’t won like Mike
Matthew Sigmon
Matthew Sigmon 5 oy oldin
stephen Jackson is on another level high this whole episode hahahahahaaaaaaaa
DonWonn25 5 oy oldin
All the Smoke next guess should be MELO, Will Barton and AI
ssshhhbequiet 5 oy oldin
The amount of ppl that say jrue holiday y’all gotta get him on the show!
NJDDSNS 5 oy oldin
Stak is not fucking with the Tony Parker noise... PERIOD!!! LMFAOOOOOO
Valentine Rogers
Valentine Rogers 5 oy oldin
Ya'll are SO GOOD at this! I just need to say it every now and then. I really appreciate the excellence.
Just W
Just W 5 oy oldin
This was a dope interview. BB3
Marcos Benavides
Marcos Benavides 5 oy oldin
I can’t to see him and Wall on the same court again.
DFG_nyc 5 oy oldin
Get TONY PARKER on the PODCAST Stak lmaooo
Peter Forest
Peter Forest 5 oy oldin
Need an episode with Dennis Rodman
Prince Nero
Prince Nero 5 oy oldin
Beal Ice Cold Bro one of my favorite players in the League for sure.
Tobias Emare
Tobias Emare 5 oy oldin
You guys need Drose!
Blue Hillz
Blue Hillz 5 oy oldin
16:22.... Allen Iverson Mom had to force him to go out and play...... Like I love my biggest motivator..... Always reminding me i can "DO BETTER"🏆
B T 5 oy oldin
So John wall is Bradley beals pippen? Lol this show should be called all the gas
La'Quentis Francis
La'Quentis Francis 5 oy oldin
Bet they on PlayStation
Davchamp 5 oy oldin
You guys did Cari Champion now invite Joy Taylor Next
Christian Hill
Christian Hill 5 oy oldin
If I didn’t see Bradley’s name on the title, I swear this was Jesus shuttlesworth 😂😂
Rich Loco
Rich Loco 5 oy oldin
George Floyd was Staccs brother. Sorry for your lost my brother, every POC has you and your brother in our prayers and thoughts. When you’re able to gather yourself and push through please bring a guest on the show to speak on police brutality and the injustices that’s been holding our communities bacc. Yes I know this is a primarily basketball podcast, but the NBA is damn near 90% blacc people so this affects even those athletes. Shit, it affects almost all athletes because we are the majority in sports. Once again sorry for your loss stacc.
Greg Huggins
Greg Huggins 5 oy oldin
I'm from st louis I just got a chance 2 listen to Bradley beal (FOR THE FIRST TIME) a very intelligent guy proud of him thank. JACK AND BARNES
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