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Allen Iverson talks with Matt and Stephen about being credited with changing the culture of the NBA and the dress code controversy that hit the league during 2005.
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Rich Diaz
Rich Diaz 2 kun oldin
Influenced a whole generation. All the kids at school when I was in HS (99-03) wore braids bc of A.I. All the boys who played basketball and aspired to have handle and do all of the fancy crossovers, did so bc they wanted to emulate A.I. To put it simple, Iverson was that n**ga, that dude, THE MAN, when I was growing up.
yeeluvspizza 4 kun oldin
We here talking about how to dress? How to dress...not a game, not a game...but how to dress. We talking about how to dress....
carl taylor
carl taylor 6 kun oldin
carl taylor
carl taylor 6 kun oldin
the three ass-o ther what they do
Nick Delgado
Nick Delgado 9 kun oldin
#VaPride Vick&AI Changed the game. 703 to the 757
Ivander85 10 kun oldin
I'm still love rocking my AI Reebok gear from almost 20 years ago, I brought them wayyy to baggy back in the day on a trip to NY. Great memories...only NBA game I ever saw was NYK-PHI and I'm so happy I got to see AI, Spree, Allan the MSG.
Adam Wood
Adam Wood 13 kun oldin
His message never changed. Dude flat out rules.
eric M smith
eric M smith 13 kun oldin
The way allen shout out aaron was hilarious,,
mcronn 100
mcronn 100 13 kun oldin
When A.I. crossed Jordan. And hit that jump shot. I knew he was ready for the NBA no fear. The little goat.!!!
Doc X
Doc X 13 kun oldin
Shout out to my fam, AB! I'll still dust him one on one. You can ask him, lol. It's a Virginia thing! 🖖🏾🤟🏾
HER Story
HER Story 13 kun oldin
Dennis Rodman deserves the recognition - he was first one to express individuality in NBA.
Helping Crybabies
Helping Crybabies 13 kun oldin
That would be Walt clyde frazier....
M 360
M 360 14 kun oldin
Now the NBA embrace fashion
Mike s
Mike s 14 kun oldin Do not make your tongue deceive your heart video.
Salia Berthé
Salia Berthé 15 kun oldin
Respect for the shootout to Clifford Robinson
Iwonder81 15 kun oldin
AI was the opposite of fashion. You call shorts and T-shirt fashion.
Iwonder81 15 kun oldin
Uh for the rest of us we dress as we’re told “when we’re coming to work.” You looked stupid wearing jeans and a T-shirt on the sidelines but that exact attitude is why great player aside you have nothing but one trip to the finals. One.
Robert Buchanan III
Robert Buchanan III 14 kun oldin
You look even dumber wearing a suit to a basketball game, especially if you aren't a coach. The NBA had it out for AI because he had everyone wanting braids, tattoos, etc. Fast forward decades later and we got dudes wearing skinny jeans and cutoff shirts with their stomachs showing lol
ALFRED Robinson
ALFRED Robinson 15 kun oldin
Matt Barnes is doing a HELLUVA job with interviewing Chuck👍👍
Judah Mourneth
Judah Mourneth 15 kun oldin
That’s why his ass is ringless
jason jones
jason jones 16 kun oldin
The NBA is racist. Now they can wear dresses, heels, purses, leggings, and all. But they bet not dress like Ai
Jose Rios
Jose Rios 16 kun oldin
Ask him about LeBron James??And why NBA are tanking???
cardsblues219 16 kun oldin
AI was like Lillard. They were ride or die with their team and city. They weren't pussies like KD, AD, LeBron etc.
Zahid 16 kun oldin
Allen "Cool" Iverson
星の王子さまサイヤ人じん 16 kun oldin
Allen Iverson I got mad respect for you FAM. Your whole demeanor swagger is Extroudenary and Tremendously fantastic. 🤙🏽✊🏽✊🤙
The Hamburger Pimp
The Hamburger Pimp 16 kun oldin
He forgot it was his JOB and he represented a billion dollar corporation, why not make the $ and then when you separate from the company you can build your OWN brand.
The Hamburger Pimp
The Hamburger Pimp 12 kun oldin
@Robert Buchanan III I'm with you on the weirdo dress code, but he should have represented in a way that shows professionalism. Just the way these weirdos aren't.
Robert Buchanan III
Robert Buchanan III 12 kun oldin
@The Hamburger Pimp Him dressing in a white t shirt and some jeans isn't "ghetto" showing up to a basketball game in a full on 3 piece suit just to take it off and put on a jersey and some shorts is 6 different kinds of stupid. The NBA hated AI for that but now they encourage a bunch of grown men dressing in drag because "fashion" 🤨
The Hamburger Pimp
The Hamburger Pimp 14 kun oldin
@Robert Buchanan III I didn't see the rest of your comment about westbrook... he's a weirdo.
The Hamburger Pimp
The Hamburger Pimp 14 kun oldin
@Robert Buchanan III He was marketed to children and they wanted to show him in a positive light, but he wanted to glorify the ghetto....don't we want better for the next generation?
Robert Buchanan III
Robert Buchanan III 14 kun oldin
They happily accepted the money that he brought in but it's a problem how he dresses showing up to play basketball? 🤔 Russell Westbrook dresses up like a 15 year old girl and he isn't fined once, AI wears a XXL t shirt and some jeans and he's unprofessional? 😂
JZ Momotaba
JZ Momotaba 16 kun oldin
AI is my favorite NBA player growing up. He is so cool the dress the way he played Basketball. That 2000 NBA final first game summed it all up for AI. That step over Tyron Lu is so iconic and lit.
Expat Biker
Expat Biker 16 kun oldin
If AI was in NFL, NFL should be what NBA is. Right to expression led to right to speech. NFL players can't even kneel for social injustice while NBA pick a message instead of their names on the Jersey.
1234 45
1234 45 16 kun oldin
Why can't they kneel?
THE BEAR JEW 16 kun oldin
AI was one of my favorite players growing up. To this day, I wear an armband when playing basketball. Been doing it since I was 11 and first watched AI play with one on. Other players used it since, like Melo but to me, AI was the guy who made it cool.
13th Assassin
13th Assassin 16 kun oldin
Anyone out there reading this comment, please take the time and search for the word "Dajjal" on UZpost. This will give you a true understanding of what's coming. Hence the "One Eye" symbol which we see around us ✊🏾.
Brandon Clarke
Brandon Clarke 16 kun oldin
"How are you going to tell me what to wear to go to work?" Uhhhhhhhhh
Bath Salt Zombies
Bath Salt Zombies 15 kun oldin
That's not what he said tho. Listen again
badfshn 16 kun oldin
liljohncena 6
liljohncena 6 17 kun oldin
AI the real life People’s Champ lol
LosWitDaHoodie 17 kun oldin
Ai old as af
Piggy Bank
Piggy Bank 17 kun oldin
We only go up the ladder
SAT Scott
SAT Scott 17 kun oldin
Would be my starting 5 easy. The Answer!!💪🏿💪🏿💯. AI was the first to wear the long BB shorts. Frfr⛹🏿‍♂️
Selassie Robertson
Selassie Robertson 17 kun oldin
lol whoever behind the scenes matt was indicating to on the low got some explainin to do.
C-Mo 313
C-Mo 313 17 kun oldin
Allen Iverson didn’t grow up in the “hood”. He has no right to speak on “culture”, or talk about being “held down by the man”. You idiots need to do some research instead of listening to these virtue signaling, spoiled and rich athletes.
Diego Velazquez
Diego Velazquez 17 kun oldin
He did grow up in the hood and you don’t even know what virtue signaling means lmao. You’re just throwing buzz terms that you heard online. He said people should be allowed to express fashion in their own way. That has absolute nothing to do with “virtue signaling”.
LORDFUBU 17 kun oldin
Lmao, wasn't Iverson the reason the dress code happened?
Jay Stacks
Jay Stacks 17 kun oldin
Like the shoutout to Cliff Robinson. Real OGs know
Kahlil Poet
Kahlil Poet 17 kun oldin
NBA is racist, I wear this to n on the court. This what we wear...
Jimmi Stone
Jimmi Stone 17 kun oldin
Why should a lawyer have to be in a suit anyways? That’s Virginia brainwashing him 😢😡 there’s no such thing as “professional” clothing or style, wear wtf you want to wear
ALFRED Robinson
ALFRED Robinson 15 kun oldin
You can see he cant be brainwashed nikka. VA dont have shit to do with his opinion on that topic. Would you wear a sweatsuit to an elderly loved one's funeral? If you would, it tells a lot about you!
Muslim Mgtow
Muslim Mgtow 17 kun oldin
NBA has become the SJW league
Moshe X
Moshe X 17 kun oldin
Your uniform should be what you wear at work not what you wear to work. That dress code was borderline criminal
Arizona Fire Ent
Arizona Fire Ent 14 kun oldin
@chi bill bums don't care what they wear because of their income unfortunately. A million should drees like one especially someone with the background of A.I. he went against all odds
Arizona Fire Ent
Arizona Fire Ent 14 kun oldin
@Moshe X not if you work at a place with standards
chi bill
chi bill 17 kun oldin
@Arizona Fire Ent what's the standard of being like a bum though, cause the mortal world set that standard ?
Moshe X
Moshe X 17 kun oldin
Arizona Fire Ent you can look like however you want when your not clocked in that’s the point.
Arizona Fire Ent
Arizona Fire Ent 17 kun oldin
Its called dressing like a man not looking like a bum
Nathan Rojas
Nathan Rojas 17 kun oldin
I remember in 2000 I got some blue Iversons thinking I was the shit in middle school to be the first one with them lol but I'm a Die hard LA Lakers fan so that should tell you something on how great and influential AI was
Vasty Andrews
Vasty Andrews 17 kun oldin
I just think 90s when i think Reebok, but i do love Reebok. I got 3 pairs and they're all comfy as hell
girlgirl0356 17 kun oldin
Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
A space being
A space being 17 kun oldin
Justin Gant
Justin Gant 17 kun oldin
Hold up AI, why make an acceptions for lawyers? Why can't a lawyer wear a sweatsuit? AI is wrong about this. A professional athlete should dress like a professional. I fuk wit you as a player, but you brought poison into the league. What if a lawyer had your attitude towards how to dress in court? Maybe that lawyer would feel comfortable practicing law in a sweatsuit, but I bet you wouldn't hire him ...I bet you would hire the lawyer in the suit. And why is that? Because you would be judging him by his attire. You can't have it both ways AI.
1234 45
1234 45 16 kun oldin
it really does be like sometimes. I like the professionalism is sports. Nowadays there are no role models in the NBA. Some say butler, but Jimmy butler doesn't "need" friends, talking about Chris Paul, the nbpa president lol. Paul may be a "dirty" player but he is no bill laimbeer. Sportsmanship and professionalism gone, we got players smoking weed on social media with escorts lol.
Michael Gomez
Michael Gomez 17 kun oldin
Shhhh. You are making too much sense. AI should understand this at his age as he looks back
No Name
No Name 17 kun oldin
AI the realest ever
Robert Robinson
Robert Robinson 17 kun oldin
It's professional basketball. Professional. The dress code was neccessary
David R.
David R. 17 kun oldin
A.I. The Icon...
emz 17 kun oldin
He paved the way for a lot of players today.
Helping Crybabies
Helping Crybabies 13 kun oldin
In what way lol....
Armani TheVoice
Armani TheVoice 17 kun oldin
That's right give Ai his roses now 🙏🏾. This is one of the best podcast. I fuck with Drink Champs too and if the hoods had a president it would be Ai.
Harold Wilson
Harold Wilson 17 kun oldin
Kobe Shakur
Kobe Shakur 17 kun oldin
Congrats A.I. you brought Thuggery to the NBA. Jordan was all ways dapper in a nice suit like a buisness man.
Kahlil Poet
Kahlil Poet 17 kun oldin
N u looked like fresh meat... Don't sleep on ur belly if u can't trust ur celly
Sonic Cruz
Sonic Cruz 17 kun oldin
The truth The Answer AI3
J. A
J. A 17 kun oldin
Your show is good but man bring some lights in to it looks so dark and the show becomes all negative man ,I love the stories but what you guys can do to bring or help young generations become more positive in life and not go through all the sh**** use did 💯
Alvarez 17 kun oldin
Ai had little white boys in braids and headbands that’s crazy
Bhoopesh Bhola
Bhoopesh Bhola 17 kun oldin
AI was the shittttttt back then,I love his attitude,he still has the swag while he drop facts
Keith Williams
Keith Williams 17 kun oldin
When Jordan retired AI became my favorite...than it got split between AI and Tmac...than it became LeBron...but AI was defiently that nigga
Eric Carrington
Eric Carrington 17 kun oldin
I want to be cool. Classic A.I.
K1DFR3SH77 17 kun oldin
His shoes were the most comfortable I’ve worn. Reebok Question and Reebok Answers
AiS the Fisherman
AiS the Fisherman 18 kun oldin
Most arrogant player .. but thats why he is A.I. 🏀
Rome McDaniel
Rome McDaniel 17 kun oldin
What's the difference between arrogance and confidence?
Gabriel Gomes
Gabriel Gomes 18 kun oldin
I'm Single 😍😥
Piggy Bank
Piggy Bank 17 kun oldin
Who gives af
Jack Wayne
Jack Wayne 18 kun oldin
Iverson is about to open up a whole new issue/problem in the workplace..
D23 SQUAD 18 kun oldin
Most influential player ever everyone copies him 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿
Poozhikala 18 kun oldin
When u simplify he a G, still an OG
b g
b g 13 kun oldin
That made no sense
Shane Kann
Shane Kann 18 kun oldin
Me and Dikembe don't dress the same 😁😁😭😭
Juhan Voolaid
Juhan Voolaid 17 kun oldin
Yup, but he didn't tell that to disrespect Dikembe. He's point was that it is ok to have a look you are comfortable with.
The Bryant Sports System
The Bryant Sports System 18 kun oldin
The Police in the league like Shaq, Tim Duncan and them be snitching too much. That's the part of the culture they don't talk about. You might be in the club smoking marijuana and getting a chick and they might snitch. It's a whole hip hop Police type thing going on. And in the NBA too!!
Arizona Fire Ent
Arizona Fire Ent 17 kun oldin
Shaq has 4, Duncan 5 and Iverson has a bronze medal
badnewzsteve 18 kun oldin
🖖🏾🅰️ 7️⃣5️⃣7️⃣
Vince Allen Meneses
Vince Allen Meneses 18 kun oldin
AI the coolest athlete in my opinion.
El Rey
El Rey 18 kun oldin
Nyles Garrison
Nyles Garrison 18 kun oldin
Al was that dude most cats from the hood wanted to be like. The style and swag on and off the court, but them Philly front office folks signing them checks didn’t want that hood mentality represented on their team. Since they really couldn’t tell em about his tats and braids, they came up with the NBA player dress for success rule not only because of him but because other franchise players did the same.
THE BEAR JEW 16 kun oldin
@nauticadon Funny thing is I'm white and I LOVED AI. My brother and I got arm bands because of him. I know a lot of white kids who liked him too. Old people just assume kids will turn into "thugs" just because they are exposed to urban culture lol. It's ridiculous.
nauticadon 17 kun oldin
That was all David Stern being worried that white folks were getting turned off to the game.
Ayatollah Khomeini
Ayatollah Khomeini 18 kun oldin
Ayatollah Khomeini
Ayatollah Khomeini 18 kun oldin
Ayatollah Khomeini
Ayatollah Khomeini 18 kun oldin
jahivah 18 kun oldin
AI had an impact that no other player had ever had. Monster on the court and arguably the best "little guy" to ever play. Off the court, he bridged the gap between the streets and professional sports.
Terry Smith
Terry Smith 18 kun oldin
Absolutey. Being fresh don't affect how you play basketball. Play like you dress, gotta stay fresh.
concern 18 kun oldin
i wanna be coOol 😎😎😎
gaming kid
gaming kid 18 kun oldin
ɴᴅɢᴏᴄʜʏʟᴅ 18 kun oldin
Sometimes you gotta take an ass whipping so others behind you don't!
Doori Ha
Doori Ha 18 kun oldin
As a kid growing up in the late 90s and early 00s AI was the shit. The impact that he had on and off the court was just legendary.
TheRealist 811
TheRealist 811 16 kun oldin
AI integrated that street culture which was also booming at the time.
Ayatollah Khomeini
Ayatollah Khomeini 18 kun oldin
ctbcardinal 18 kun oldin
Jordan the 2nd.. it was in the newspaper..
Big C
Big C 18 kun oldin
Practice I am not talking about practice
#thesausy_1 #sausyvilian
#thesausy_1 #sausyvilian 18 kun oldin
And #NBA2K
blbl 18 kun oldin
Stephen Jackson is boring.
Carlos Muñoz
Carlos Muñoz 18 kun oldin
I want to see his eyes
The Pariah
The Pariah 18 kun oldin
N M94
N M94 18 kun oldin
We talkin bout the DRESS CODE not the game..not the game...but the DRESS CODE...
M 360
M 360 14 kun oldin
Andrew Rios
Andrew Rios 16 kun oldin
Legendary comment 😂
Stiles Johnson
Stiles Johnson 17 kun oldin
Steph Mugestu
Steph Mugestu 18 kun oldin
Marlon Anson
Marlon Anson 18 kun oldin
This a goated podcast
In MY Zone
In MY Zone 18 kun oldin
If you’re playin nba 2k21 myteam, his starter card is fire 🔥
Garrett Dawson
Garrett Dawson 18 kun oldin
Gus Williams is way better :/ I shoulda went with Shaq
Ki E-Skate Mods
Ki E-Skate Mods 18 kun oldin
Iverson was my hero basketball player growing up.
Brent Matthew
Brent Matthew 18 kun oldin
Tha Kidd GoGo
Tha Kidd GoGo 18 kun oldin
Tridso Lopez
Tridso Lopez 18 kun oldin
You'd never catch Iverson in a Westbrick fit
Lamar sykes
Lamar sykes 17 kun oldin
@John Griller hes set for life with Reebok. He just doesn't hoop any more.
John Griller
John Griller 17 kun oldin
The Scapegoat: A Survivor facts. He was my fav player to watch in 2017 but he’s falling off a cliff ever since
Manuel Gutierrez
Manuel Gutierrez 18 kun oldin
Or in a harden fit
Lamar sykes
Lamar sykes 18 kun oldin
@The Scapegoat: A Survivor I don't watch much but Lakers. You saying he's falling off?
The Scapegoat: A Survivor
The Scapegoat: A Survivor 18 kun oldin
Lamar sykes I use to like Westbrook, but for real now he is Westbrick, the guy need to chill out and learn back how to play POINT GUARD...
Kaldon 18 kun oldin
Bro, this shit got 230k views immediately? Shit the actual podcast didn't even get 100k for an hour. 230k views and 100 likes? Lmao
D Green
D Green 18 kun oldin
250k views in 20 minutes 🧐🧐🧐
Pmf Lawrence
Pmf Lawrence 18 kun oldin
If you haven’t already please repent and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Jesus died for you and he loves you tomorrow is not promised so please accept Jesus today. God bless🙏
Ben cintron
Ben cintron 9 kun oldin
@Mark Vasquez Hell is real I'm not perfect but I know jesus christ is real he talk about hell alot of times that's one place that you dont want to go.
Uncle Jay Mamba Jr
Uncle Jay Mamba Jr 17 kun oldin
Uno2000 17 kun oldin
jigyoda 18 kun oldin
no thanks
Quentin Sanders
Quentin Sanders 18 kun oldin
Everyone on the court wanted to be Allen iverson in my day. People grew they hair for 2 months just to get some weak ass braids just to try to get them like his. Y’all just don’t know how big he was back then. Nothing but love AI
Kelon713 9 kun oldin
Quentin Sanders
Quentin Sanders 13 kun oldin
Helping Crybabies I typed it exactly how i meant it. THEY HAIR!
Helping Crybabies
Helping Crybabies 13 kun oldin
THEIR* hair...not they
Johnathon Luna
Johnathon Luna 16 kun oldin
I remember the shoes when I was a kid. All the kids wanted his shoes. Even the ones who didn’t ball.... including me 😆
Dee Miller
Dee Miller 17 kun oldin
@Arizona Fire Ent i respect that. Ray got that resume too. Box fade ray used to ball
TheBestFighter 18 kun oldin
He was the only person that dressed like a G. Then everyone else followed him. Then once that happened the stupid dress code wearing those business casual bs. Then you got these NBA players wearing tight clothes. Westbrook dress like a square. Makes no sense
M 360
M 360 14 kun oldin
@nauticadon but now the NBA let’s players wear what they want
nauticadon 17 kun oldin
NBA is a business and like any business you have to carry yourself like a professional.
Emanuel Frederick
Emanuel Frederick 18 kun oldin
Shout out to you Allen Iverson, much Respect, and Appreciation. As always, continue to tell it, like it is, "Facts". Please come back to Philly and be part of management, 👍because I'm quite sure the Organization could use you, as a part of the assistant Coaching 🤔👌
Shay TM
Shay TM 13 kun oldin
IfmxreY CB q
Uncle Jay Mamba Jr
Uncle Jay Mamba Jr 17 kun oldin
Tyler lynn
Tyler lynn 18 kun oldin
Facts tho
Hassan Khan
Hassan Khan 18 kun oldin
238k views in 4 minutes? Never knew y'all could buy views on UZpost 👀
YES WE CAN 16 kun oldin
@Hassan Khan What makes you think it's not accurate? Just because people rush to view this and then it slows down doesn't mean it's not accurate.
Hassan Khan
Hassan Khan 18 kun oldin
AI is great but 238k views in 4 minutes? Do me a favour. And it's still at 238k after an hour. So you tell me if these views are accurate. Lmfao
__ 18 kun oldin
You definitely not from the US if you don't know Allen Iverson impact. You just getting off the porch with you seven upvotes.
Philippe Mudaheranwa
Philippe Mudaheranwa 18 kun oldin
wait 230000 views in 5 minutes??????????????????????????????????????????????wtf
some one
some one 18 kun oldin
Anit no way these views real
IAmSeanPain 18 kun oldin
Fake asl
some one
some one 18 kun oldin
@Philippe Mudaheranwa 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Philippe Mudaheranwa
Philippe Mudaheranwa 18 kun oldin
yooo its impossible
some one
some one 18 kun oldin
@ian hawkes facts. They gotta be stopped lol
ian hawkes
ian hawkes 18 kun oldin
some one fr bro they buying they views
Ahmed Ali
Ahmed Ali 18 kun oldin
Growing up I loved AI, everyone wanted to be like AI.
Kahlil Poet
Kahlil Poet 17 kun oldin
Every one did, no one wanted to be like Mike... If said I'm MJ people laughed at u pulled ur pants down...
Uncle Jay Mamba Jr
Uncle Jay Mamba Jr 17 kun oldin
Ralph The Bot
Ralph The Bot 18 kun oldin
Bro 230k views in a minute?
McFlxrence 22 kun oldin
The hood nigga still in em too😭
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