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NBA legend and cultural icon Allen Iverson joins Matt and Stephen for a special episode 46 of ALL THE SMOKE. The boys talk about AI changing the culture of the game and his battles with Kobe and the Lakers. Iverson also opens up about his former coach John Thompson and about the real reason behind his infamous 'practice' quote.
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SHOWTIME Basketball
SHOWTIME Basketball 28 kun oldin
9:25 - Former players turned media, Steve Nash 18:00 - Being cultural icon 20:28 - Georgetown, bowling alley incident 28:00 - John Thompson 39:20 - 1996 draft, early career in Philadelphia, Larry brown 54:04 - Battles with the Pacers, winning MVP 1:00:37 - Vince Carter, Andre Iguodala, Michael Jordan 1:04:10 - 2001 finals, Kobe & Shaq, Ty Lue story 1:08:50 - Getting Hall of Fame call in 2016 1:13:55 - 2020 HOF, KG, Tim Duncan 1:19:40 - Relationship with Kobe, Top 3 NBA GOATS 1:26:36 - NBA dress code & Changing the culture, Reebok 1:31:35 - Favorite rappers, being name dropped 1:35:20 - NBA bubble, favorite players 1:41:40 - Current NBA players he wished he could have played with 1:43:45 - Story behind ‘Practice’
T Morales
T Morales 7 kun oldin
@candy girlll he is on the same iconic level as Kobe and damn right he put in the work to get to where he got so shut your ass up with the funny guy lines
Dan Gray
Dan Gray 13 kun oldin
Here that Jack shout out to Steve from A.I. Sorry he dosen't hate all whit people like you...
Travis Andrews
Travis Andrews 13 kun oldin
He is the goat 🐐
Yvette Holmes
Yvette Holmes 15 kun oldin
Thanks Matt, great interview.
hey thanks
hey thanks 17 kun oldin
No it’s myself because I talk about nothing on the internet
Tiff-1 N
Tiff-1 N 2 soat oldin
I still remember that “who’s Allen Iverson” commercial and I had his pictures all over my walls in my room🥰🥰
Anthony Miller
Anthony Miller 4 soat oldin
22:59 How A.I. looked when Stack said “you think he didn’t know” then slouched back down in agreement w/the head nod saying “he probably knew” was just the best 😂
Renald Dinero
Renald Dinero 4 soat oldin
Matt Barnes: Allen Iverson: you know what i mean
D Smooth
D Smooth 7 soat oldin
Who's Ai really be talking about though that hate on him and he don't like his ass neither? Some1 let me know lol
TJ 12 soat oldin
Great interview with our VA legend! Standup VA,we definitely in the building!
Chamone Morrison
Chamone Morrison 14 soat oldin
The Goat
MH_1231 Kun oldin
One of the few retired NBA legends who shows love for the new guys and appreciates the way they play the game
Prime time Pips
Prime time Pips Kun oldin
Get Vince carter
GID7OB Kun oldin
*Allen broke as fuck now but still the GOAT*
Webster McGuire
Webster McGuire Kun oldin
Forgive me if I'm not in the loop, but, does anyone here know who A.I. is referring to at the 1:12:16 mark of the video? I initially thought he was talking about Skip Bayless, but A.I. flat out said that he has love for Skip and that's not who he is talking about.
A1 Jesse
A1 Jesse Kun oldin
Who is he talking about @ 1:12:15?
Densil Thomas
Densil Thomas Kun oldin
Love this, black guys showing their emotions love it.
Benedetta Tello
Benedetta Tello Kun oldin
Cried so hard. Fantastic episode. No one like AI
ABOV3HATERS 2 kun oldin
Get Brandon Roy
Jay Smoove
Jay Smoove 2 kun oldin
I need d rose Kyle korver nick young gil arenas and javale McGee oh and monta Ellis I’m from Mississippi Ik how hard it is to make it out and become successful
brian blackwell
brian blackwell 2 kun oldin
brian blackwell
brian blackwell 2 kun oldin
Shades/HAT down low...SMOKE SOMETHIN!
Tasiri Hixon
Tasiri Hixon 2 kun oldin
AI is the truth Man ! TRUTH
KobeKlips 2 kun oldin
Please get derrick rose on the podcast yall
FAMOUS JEWN 2 kun oldin
That screen switch is happening to often
Soul Of America
Soul Of America 2 kun oldin
Dude was robbed of at least 3 Second Team All-Defense honors. Much love for AI.
Dp Visualz
Dp Visualz 2 kun oldin
Anybody who knows me know, Bubba Chuck the 🐐 in my eyes. Genuine soul. ✌🏾🅰️
Slim Uno
Slim Uno 2 kun oldin Everything you to know about the death of Breanna Taylor. From the officers Testimony. (Guilty)
Michael Rausa
Michael Rausa 2 kun oldin
Iverson still the man
Clint Gantt
Clint Gantt 2 kun oldin
Who is he talking about when he said he hated that reporter but it wasn’t skip
Big Diff Eli
Big Diff Eli 2 kun oldin
I can’t wait till they find out that God doesn’t exist man
Anthony Richardson
Anthony Richardson 2 kun oldin
Kobe, Gary Payton and Allen! Thank you All the Smoke for this!
O&L Fam
O&L Fam 3 kun oldin
So sad Iverson is really depresed
Ryan C
Ryan C 3 kun oldin
"Stop expecting things from certain people and it will limit your disappointment" - AI's Driver
Slimmydoll 3 kun oldin
This is my favorite player I remember when I first saw on 60 minutes. I started being a fan and I prayed that you would get all of blessings 🙏🙏🙏 God favor over your life..
Mike Lee
Mike Lee 3 kun oldin
Game changer cause he was so real, so himself through everything. Amazing, legend.
2x 1
2x 1 3 kun oldin
Allen iverson’s favorite words “yOu KnOw WhAt I mEaN”😂
Kita Coop
Kita Coop 3 kun oldin
I will watch anything with AI on it, not to mention he easy on the eyes but he is so authentic, and genuine!!! Lucky Tawanna!!!!!!!
Kita Coop
Kita Coop 3 kun oldin
I LOVE this black mann spirit!!!!!
Jayden Dailey
Jayden Dailey 3 kun oldin
Germaine Mapp
Germaine Mapp 4 kun oldin
Was he talkin about Stephen A. Smith when he said they hate each other? I know Stephen A. used to cover the 6ers back when Chuck was there.
Christopher Husbands
Christopher Husbands 4 kun oldin
Happy to see A I just being him
Michael Martin
Michael Martin 4 kun oldin
Can somebody tell me when Stephen jackson and Stephen a smith started to beef ? Lol I didn’t know that at all
King of hearts 203
King of hearts 203 4 kun oldin
When is Allen iverson gonna play big meech in a movie already
FamousSav 4 kun oldin
Who was he talking about when he said I hate you and your daddy ?
Jose Laso
Jose Laso 4 kun oldin
We all know Kobe is GOAT, but man AI was the man me and all my friends looked up to and admired when we were playin bball on the court when we were young 15 years ago. The fact that he finds it suprising that people see him as a competitor like Kobe to me just shows how humble and real this man is. Huge respect for the legend
Dom 5 kun oldin
this fool said your calves too big to guard him lmao too funny
lil eddie
lil eddie 5 kun oldin
Lmao my stupid ass thought he was meaning skip😂😂 who is it tho?
Aziz Turner
Aziz Turner 5 kun oldin
Yo ive never seen a hat provide so much shade for someones face I thought ai had on shades for a minute 😂😂😂😂
Zackary Bates
Zackary Bates 5 kun oldin
No chill Gilbert areans needs to be on the show!!
Lions Light777
Lions Light777 5 kun oldin
Dennis Rodman
Nasir Khalif
Nasir Khalif 6 kun oldin
Rihches 6 kun oldin
Every time I see Allen Iverson's name I say it like how Chuck said it on the Fantasy Draft.
Al Elwin
Al Elwin 6 kun oldin
AI you the greatest..!! Outstanding content guys. The best show. Thank you. Love who you are AI..Live forever for all of us my brother..
Fire Water
Fire Water 6 kun oldin
@ Showtime Basketball 🏀 This was the best interview !!! PHILLY STFU !!
AI and Stephen yall gotta get this to the people its str8 facts. Website 5stardecoys. com
nunya buisness
nunya buisness 6 kun oldin
I want that jersey where can i find such a beauty
Jason Jones
Jason Jones 6 kun oldin
Shout out on the A.I. Show I’ve always wanted to just hear the man talk long form
Fiend Energising
Fiend Energising 6 kun oldin
He paused when he said lebron and Cleveland LMMFAO he ain't know if he wanted to say lebron and Cleveland lebron and Miami lebron and Cleveland lebron and l.a. lebron and Chicago Washington Minnesota Portland Ireland Switzerland Japan Cleveland LMMFAO
Dwayne Goodson
Dwayne Goodson 6 kun oldin
One of the REALIST interviews I’ve ever watched! Matt, Jack, amazing!! AI bka Bubba Chuck 🐐 🐐
Zen Master
Zen Master 6 kun oldin
AI cool til he gets drunk...I imagine he's a pretty mean drunk when he's not weeping.
Clemond Brown
Clemond Brown 6 kun oldin
Culture Icon. Bigger impact than any other player
Enzo Francescoli
Enzo Francescoli 6 kun oldin
Matt is trying to moderate the discussion while Stack is allways talking about nothing
miracleteebabe' 6 kun oldin
#Awesome!,,,Totaly Awesome Video, #Heartfelt Interview.
James Mondesir
James Mondesir 6 kun oldin
Love A.I and I love the way he played the game of basketball he would put it all on the floor and I love the way he answers Matt when he ask about would you put labron over kobe. Iverson wasn't playing that hate game what some of them would play because if you notice they like to hate on king james alot but A.I wasn't playing that he told them the truth how he fell he said he wanted to like Mike so much and he love kobe so Mike will always be his go to guy and kobe second because he reminds him of mike so much and he love labron too it's a 123 for him then Matt ask would u put Labron over kobe kobe he said mj and kobe but labron is in a glass by him self and that's keeping it 100% and I love A.I for that. Now kobe would of been the one to pass mj for that goat crown but they heated on kobe alot and he wasn't able to get two more rings and the reason why i say that remember when Cp3 had a chance to join kobe but the commissioner block it but if he did join Kobe that was gonna be a next 2 rings. So now king james have a chance to over take mj to be the greatest of all time and they hatein on him too
Kung Lao
Kung Lao 7 kun oldin
Great player but not efficient
A K 7 kun oldin
🌹 please?
Gab O.
Gab O. 7 kun oldin
We don't have to claim any love for anyone who doesn't respect our life. If that offends you drop dead. Stop doing that shit.
Jesus Shuttlesworth
Jesus Shuttlesworth 7 kun oldin
BIGDAWG 7 kun oldin
Get Derrick Rose next
Angie Robles
Angie Robles 7 kun oldin
Salute on this interview. Beautiful to hear men speak with emotions.
Kaptain Bambino
Kaptain Bambino 7 kun oldin
Carlo Ray Gegremosa
Carlo Ray Gegremosa 7 kun oldin
1:13:27 who is the guy ?
Carlo Ray Gegremosa
Carlo Ray Gegremosa 7 kun oldin
put rodman in the interview
Dubsacktrax 8 kun oldin
burritosdoggg 8 kun oldin
yo i like tha pod but barnes aint a real hard earned NBA champion so i cant sub to this podcast u aint the OG my nggga
Aliitoa Nansen
Aliitoa Nansen 8 kun oldin
I’m a die hard Kobe fan but this man! Allen Iverson is the baddest man on that basketball court pound for pound! He’s a GOAT too in my book! 💯💯
Devon Allicott
Devon Allicott 8 kun oldin
Is AI talking about Jason Whitlock saying he hate him 😂
JerrellKnight54 8 kun oldin
This is pure amazing. Ty Ai, Stack, and Matt this was everything. How does this have any dislike 🤷🏾‍♂️? Yall buggin, 3 real ones. A hofer icon and 2 gritty champs what am I missing 🤷🏾‍♂️
I Dont Have Herpes
I Dont Have Herpes 8 kun oldin
how you gonna say McDyess before Dirk
Reign Neverland
Reign Neverland 8 kun oldin
How can you not love this guy
Reign Neverland
Reign Neverland 8 kun oldin
Let’s gooo
Edward Smith
Edward Smith 8 kun oldin
I think it's George Floyd in the thumbnail 🥵
PROF DYANG 8 kun oldin
Can we get BARON DAVIS on this Podcast please????!!!! Bruin talk!! DUB NATION Talk!! @Allthesmoke
Lamar Graham
Lamar Graham 8 kun oldin
You think of Philadelphia. You think of Allen Iverson. Top 5 player dead or alive.
Let's Toast Media
Let's Toast Media 8 kun oldin
I never been scared like I know them but Kobe interview was dope but A I smfh, them 2 is major ICONS. we can't lose the ANSWER, give u flowers KING. SALUTE AI. RIP KOBE
Super Terp
Super Terp 9 kun oldin
Even though I’m a die hard Knicks fan... A.I. is LEGENDARY!!! #GOAT
Comedian T.Wells
Comedian T.Wells 9 kun oldin
Steven said, Millsssssin dollars in prizes
Gabe Garcia
Gabe Garcia 9 kun oldin
Man 51:20 felt like he was talking straight to me. Needed to hear that. #AI
DhowTo 9 kun oldin
That's some good stuff! Thanks! I can remember when Mr. Iverson was playing for Denver. They were in Phoenix playing one day. Saw him out in public the day before the game. He was a nice down to Earth man.
Jukwan Brooks
Jukwan Brooks 9 kun oldin
Watching this interview inspired me
Anoop Rajeev
Anoop Rajeev 9 kun oldin
1:21:15 Who does Stephen mention here tho.. The other guy?
Judnick Deravines
Judnick Deravines 9 kun oldin
Who does AI have beef with.
GJ Williams
GJ Williams 9 kun oldin
Matt Barnes is a natural.
ny10467 9 kun oldin
Can you guys do Pat Riley????
Yvonne Shelton
Yvonne Shelton 9 kun oldin
By the time the nets realise they can't let Kyrie totally have his own way, hopefully they won't be too far into the season. Peace
smooth_mo_dee 9 kun oldin
Y’all should interview Hot Sauce from AND1. Pure legend. I don’t think he’s ever had a legit interview to tell his story and discuss his impact on the game.
smooth_mo_dee 7 kun oldin
@B Boogie They should do a whole AND1 series. Rafer Alston aka Skip To My Lou should be on here too.
B Boogie
B Boogie 8 kun oldin
Damn that would be nice or Professer.
League Him
League Him 9 kun oldin
The Realest.
Philly Dan
Philly Dan 9 kun oldin
My favorite player the answer......hands down...hands up tough dude
BrownLuvs 9 kun oldin
Dude been through a lot. You can tell..... Transparency is crazy
Rj Macready
Rj Macready 9 kun oldin
Does anyone have any ideas as to who that hater A.I was referring too?
Jonathan Hall
Jonathan Hall 9 kun oldin
I know these dudes hate Whitlock, but he gave Barnes and Jack a great opportunity to show their skills on his show. I wish there wasn't friction because I honestly enjoy all the takes. Iverson saying that he hates him though, I feel like that is just a little too far.
Owen Edwards Jr.
Owen Edwards Jr. 9 kun oldin
MY CHILDHOOD IDLE! Looked up to you and continue to do so. AI taught us to always stay true to yourself. You start living life when stop giving a shit what other people think.
Malone Kouk
Malone Kouk 9 kun oldin
So who does he hate?
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