Allen Iverson Remembers Infamous Ty Lue Step Over In 2001 Finals | ALL THE SMOKE | SHOWTIME BOXING

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Allen Iverson opens up about his infamous step over of Ty Lue in the 2001 finals against Kobe and the Lakers.
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Ray A
Ray A 4 kun oldin
I am glad that Allen Iverson has given Ty Lue respect because at the end of the day he is multiple Championship coach very accomplished and very accomplished as a player while Allen didn't have half the success that Ty Lue had ultimately... and Allen still struggles with dressing like an adult just thought i had to add that in. But they were both great players at the end of the day
Raymond Kennedy
Raymond Kennedy 4 kun oldin
That moment that AI calls someone else a “pretty boy”. Lol
K C 5 kun oldin
The Lakers lost 1 game in that entire playoffs.
Gordo Skinny
Gordo Skinny 6 kun oldin
Tye lue was a coach on the Celtics what they talking bout
Light Treason
Light Treason 6 kun oldin
Ty has become accustomed to superstars walking all over him ever since.
Nico GTA
Nico GTA 6 kun oldin
Full of emotion and respect for his opponents. Love him.
nofalsegod4 7 kun oldin
Pretty boy lmao
HeedFlux 7 kun oldin
Woaaaah that was ty lue lmao
MKRUAN 7 kun oldin
As a laker fan I hated AI but as a fan of the sport I loved AI pound for pound the best
Dee Wigs
Dee Wigs 7 kun oldin
AI looks like a regular dude that can play ball. That's talent
Luis Cepeda
Luis Cepeda 7 kun oldin
You can talk all you want about that play. But that didn't get him a ring . ty lou got his ring and still making $$ in the NBA. What does Al have?
Bart G
Bart G 7 kun oldin
Glenn Rice?
The Excel Project
The Excel Project 8 kun oldin
I thought they were talking about PRACTICE!
Shawn D. Dawkins
Shawn D. Dawkins 8 kun oldin
Iverson is my favorite player of all time 🏀 He is the reason I like basketball and the reason I like the Sixers. Him + Carmelo = my 02 favorite players. Now Tyronn Lue is a top coach in the league.
C.L. Edwards
C.L. Edwards 8 kun oldin
They cheated T Lue was holding should have fouled out of every game
Koy Sorento
Koy Sorento 9 kun oldin
One the the best ever . Who graced the court for me 🙌👌 #theAnzwer
Lontay187 9 kun oldin
To me A.I the greatest to play that ever played. I dont give a fuck how many rings whoever got or whatever. Dawg was 6 feet 160lbs killin these niggas daily..if he was 6'8 260 niggas would be like Lebron who?? Im just saying. But this my opinion
mskorkoss 9 kun oldin
One of the best EVER. yeah that Ty Lue thang won't be forgotten anytime soon, but I'll just stay silent whenever that infamous scenario comes up if you really hate it. Coz the more u say i don't like it we just gone talk about it some more 🤣
Wtfpleasehlp 10 kun oldin
Ty lue shut AI down, facts.
Mustafa Er
Mustafa Er 10 kun oldin
Everytime AI says "you know what i mean" take a shot. I'm in the hospital right now
riza firmansyah
riza firmansyah 10 kun oldin
How scary A.I could be if he trained as hard as kobe
anbu999 11 kun oldin
Yet Ty Lue is a champ. As a player and as a coach
SD Williams
SD Williams 11 kun oldin
Al: GRIT, GRIND AND GAME all the way to the NBA Hall of Fame, in spite of "The Ring!!!" 🏀
Kibo 404
Kibo 404 11 kun oldin
Crazy thing is kobe wasn’t in his prime
Mark Schlingloff
Mark Schlingloff 4 kun oldin
But he was coming up that season in those playoffs. Kobe became legendary during that post season run, at least in my eyes he did.
Steven Cartagena
Steven Cartagena 11 kun oldin
Kobe and Shaw would go closed it in game 5 against Miami EASy lmao
SoCal Surfer
SoCal Surfer 11 kun oldin
In the bullshit ass league we have now he woulda got a tech for stepping over him smh
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts 11 kun oldin
"Pretty Boy"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
DCGuru 11 kun oldin
Getting millions to make wide open shots is hard. Ask Danny Green lol
deacon travis
deacon travis 11 kun oldin
Pretty ricky what they called him 🤣🤣🤣
Ram-C 11 kun oldin
Stephen Jackson is that loser who likes to say things first just so he can be like iknew ot first
Roldan 00
Roldan 00 12 kun oldin
Who thinks D Wade copied this move when he dunked on Varejao?
Hilly and Troy
Hilly and Troy 13 kun oldin
I gotta love A.I for saying he doesn’t like the step over shot. Coz that was his boy and just in the heat of the moment
D H 14 kun oldin
01 wasn't Kobe in his prime. Kobe hit his prime without Shaq. He was doing shit then we've never seen anywhere
TheModer8ter 14 kun oldin
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Gavin Knazavich
Gavin Knazavich 15 kun oldin
Who is that guy to the right of AI, because he really looks like George Floyd to me idk why
isaac bonsu
isaac bonsu 15 kun oldin
“Pretty boy/ pretty hair” that’s a bar lol
CanadianDucks 15 kun oldin
Homie told him to sign the picture... 😭
Donovan Hall
Donovan Hall 16 kun oldin
Jonathan Livngston
Jonathan Livngston 16 kun oldin
It seems like AI been crying in every interview😂
hmrhuang 16 kun oldin
I don't know if AI would have given the same answer back then if people asked him what he felt about the play....😏😏😏😏
Rob Cz
Rob Cz 17 kun oldin
dude can barely put together a sentence
Mark Mark
Mark Mark 17 kun oldin
Who designed the set? Seriously, books? What is this shit psychology podcast? Doesn't blend with their one will believe that they liked books.
agrey832 18 kun oldin
I always said the same things lmao That was their *only shot* at a ring, but too much Shaq and Kobe. The Jazz tram with Stockton and Malone ran into the same problem....they would have won a ring or two but they kept running into Jordan and the Bulls smh
michael jordan
michael jordan 18 kun oldin
Not to mention Robert Horry. That team was invincible in 2001
vnas2012 18 kun oldin
Fuck it A.I. That shit was still dope as fuck. No need to explain.
vnas2012 18 kun oldin
“Who was the homie? Pretty boy.” “Rick fox” “fox” lol that shit was funny. Matt and Stephen knew who AI was referring too. Fox got it like that
Mr. Watts
Mr. Watts 18 kun oldin
You b don't know, sometimes great defenders pull great moves out of your game enhanced you never knew.
krlm2280 18 kun oldin
Lue was the muggsy bogues of his era Hey was little but he played tenacious and scrappy d
Martin R
Martin R 19 kun oldin
I'm a 30 year old dude. I remember my first basketball shoes weren't Nikes or Jordan's. They were some Iversons! No one in my school gave a crap about nike. If you didn't have any Iversons on you weren't getting a look.
Janex Tv
Janex Tv 19 kun oldin
love ai these days. he given respect and flowers to ppl.
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels 19 kun oldin
Have a look at that Sixers team that made the NBA Finals in 2001. That itself proves how great AI was.
StoleYoBiscuitHoe 1
StoleYoBiscuitHoe 1 20 kun oldin
I think he was trynna say that just happened in the heat of the moment
A.j Jones
A.j Jones 20 kun oldin
That step over would be a technical in today's game!
Jason 13 kun oldin
A.j Jones
A.j Jones 19 kun oldin
jhova187 19 kun oldin
A.j Jones he woulda been fined ejected , apologize to the lgbtq community 😂
DaaBoys2138 20 kun oldin
As all the 76ers fans around me knew we couldn’t beat Shaq he was too good, but we felt Iverson could give Kobe the business and he did. It was Shaq the best player in the world vs Iverson the 2nd best player going at it. Shaq was being doubled and tripled teamed and still Sixers could do nothing. I’ve never seen a player tripled teamed more in my entire life, it was fascinating to watch. Iverson forgets Shaq avg 33pts 16rebs 5ast 3.5blks in that NBA finals. Shaq was a great passer out of the double team. He absolutely embarrassed the defensive player of the year in Mutumbo. Kobe wasn’t that good in that finals, he shot 41% lol 33% from 3pt. Hey Kobe was great, but way too inefficient, but lucky for Kobe he was playing with the greatest player in the world.
Steven daSilva
Steven daSilva 20 kun oldin
Bullshit. I remember that series. Tye gave him trouble the first game. Everyone was saying that Phil had Tye mimic Allen iverson in practice that's why tye even had cornrows. When the answer heard that, he said oh really. Imma show u what I'm about and preceded to kill him.
Saliq Miah
Saliq Miah 20 kun oldin
That man on the right looks like George Floyd
Trent McDowell
Trent McDowell 20 kun oldin
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RahKING SunGod
RahKING SunGod 21 kun oldin
Who was pretty boy lol.... Rick FOX. R.I.C.K F.O.X!! (Only the game fans will get this)
oj lott
oj lott 21 kun oldin
Im surprised that ty lue didn't get mad like draymond green did cuz I would swing on A.I
oj lott
oj lott 18 kun oldin
@Helping Crybabies I forgot he was the coach when LeBron step over draymond, but in 🏀 stepping over somebody is supposed to be disrespectful move
Helping Crybabies
Helping Crybabies 18 kun oldin
Lue got the ring Iverson got a
Isa Mor
Isa Mor 21 kun oldin
Allen iverson un excelente jugador, mereció ser campeón Nba.
HeavyLifted 21 kun oldin
I'm glad AI admitted it. Ty Lie was playing crazy defense, even on the play he stepped over him . Just look up Ty Lue defense on AI and maybe you'll dislike the meme too.
Helping Crybabies
Helping Crybabies 18 kun oldin
Lue got a ring iverson got a highlight
Marcus Rondo
Marcus Rondo 21 kun oldin
2001 wasn't Kobes prime. Do they even know basketball?
John Davis
John Davis 21 kun oldin
Still feel bad for A.I he was playing with scrubs Arron Mckie and Eric Snow.
Daveyhavok832 13 kun oldin
John Davis Eric Snow was not a scorer. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t a good player. You seem to have a childlike understanding of basketball.
John Davis
John Davis 13 kun oldin
@Daveyhavok832 A.I had to all the work how many points did Eric Snow average.
Daveyhavok832 13 kun oldin
John Davis I think what you don’t understand is how good those guy riding the bench are. When he was playing, Eric Snow was, at worst, the 250th best basketball player in the world. He’s only a scrub if you compare him to guys like AI and Kobe.
John Davis
John Davis 13 kun oldin
@Daveyhavok832 there are a lot of guys that played in the NBA that rode the bench and got paid millions I have a cousin that plays in the NBA that I never meet before he makes good money.
Daveyhavok832 13 kun oldin
John Davis exactly. An average NBA player is a very good basketball player. You don’t get to have a 13 year career as a PG if you’re not good.
MarkeusTV hd
MarkeusTV hd 22 kun oldin
Its the finals. Its understandable, u all know when u in staples u know u cant back down with the lakes
adriaonom 22 kun oldin
4:10 I love Allen Iverson.. the fact that he was disgusted with Derek Fisher for playing good defense in the finals is great
IAMFRANCHYSE 22 kun oldin
You cant guard me moment
Terry Smith
Terry Smith 22 kun oldin
Watched this when it took place, this was heavy. I tell people all the time, Iverson was NOT the reason they lost in 2001, Mutombo was not the scorer they needed him to be.
Terry Smith
Terry Smith 18 kun oldin
@Helping Crybabies Exactly. Mutombo was a part of the TEAM. Everyone had a job to do, if one person doesn't do his job, it affects the TEAM.
Helping Crybabies
Helping Crybabies 18 kun oldin
Basketball is a team sport
Aaron9 22 kun oldin
Shaq was just too much. Eliminate Him they would have definitely beat the Lakers. Kobe wasn’t ready to lead even though he was talented
iwannababillionaire 22 kun oldin
You gotta remember that even though the series was 4-1, it wasn't blowouts each game. Shaq and Kobe did their thing, but Robert Horry and the others hit clutch shots late in the game to seal the games the Lakers won.
Helping Crybabies
Helping Crybabies 18 kun oldin
In the standings columns it's just W'S and L'S there are no categories for barely won almost lost or won by x amount
David R.
David R. 22 kun oldin
A.I. You are the man, and forever a legend... NBA Hall of Fame!!!
AgentsOfproduction 22 kun oldin
AI sound like Martin Lawrence
Troy Stone
Troy Stone 22 kun oldin
NBA should have came up with the "Oh Shit" ring for the sixers doing what they did in 2001. They should have been some kind of also ran ring that year because those Lakers were probably one of the best teams I've ever seen in all my years of watching basketball and the only team that was able to put a dent in that armor were those Iverson led Philadelphia 76ers. NBA should have totally given them props for that rinky-dink team of misfits doing what they did that season. I'm so glad that he got MVP that year and that team got that Eastern conference trophy. They deserved all the accolades they received and then some.
Maine Source
Maine Source 22 kun oldin
Joseph Van Horn
Joseph Van Horn 22 kun oldin
Allen Iverson is easily one of the most confusing and interesting people I’ve ever heard of. The way his personality swings from one extreme end of the spectrum to the other in every way possible is fascinating. I’ve never seen a player put so little effort in off the court, yet play every second of every game like it was his last one he’d ever play, and he played through serious pain all over his body for most of his career. He got banned from casinos, clubs, and bars all over Philly and AC. He had some insane fights with his wife that were made public. Refs hated him. Yet, fans everywhere adored him. He was your favorite player’s favorite player. His black and red number 3 Sixers jersey would be visible all over the arena, home or away. He had many famous confrontations with Larry Brown and the media, but Brown absolutely loves him to this day and he could charm the pants off of a journalist if he wanted to. There’s this notion that he could’ve gotten so much more out of his career if he would’ve put the work in outside of game day. There’s also the belief that no one in history got more production out of their body, or that pound for pound he was the best. He is frustrating and gives people headaches regularly, but he is full of love and brings more joy to people than most. He’s one of a kind. A legend. Allen Iverson.
MARVO WILLIAMS 22 kun oldin
3:39-3:50...shyt I've been sayin since I was 2, basically...folks gettin paid Milliiioonnsss of dollars nd consistently brikcin, hittin off the side bkboard nd shyt!
erick garcia
erick garcia 22 kun oldin
All in the moment
project0007 22 kun oldin
My favorite player of all time......AI👑
D 22 kun oldin
Useless behaviour... Because he didnt won the finals🤣🤣🤣🤣
riyan azhar
riyan azhar 22 kun oldin
I don't understand why the media keeps hyping this moment as if Iverson won the chip that season and Ty Lue was a significant player.
KSU 1989
KSU 1989 22 kun oldin
Lue used to do that to players and then some in high school and college. I watched him in high school. Lue wasn't some scrub.
Elton Rainner
Elton Rainner 22 kun oldin
If George lynch haven’t gotten hurt they would had a chance his defense was miss
Emmanuel Gelati Mesa
Emmanuel Gelati Mesa 23 kun oldin
Get off your foot from table
RiTcHiE Rich
RiTcHiE Rich 23 kun oldin
That 01 Lakers was build differently.. nearly swept everybody but A.I team..
FunkNatives 23 kun oldin
Allen high as fuck lmao. That Cali herb don’t play especially indoor out here
Marlon Varnell
Marlon Varnell 23 kun oldin
A.l 1 of the 🐐's 💯
Awareness with Chris
Awareness with Chris 23 kun oldin
Old dogs talking about stupid crap that doesn't matter. Grown men playing a child's game
Tha Real Cali G
Tha Real Cali G 23 kun oldin
BBQ 🍗 💀🤣🤣🤣
ELS THE GOAT 23 kun oldin
Pretty boy pretty hair 😂😂😂 stak talking bout oh Rick fox 😂😂
GGOOD/VOG Ent 23 kun oldin
Eddie George. They forgot Eddie George. Ultimate swing man
Yolonda Douglas-English
Yolonda Douglas-English 22 kun oldin
Eddie George was football... Eddie Jones was basketballs 🙂
timothy leflore
timothy leflore 23 kun oldin
Matt Barnes are real ass nigga still giving fish his props
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 23 kun oldin
A.i. been official 🎯...
John Mayes
John Mayes 23 kun oldin
Iverson and the sixers played them tuff but iverson did not have help on the offense side if he had another scorer i think he would had a chance to get a ring because there d was really good
John Mayes
John Mayes 23 kun oldin
I remember watching that game I was rooting for iverson to win
KaMau Mau
KaMau Mau 23 kun oldin
Big AI fan but.....the league helped him with that Milwaukee series.
Troy Franklin
Troy Franklin 23 kun oldin
It wasn't that big of a deal he made a jumper TLue wasn't in position to really play D but he tried he wasn't even on AI he lunge towards AI and fell AI didn't shake him or break him and he was walking away and just stepped over him or he would of stepped on him but nice shot by AI if he had more help they might of won who knows
Jerry Fuentes
Jerry Fuentes 23 kun oldin
I remember growing up wishing AI became a laker
Graymont to Los Angeles
Graymont to Los Angeles 23 kun oldin
AI was the truth.
King Tyson
King Tyson 23 kun oldin
I remember watching that game then it was definitely monumental moment.
King Tyson
King Tyson 18 kun oldin
@Helping Crybabies True, but Iverson is a legend!
Helping Crybabies
Helping Crybabies 18 kun oldin
Lue got a ring iverson got a highlight
BalBin 032
BalBin 032 23 kun oldin
The thing that people don't realize who actually didn't watch that series is Tye Lue guarded AI better than anyone ever seen
Todd Starks
Todd Starks 23 kun oldin
Anybody know what he mean?
Kim Joseph
Kim Joseph 23 kun oldin
That's a bleaching dog
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