Allen Iverson on Nets Hiring Steve Nash: 'It's A Recipe For Success' | ALL THE SMOKE

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25 kun oldin

Allen Iverson reacts to the Nets hiring Steve Nash to be head coach and explains why he think it will be a good hire. He also talks about former players and coaches who work in the media.
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G Mike22
G Mike22 2 kun oldin
“The Answer.” Enough said.
thesinaclwon 4 kun oldin
Grown men wearing skinny jeans is kinda sad
need metal
need metal 5 kun oldin
It's only the sjw white sportscasters who bring up race. Iverson was amazing. This brings back memories
Mr.Right 07
Mr.Right 07 5 kun oldin
The Answer The Legend
TheBoomBoomBOOGIE 5 kun oldin
AI has been so insightful about the game in his post career interviews. Definitely a shift in his media persona. Hope he gets an analyst spot somewhere if he wants it.
BK NY 6 kun oldin
Nash is a great basketball mind, but it’s going to be rough. Kyrie a complete air head and durant doesn’t really have leadership qualities. Plus nash is just like d’antoni, no defense
Lloyd Monroe
Lloyd Monroe 6 kun oldin
AI miss you in DC and auntie want's you at Turkey day this year she said you been curving her for the past 3 years
Zachary Mitchell
Zachary Mitchell 6 kun oldin
A.I. .. yo how u doin man
Charlie Chase
Charlie Chase 7 kun oldin
Iverson led to Nash being MVP. I’m pretty sure AI was one of Steve’s heroes on the court. Nothing but brotherly love
James Pyers
James Pyers 7 kun oldin
Nice show guys ... some really good takes. Enjoyed the listen!
Vann Apragal
Vann Apragal 7 kun oldin
How is this team different from KD/Westbrook OKC? Except that they are in the East.
RLB 7 kun oldin
Imagine that Steven A. Guys who actually played with Nash acnologing his coaching chops.
Valerie Coton
Valerie Coton 7 kun oldin
Reminds me a bit the thing with Derek Fischer - hope Nash's doing better!
Scott Pollack
Scott Pollack 7 kun oldin
Take that Stephen A!
Jaime Barba
Jaime Barba 8 kun oldin
Nash one of the best and smartest to ever do it. Why wouldn’t he get a chance to coach? Is there even a better option? Especially dealing with kd and Irving? Maybe, off the top of my head, nope.
John Ianni
John Ianni 8 kun oldin
This changes my attitude towards Iverson, and as a Canadian, proud to hear Nash getting some well deserved respect....the man is a 2-time MVP, as well as being a great person!!
b g
b g 8 kun oldin
Ai was a beast football player too wtf
b g
b g 7 kun oldin
@Max Weins oh I pictured him as a running back he was a qb? Man that’s not fair what kind of insane talent he was born with
Max Weins
Max Weins 7 kun oldin
@b g No doubt. Iverson was winning football state honours just like he did basketball and he became a basketball HOF. Just imagine. Haha. He would be an insane quarterback with that speed and elusiveness.
b g
b g 7 kun oldin
@Max Weins that’s crazy randy moss was a beast do you think he would of been a HOF football player too
Max Weins
Max Weins 7 kun oldin
He was actually a better football player than he was basketball. He was rated ahead of Randy Moss in the same state.
Wiley M
Wiley M 8 kun oldin
Hell yeah I wish I could have been there for THAT aftershow party.
Ulquiorra Cifer
Ulquiorra Cifer 8 kun oldin
As a Nets fan, I was mad when they fired Kenny Atkinson, but I'm happy with Steve Nash. A player like him can definitely handle guys like Kyrie and Durant.
Gary Livingston
Gary Livingston 8 kun oldin
Did he say that i was just in the background high...chillin?
Angelo Paul
Angelo Paul 8 kun oldin
That’s why Steve won back to back MVPs
Angelo Paul
Angelo Paul 8 kun oldin
you must enter a name
you must enter a name 8 kun oldin
He's just a beautiful man.... Pause no homo
bobby Seasons
bobby Seasons 8 kun oldin
Iverson's a great guest.
K G 8 kun oldin
Wondering Wanderer
Wondering Wanderer 8 kun oldin
In basketball, "AI" means Speed. A very nice fellow.
Max Weins
Max Weins 7 kun oldin
He praises the modern era basketball, unlike the other greats. also, people say Iverson has the best crossover ever, but nobody mentions he's the quickest player ever. I feel like Iverson is the quickest player in basketball history coast to coast.
Jason Wilson
Jason Wilson 8 kun oldin
Mad respect for AI from his peers.
Shawn D. Dawkins
Shawn D. Dawkins 8 kun oldin
Iverson is my favorite player of all time 🏀 🐐 Steve Nash was a floor general too woah.
Kenzo Toledo
Kenzo Toledo 8 kun oldin
I Love iverson but everytime I hear him speak I always feel sleepy.. thats why he cant join shaq and Kenny
Barr3LtoURdome 8 kun oldin
When Allen said Steves just a beautiful man im sure we shook our heads in agreement lol i could listen to iverson talk all day man.
YouTubricant 8 kun oldin
Look, I'm personally about as left-leaning as it gets politically, and I recognize and condemn the vast institutional obstacles black people have endured for decades in the American work sphere, especially in this case black men in pro sports. HOWEVER, I have a hard time seeing this Steve Nash white privilege controversy as being anything other than 1) silly and unnecessary at best, and 2) distracting from more pertinent racial issues at worst. Bill Simmons laid this out pretty much perfectly on his podcast last month. He broke down the controversy's ridiculousness to four main points: 1. The history of former players, black and white--especially guards--getting hired as head coaches in their first year of coaching is long and rich. This type of hiring is far from unprecedented. 2. Of all the former players you'd want to hire as head coach with no prior experience, Nash is the prototype of that kind of player. He also has an absolutely sterling reputation among former players and those he's played and worked with in the past. 3. If not for sorting out some family issues over the last few years, Nash would've probably already been coaching somewhere, so him coming out of the blue to coach all of the sudden is more a product of external circumstances than anything else. 4. This is by far the most important one: Who the hell do you think had the biggest say in hiring Steve Nash?! OBVIOUSLY Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving! As has been the case in the league for decades now, the biggest stars have the biggest say in their teams' coaches, PLUS Nash was just recently a player development specialist with the Warriors and cultivated a great relationship with KD during his tenure. So basically, the hiring of Nash by the Nets should probably be understood less through the lens of white privilege and more through the lens of 1) the unique strengths, qualities, and history Nash brings to the table as an individual, regardless of his race, and 2) his close relationship with the team's best player and cornerstone for years to come. I'm sorry, white privilege criers, but this all adds up to an understandable and probably very smart hire. Let's all find more real and urgent examples of white privilege to expose and fight against.
bkardi 2
bkardi 2 8 kun oldin
Larry Bird, Steve Nash, John Stockton, Danny Ainge, Dan Marley. They say white men can't jump but they sure can play! 😆😆😆
Matt Beckstrom
Matt Beckstrom 6 kun oldin
I believe Jordan Kilganon can jump too lol. It’s more a stereotype that white guys cant jump. Brent Barry could jump and many others too.
theirine17 8 kun oldin
I’ve see Manu jump. I’ve seen the Professor dunk!
Brewndebate 8 kun oldin
shout out to stephon marbury. should be in the hall of fame
Star Lord
Star Lord 8 kun oldin
It's weird seeing 50 year old dudes, trying to be super swaggy. Forever 21..
Mario GV
Mario GV 8 kun oldin
AI voice seems like he smokes tons of weed
randy capia
randy capia 8 kun oldin
real conversation, no hating all love respecting great and good players, kudos to matt and captain jack.. AI
Mark S
Mark S 8 kun oldin
I like the hoody and ball cap look...very classy. Interesting how people mature (or don't) in different ways.
Nikø Stark
Nikø Stark 9 kun oldin
Man this is the guys you should be listening to when you think what media told you to think, aka Nash skipped lines and was hired cus he white! Dude smart as hell tho. It’s about winning not sjw crap
Calva Emmanuel
Calva Emmanuel 9 kun oldin
So I am a fan of the content. But the books in the back give this an intellectual vibe that this show is anything but! these dudes dont read.. they hoop. Stop the cap
alfred crossley
alfred crossley 9 kun oldin
Am also Canadian and stopped watching the NBA but if Steve Nash is coaching I want to see what he will do. His mind is sharp and his skills will rub off on the team! Anything he asks he will show them how to! AI is a big hearted guy and one of those who should have gotten a ring but we want him to know we loved his playing and thought him the greatst against MJ! Wish him the best.
Yvonne Shelton
Yvonne Shelton 9 kun oldin
Loved the tv setting. Well done guys
helicopter weewee
helicopter weewee 9 kun oldin
Steve Nash is Canadian. We don't have racism ingrained in us like American whites. NEVER compare Canadian whites to American whites. We Canadian whites are down. You better believe that.
Alex Rivera
Alex Rivera 9 kun oldin
Very fair comments!
Mark Watson
Mark Watson 9 kun oldin
AI and Nash, two of my favs from back in the day! From a proud Canadian
Avengers: The Investing Initiative
Avengers: The Investing Initiative 9 kun oldin
Why is this Matt Barnes in and on everything basketball related? He's not that smart. He talks to slow and looks like a freaking bum or gangster. Lose the tats and look professional. Get woke or get out!
Mike Lee
Mike Lee 9 kun oldin
What are we talkin bout?
badassdahn 9 kun oldin
Shout out to NASH
J. Clint Lewey
J. Clint Lewey 9 kun oldin
Man, I love Allen Iverson. Always have. He's always been a top 3 FAVORITE player of mine.
oh kay
oh kay 9 kun oldin
Close my eyes when I say this just so you know that I mean it
sean pae
sean pae 10 kun oldin
i wish he won a championship
RAIDERDADDY007 10 kun oldin
Jrc Rbcn
Jrc Rbcn 10 kun oldin
the 3 Stoners
Christian Hernandez
Christian Hernandez 10 kun oldin
Respect to AI for shouting out Nash as one of the best. I feel like Nash is underappreciated sometimes, this dude was a magician with ball and can outflat shoot from anywhere.
NameCallingIsWeak 5 kun oldin
I remember seeing Nash on a list of "top shooters of all time", and I just thought he was a floor general.
Gunk MasterFlex
Gunk MasterFlex 10 kun oldin
Allen Iverson! come coach the Knicks,..... Please?
Rp Webx
Rp Webx 10 kun oldin
I have an NBA card of Steve Nash as a rookie and lots of collectors don't like it including me but I still kept it and one day I became a big fan because he was just a very likable dude and a great player.
Cee Gee
Cee Gee 10 kun oldin
bro AI has to be one of the nicest down to earth ex NBA stars ever
mary intia
mary intia 10 kun oldin
Nash will teach kyrie how to pass the ball
Frankie Gumdrops
Frankie Gumdrops 10 kun oldin
Yo Stephen A. you click bait garbage Listen to what his peers have to say. No talk of his skin color only his character and his game.
Rio 10 kun oldin
Hei thats carl beijer
Joey Harder
Joey Harder 11 kun oldin
Why AI always sound like he bout to cry lmao
Calvin Coolidge
Calvin Coolidge 11 kun oldin
Ignacio Millapani
Ignacio Millapani 11 kun oldin
John Stockton true....IA what a legend
Robert san diego
Robert san diego 11 kun oldin
So basically Allen Iverson Matt Barnes and Steven Jackson's are racist.... Because they didn't accuse Nash of getting a job because of white privilege. That's not me saying that, that's Stephen A..... Not a single person anywhere has agreed with his comment, that's how bad SAS fucked up with saying that...
Doable Films
Doable Films 11 kun oldin
AI is like yo, you were a role player, you have a personality?? You have charisma?? What is going on here?
Mr. Jobe Hernandez
Mr. Jobe Hernandez 11 kun oldin
That's a Championship for sure!
Giovanni Duka
Giovanni Duka 11 kun oldin
Team hairstyle will improve. Let’s start with that.
Lou Loop
Lou Loop 11 kun oldin
FIBA games in Manila 2016, I was waiting for Tony Parker to sign my Spurs cap and photos. I approached him respectfully but got denied 2x with his manager stopping me on the 2nd try. I was dissapointed as a Spurs fan. After that, I saw Steve Nash, Canadian team consultant and asked for a photo. He obliged with no hesitations at all and got to have a photo 2x because the first one was blurred lol. I was a fan of him since the 2009-2010 season vs the Lakers and was rooting for them to win the series. Very approachable guy. Good luck Coach Nash 🙏🙌
benji230 12 kun oldin
Allen Iverson still has a massive heart. On and off the court. Forever and Always. It is nice to see his growth as a man and a human being. God bless him.
Troy Garcia
Troy Garcia 12 kun oldin
B.S....ITS RACIST, ask stepan A
T Berg
T Berg 12 kun oldin
“He’s just a beautiful man” - Allen Iverson
Ram-C 12 kun oldin
I feel like Matt does all the work and stephen just shows up and talks out of his ass
badassdahn 9 kun oldin
sticksman1979 12 kun oldin
Who’s gonna tell them about their feet on the table?
sticksman1979 12 kun oldin
Al should be on TV more. Mad baller.
gabe ortiz
gabe ortiz 12 kun oldin
Sam cassel and Eric snow and IME UDOKA.......
Robert Tiongson
Robert Tiongson 12 kun oldin
nice recipe in brooklyn... problem is, too many cooks.
Danny J Good
Danny J Good 12 kun oldin
This is what's up! Shout out AI on the love for Steve.
super Ant
super Ant 12 kun oldin
I remember Steve Nash making that whip sounds from 3’s against some recreational players at a private gym I frequented in the late 90’s. We didn’t realize who he was until after the game. He didn’t miss one shot. We were like who is that dude. It was Steve Nash and he had a chip on his shoulder :-)
bikibaws 12 kun oldin
AI was always about the boys and putting other people over even his rivals in other teams. without social media back then, the nba, mainstream sports writers and analysts found it easy to manipulate and drive the narrative that AI was selfish. The Canswer as they say. so many times they used ben gordon as an argument about being efficient while coming off the bench. ffs. ben gordon isn't half the player that AI is. he had 2nd maybe 1st team nba worthy numbers the season before memphis and detroit benched him. his best season was 04-05 when jim o'brien played him as a point. sure eric snow might be his bff and was a great stocky pitbull cerebral 1 who can guard 1-2-3 but AI's skills weren't fully utilized at the 2. when o'brien let AI have the ball, he'd drop 30 and double digit assists and was all about making young sam dalembert, rookie iguodala, sophomores willie green and kyle korver look good, watch him take hard bumps with that tiny frame of his to set a screen for kyle korver. even during his 2nd stint in philly slow one legged hematoma AI still statistically made bigs look better. even in detroit where curry, dumars, stern and the media burned and buried him as a team cancer. locker room big dogs sheed, prince, mcdyess and rip loved playing with AI. they went on a 7 game win streak early on even while rip was injured. i thought they'd dominate the east before they benched him in favor of rodney stuckey who michael curry and joe dumars think is dwyane wade. it was all downhill for AI after that. what happened to stuck's career again?
chla 3256
chla 3256 13 kun oldin
matt needs to sit properly without his junky hanging out and he needs to stop trying so hard to be cool and "hard"
manlawlol 13 kun oldin
2:44 respect
Spicy Xiomai
Spicy Xiomai 13 kun oldin
Wow I just realized A.I and Eminem talk alike
Patrick Williams
Patrick Williams 13 kun oldin
AI is possibly the most genuine human being on the planet and I'm proud to call him my childhood hero.
denniszenanywhere 13 kun oldin
I think Steve nash could have won a championship if he played with Miami heat than Phoenix suns. He never had a chance with coach d Antoni. I hope Steve doesn’t use d antoni coaching style.
Santa Clarita Recording
Santa Clarita Recording 14 kun oldin
AI or LL Cool J?
Marc Delas Llagas
Marc Delas Llagas 14 kun oldin
Respect from a great player. Its rare to witness it
Adam Wood
Adam Wood 14 kun oldin
Iverson is is the realest most honest cat. Absurdly good ball player and great dude. I respect him so mcuh.
Quintin Montes
Quintin Montes 15 kun oldin
With cancer kyrie on the team i don't think so
ninjedi 15 kun oldin
01:59 johnny bravo when he looks at the mirror
photographerjonathan 15 kun oldin
Cool show
Jason 15 kun oldin
Larry brown is on my mt Rushmore for coaches
pururut 15 kun oldin
if Kyrie would turn into a Pass first
Aaron Drake
Aaron Drake 15 kun oldin
I know AI who the two other guys?
Arpan Bartaula
Arpan Bartaula 15 kun oldin
He just a beautiful man haha love AI
The Fixer
The Fixer 15 kun oldin
That really got off on a tangent
Jon Redd
Jon Redd 16 kun oldin
He be too white to relate to anyone.
Jebac 96
Jebac 96 16 kun oldin
AI the legend man
Sasa Z
Sasa Z 16 kun oldin
"Everybody buck with him..." heard something else entirely 😁
residentgomez 8 kun oldin
Everybody FCK with him means the same.
Big Sandwich
Big Sandwich 16 kun oldin
I said he'd be a head coach one day before he even retired...I said steph curry would be an mvp player before he was even before he was drafted..I just need to be a team owner in the nba and let me make decisions..championship within 10 years lol
the variety channel
the variety channel 16 kun oldin
I'm canadian I can't wait go nash!!!!
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