Allen Iverson on 1996 NBA Draft: 'The Greatest Draft Ever' | ALL THE SMOKE | SHOWTIME BASKETBALL

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Allen Iverson talks about the 1996 draft that included himself, Kobe, Steve Nash and many more greats. He also discusses his early career highs and lows.
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Self Health, Self Wealth
Self Health, Self Wealth 9 kun oldin
84 will always be the best draft class lol
NOEXCUSES 13 kun oldin
Word up
NerdNation 13 kun oldin
U listening Kawhi?
Charles 15 kun oldin
Never had a full season healthy..always played beat up and never complained
Ricky B
Ricky B 15 kun oldin
Forever my guy, heart and passion no fear. Greatest player under 6"5
Jesus Noriega
Jesus Noriega 16 kun oldin
I love the sporadic angle switches and cuts, dont know y
DJ 18 kun oldin
Bubba Chuck DMV Legend
E B 18 kun oldin
I’m glad mAtt stop snorting before shows
Hans Miguel De Leon
Hans Miguel De Leon 18 kun oldin
AI: says something Stak: Mm hmmm...
Edwards 19 kun oldin
what happened with Jax and Ray allen?
frank beans
frank beans 19 kun oldin
How does he not drop the 'hood all these years later 😂
pskila 19 kun oldin
That's a baller right there... Big difference between a lot of players these days... He's built difference..heart of a lion
Richard Villegas
Richard Villegas 19 kun oldin
The other day, my 11yr old son asked “Dad, who is Allen Iverson ?”... and you know I can’t be mad at him, but I still found myself shakin’ my Head 😜🤣... Bad Man 💥🔥🙌🏽
#THeXDesK 19 kun oldin
Jason Cyril Garcia
Jason Cyril Garcia 19 kun oldin
the realest💯
col th
col th 20 kun oldin
Jeff Castillo
Jeff Castillo 20 kun oldin
You got to say the 03 class was great too. But 96 will always be the top because of Kobe and Iverson.
Korkma Sönmez
Korkma Sönmez 13 kun oldin
03 was kinda top heavy tho, same goes for 84. 96 was deep af. It's the same ol' quantity or quality discussion.
Jack 20 kun oldin
I was drafted into life in 96. Cool
Damn 20 kun oldin
96 draft isn’t the greatest ever. Kobe Nash AI Allen are 4 HOF players. 84 draft had Olajuwon Jordan Stockton Barkley. 4 HOF players arguably the greatest at their positions (for sure Olajuwon and Jordan)
Calvin Moland II
Calvin Moland II 20 kun oldin
Get Ray on the show!!!!!!!!
Euntae Park
Euntae Park 21 kun oldin
84 the best draft clasa ever. MJ Stockton Barkley Hakeem. Enough said.
Austin Brown
Austin Brown 17 kun oldin
That’s like saying the whole grade got Fs but 4 ppl got As so we the best. You can’t say CLASS and ignore 8 rounds of nobody’s 😂
Euntae Park
Euntae Park 17 kun oldin
Ten thirty exactly
Ten Thirty
Ten Thirty 17 kun oldin
Austin Brown It’s about the players who became legends though!
Austin Brown
Austin Brown 17 kun oldin
Ten Thirty now imagine 3 rounds of walkers and worst in the 84 draft 😂😂. Easily 3 rounds of players nobody heard of
Ten Thirty
Ten Thirty 17 kun oldin
Austin Brown They mentioned “Walker” lol 😂
Doori Ha
Doori Ha 21 kun oldin
AI :When I look at the fans, I dont care if my shits hanging off, I'M PLAYIN' ??? : LoAd MaNaGeMEnT
Timothe Barr
Timothe Barr 21 kun oldin
Goat Draft Was 84
Yo곧휴가가 21 kun oldin
I remember my mom, who never liked to watch nba, was watching AI one day, and asked me, "who is this lil' guy running around so fast?" and with an amazement, she said, "I've never seen someone so quick!" And whenever he scored, my mom was jumping with joy, and became like a fangirl. Since then, she watched sixers game every chance she got. That's the very definition of "franchise player". And sadly, after AI trade, it's when my mom stopped watching sixers game, even to this day.
Tehran H.
Tehran H. 21 kun oldin
I don’t care if the shit hanging off 😂‼️💯
ALCINDOR BRITT 21 kun oldin
Tha Realist
Yusuf Ali
Yusuf Ali 22 kun oldin
It’s so hard to understand what it’s people like AI Marburry Franchise Agent Got to go through night in and night out, AI definitely top 17 Goats and top 7PG Goats period. Appreciate the man.
Lamoni Mita
Lamoni Mita 22 kun oldin
Anaya Rules
Anaya Rules 22 kun oldin
AI at the 2, is a the GOAT🐐
Juan M
Juan M 22 kun oldin
84*>>96 prove me wrong Hakeem Bowie Jordan Charles Barkley Sam Perkins John Stockton Alvin Robertson 4x All Star Kevin Willis 92' All-star Jerome Kersey Rick Carlisle (1 of the greatest coaches)
Will Cherry
Will Cherry 21 kun oldin
Top heavy. 96 is way deeper
Lando 22 kun oldin
96 way deeper better impact players , and im sure they aint draft Carlisle to be a coach so idk y u added his name lol
Man Came From Mars
Man Came From Mars 22 kun oldin
I would say its the deepest draft class ever
Lando 22 kun oldin
PODB Boa ur dumb thats y , easily the deepest/best
PODB Boa 22 kun oldin
You are the only person who agreed with that
Marcus Walker
Marcus Walker 22 kun oldin
Them fuckin Philadelphia fans lmao yup the best fans in the world
Marcus Walker
Marcus Walker 22 kun oldin
The 96 draft was full of hall of famer and All-Stars
Bhoopesh Bhola
Bhoopesh Bhola 22 kun oldin
1:15 it happens man it happens
DT Greatman Warren
DT Greatman Warren 22 kun oldin
The 3rd greatest SG of all time
DT Greatman Warren
DT Greatman Warren 17 kun oldin
Ten Thirty Kobe Mj A.I D WADE Clyde or Vince either one
Ten Thirty
Ten Thirty 17 kun oldin
Clyde the Glide #top5SG&top10dunkerever
Clyde the Glide #top5SG&top10dunkerever 21 kun oldin
WHOA! Hot take
Bogdan 22 kun oldin
AI got that Snoop Dogg vibe
mali 623
mali 623 22 kun oldin
He was tough
Darryl Hayes Hayes
Darryl Hayes Hayes 22 kun oldin
I really ♥️’d Allen Iverson 🏀 I’m a Fan ( icon )
Geda King
Geda King 22 kun oldin
Legends never die
Stone G Outlaw memphis street outlaw
Stone G Outlaw memphis street outlaw 22 kun oldin
Yep one of the greatest drafts👌👌😎
rome jackson
rome jackson 22 kun oldin
I love listening to Iverson talk but you gotta admit doesn’t he sound like he’s crying and talking at the same time 😭
BsmittyComedy 22 kun oldin
I wonder if Allen Iverson smoke...
Charles 15 kun oldin
He need to get on with Mike and roll up!
Real Rap
Real Rap 22 kun oldin
That 96 draft class was crazy
Rodney Thomas
Rodney Thomas 22 kun oldin
The heart of gat damn lion right there💯
Tosyali Muhammad
Tosyali Muhammad 22 kun oldin
Can we get Michael Jordan
Lando 22 kun oldin
H.R.A 22 kun oldin
Can we get a james harden interview
Ned Vega
Ned Vega 22 kun oldin
Xavier Rainey
Xavier Rainey 22 kun oldin
Stephen Jackson always gotta include himself in a conversation to let people think he’s more important that he really is shit be hella annoying like him and Iverson were in the same league
Smilez The poet
Smilez The poet 16 kun oldin
Damn I know a few people who went to the nba Gilbert arenas was the only star he told me he was gone too 5 he went in the 2nd round and became a star.
Smilez The poet
Smilez The poet 16 kun oldin
Aashiq Jivani 80% of the nba are role players technically
Aashiq Jivani
Aashiq Jivani 20 kun oldin
Damn so booker isn’t a great player? LOL
Damn 20 kun oldin
Actually pal, that’s the definition of all star, the whole point of all stars is to identify great players for that specific first half of the season and all-NBA teams for the full season. Jack was never an all star of all-NBA so he’s not a great player. He’s just an average player overall who was starter and had a few good years.
Aashiq Jivani
Aashiq Jivani 21 kun oldin
Smilez The poet you don’t have to be an all star to be a great player tho he got a ring and was a big contributor on those spurs/pacers teams
ron ronron
ron ronron 22 kun oldin
yeah that's AI i got words back then, that every phily game, they place bet on how many times AI will lay or the floor..✌✌✌😁
XXIV 88 22 kun oldin
2019-2020 Load Management?.... A.I. "I dont care if my shit falling off! Im Playing!"
Dusk TheHunter
Dusk TheHunter 21 kun oldin
@RogeMan Crazy, absolute will and heart
RogeMan 22 kun oldin
He was relentless going to the paint.
Stipe Ramo
Stipe Ramo 22 kun oldin
Talk about '96 draft, and don't mention Ray Allen just cause Jax does not like him... SMH
Matt C
Matt C 16 kun oldin
Ray’s too classy for them to mention
ALCINDOR BRITT 20 kun oldin
Alonzo R Ray Allen did that shit tho not to discredit him for nothin that movie is apart of history. He made me wanna go to college and get double teamed by snow bunny Queens lol
Alonzo R
Alonzo R 20 kun oldin
Put some respect on the homie Ray Allen’s name bra!
ALCINDOR BRITT 20 kun oldin
Low Class Yuppy shit a few of them dudes had auditions for tha role from Kobe, T Mac tha list goes on
Low Class Yuppy
Low Class Yuppy 20 kun oldin
Zinou Bouchama
Zinou Bouchama 22 kun oldin
Mamba Nation310
Mamba Nation310 22 kun oldin
96’ Draft Class will ALWAYS be the greatest draft class ever. The list speaks for itself, just look at the depth.
Miori Onomichan
Miori Onomichan 16 kun oldin
Justin Gaddison tbh no , 84 only have those 5 but 96 have like 10 or more so it has Quantity and Quality
beastydon 19 kun oldin
@Justin Gaddison no it's not
Justin Gaddison
Justin Gaddison 19 kun oldin
pretty sure the 84 draft is the greatest class ever
UBQ TV 22 kun oldin
He hit the court more than any player i seen.
Ghad Speed
Ghad Speed 22 kun oldin
AI trash
ultraviolet !
ultraviolet ! 20 kun oldin
ultraviolet !
ultraviolet ! 20 kun oldin
Master baiter
ultraviolet !
ultraviolet ! 20 kun oldin
ultraviolet !
ultraviolet ! 20 kun oldin
Dusk TheHunter
Dusk TheHunter 21 kun oldin
@Toni Smyth Facts, always is
Braden Skelton
Braden Skelton 22 kun oldin
wouldn’t have had such a hard time recovering if he put in the conditioning work
Cameron Warren
Cameron Warren 22 kun oldin
I can listen to Iverson talk all day long.
Win Win
Win Win 15 kun oldin
Until it is time for practice
Jake B
Jake B 22 kun oldin
Me too. He reminds me of Mike Tyson. Can captivate you with his sheer humanity
MightyJoeW 22 kun oldin
Foreal man 💯
Marcus Walker
Marcus Walker 22 kun oldin
Me too
junkmail1203 22 kun oldin
When an athlete puts himself on the line to entertain us, we reciprocate our gratitude with respect. Thank you AI, one of my favorites all time
Julio Fernandes
Julio Fernandes 22 kun oldin
The “process” really started back in 96
roger puguon
roger puguon 7 kun oldin
No result until now
Maksim Lozanoski
Maksim Lozanoski 21 kun oldin
and when is it gon end in 2096?
Truth B. Told
Truth B. Told 22 kun oldin
Ask Allen a question, I guarantee he always has an "Answer"
Truth B. Told
Truth B. Told 22 kun oldin
@TheRealist 811 🤣
TheRealist 811
TheRealist 811 22 kun oldin
Unless we're talking about practise
Toni Smyth
Toni Smyth 22 kun oldin
IC what you did there!
Sean W
Sean W 22 kun oldin
saz19s8 22 kun oldin
Kobe, A.I., Steve Nash, Ray Allen, Stephon Marbury, Antoine Walker. What a draft!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Chris Robinson
Chris Robinson 17 kun oldin
@Kase Malin wtf? Wow
XChronicHash 18 kun oldin
don’t forget the great PEJA
RiTcHiE Rich
RiTcHiE Rich 21 kun oldin
@Jeffrey 773 yeah I know.. All I'm saying he really matured later on probably the very least after 10 years after his draft..
Jeffrey 773
Jeffrey 773 21 kun oldin
@RiTcHiE Rich he came right from HS....then years later became an ALL STAR
Clyde the Glide #top5SG&top10dunkerever
Clyde the Glide #top5SG&top10dunkerever 21 kun oldin
@TheRealist 811 speaking facts as usual
Matt Pham
Matt Pham 22 kun oldin
Dusk TheHunter
Dusk TheHunter 21 kun oldin
Lando 22 kun oldin
84 top heavy , 96 had talent for days along with top heavy talent
Marcus Walker
Marcus Walker 22 kun oldin
Yeah 84 was a draft too tho
Bokhoni khathali
Bokhoni khathali 22 kun oldin
Goated draft
In MY Zone
In MY Zone 22 kun oldin
My favorite player of all time!
A. Crane
A. Crane 22 kun oldin
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