Thomas Moozhayil
Thomas Moozhayil 24 daqiqa oldin
we know everything he said is true. Man wasn't even struggling to say what happened with kd. it was literally from his heart, he is a real one.
Perky Harvin
Perky Harvin 31 daqiqa oldin
Her ass must have had a deal with somebody under the table sneaky
Ron Harris
Ron Harris 39 daqiqa oldin
They need to shut and dribble and learn how to create more wealth and create industries and invest back into the community and they live with the people who they hate them and we need jobs.
Teshai Gayle
Teshai Gayle 39 daqiqa oldin
We need more WNBA players maya Moore or even te’a cooper or even Diana herself great interview though !
Spurs_ 43 daqiqa oldin
A movement lead by the biggest hypocrite in US Sports.. Emperor LeChina.
Russell Johnson
Russell Johnson 47 daqiqa oldin
Lol I think it’s funny how many other people have been doing this for longer then Shannon I’ll take Stephen A n skip over him when it comes to talking sports
solo 58 daqiqa oldin
123medinap Soat oldin
Must be from Houston... These some insecure mofos out here. For REAL....
Anthony Soat oldin
If you are going to athletes for your political thought process you're doing it wrong. Shut up and dribble.
Chosen Uno
Chosen Uno Soat oldin
Kenyon Martin would be a great person to interview on this show!
hollabklyn7 Soat oldin
"I feel like there's Black Privelege. Where 'their' power lies systemically, ours is spiritually. It's a privelege to be in this black skin" - Charlamagne
Elegante GANGSTA
Elegante GANGSTA Soat oldin
Lebron just doesn’t come off as being smart. He try’s really hard but fails.
Viraat Narisetty
Viraat Narisetty Soat oldin
Great show.
Julian Soat oldin
Drose still nice af to this day!
Cletus Spuckler
Cletus Spuckler Soat oldin
Being black is having to constantly *watch yourself* the minute you step outside of your house to not scare the *Becky* you about to walk past in the street as she clutches her purse, or the *old white lady* carrying her shopping bags, or *Connor* talking on his brand new i-Phone while he contemplates crossing the street to avoid you for no reason.
Onew York
Onew York 2 soat oldin
Loc T
Loc T 2 soat oldin
I wish I were as rich as athletes though. Sure ppl can still be racist towards me. But it’s easier to retort by flexing/throwing money in their faces and call them pooor 😂
Jonny Era
Jonny Era Soat oldin
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson 2 soat oldin
Black lives matter
Black Chaku
Black Chaku 2 soat oldin
New text layer
Disgruntled Klutch
Disgruntled Klutch 2 soat oldin
incomp editors
Shang Tsung
Shang Tsung 2 soat oldin
Trump 2020
BeehjayeVevo 2 soat oldin
This was cool asf until the Trump hate started rolling in. The Biden propaganda getting outrageous
just_2swift 2 soat oldin
It's ridiculous. They act like there's only one side that's racist.
Lt Ripley
Lt Ripley 2 soat oldin
Wnba still yet to make money and continues to borrow from nba
Lt Ripley
Lt Ripley 2 soat oldin
If western women woke up tomorrow with equality the female suicide rate would skyrocket from 30%, from the realisation of all those priveldges lost, while still ignoring the male suicide at 70%
Lt Ripley
Lt Ripley 2 soat oldin
If western women woke up tomorrow with equality the female suicide rate would skyrocket from 30%, from the realisation of all those priveldges lost, while still ignoring the male suicide at 70%. At yet wnba still hasn't made money continues to borrow from nba
Stone G Outlaw memphis street outlaw
Stone G Outlaw memphis street outlaw 2 soat oldin
Great job great video we need more change more people out front doing that thing and until America stand up and say they are wrong and we are going to distribute the wealth there's never going to be peace no justice no peace they created this environment that we live in we are the product of it 400 years of it😎😎😎 Stone Thuggin until my last breath😎😎😎
A. WAL 2 soat oldin
Currys transition into the game is absolutely unreal , not a high flyers , not the biggest guy , just hard work and dedication.
Mr2Hard2See 2 soat oldin
Mad respect guys
DT 2 soat oldin
Leave politics out of sports. Keep it in the streets.
Rico & Mimi
Rico & Mimi 2 soat oldin
They got freedom of speech no matter where they are and sports of one of the things that gets huge views they can use their platform to further expose societies problems
John Doe
John Doe 2 soat oldin
There is no politics in sports. Racism isn’t political. This is a human problem
Lane Change 22 xo
Lane Change 22 xo 2 soat oldin
But the WNBA isnt that good not trying to hate but the NBA is better and more fun to watch. And a lot of the players are always talking shit so they're really unlikable not all of them but the most vocal ones
Timothy Ross
Timothy Ross 3 soat oldin
Thats why Steve A learned all those big words. You pick on my reading I will learn words you never heard of! 🔥
Myles Mc
Myles Mc 3 soat oldin
It’s hurting my heart watching this yo 💔
Uncle Jay Mamba Jr
Uncle Jay Mamba Jr 4 soat oldin
I Support WNBA
Little Joe
Little Joe 3 soat oldin
Its not fun to watch
jamooree 4 soat oldin
1:13 The reason why the Wnba gets so much backlash is because the players are always whining about how little they get paid. If you compare your pay to the Nba, then fans are rightly going to call out how the Wnba game is an inferior product. I actually like woman's basketball. Just stop complaining about your salary.
Little Joe
Little Joe 3 soat oldin
preach brother preach
jamooree 3 soat oldin
@black out Why is my opinion illogical? Why do I make zero sense? Do you have any constructive counter argument?
black out
black out 3 soat oldin
wrong. Like everytime im on youtube i cringe and the amount of illogical shit i see on here. You legit make zero sense
Maryland Terps
Maryland Terps 4 soat oldin
No, she's wrong. I have watched and it is still horrible, the athletic aspect is crucial to basketball. How do you create offensive opportunity? Even with screens and pick and roll, you still have to have speed to penetrate into the paint. It's not rocket science. And the fundamentals are no better than the mens game at all, how else do you explain crucial mistakes by the players in the Aces vs Sky game?
sickandloose 4 soat oldin
Women just get disrespected, that's what it boils down to. Plus you have to deal with all these closed minded males. Yeah...
MR YUP 55 daqiqa oldin
Most men love women when it has something to with their body.
sickandloose Soat oldin
@Rell Men do disrespect woman, which is a fact. You know what, forget it. I'm too old for this shit.
Rell 2 soat oldin
@sickandloose YOU'RE who I'm talking to. You said men disrespect WNBA players. Like others have pointed out we're blunt with them when they say things like "I can beat DeMarcus 1 on 1". Because it's straight CAP. Serena Williams admitted male players are better than female tennis players. I'm guessing Serena Williams disrespected female tennis players!?!? Or did she just state facts? Think straight instead of being a captain save a ho3.
sickandloose 2 soat oldin
@Rell who are you talking to kid?
Rell 3 soat oldin
Female models get paid WAYYY more than male models. It's called supply and demand, ECONOMICS. Not disrespect dumbo.
Mario Rice
Mario Rice 4 soat oldin
Jeremiah Venson
Jeremiah Venson 4 soat oldin
lol this is just a mom wanting to be a phone call away to her baby .. not selfish, not toxic . none of that
Dre’finest 5 soat oldin
Man I love these Twins they are my favorite. No one can do it like the Charlo Brothers #LIONSONLY 🥊 Big Kudos to Mack & Stack I love you Brothers keep up the great work. ALL THE SMOKE 💨 IS ALL OF IT. ✅
ali ali
ali ali 5 soat oldin
The "almost" line makes me laugh
ali ali
ali ali 5 soat oldin
my favorite bit is when JR says "its cool man, i told you to shut your ass up" : )
Reezy Bad
Reezy Bad 5 soat oldin
Iverson and Kobe has the most toxic fan base in discussing sports
nplovingham 5 soat oldin
love Sue Bird!!! she's a great role model for how young athletes need to move!
b gatty
b gatty 5 soat oldin
She is childish for that. Gotta let a young man be a man
Timothy Ross
Timothy Ross 6 soat oldin
Man they when in on
Last Nimbus
Last Nimbus 6 soat oldin
ClownGang 6 soat oldin
My mom was out here making a big deal about staying in state for college bruh.
Rexxxon 7 soat oldin
30:12 for the Orlando years talk
William Morrison
William Morrison 8 soat oldin
Whys he gotta be a black man at espn? Yall always keepin bout just a dude that does a hell of a job...
Lebogang Legodi
Lebogang Legodi 9 soat oldin
I love how they expressed themselves. No interruptions whatsoever
Jada K
Jada K 9 soat oldin
Taeyang Kang
Taeyang Kang 10 soat oldin
Matt Barnes is so damn good in this lane.
Young Narrs
Young Narrs 10 soat oldin
don't ever tell me that ai isn't the goat!!!
steinfi3 10 soat oldin
Yusuf Ali
Yusuf Ali 11 soat oldin
Have y’all noticed bron never did it with out atleast two legit super stars or sharp shooters?
Matthew Newton
Matthew Newton 12 soat oldin
Facts melo would of had a different attitude more defensive and team minded they would ate. Melo would got his minutes lol rip knows mfs is getting minute cuts
Kafala 12 soat oldin
This is the Matt Barnes show. Stak never talks.
addisen cameron
addisen cameron 13 soat oldin
They’re high AF 😂
Samuel Lalla
Samuel Lalla 13 soat oldin
did barnes call PG and Kawhi “selfless” and Stack saying they are two of the top 5 players in the league 😂😂
jj medick
jj medick 15 soat oldin
Raymello Alexander
Raymello Alexander 16 soat oldin
Lmao at that pop story
Steven pryor
Steven pryor 16 soat oldin
Can't talk about how much longer bron played more than them because Carter played longer then them all and nowhere close
Lemance Moss Jr
Lemance Moss Jr 16 soat oldin
Always thought he went to Ohio State or Oklahoma or some shit And he lists Ohio State as top 5 as I finished typing
Hu ha
Hu ha 17 soat oldin
I love how AI talked about coach Larry brown embarrassing him in practice. It shows how a great coach has to manage egos and the best way to do so is to go after the superstar because once you handle the biggest ego then the others can't talk back. Coach Larry brown 2004 champion!
Shade On A Cool Day
Shade On A Cool Day 17 soat oldin
Who was he talking about when he said he hated someone?
Simon Sez
Simon Sez 18 soat oldin
I agree that I (and most people) need to watch WNBA games before giving a real opinion. While the top 10 plays on any given night of the NBA might look better than the top 10 plays in an entire WNBA season, those are still just highlights. And that really speaks to how many fans are just casual fans who care about the highlights. They don’t care to meticulously watch games and dissect what’s actually going on in the game so I’d be interested to watch WNBA games since I am a weird person who will pause and rewind 100 times just to see what plays are being ran, where the defense made a mistake, etc.
Maki G
Maki G 18 soat oldin
Get lebron on this show
Godvitz 19 soat oldin
17:45 they talking about Lebron James :)))
Michael Richard Warner
Michael Richard Warner 20 soat oldin
I really think Jamel Hill needs her own talk show she is so intelligent so beautiful you can Tell she's got a Good Spirit I really think she needs her own talk show like just standard talk show on a black OWNED Network
Demetre Bk
Demetre Bk 20 soat oldin
Sheesh.... the title alone got me to click. 2 months tho that's weak af no cap.
Jake Green
Jake Green 20 soat oldin
@michael spencer , yo fucking right , I'm from Philly & I'm glad you put those thoughts in the universe , kobe would appreciate knowing your spreading the mamba meaning ... Stay blessed
Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams 20 soat oldin
Y’all need to interview ray allen or dirk nowitksi
🔬DivineByDesign🔭 20 soat oldin
Why Allen (Chuck) Iverson kinda lookn like Martin Lawrence.
Alexander Pantoja
Alexander Pantoja 21 soat oldin
He could’ve went to Ohio State 😭
Mike Ala
Mike Ala 21 soat oldin
What a bunch of entitle BS , I’m glad both leagues are going broke
Charna Lewis
Charna Lewis 22 soat oldin
Did we get a question on practice?
lilbondeck100 22 soat oldin
Mark Jackson is overrated. That move was "privilege" to the fullest. I can only salute Steve Kerr for playing it right and being humble. He knows deep down he was given a silver platter
elmore 292
elmore 292 22 soat oldin
Paul was just mad at ray for going play with bron ion think ray meant anything by it he was just doing what was best for him and his family
poetmm 22 soat oldin
Was John Wall playing spades.. I didn't watch this video yet
winner2020 22 soat oldin
good interview guys, guys you need to get Dr urmar Johnson on the smoke bless