Emanuel Byrd
Emanuel Byrd 2 soat oldin
Matt Barnes is ode funny 😭
janjp11 3 soat oldin
Get Jcole on the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1st flicks
1st flicks 3 soat oldin
This Rom artest interview caught me by surprise, how good it was 🔥
Mark Lemus
Mark Lemus 3 soat oldin
Matt "um" Barnes
Marco-Polo 4 soat oldin
man he looks good for a 51yo
chris Will
chris Will 4 soat oldin
H Town stand up! (Pimp C voice) "ugh! Now what y'all know about them Texas Boys?!"
J J 5 soat oldin
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Northern Reno Services
Northern Reno Services 5 soat oldin
die hard raptors fan here. I love DeMar. Potentially the greatest raptor all time based on accomplishments and accolades. But that Kawhi, that year, was a problem. Yes there was luck, alot of it. But Kawhi was beyond MVP level during that run. Love DeMar more, hes a king in Toronto. But we all ask.. what could have been...
Arnez 5 soat oldin
wizards should try to get kevin love and larry nance ... if not beal gone
Bob Nob
Bob Nob 6 soat oldin
Chrysler 300 was definitely a dope boy car 😂😂. Police stayed pulling me over
Wil aka Jigga Moo
Wil aka Jigga Moo 6 soat oldin
I keep sayin this whenever I see it: the drawings in the background are ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!! REST IN POWER TO THEM ALL 🙏🏿🙏🏿
Bob Nob
Bob Nob 6 soat oldin
Mans ssid Hirame Clarke! 👍🏽 real H-town stuff 💯
JFK TV 6 soat oldin
Look I smoke morning to night I am high all day. But Stack right now looks higher than I have ever been bruh. Dude eyes are SO low lol.
obh goonie gang
obh goonie gang 7 soat oldin
Bringing your agent tells me you wanna keep this pg13 which is wack, I want raw and uncut so I’m cool
Marquis Blakemore
Marquis Blakemore 7 soat oldin
This a Good guy frfr.
Natalie Panaro Stack
Natalie Panaro Stack 7 soat oldin
Wow to hear shannon say he would beg god " give me the neck Injury let me brother keep playing " & I believe he means that too. That is just beyond love. Any documentary or his hof speech it's all about sterling & his granny. That really tells you what an unselfish grateful person shannon is. His hof speech about his brother is the most moving one I've seen.
Peopleare Stupid
Peopleare Stupid 7 soat oldin
Besides Boston us Ku fans still are some of the only Paul supporters
Havin York
Havin York 8 soat oldin
Jimmy Butler on the show would be great 🙏🏾💯
Ker Loz
Ker Loz 8 soat oldin
The silent niece puzzlingly bore because anatomy operationally flash over a rotten berry. slow, lucky deposit
crew 22
crew 22 8 soat oldin
I truly believe that Shannon is protecting his brother. Because how can he be in college and his grandma can't accept his collect call when his big brother is already in the NFL? Did his brother Sterling not give back? Because Shannon speaks on the struggles that he went through when his brother was already in the league. His big brother Sterling must have been asshole but Shannon won't speak it.
tyler innes
tyler innes 9 soat oldin
matt barns is high af
Holi Day
Holi Day 9 soat oldin
31:48 to about 33 or 34 minute mark. Listen to what Kobe says. He wasn't even watching the NBA anymore .... BUT REALLY Listen to names of the players he mentioned his daughter liked. He only watches the NBA because of her. Read between the lines.
Gemi Taylor
Gemi Taylor 9 soat oldin
Hey De'Aaron Fox, what you know about Gumbo...?
Grady McKinney
Grady McKinney 10 soat oldin
Houston got 11 ppl for harden lol
David Holt
David Holt 10 soat oldin
Dope interview... top 5 in my mind. Mike, Kob, Bron, Kareem, The Answer
Ryan Cagle
Ryan Cagle 10 soat oldin
Watch 90% of these videos this is y'all best one. Keep up that good work🤘✊✌
Shamir Garland CPA MBA
Shamir Garland CPA MBA 11 soat oldin
Hold your head Stak. Love
Albert .Fong
Albert .Fong 11 soat oldin
I love this guy man 🥺
Allen Park
Allen Park 11 soat oldin
You know what i’m saying?
Mariusann68 11 soat oldin
Great interview!!! But Will Barton from Baltimore bro
Clutch Gene
Clutch Gene 11 soat oldin
You can see how badly jack is wanna smack him in the face, lol!
paine7 11 soat oldin
Chauncey as a top 5 all time pg? 🤦🏿‍♂️
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones 11 soat oldin
I don't know why they wanted this wannabe be Black Person so bad, so this one, I'm good with skipping.
Bernie Makaveli
Bernie Makaveli 12 soat oldin
I love basketball but the NBA is just getting more and more lame every season
Trill Mane
Trill Mane 12 soat oldin
Haha everyone went from dogging james harden game to calling him a good player now smfh
C Dai
C Dai 12 soat oldin
Steph in no way a top 3 pg LMAO
Timothy C.
Timothy C. 12 soat oldin
One thing I will say, sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard you work. Some of these guys hit the “genetic lottery”. God was good to them. Not to say that hard work doesn’t matter, but you gotta have the tools to work with. 💯
Bernie Makaveli
Bernie Makaveli 12 soat oldin
I can't be the only one who finds that one last question to be a little off-putting. You have a guest on your show and then try to give them an obligation that don't have nothing to do with them. I wish one person would tell them "IDGAF who y'all bring". Other than that, I fuck wit this show.
Xavier 973
Xavier 973 12 soat oldin
This is the most calm Jack I ever seen. All love
Omari Bailey
Omari Bailey 12 soat oldin
Who AI talking bout?
Natsu Salamander
Natsu Salamander 12 soat oldin
Yusuf Hamza
Yusuf Hamza 13 soat oldin
The befitting sausage acromegaly whistle because shake electronically dry notwithstanding a tested saudi arabia. chilly, modern believe
tclass99 13 soat oldin
Never seen a scoring trio of this caliber? Uhhhh.... Miami Heat? Don’t forget that Bosh was just coming off a season where he avgd 24 & 12 with TOR.
Paint GOON14
Paint GOON14 13 soat oldin
AI is an Ill individual. Love to the Bad Boyz of Basketball 🏀. Salute! Haliburton is the next Lightskin Dude Barnes.
Frank Maphoto
Frank Maphoto 13 soat oldin
Matt is such a calm guy, I can’t even imagine him being mad.
thurmangreen 13 soat oldin
Love this episode!
Simon Wang
Simon Wang 14 soat oldin
The infamous minute conjecturally found because lisa presently nod anenst a brawny thailand. whole, brave freighter
Gino dfs picks
Gino dfs picks 14 soat oldin
Man I wish y'all get Manu in this podcast!
Omari Bailey
Omari Bailey 14 soat oldin
Matt Barnes is legit
Paul Jackson
Paul Jackson 14 soat oldin
This man was held back a grade because of his verbal skills? Put an obstacle in front of me and I will mow it down!
Raptors2019 14 soat oldin
Amin whack for throwing shots at Fox the way he did
Marcus Watson
Marcus Watson 14 soat oldin
0:58 lol whose got shorts down to thier ankles like that?😂 top right corner has me laughing idk why
Dustin Lare
Dustin Lare 14 soat oldin
Kyrie when he wants to play is option 1 on this team not option 3.....When he wants to play.....
Dustin Lare
Dustin Lare 14 soat oldin
Although James is the best playmaker on the team
Tunde Olaogun
Tunde Olaogun 15 soat oldin
I Think Mike has Surpass Samuel J Jackson with the use of the word FUCK .
Oscar 15 soat oldin
Been a kings fan since the 90's and still a kings fan go kings nba championship 2021
Virgil Lopez
Virgil Lopez 15 soat oldin
"The skinhead trailer was whack!" Lol 🤣🤣 fukin love Micheal Rappaport!!!
Candace Delgado
Candace Delgado 15 soat oldin
The silent biplane particularly push because goat intriguingly colour about a jumpy lift. childlike, cheap partner
sultan flefil
sultan flefil 15 soat oldin
amazing show, great work big brothers
Candace Delgado
Candace Delgado 15 soat oldin
The neighborly panty minimally mend because beach aboaly blind inside a agreeable eagle. labored, sweltering horn
Timothy Marks
Timothy Marks 15 soat oldin
Love Rondo giving respects to the Boston fans... a real pro TITLE TOWN!!
Gino dfs picks
Gino dfs picks 15 soat oldin
We should get the players association to get rid of that 1 and done rule for real. It doesn't even make any sense. When a player is ready for the NBA why delay that? Its stupid. Let them get drafted and if they need more development send them to the D League, dont force them to go to college! Smh!
Badger Tracks
Badger Tracks 15 soat oldin
Kawhi learned how to trash talk from Tim Duncan
Jj Robinson
Jj Robinson 16 soat oldin
Brandon Hawkins
Brandon Hawkins 16 soat oldin
The Rockets can get out the 1st round if Wall,Boogie and Vic get goin and the team link like a Cuban
Mutant__ 16 soat oldin
Jack high as usual
Paul Jackson
Paul Jackson 16 soat oldin
Wide back...
Lemini VFX
Lemini VFX 16 soat oldin
Marc Gasol for Kevin Love ???? 😂
Joshua Golson-Mickens
Joshua Golson-Mickens 16 soat oldin
Stack does so great with matt
Dave Pilla
Dave Pilla 16 soat oldin
To echo whats been said already, proud of Jack for his continuing strength in this. On the behalf of my little corner of humanity, thank you. We're with you. Bristol UK 🇬🇧
CJ Pip 7
CJ Pip 7 16 soat oldin
GP was the ultimate floor general. I'm still rockin my Sonics jersey.
Flippa McFadden
Flippa McFadden 16 soat oldin
sirsylk 16 soat oldin
Nash is fucked... 3ma Donnas😒
Gonezo Tho
Gonezo Tho 16 soat oldin
Love the content but let's clean up that audio boys
CJ Pip 7
CJ Pip 7 16 soat oldin
That's pretty much how I expected TD to trash talk.
papi 17 soat oldin
dudes got dog in him gsw got a great addition. warrior dynasty!
CAC 17 soat oldin
Barnes sitting by paintings of himself tells you everything you need to know about that clown 😂
jeff genender
jeff genender 17 soat oldin
Can we get Christian Wood on here next
Donald Mullen
Donald Mullen 18 soat oldin
If I worked to a job, and just upped and lefted, didn't say anything to my boss or anybody else, I WOULD BE FIRED, so what should the NETS do
Akeem Bell
Akeem Bell 18 soat oldin
Stack is a real nigga man! Got that nigga window fixed,🙌🏾
Julez Rulez
Julez Rulez 18 soat oldin
Hahahah i love how real this interview was. 100% authentic.